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  1. Cheers Sean, I'll be in touch.
  2. If you fancy a shot at writing Previews and Reports for the new Championship season, drop me a PM or put your name down here and I will add you to the editorial team for what could be a promising season ahead in our quest to return to the Premiership. If you have not seen any of our articles before, check out the Home Forum, where you will find all the articles for the season. They don't need to be versions of war and peace, as long as they cover the event in question with accurate fact, some stats and a bit of humour thrown in. We always find as the season progresses that the number of scribes drops off for whatever reason and the onus is left to a handful of people to keep the articles coming. If you can offer any assistance, let me know and we will take it from there. Cheers in advance.
  3. In retrospect, maybe some should refrain from posting damaging criticism directed at the club before the truth has been revealed. Just saying
  4. Welcome home Robbo! Inverness Caledonian Thistle have announced that their new manager will be a familiar face. It's thirteen years since he last managed at the Caledonian Stadium but he's back. It's Robbo who has emerged from the silence of the boardroom to be named as the man given the task of getting Inverness back into the Premiership, something he achieved thirteen years ago. John Robertson has been here before and was in charge when we were promoted to the top league in 2004, but not before some ammendments to the rules that saw stadium criteria altered in favour of smaller clubs, much to the annoyance of Partick Thistle at the time who were set to benefit from these archaic rules. Robertson began his full managerial career at Inverness in 2002 before returning to Tynecastle two years later having got Inverness promoted to the Scottish Premier League in season 2003/2004, when we pipped Clyde on the final day to send the helicopter flying North to Inverness with the silverware. What a day that was! He was lured to Tynecastle in November 2005, but when the new regime arrived, Robbo was deemed surplus to requirements. After leaving Hearts in 2005 amid the management takeover, Robertson had short spells at Ross County, Livingston and Derry City. Robbo took over at Bayview in 2010. The highlight of his tenure at Methil saw East Fife knock Aberdeen out of the Scottish Communities League Cup on penalties. Robertson was an enthusiastic coach first time round, but his lack of managerial positions in recent years has some fans reserving judgement. However, I'm sure we all wish him the best of luck in this appointment as he will need to get back up to speed pretty quickly given that the season kicks off with a League Cup game at home to Brechin City on Saturday 15th July. Early statement from the Board at Inverness Caledonian Thistle Inverness Caledonian Thistle are today delighted to announce John Robertson as their new Manager. Chairman Willie Finlayson commented "we had an excellent interview process with some strong candidates but John emerged as our unanimous choice. We were hugely impressed with his tremendous drive, determination, communication and motivational skills. He clearly has a great knowledge of the game in Scotland and is both well respected and connected. We firmly believe he is the right man to lead us back into the Premier League. We would also like to thank Hearts for their very professional approach. John was doing a great job for them but they recognised his desire to get back into the dug out." More to follow as this breaking news unfolds.................... The repercussions of relegation don't come alone and staff reductions are becoming apparent as the new regime begins to shape the way forward. u20 coach Duncan Shearer has been removed from the payroll with Inverness not continuing with a development squad whilst in the championship division. Varying reports that this has become rather messy are clouding the issue, but Duncan Shearer has told the P&J that he is no longer required by the club. From P&J Shearer Leaving. Statement from ICTFC Shearer Leaving. It appears that Brian Rice will remain as assistant with Scott Kellagher as another coach.
  5. Absolutely good news regarding ticket prices. It's a positive statement from the board at last. I appreciate it's been a difficult time for all concerned and fan power seems to have had some effect. Say nothing and be fleeced, or make a stance and be heard. Well done to all.
  6. It certainly wasn't happening with any of the other names being thrown around on here. So nothing has changed. We need to get a squad built quickly, so let's get on with it now.
  7. In fairness to Robbo, he was hardly likely to turn down the opportunity to manage at Tynecastle after his very successful season at Inverness. He is a legend at Hearts for his exploits on the park and a great striker. It was out of his hands when the new management structure terminated his contract when they took over. I've no idea what happened at East Fife, I'm sure someone will be able to tell us though.
  8. I've no idea, but he was able to get us motivated enough before. Better than wasting any spare cash luring Sheerin here.
  9. Oh well, let's just all make him a failure before he get's his chance. I seem to remember a Mr Foran was a welcome and mostly popular choice before the start of last season. That went well. Anyway, it's reassuring to know that we have so many experts on the forum able to make these judgements.
  10. Got us promoted first time round, should be able to attract some decent names, where's the issue? Underwhelmed is surely synonymous with Sheerin.
  11. Do me.always liked Robbo, but maybe without rice.
  12. At this rate you would wonder why we were relegated.
  13. Another cheap option is it. Where will all this end?
  14. It's time the fans made a stance at the product on offer (zilch) and what the board are going to do about it (who knows). They need to stop treating us like fools and show us what the future holds. Where else do people go shopping and pay overpriced money for a sub standard product or a product that is not available at all. Apart from IKEA or Habitat. Time to wake up and stop being fleeced. Show us what you have to offer first.