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  1. What an utter mess our game is. SPFL and SFA incompetent, nothing new there, but the clubs are now being shown to be venal and backbiting and self-serving. I thought there was a lot of good in our club statement but I'm worried about being linked to Sevco 2012. The media are already saying we 'support' their campaign. Some of the usuals on the club Facebook site going on about how the whole thing is a Central Belt plot. I suppose they don't know where Hearts or Plastic Whistle play...
  2. Oh, and Jordan White for Murrawell? All the best to him, and all that, but is he really likely to get a game for a third-place team?
  3. Hearts are an absolute shambles and their only advantage will be the anger at being relegated by paperwork rather than football. Caley have to cultvate an anger at being kept down by edict, too. Reconstruction won't happen. 14-team-leagues would be rubbish and 12 is the way they'll choose in order to guarantee four domestic abuse derbies a year.
  4. 5-2 utterly flattered Hibs who were quick and direct but that was it. The Walsh shot, the penalty shout, lots of might-have-beens. But they're a league above us, we've nae money, we've had a decent run, now for promotion. But if we do get promotion, many of this team not good enough. Last dig at Hibs. My pie was like burnt leather.
  5. Once they leave Ibrox because Sevco have splurged millions of funny money on expensive signings leaving no place for them, I hope some of that Sevcolts team find their way to TCS.
  6. Get Rossco out of the commentary box and on the pitch.
  7. Offside? Aye, right. Refs and assistants serving their OF masters today.
  8. Yup, I'd say so. I don't like VAR but it would've egged that ref's coupon
  9. Union flags behind the goal are giving me a migraine.
  10. Oh, title long gone, Untied are over the hill and far away. Annoying thing today was Practical Bristle were quite clearly not very good but didn't need to be. And, aye, the triple sub; don't often see that outside July friendlies.
  11. Heading hame freezing. Enough to say McCall's half-time talk was better than Robbo's.
  12. Think that's true throughout the division, United and County too.
  13. Glad we are in the promotion race and not the relegation race. That is looking absolutely brutal.
  14. Unlucky with the goal, yes. Chalmers' free kick was a cracking strike dealt with by a terrific save, that's all. No luck about it. It did miff me that after the game the BBC online stats had Caley with no shots on target. Chalmers' certainly was.
  15. At least Aaron Doran kept one of his poorest games for the biggest showcase game... I think any team who might go up - County and Downdee Untied included - will need to upskill hugely. The evidence suggests this season that there's a huge gap between even the lower end of the top tier and the second tier. Look at how St Mirren have struggled.