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  1. He might be but we can't afford him!
  2. I think Yngwie will be much nearer the mark being one of the largest earners I don't think we can afford to keep him! John Robertson stated on signing John Baird he was here to play for the club not the money
  3. They are just invited along to give the P & J a story for tomorrow
  4. I do not like the thought of 30 minute halves it would not be worth all the travel at times to watch an hour of football, the players get paid enough for the time we get just now!
  5. As things stand Renegades list is all we have to go on just now Did I read somewhere that Fon Williams, Warren and Raven have been told they can find another club?
  6. The club will make an official announcement once it has been in all the papers
  7. This sounds as bad as the way our PM has handled events in London!
  8. Renegade you are being an alarmist I will wait for my paper to drop through the letterbox before saying anything
  9. I only quoted from the paper copy of the P & J this morning so unable to post a link! They may well have the wrong information but were the club slow in issuing a statement?
  10. That sounds even better having Bobby Mann back
  11. Shearer has gone was told in an email according to th P & J today
  12. I'm with you on this Biggin.
  13. 'Oh' my wife is shouting through what's that song you are singing
  14. There will be an announcement tomorrow.
  15. We are quick with the fixtures considering we have no manager in place yet