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  1. My app said we scored 3 mins before we did, that's a long time delay
  2. The streams been perfect for me. The football has not.
  3. Jack, go into my orders/reservations and it's in there. I was having the same problem as you until I went in there and found it.
  4. I don't know what rumours are true but now reading neither us or County have voted. But if that's true & only one spfl team have voted against then one of Hearts or Rangers have voted for it?!? I'm just going to wait until all the votes are in now.
  5. A few reports saying we voted against it along with Dundee & Plastic Whistle?
  6. The Belgian league look set to end their season now and crown Brugge the champions, needs to be endorsed at a meeting on the 15th. Could this could set a precedent with other leagues following suite?
  7. I was listening to Willie Miller after one of our games, much as he annoys me he knows about defending. Anyway he said he'd seen us a few times this season and our defence is struggling because they're ball watching instead of watching the players and the spaces. If it's this obvious why are they doing it over and over. Do we have a defensive coach?
  8. All those saying he's a decent player, have you got that from seeing him play? My bother's a United fan and he was always moaning about him and how poor he was. He sent me a text at work saying he was on trial with us and it had loads of ha ha ha has on the end.
  9. Well, after all the moaning everything seemed to go fine with this system yesterday. Someone should have told the steward this is the new system though as he was helpfully telling everyone which window to go to but also telling them this would be for cup games only and league games you could just pay at the turnstiles as usual.
  10. Our other managers have had to put up with the same conditions yet manage to make signings. I understand his frustration but his signings are questionable and why are they all midfielders? He seems to think if he signs midfielders they can cover in defence and up front but they can't. Both Falkirk and Hibs fans have said he's terrible in the transfer market and I really fear for this summer. Is our scouting team the clubs or Yogis pick? A relative of another player told me Raven will be leaving - this is a player that was asking for a new contract this year.
  11. Someone retweeted this: Relegation watch. Form guide (Pts taken over last 6 games). Dundee Utd 10 Hamilton 5 ICT 4 Kilmarnock 2
  12. Did anyone hear Yogi on radio scotland a couple of minutes ago? They asked him about his contract and he said his contract could only be sorted if the club and his agent actually spoke to each other.
  13. I don't understand why Hughes signed Wedderburn, played him in every pre season game then in the Astra game. He played poor in the Motherwell game but he was stuck out on the wing which clearly isn't his position and in a team where he's not settled yet and now Hughes won't play him at all. A bit worrying that he doesn't seem to have belief in a player he signed.
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