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  1. It would be enough to keep us in the league though.
  2. Gorillas
  3. It has got beyond we can't afford to go backwards results wise to the point where we can't afford not to go forwards and quickly.
  4. Matchday Thread

    There is no call for personal abuse and any repeat by anyone will result in being barred from posting on this thread.
  5. That old thing called democracy again that the Unionists seem so selective in their backing for. Shortly after the Brexit vote they convened an EGM where their members voted overwhelmingly to push for a fresh referendum given the change of circumstances.. However, given that they have backed independence for decades I doubt that their position on the matter comes as a surprise or indeed a disappointment to many who voted for them. In any event, the government does not require the support of the Greens to 'get this through Holyrood'. Should the greens abstain the matter would still be passed with votes to spare.
  6. Matchday Thread

    I would prefer to secure the play off position (at the very least) before we start thinking about who we might face. That said, I hope we are preparing already for that contingency by someone from the coaching team taking in a few relevant Championship matches.
  7. Matchday Thread

    Absolutely. An interesting and very valid post spoiled by those last, unfair, unnecessary and divisive comments at the end. Right now we need everyone from the young and enthusiastically vocal to the more 'mature' just as enthusiastic but perhaps less boisterous on board. If ever there was a time for TogetherNess it's now.
  8. Matchday Thread

    Agreed, effort and endeavour was there in abundance and, if we are going to have a chance of staying up, that has to remain at the same level right to the end of the season.
  9. Matchday Thread

    With that clarification, perhaps we can now get this thread back on topic.
  10. Much as I profoundly disagree with your position, I am delighted that you have joined the debate and get a perspective from somebody south of the border.
  11. Matchday Thread

    Sadly, that last sentence is so very true. Probably for the first time ever they have crawled out from beneath our shadows and there is a distinct possibility that next season, for the first time ever we could be in a lower division than them. There is still time to put that right but that time is rapidly running out and we need to start being a lot more astute and a great deal more flexible. Richie can still salvage our season and, with it, his own fledgling managerial career and I dearly want him to do both but he needs to demonstrate that he can learn from his mistakes of the past and do it now.
  12. Matchday Thread

    There are not many scenarios that would leave me so enthusiastic about a 4-0 win for the club that continues to embarrass Scottish football more than any other but yesterday was one of them and I sincerely hope they win their next match just as convincingly just as I hope the other Ugly Sister hammers Dundee this afternoon. Strange times but we need assistance at the moment from whatever source.
  13. Matchday Thread

    I don't think that anyone is suggesting that today was anything like our worst display of the season or that we could have or even should have won. The frustration lies in the fact that many believe that, with less predictable and restrictive tactics and formation, could have and should have would have been should have and did.
  14. Two political leaders with opposing views on an important matter. One refuses to discuss the matter point blank other than entirely on their terms. The other, despite having a much higher personnel net approval rating and a more recent electoral mandate has declares and continues to declare a willingness to talk with a view to at least attempting to reach a compromise. If you were parachuted in with no bias or preconceptions, which one would you say is 'playing politics' ?
  15. Matchday Thread

    I take the view that those who actually paid hard earned cash to watch are entitled to vent there entirely justified frustration. Remember these frustrations are borne not merely out of one derby match were a winning position was lost but out watching too many all too familiar performances all league season.