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  1. Oh no he will be out on the golf course with Foran
  2. jingsmonty don't suggest that on here you will upset the old ones that is the Clach colours
  3. What next?
  4. That has always been a problem at ICT I just hope things are resolved very soon!
  5. Situation normal then
  6. No! You will have CB writing another chapter
  7. And free tea and pies!
  8. Well well what next?
  9. We are nearer Dingwall so it was on the radio here first
  10. FFS don't give him more ideas!
  11. Good music Jagster I wish we could say the same about the football this season!
  12. I couldn't place the castle ruin in Helmsdale and then I read the article below,
  13. Will that be so you don't have to wash it so often?