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  1. Inverness CT -V- St Mirren

    Like many others I don't like complaining about refs but that bloke today was mince. St Mirren to be fair were really up for the scrap as we were. We badly need a big ugly mobile target up front as Baird is lost there on his own. I thought Vigurs was MOM and how their keeper stayed on beggars belief. The problem with Vigurs is that he is an easy target If I was an opposing manager I would simply tell my players to get right in about his face and he will react, It's not impossible for us to get a top 4 place yet but we need a few wins on the bounce starting Tuesday, I hope the game is on.
  2. Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Agree totally with CaleyD. Baird led the line well today, he is a menace and I would love to see him knock a couple of goals in.
  3. Player of the Year - QOS

    I want to give points to Daniel MacKay but he isn't on the list?
  4. Raven not again

    I would test David by offering him a contract extension but on terms more in line with what the new squad members are being paid. Interesting to see how committed he would be to the club and area. It could be a win win for both player and club.
  5. Inverness CT -V- QOS

    One of the worst games I have ever witnessed. Did we have a shot on target, I don't think so. Oakley and Baird simply do not work together as a strike force, they are totally unaware of each other's positioning. After a couple of months playing and training together they would surely have built up a good working relationship, if they had any ability at all. I see at least half a team who do not want to be in Inverness or at least that is the way it looks from the stands. I could only exempt OFW, Bell and Donaldson from criticism today, the rest clueless, gutless, average and just not interested. The alarm bells must be screaming in the Boardroom as we are heading for a second relegation if this continues.
  6. Hospice shares

    Now some good news at last. With Alan Savage, Dougie and Ian McGillivray buying a large chunk of shares it looks like we could be about to turn the corner. Dougie was one of the instrumental people during the formation of our club and is a football man through and through. Throughout the years that Dougie has been in exile Ian has kept up the family link with the club, regularly attending our games. Alan Savage is also a well known football fan, his only fault apparently is that he is a Man U fan! I am sure that these men have not just purchased shares to lock them in their bed side cabinets. Really looking forward to these gents influencing the future of ICT.
  7. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Our club is in free fall and embarrassing , I am bricking it at the thought of going into work on Monday as I can imagine the abuse I am going to get. Shame on you ICT, professional players indeed.
  8. Season Ticket Holder Offer

    I didn't get this email and they have my email address.

    Common sense would surely dictate that the holiday was delayed until the football management team was firmly in place. In my opinion this shows once again a total disregard, and indeed lack of savvy, about football and how the off season works. No surprise though as this guy has been part of the establishment for some time now.
  10. Season Ticket Prices

    I too am horrified at the lack of consideration by the Board in setting these prices. What a cheek they have asking for Premier League season ticket prices to watch a lower league product. This is nothing to do with fans loyalty and lots to do with the Board's total disregard for the paying public. They fail completely to understand that fans do not have a endless supply of funds to allocate to their Saturday fix. I have now decided to give up one of my two tickets which I have held since the stadium opened, and was effectively a donation. No manager, no team, no football presence on the Board and a crass statement accompanying the price sheet does not equate to a rush to buy tickets.
  11. Fan injection of money

    As Mantis suggest the shares thing has been done before. I know quite a few people who purchased £1000 worth of shares, as I did, in fact I bought the same for my wife and kids. That was in the early days when we were full of pride in our new club and got carried along on a wave of optimism. Move forward 20+ years and we have achieved more than I could ever have imagined but now is not the right time to ask fans to donate large sums. Season tickets, that's the way forward at the moment in my opinion. Get out early and buy a couple of tickets and take a friend along each week. In that way you contribute much needed early season cash and perhaps encourage others to follow the club in years to come.

    There isn't any money forthcoming that we know of for certain. What is certain is that the Board have failed. We need some people on the Board who have a football pedigree. The only one I know of who had any knowledge of football, however small that be, was Richard Smith, and he quit, presumably before his reputation was tarnished. Maybe someone out there can tell us if any other Board members have a football background?
  13. More Questions Than Answers

    For the life of me I cannot understand how the Board have got off with their silence this season. I am not aware of Company Law but would imagine that they must now make a statement to the shareholders as to what the hell went wrong over the past few months and what they have been doing to mitigate the disaster that has now visited us, This is a Board who have, in my opinion, a duty to the shareholders and season ticket holders to provide a full time lined explanation of the past year. This is a Board who have shown a complete lack of respect for the people (fans and sponsors and staff) by their secrecy. Was it not only at the start of last season that Cameron and Foran held a Q & A session about what the future held. Since then nothing but rubbish fed to the fans each week by the manager, for example about how we were to end in the Top 6, we have been conned big time. This club has been in existence for over 20 years and we have had an incredible journey but the infrastructure appears to be non existent. For example where are the young players coming through, I cannot name one single prospect that we are nurturing. Where are the basics like a proper training ground? Surely after all these years we could have identified a bit of ground to convert into a training facility. How on earth will we attract decent players with the facilities we have? Our stadium is horrible, a three sided area with a horrendous main stand. I look forward to the statement that must be forthcoming tomorrow or the next day from the Board. We are at an incredibly important cross roads for our club, get this wrong and we face decades in lower league football. The potential is there for Inverness, just witness yesterdays crowd.
  14. Hartley refused to live in Inverness when last interviewed or he would have been our manager. Not likely to relocate and anyone who would not live up here should not be offered what would in effect be a part time position.

    So CC spoke the truth! What exactly is his role within the club apart from the successful lottery thing. If his role is youth development then he too is sleep walking.