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  1. 25th Anniversary

    Yes I hope so!
  2. 25th Anniversary

    That will now be crowdie
  3. Inverness Courier

    And worse than that there are a hell of a lot go over the bridge
  4. Message for Supporters : 14/02/18

    If its the same sugar daddy that I am thinking about I would have my doubts as well.
  5. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    It looked like there was tons of sand spread over it this morning just hope that helps.
  6. Inverness Courier

    What happened to Gordon Fyfe?
  7. Rank ICT Managers

    You have some memory Hislop great report
  8. Who next for Scotland?

    He might still be on the ICT payroll
  9. If it's your 18th, have a drink...

    I noticed in todays birthday ICTFCkev is 18 today, happy birthday kev you can now have a drink
  10. Rank ICT Managers

    He was better than Richie Foran
  11. The Biggest Little Railway in the World

    I totally agree with you on that one.
  12. The Biggest Little Railway in the World

    But the Lord of Dochfour would not let them build across his land unlike other land owners further north who had business interests who were keen to have the railways. On the south side of Fort Augustus part of the line could be reused but where the old station was at Fort Augustus is now the school. The railway went from there across the canal and river Oich and on to the pier on the south of Loch Ness where it met the steamship. As snorbens said there is not the room along with the road on either side of Loch Ness.
  13. Crap Jokes

    I got caught taking a pee in the swimming pool today. The lifeguard shouted at me so loud, I nearly fell in.
  14. No thought of the supporters we will have feck all to moan about till the Crusaders game
  15. Susan

    He scored a goal against Clach but so did Fort William today!