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  1. Winter olympics - Elise Christie

    A VERY long way from being knowledgeable on the subject but it seems to me that, while she probably has the greatest basic speed of anybody, she remains tactically naive in getting herself into positions where she has to take additional risks in what is an intrinsically risky sport. I understand that there is no serious injury and age will be fit to compete in the 1000 metres on Tuesday which is her favourite distance. I sincerely hope that things fall in place for her in that event. Despite often being the author of her own misfortune, she deserves a bit of good fortune.
  2. Championship Table

    There is a difference between market value and what we can currently afford due to mismanagement for the last three years.
  3. Message for Supporters : 14/02/18

    It would also be an illegal and unenforceable restraint of trade as far as the individual player is concerned.
  4. 25th Anniversary

    Maybe that's where we are going wrong in attracting more fans. We need to get rid of the pies and serve crowdie and crackers.
  5. Inverness Courier

    No club in the country can survive on gate money.
  6. Message for Supporters : 14/02/18

    Better Still, we need an effective and efficient youth system that produces a player we can sell on for a decent fee at least every couple of season. The fact that we have only 'home reared' one player that we have been able to sell on for a substantial fee in almost a quarter of a century is a sad indictment of what we've done st youth level over the years
  7. Inverness Courier

    Only in the world of football does this bizarre practice of rewarding failure exist. Managerial contracts should provide for a maximum of three month's salary paid on termination. If the manager is at all competent he should find alternative employment within that time.
  8. Championship Table

    Far to late to even think about overhauling St Mirren even if they do lose their manager. Any slim hopes we have of promotion this season lie with somehow sneaking into the playoffs.
  9. Inverness Courier

    Wholly agree. It's more what that statement doesn't say rather than what it does.
  10. Highland Derbies Next Season

    Bluddy automatic spell check..
  11. Highland Derbies Next Season

    We are the Jags. They are merely Patrick.
  12. 25th Anniversary

    Hopefully, they had the foresight to lay that down twenty four years ago.
  13. Inverness CT -V- Dundee

    There's a surprise. Both Celtic and The Rangers being drawn at home against the only two lower league clubs left in the competition.
  14. Can we have less hype in future

    Well Laurence, I appreciate that you will be disappointed but it seems that any optimism about the France match was not entirely misplaced after all.
  15. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    Come on now. It is Dingwall we're talking about.