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  1. I don't see a single post expressing negative views towards the armed forces. Some, however, do take issue with a particular group of individuals being given preferential treatment when other equally, or perhaps more, deserving groups do not.
  2. Robertson Out

    It seems from some of the reaction to this tongue in cheek post that some people lack any sense of humour.
  3. Robertson Out

    A few weeks ago there was legitimate cause for concern based on poor play and poor results. Now there is legitimate cause for optimism based on better play and better results. Surely that has to be welcomed by everyone getting behind the push rather than bickering about whether fans were justified in posting criticism at a time when such comments seemed to have some justification. We are all fans of ICT, some are happy clappers who will never criticise no matter how bad things get. Others prefer to air their concerns and criticism. It's called free speech and this forum would be a very dull place without it.
  4. Word Association

  5. Robertson Out

    Many of these services can be outsourced but we certainly need at least one director, executive or otherwise, with knowledge and experience of the business and practice of football on the board. We got away with it for a while whilst things were generally stable on the football management side but over the last three seasons have been increasingly exposed.
  6. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Don't worry. Sportscene show highlights of certain Championship games. Oh, I forgot, for some odd reason, they stopped doing so two seasons ago.
  7. Dundee Utd v ICTFC : Match Info

    Can you please make the same prediction next week.
  8. Fans Boycott

    If any fans have being staying away, time to return next week to watch us take the wind out of the Pars sails with our first home league win of the season.
  9. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Well done to all concerned. Sounds like we were were worth that win and particularly well done to the much maligned, including by myself, Mark Ridgers for what sounded like a very competent performance between the sticks. I think that the Arabs, with their budget twice as much as everyone else, have just replaced us as the Championship's crisis club.
  10. Dundee Utd v ICTFC : Match Info

    Four games, two wins, no defeats, five goals scored, none conceded. I think that the club, and all the rest of us, can fairly claim an unbeaten run. Now to take the wind out of the Dunfermline sails and get our first home league win of the season next week.
  11. I am not sure that the jingoistic neoimperialist example of the USA, especially under it's present leadership, is something to be admired. It certainly isn't something to be copied.
  12. Word Association

  13. Game 14 - Dundee Utd (A) 21 Oct

    HT; Dundee United 1, ICT 1 FT; Dundee United 1, ICT 1 ICT; Vigurs Dundee United; McDonald Crowd; 5,694
  14. Robertson Out

    No, there are some people very concerned about the prospects of a second successive relegation and the potential consequences of that for the long term future of the club. That said, as I've said before on this thread and elsewhere, the current manager needs to be given a bit more time to try to turn things around, and there have been some encouraging signs lately but we can't possibly afford to repeat the mistakes of last season.