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  1. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    Sadly we'll be in Inverness anyway on the 30th and are committed to being at the QoS game. Kirkie Rob Roy currently in 2nd place in the West Central Juniors, too...
  2. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Anything really surprising? St Mirren are emerging as a decent side with lots of home-grown youngsters (now there's an idea!) making an impact. Did anyone expect a result there? In retrospect, scoring twice must be a pretty hopeful sign, and it's obvious to everyone that the defence is a problem to solve so let's assume Robbo and team are onto it. St Mirren have taken a couple of seasons to regroup after relegation. We might need something similar. Not ideal, but if it's a way back, it's a way back. And would you really fancy seeing Celtic or Aberdeen launching attacks at that defence next season?
  3. Board statement 14/08/17

    My concern would be - is this £500k a 'soft loan' of the kind (albeit much smaller than) those with which the new Rangers club are papering over their cracks? Hope not. What kind of 'investment' is it then?
  4. Club Shop - Academy Street?

    Remember posting here yonks ago about how in most tourist cities you can buy jerseys of the local team in tourist shops. Why not ICT jerseys in the tartan tat shops? Something genuinely Scaddish and Invernessian to take back to Littleville, Wyoming? While some of the suggestions above may or may not be practical or feasible, at least it shows the fans are thinking and trying to be innovative in terms of ideas. Is the club?
  5. Scotland v England

    Brown should probably have been sent off, but even before his booking, England's Walker (I think it was - don't follow English football) did a right nasty one on Morrison, causing the injury that took him off, and wasn't even booked. The two minutes between Griffiths' goal and Kane's sneaky equaliser are the best I've felt at Hampden since you-know-what.
  6. Alex Fisher

    Something in the P&J today about him being out with a toe injury rather than being frozen out. Is this mince?
  7. Richie Foran Has Left The Building

    Not an outcome any of us wanted or can be happy about, yet the right one all the same. I'm surprised, though - I thought he was staying put. Worried now about the replacement. Will the board dither about that as they did while we were slowly and agonisingly getting relegated?
  8. Poll - Hamilton or Dundee Utd?

    Quite a bit of Dunbartonshire, including my bit, is.
  9. How times have changed!

    Aye, really enjoyed the semi-final, even though beating Celtic was getting a bit passé by then (things have changed now, though). Was dreading it if we'd made the play-offs and ended up paired with Falkirk. Coulda been payback time. In the end payback wasn't needed, and they didn't make it anyway.
  10. Poll - Hamilton or Dundee Utd?

    Accies, from the point of view of it being a shorter away trip for those of us based in the west. Mind you, I watched that doc on BBC TalkFunny the other night about United's UEFA Cup run in 1987, beating Borussia Munchengladbach and Barcelona on their way to the final. Remember watching the Barcelona away leg live on telly. What a come-down for them to be trying to overcome Accies to get promotion.
  11. Who should we keep, who should we punt?

    Agree with those who want Fisher to stay. Has done well recently and would do better a league down. We need somehow 1) To start discovering more Shinnies, Christies and Polworths coming through the system and 2) To have a manager who can look at all the players being released just now from SPL sides who might just be rejuvenated at TCS and rejuvenate them 3) Spot players in the HL and Juniors who are improving and ready to step up. Should be, er, nae bother.
  12. I see Davie Moyes, the Richie Foran of the English Premier, has walked. Amazing he lasted as long as he did as well. Maybe Richie can be his assistant in his next club job, in Yemen or wherever.
  13. More Questions Than Answers

    I've had this earworm since I started reading through this thread so everybody else might as well too...
  14. Kilmarnock -V- Inverness CT

    Agree with Matt above. We were pretty terrible for most of the game, big long balls. It was a blustery day and a plastic pitch - play it on the deck like Killie are doing! Yes, for the last fifteen minutes there was some urgency and the odd chance might have given us a draw - but why, for much of the previous hour and a bit had many of the players seemed like mildly interested bystanders? Richie in his after-match comments said the only thing he was unhappy about was the 'schoolboy defending' at the second goal. As I saw it, the second goal was terrific play by the Killie lad. The first goal - that was schoolboy defending.
  15. David Godwillie

    Also in the striking ranks Clyde have ex-Kirkie Rob Roy David Gormley (who before either club was in the hapless Ayr United team that lost 7-0 to ICT in the Butcher promotion year). I'd rather Clyde filled the bottom spot in a year when the other tenants of Broadwood, Cumbernauld Colts, won the Lowland League. That would be a play-off to savour. Main memories of away games at Clyde - terrific match programme, terrible pies.