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  1. Was he not on our books as a youth player ?
  2. Matchday Thread

    On the positive side, the signs are that Robbo has already achieved something that eluded both Foran and Hughes before him. In the form of Collin Seedorf, he has brought in a player new to the club with great skill and potential who is likely to influence play in a positive way.
  3. Matchday Thread

    I agree entirely. This team will take time to gel and find it's feet. We can't expect or demand too much in the first weeks and months and patience from both manager and fans is a must. If we can somehow stay in touch with the top four or five by New Year then perhaps then we can look at adding a player or two in the January window with a view to pushing on for a play off spot.
  4. Can we keep this thread on topic please, interesting as it is to have a Tripadviser type review of purveyors of caffeinated beverages and cake in Badenoch and Strathspey.
  5. A game during our idle mid week is a good idea. It's very obvious that this new team needs as much game time as possible before the serious business of securing vital league points begin. A game against Clach would be a chance for a work out. A match against one of the other teams sitting out this midweek might be a bit more competitive and more closely reflect the challenges we will face in the league and would be a better option.
  6. Dundee United St Mirren Falkirk ICT Dunfermline
  7. HT; ICT 0, Falkirk 0 FT; ICT 1, Falkirk 2 ICT: Baird Falkirk; Lot Crowd; 1,696
  8. OCG did not 'berate' you she simply disagreed with you which is her prerogative and differences of opinion, respectfully stated, is what these fora are all about.
  9. To be fair to the club, it's not a case of don't want but can't afford.
  10. The group stage games last season were just as poorly attended. We have been crying out for attractive and successful football for the last two seasons. If Robbo's side can produce that I'm sure we can top 2,500. We have a limited support but very loyal and winning again on a regular basis will keep the turnstiles clicking.
  11. Clach fans may be surprised to hear that we are Inverness's "only senior football club".
  12. A decent idea but at the wrong time. There would be a significant capital outlay in refitting the premises. Thereafter a very significant on going revenue cost in rent, business rates, utilities and additional staff costs with no guarantee of generating a profit. It's not a prudent risk at the moment with our revenue likely to be a million pounds a year less at the very least following relegation.
  13. Rather too many enigma threads in my view.
  14. We have certainly found quite a few players. Only the next few weeks and months will establish whether they are decent or not but the Brechin game certainly gave some grounds for optimism in that respect.
  15. HT: Stirling 0, ICT 1 FT: Stirling 1, ICT 3 ICT; Baird Stirling; Henderson Crowd; 722