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  1. Cargo
  2. Perhaps you would enlighten us on why Scotland, uniquely among small developed northern European nations, is incapable of managing our own affairs.
  3. ....and If the Prime Minister was at all confident that there would now be a majority for remaining in the union after a properly and democratically run referendum where both sides are given a fair opportunity to present their cases on the circumstances and facts now prevailing, a very different political landscape to that in 2014, does anyone seriously think that she would be chanting repeatedly ' now is not the time' ?
  4. Factor in lower crowds, loss of commercial revenue and lower ticket prices and the cost of relegation in the first season is in the region of a million pounds. Considering that without windfalls in the form of cup runs or transfer fees we tend to run at an annual loss of circa £300,000 from a typical mid table season in the Premiership that is a painful hit for a club with our resources.
  5. It is appalling but until a majority of us have the courage to take our destiny into our own hands, it is a sad reality.
  6. That stable door is hanging loose but the horse has not quite bolted yet.
  7. Time to move on from that. MM is never likely to win a popularity contest with ICT fans but if this move helps us escape relegation then I, for one, am prepared to consign both his words and his actions to the past. What happened years ago is history it's what happens in the next month that's vitally important now.
  8. Bad luck....poor timing missing the skills and goals of Ian Stephens and the original Don Cowie
  9. Buffers
  10. Better late than never and, for those devoting such time and effort into organising torch lit protests and the like to force the board to take action, now that the board has taken positive action, perhaps they can now devote all that time and effort into fully and enthusiastically supporting the club for these vital few games that lie ahead. Depending on what happens, there may be an argument for protest at the end of the season but, to quote the mantra of the Prime Minister 'now is not the time'.
  11. I was not at all impressed by the manner in which he disparaged the club and the fans when he turned down the privilege of managing us and Followed Butcher to Hibs. However, he is a decent, experienced coach who knows the league and many of our players and, as I said in the OP' in my opinion, a shrewd and welcome move. We can only hope that he makes a better job of assisting the manager avoid relegation than he did at Easter Road !
  12. A shrewd and welcome move.
  13. It seems to be about as visible as a pointless torch light demonstration would have been in broad daylight !
  14. At least they have been up until now.
  15. The Prime Minister has, opportunistically, called a snap general election for 8th June. The SNP will, of course, stand on a clear and unequivocal manifesto to hold a referendum on independence. Should they win a majority of seats in Scotland, the Westminster government will have absolutely no continuing tenable argument for refusing without blatantly flying in the face of democracy. Bring it on !