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  1. I thought we would have home games against Aberdeen and Celtic
  2. A hereditary peer was giving his opinion when a newby left-winger accused him of never having used a bus. The peer said he'd rectify that at the end of proceedings that very day. "Sure enough, he was seen to leave the House and go to the nearest bus stop. He got on the first bus that arrived and said to the driver, '24 Russell Square, please'."
  3. Having never herd of a DKW before I had a look on Wiki and after reading about them I think the Anglia 105e would have been a much better car. Glad you are not getting bored weeman
  4. You have been out of town with your camera as well I can see another thread starting ................Second Row Holidays.
  5. I am just approaching 60 previously supported Inverness Caledonian FC and you are talking nonsense
  6. They are still trading now at Harbour Road in the old Frasers Auction Mart.
  7. You are getting there
  8. Right direction it's over the bridge but a place you would go shooting and fishing
  9. Looks like old Abriachan School the last time I was there was about 1972 on a High School trip in the old Bedford bus with Mr Marwick.
  10. Gringo I was not upset just disappointed! Like all political parties we don't give up the SNP support independence so we will keep trying just like all parties in Scotland.
  11. You have my support Oddquine I could not imagine you as a LIB/Dem
  12. Good to see the videos again that's what we need today nothing less than 3 points!