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  1. Highland Derbies Next Season

    On the contrary, it is indeed totally unlike the two occasions both well over a decade ago when we were baked out by Tullochs and, perhaps more to the point, love him or loath him, Roy McGregor's only motive is the love of the club he supports.
  2. Highland Derbies Next Season

    Is the simple answer not that they have a wealthy individual willing to subsidise them year upon year ?
  3. Highland Derbies Next Season

    Why on earth should we be concerned about the viability of any club other than our own ?
  4. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    Because, right at the moment, we have few other options.
  5. Highland Derbies Next Season

    Then we get some money to help keep our club afloat and to reinvest in our efforts to get back into the Premiership.
  6. CLUB STATEMENT : AGM & Annual Report : 23/11/17

    If it wasn't for the Tulloch connection we might not have a club by now. We certainly wouldn't have a full time team who had spent the vast majority of the last decade and a half in the top tier and won the country's premier knock out tournament.
  7. Game 20 - Dumbarton (H) 16 Dec

    HT; ICT 1, Dumbarton FT; ICT 2, Dumbarton 1 ICT; Polworth Dumbarton; Froxylias Crowd; 1,884
  8. Light At The End of The Tunnel ?

    Never touch the stuff. Port, now that's a different matter altogether.😊
  9. 17 October 1953, Telford Street Park

    With apologies to New Zealand, that would have been a match against 'The All Whites'.
  10. We have gone from a week where a small group of homophobic, mysoginist, sectarian bigots seemed to be pulling almost all of the UK Prime Minister's strings for their own narrow minded agenda and where the maverick US president broke with decades of international consensus to deliberately provoke violence and unrest in the Middle East to a week of relative optimism. Firstly we have a liberal, pro choice candidate with a proud record of prosecuting the Klu Klax Clan being elected to the US Senate and now we have a small but significant number of principled Tory MPs standing up for those principles and against the rabid right wing press to give the UK parliament the opportunity to try to insure that Brexit might not be the unmitigated disaster it will be if the nutters get their way. I may be naively optimistic but suddenly the world seems a slightly less dark place.
  11. Toronto FC - 2017

    Agreed. Always good to see a small liberal minded nation with an open and inclusive attitude prevail over their much larger and much less liberal and inclusive southern neighbours.
  12. Carl Tremarco...extended contract

    That is very good news indeed. We are making progress towards the basis of a squad that can make a serious push for promotion next season. Just that elusive twenty goals a season forward to find or develop.
  13. Gordon Fyfe Joins ICTFC Board of Directors

    To digress further, just how snobbish and superior is that.
  14. Gordon Fyfe Joins ICTFC Board of Directors

    Makes you feel old looking at people you went to school with looking distinctly middle aged. Thank heavens that, by contrast, I have retained my youthful appearance.
  15. Word Association