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  1. He doesn't even set Mrs Malpas's pulse racing with excitement.......
  2. There may be cost implications but bringing in a general manager with fresh blood and new and innovative ideas might well be money well spent. Just don't let it be another Mike Smith !
  3. That article could only have been written by one of Yogi's many cronies in the central belt media. It didn't take him long to lose the dressing room at Starks Park with his public criticism of the players and also the confidence of their chair who has openly stated that he made a huge error in appointing him. Whatever the answer is, it isn't the return of John Hughes.
  4. Quite a wish list. Personally, I can continue to live with all of that for now and concentrate on having a capable manager and a confident and united team capable of challenging for promotion back to the Premiership.
  5. You have the advantage over me. I don't have a quich through which to search :-)
  6. Congratulations on what must be the first use of the word 'vituperative' in the twenty three year history of CTO :-)
  7. The new chair has no time to settle in. He has a very big decision to preside over in the next couple of days.
  8. I agree. We need clarity and we need it this week.
  9. The board can be slated for a lot lately but not for trying to generate funds, which will be more needed than ever in the financially challenging environment of the Championship, by marketing the new kit and the sale of season tickets. I hope that both are met with a positive response from the fans. We all need to stick together and, if you are implying that there should be some sort of boycott then I have to disagree. That would only make things very much worse.
  10. A nice idea in principle but I doubt very much whether more than a five figure sum would be raised in this way. Whilst we have a modest and very loyal fan base the wider Inverness community are hardly renowned for their enthusiasm for backing the club either financially or otherwise. Money is useful but it's not the answer. The answer is having an able manager and a united board room, dressing room and fan base. We have shown before what we can do on the limited income we can generate when that combination comes together and, although things look grim right now, I am sure that we will do again.
  11. Despite how it ended, we have a very great deal to be thankful to Kenny Cameron and, before him, David Sutherland for. Prior to those with Tulloch connections taking the helm, the previous regime under Doug McGillvray had almost run us into oblivion. We were over two and a half million pounds in debt, the bank had pulled the plug and had it not been for our famous cup win at Parkhead and the money from the two subsequent TV games against the Dons we would have entered administration at the very best or, at worst, been liquidated. Instead, under first Sutherland and then Kenny, we became a debt free established top tier club no strangers to national cup finals and still the only team north of Aberdeen to win the major cup tournament in the country. Yes, mistakes were made this season and probably last and, no doubt, with the benefit of hindsight, he would have done things differently but for that wonderful, unforgettable afternoon at Hampden alone he deserves our thanks and good wishes. The immediate future might be a difficult one but were it not for David Sutherland and Kenny Cameron there might not have been a future at all.
  12. Stain
  13. Those implications ought to have been considered at the time the contract was negotiated and signed or, if for any reason it wasn't, surely must have been explored fully in January. The time has come to take action.
  14. I doubt that any of the apples were bad and that they simply objected to RF's style of (mis)management. If you are blind to constructive criticism then you are not cut out for management no matter what your line of business. A competent manager also recognises when his position becomes untenable. Richie constantly claims to have the club and it's interests at heart. No doubt whatsoever that he once did but him continuing to cling onto the role in now in the interests of one person only.
  15. If that is true, then, whilst it may cost us a substantial sum to be rid of RF. it will cost us far more. and not just in pure financial terms, to keep him.