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  1. To be fair to the club, it's not a case of don't want but can't afford.
  2. The group stage games last season were just as poorly attended. We have been crying out for attractive and successful football for the last two seasons. If Robbo's side can produce that I'm sure we can top 2,500. We have a limited support but very loyal and winning again on a regular basis will keep the turnstiles clicking.
  3. Clach fans may be surprised to hear that we are Inverness's "only senior football club".
  4. A decent idea but at the wrong time. There would be a significant capital outlay in refitting the premises. Thereafter a very significant on going revenue cost in rent, business rates, utilities and additional staff costs with no guarantee of generating a profit. It's not a prudent risk at the moment with our revenue likely to be a million pounds a year less at the very least following relegation.
  5. Rather too many enigma threads in my view.
  6. We have certainly found quite a few players. Only the next few weeks and months will establish whether they are decent or not but the Brechin game certainly gave some grounds for optimism in that respect.
  7. HT: Stirling 0, ICT 1 FT: Stirling 1, ICT 3 ICT; Baird Stirling; Henderson Crowd; 722
  8. Matchday Thread

    Baird is much in the same mold as Robbo himself. If he turns out to have half his eye for poaching a goal he'll prove a great signing.
  9. Matchday Thread

    I fear that we are going to have to endure even poorer officials this season....and the refs in the Premiership were bad enough!
  10. If he played like that every week he would be playing at a higher level. These glimpses of great ability that appear much less frequently than they should are the most frustrating aspect of his play. What a player he would be if he applied himself more diligently x
  11. Can't see you from my position. Why don't you come down a bit ?
  12. swift
  13. HT; ICT 0 Brechin 1 FT; ICT 2, Brechin 1 ICT; Polworth Brechin; Layne Crowd; 1,108
  14. A lot to be said for the days when you filled in the form in ink and sent it to Companies House by post.
  15. Dire as last season was, the Krankies are not and have never been remotely entertaining !