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  1. Thinking out loud . . .

    PERMISSION to start posting again ! I don't need permission from anybody to do anything ! Especially on here ! But I'll forgive you for saying that ! You'd laugh your head off if you could see me typing this - as slow as a wet week !!! You're correct about the "old stagers", mate ! S-o-o-o-o - what's your thoughts re my post ??? Your erudite comments are always looked forward to ! From sunny Queensland where it is 31 degrees today - it's the Global Warming you know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Thinking out loud . . .

    I expected by now to have heard from Scarlet - he's OK, isn't he ??????
  3. Thinking out loud . . .

    Yes, IHE, I am embarrassed too ! With the greatest respect, why aren't YOU on the Board then ? ? ? ?
  4. Thinking out loud . . .

    Where is Bill Gates when we need him? NOW! For Pete's sake, don't start blaming the coach - even though we poke fun at the gadgies up the road, who is in the SPL and we're not! The Dingwall area has even less of a population than we have, but they are clearly doing better than we are. This is a BUSINESS we are involved with - MONEY is what it is all about - and we havna got enough to have the quality players to gain us a proper and PERMANENT place in the top tier! I'm sure the players we do have are doing their best, it's not their fault they can't do any better - maybe the Clach could do better?! It's ALL to do with money and there are not enough millionaires in the Highlands to do the necessary!
  5. Old Highland League days....

    Noooooo - it was certainly the Jags, and that was why my Da and I were fans o' the best club in Inversnecky !
  6. Here's a question . . .

    Don't think anyone has raised this one before . . . How many people have drowned in the canal between Clachnaharry and Tomnahurich ? Ever !
  7. Old Highland League days....

    From the same year . . .
  8. Old Highland League days....

    Uncle 'Tiny' aka 'Alex' Watt at end of Jags team lineup - I don't know what year ! Apart from my uncle, my father's brother, I don't know the names of any of the others !
  9. Why is Laurel Avenue a dual carriageway?

    Aye - for the Scottish Country dancing !
  10. Why is Laurel Avenue a dual carriageway?

    I got married in there in 1955 after scrubbing the floor (together with my mate Hamish) for the Youth Club's Friday night dances !
  11. Why is Laurel Avenue a dual carriageway?

    Yes, Charles, but you haven't answered the question !
  12. Can you remember ?

    Ha Ha !
  13. Why is Laurel Avenue a dual carriageway?

    NOT THEN !!!
  14. Game 33 - The Rangers (H) 24 Feb

    HT: 1 - 1. FT: 3 - 2. 1st ICT: Billy McKay. 1st Opp: Miller. Crowd: 5974.
  15. Can you remember ?

    I performed on that stage ! The audience wanted more, but . . .