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  1. Utterly daft time, agreed (even Embra-based Hearts supporters lose their Saturday lie-in) but booked anyway. But it's hardly 'baffling' - we know how the SFA think and it's never in the interests of paying supporters unless they're Old Firm. And we're also already booked that night for Matthew Zajac's 'Tailor of Inverness' at Cumbernauld Theatre. I wonder if he'll make it to the game.
  2. By jings, that was a miserable afternoon of weather. Memories of that are probably why I still shudder at the thought of ICT in penalty shoot-oots.
  3. El Paso Locomotive? No a bad name that. You don't get them here. Except in Inverurie.
  4. At a loose end, went to see Queens Park 0 Raith 3 yesterday. Playing for Raith, Nat Wedderburn. Started clumsily, gave away several fouls, lucky not to be booked, but had a good second half as Raith took control of the game. They also had Liam Buchanan. Do I remember rightly - aeons ago he was due to sign for us and at the last minute went to Firhill or somewhere?
  5. Admittedly we're in the West but we're the same latitude (or is it longitude?) as Livingston and while we had frost last night, by the time I got up (7.30am) it was bucketing rain. Must have been similar there and surely the pitch will be playable long before 3pm?
  6. In SFL days they used to try to find a current SFL ground. Now that everybody's in the SPFL, I suppose that means there's no objection to McDiarmid. Going by our previous Challenge Cup finals, we surely need more than 3000 capacity?
  7. I bet there are plenty lower crowds than 1000 for early Challenge Cup ties over the years. Actually thought it was a quite decent crowd for 1) The Challenge Cup 2) Against a team we've barely heard of 3) On a Sunday Night 4) Bucketing rain 5) Live on telly.
  8. Did wonder whether the Irish/Welsh teams were much bothered about their participation in this competition. I think the Crusaders' performance and attitude in the second half answered that for me.
  9. No Kevin Byers for Kennoway in the Junior Cup tie at Kirkie Rob Roy (6-2 to the Roy). Believe he may now be in the dugout but 1) Programmes had sold out when I arrived and 2) Eyesight no longer up to recognising people in dugouts across the pitch so can't confirm. I'd be a rubbish fitba reporter.
  10. Aye, eighteen years. Still wear the same hat and scarf to games as I had that night (I'm cheap, not superstitious). Passing thought - phones didnae have cameras then. There'd be a lot more on the web about the game if they had.
  11. First time I'd seen him. Thought he put in a good shift, worked hard, chased things and didn't hide. Didn't score either, but the goals will come.
  12. Suspect it might have been over the line from my memories of it, but we do get these decisions our way sometimes as well. Swings and roundabouts.
  13. I found today quite encouraging on the whole. St Mirren clearly deserve to be top of the league - no great shakes but do the easy things well. Really good second-half shift from ICT but lacking in front of goal. Of course, there was the 'disallowed' goal. Same linesman as didn't give that Hibs one the other week, apparently. Several players got touches and it was all very fast but my impression was that Samson hoicked it out from behind the line. Generally, I thought today was a great advert for the championship - big crowd, good game (pity about the result). What a shame there'll be minimal press coverage and nae telly. In other Championship news - whit in the name o the wee man happened at Falkirk?
  14. I do feel for the genuine Rangers fans and their children , My suggestion to them is to go round to Partick or St. Mirren and take their kids there. I don't feel anything for Rangers or Celtic fans but you are making the (not uncommon on here) mistake of thinking that all or even most Rangers fans are in Glasgow. They are actually a nationwide pox - I suspect there are more people who would identify as Rangers or Celtic in Sneck than ICT. Every town and city in Scotland, from Falkirk to Forres, from Perth to Paisley, has people who either go to watch an Old Firm team and ignore their local side, or never go to football at all but still call themselves Rangers or Celtic supporters and, again, ignore their local side. Anyway, thought this was a thread that needed a god kicking into life.
  15. Ian Black apparently signed for Tranent Juniors.