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  1. On Facebook I have had two separate features about St Johnstone winning 'suggested' for me. I view this very dimly.
  2. That was tough to take. I actually said at h-t that we'd played really well but might pay for not taking the chances. At h-t Davidson clearly reminded his players that a similar 45 might see them in the Championship. It was a great support from ICT, too. Not sour grapes but we should just have promotion playoffs as in England, not a second chance for sides who deserve to be relegated.
  3. Wouldn't say Willie the Gollum was biased any way - just incompetent, clueless and card-happy. Re supervisors: their job is to write up the refereeing performance bending over backwards to defend the ref and conclude that everything's OK and the SFA are dead brullyant. Was thinking that St J are a team used to losing and may be psychologically weaker than the Smokies. Then someone upthread reminded me they'd drawn away to Galatasaray. Hopefully the bumbling mid-season St J will turn up...
  4. Historically ICT flourish in cup ties - and yes, this was a cup tie - with nine men. Nothing between the sides, there was never going to be, but ICT lads showed the character. Willie the Gollum was a joke in the juniors and there was relief and laughter when he got kicked into the top flight. He hasn't improved.
  5. Checked the Met Office forecast for the Arbroath area. They're suggesting gusts in the upper twenties still in the early evening which will be even stronger at Gayfield. The wind's often a factor there. Keep it on the deck!
  6. It was actually a pitch for hoofing it up the park but you have to do it well.
  7. The first 25 minutes were Don't Watch Alone. Things have improved but you cringe whenever we have to play out of defence.
  8. In fairness, what else is there to do in Elgin?
  9. It was carnage among Scottish football managers thus week. Billy has to really demonstrate clearly why he shouldn't be next.
  10. Who coulda predicted even half an hour ago we'd be - marginally - the top five side who gained most?
  11. Quite agree about the commentators. Prefer them to the BBC. Could have gone either way and you could argue the league leaders should be winning at home, so celebrate the point.
  12. It's how hard you work and how well you're coached that matters most. The main problem with Arbroath being up there is that nobody at ICT can use the 'Och, we're just a wee team wi a wee budget' getout.
  13. Was at work. Watched it unfold on the BBC website. Went to the game at Cliftonville which I found reassuring. The Rovers fans had great patter and it was great to be reminded of normal people who don't kill.
  14. The League Cup is a competition we should have a chance of going deep into, but this is embarrassing. I say it every year but an unambitious pre-season of mainly doling out beatings to HL teams disnae prepare us for the hard stuff.
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