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  1. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    Liam Polworth tops the assist charts by 5 goals this season. Could he do more at times? Of course but so could this entire team. Has he found form just at the right time? Absolutely lets just all hope it's not to little to late. 1 Liam Polworth Inverness Caledonian Thistle 13 2 Ian McShane St Mirren 8 Lyndon Dykes Queen of the South 8 4 Ryan Williamson Dunfermline Athletic 7 Joshua Mullin Livingston 7 6 Raffaele De Vita Livingston 6 Kallum Higginbotham Dunfermline Athletic 6 Stephen Dobbie Queen of the South 6 9 Lewis Morgan St Mirren 5 10 Billy King Dundee United 4 Fraser Aird Dunfermline Athletic 4 Craig Sibbald Falkirk 4 Cameron Smith St Mirren 4 Iain Vigurs Inverness Caledonian Thistle 4
  2. This season's refereeing

    On the Donaldson booking you could put forward an argument regardless of the contact that due to the length Donaldson slid he had little control and could have been considered dangerous. I too thought it wasn't a foul but possibly how it was interpreted. The vigurs one without knowing what he said looks like typical poor refeering there has been an incident book both to avoid controversy. Although maybe vigurs talked himself into it.. he'd have been fine had he walked away.. or even not made a silly foul in the first place.
  3. Danny Williams

    It's a no from me. One day people will get over this live in the past thing. Pretty much every time a former player leaves this happens. Not going to be a starter and that's what we need players to challenge for starting spots.
  4. MulrAneY 15

    I've often found Mulraney frustrating to watch but worth remembering he is only 21 and had barely played a senior game prior to coming up here. A youth player coming through the ranks and showing the flashes that he has done would be given far more time to adapt i think. He's shown far more promise this year under Robertson and you do wonder whether if he'd had another year tutelage under him rather than last seasons **** show what sort of player we possibly could have had by now. Is it the end of the world if he goes? No but i'd be disappointed to lose a player who i'm confident we can still get a lot more out of and is only beginning to deliver on his promise. If Calder, Cooper and Elbzoudi are the cover options instead of him then that just reaffirms to me we aren't going to challenge for promotion.
  5. Fans Boycott

    The frustrating thing is all these fans staying away until it's sorted out will only harm the likelihood of it all getting fixed. Our attendance have never been great but a 1000 less every week for home games on average is really going to hurt us. Things are bad but the club need 'fans' now more than they have in a long time.
  6. Raven not again

    A player who played a key role in our major cup win isn't a club legend? That's as good as it'll get for a long time if we aren't able to refer to those players as club legends then when can we?
  7. Our Signing Strategy

    Need to get stronger opposition for pre season judging trialists on games against forres, clach and nairn just isn't good enough. I'll admit thinking Chalmers looked tidy enough even after getting ran ragged first 45 against forres by a new signing from Inverness city.
  8. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Googles.. "How to delete someone else's thread"
  9. Think you might have posted in the wrong topic. This relates to the Youth Cup and not related to the Brechin win.
  10. Yes. Richard also coaches the 17s at the club.
  11. Dan Hoban,Alistair Stark, Ryan Macritchie, Logan Johnstone, Cameron Harper (17s), Jack Brown (17s), Kieran Chalmers, Daniel Mackay (17s), Mitch Foy, Aidan Wilson, Keir Smith. Subs: Roddy Macgregor, Ryan Fyffe and Gabe Hastings all 17s. Goals im told were: Foy x2, Chalmers, Wilson, Smith and either Johnstone or macritchie for other. All subs used.
  12. Transfer in and outs

    He was also the league's top scorer and the big difference between being a real relegation threatened side and ending up relatively safe. His importance to the team being clear with drapers less clear. If Vigurs is to fill the deep role centrally like he did rather successfully against Dundee United I'd like to see a more technical player available to us going forward who can beat a man and thread through balls. I'd be delighted if we managed to sign someone in that mould and keep Draper but financially something has to give whether it's Draper, Raven or OFW time will tell.
  13. Transfer in and outs

    Sadly when we aren't far of being outnumbered by the away support for our opening home game of the season the boards hand could very well be forced in a financial sense. Whether that means some stay away or not time will tell. For all the talk of his importance to the team Draper for me doesn't contribute nearly enough with his overall game and severely limits the creative side of things for us. If his breaking up of play was quite as good as some would lead you to believe we would have conceded far less goals over the last 12 months.
  14. Arab Attack

    Would be delighted to see us start with Polworth, Draper and Vigurs in the middle but if it's going to be 4-4-2 like it looks like Robbo fancies then for me it's got to be Mulraney and Cooper in the wide areas.. Maybe we will see Calder play further up the park with Chalmers at left back instead. Neither Calder nor Chalmers fill me with much hope but Calder seems to struggle with his defensive positioning from what i've seen so far although is a bit more mobile.. So flip a coin on which one plays tomorrow.
  15. Transfer in and outs

    Was a second year 17 last year and has been kept on by the club will most likely play at that level since we don't have 20s this year as well as the 3/4 other second year 17s from last year kept on.