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  1. Johnny Hayes got the third for Aberdeen yesterday, that is 3 ex ICT players getting the win for the Dons!
  2. Announced tomorrow.
  3. Liam Polworth
  4. Matchday Thread

    And Storey misses a sitter come on ICT
  5. I hope no one owes this much
  6. Och Scarlet you are an awful man I hope IHE has not been leading you astray where I was in the north stand behind the goals it was a clear penalty as I seen it and all round about me had no complaints about it as for the rest of the game the ref was ******* awful although we did not do enough to win the game!
  7. Yes more game time for McNaughton tomorrow night and a full game on Saturday will be great as he seemed to give the team a lift when he came on.
  8. They are next door to the crematorium and do funeral teas which are very good, I am sure if our stadium was at Kilvean we could do the same.
  9. And the caman to go with it starting tomorrow night
  10. We knew it was coming just disappointed it's Aberdeen again! I hope he bangs in a goal or two against Killy tomorrow.
  11. Good photos again from 29 years ago you could do to go up again and get more to compare them
  12. The large metal building opposite B & Q was dark green which used to be Macbraynes garage and parcel depot, I cant remember what was in there before it was demolished to make way for the COOP. Just to the left in front of that are the bungalows that I think belonged to the distillery and right in front of Macbraynes is the Tawse workshop built in the early 70's to replace the old black metal hangar. And for IHE the old Caley stand right in the middle of the photo On the other photos how much green space is up Scorguie? A lot more than now!
  13. Its ok 12th Man I knew where you were coming from
  14. Post Office Telephones, BT, Openreach from 1975-2016