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  1. givmeaccccc

    Good wishes to Scotty

    All the best Scotty, Dawn sends her regards and prayers too.
  2. givmeaccccc

    New Partnership for CTO

    Fair play to Scotty for setting this up with the best of intentions. Such a shame it's a betting company. Having lost my brother in law, an ex professional footballer, in no small way to the horrendous debt he accumulated, I despise bookmakers who can take and take and destroy lives. Of course the bookmaker cannot take all the blame as the punter must shoulder a large chunk of the responsibility.
  3. givmeaccccc

    Morton Tomorrow

    Brilliant result, with Ayr and County losing we are back at the top, saved me £20 and two hours time.
  4. givmeaccccc


    Yeah the old man was one of the first soldiers from Poland to land in Inverness towards the end of WW2. His camp was in Kiltarlity although there were many other Polish camps in the area. You can still see the remains of the camp but I guess there are very few people alive who know exactly where it is. Dad was groundsman when the likes of Hamish Munro, Alan Pressley, Bobby Noble, Bobby Bolt etc were playing. He was never a footballer as he was fighting in the War from the age of 14 as the Germans invaded Poland. Looking back I can see how conscientious he was given he had no experience at all in maintaining grounds. It was actually a huge responsibility at that time given the wage he would have received, more a labour of love. The same would apply of course to all groundsmen at every club. Anyway, still would be interested to fill in the gaps for both clubs, these men deserve to have their recognition as they played a major part in the history of Caledonian and Thistle.
  5. givmeaccccc


    Not sure if this topic has been researched previously but here goes. Can we name the unsung groundsmen of both Caley and Jags over the years? These men, at least I don't think there have been any women, had to get up early on match days to carry out the various tasks that contributed hugely to the afternoon match before and after kick off. Lining the park, cutting the grass, putting up the nets and flag poles, sawdust on the penalty spot, clear wasps nests from the wooden terracing, painting and all round general maintenance. For all this they received little or no pay and little or no recognition. Life for a grounds person has become much more professional now I guess, in days gone by all you needed was an ability to cut grass and patch a few holes with sand. You were still responsible for getting the match on though despite the weather. So, here goes, easy for me to remember my late father ex part time groundsman of Caley at Telford Street from 1956 to about 1960, his name then was Jan Gneba (John Dow). After he quit, because of other work commitments, I think Dan Bisset took over from him. Dad was a Caley Road man and Dan Laurel Avenue. It would be interesting to see a list of both clubs groundsmen over the years?
  6. givmeaccccc

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Strange that Robertson was fully behind this cup last year and yet this year totally disrupts the good team spirit he enthused about then by making wholesale changes. We really had a good chance to progress in this competition now we have little left other than the league. Saying that I thought Walsh and Welsh were both excellent as was Calder. Polworth I am afraid really looks like a player who needs a change, I said that on Saturday and nothing changed my mind tonight. Big shout out to all who attended the game, just over 1000 a great crowd.
  7. givmeaccccc

    Inverness CT -V- Ayr Utd

    Shouting abuse at Polly is bang out of order but he looks totally disinterested. It's time for a change for him me thinks and if the rumours are true then good luck to him.
  8. givmeaccccc

    Gary Warren told he can leave

    if we are in so much financial trouble that we are trying to offload just one high earner who has served this club handsomely over the years and is merely working the contract that was put in front of him then we are doomed. Can't have it both ways that we moan when a player leaves for higher wages and then we complain when we are paying what is described as SPL wages. Stick with it Gary the club owes you. If half our squad worked as hard as Gary then we would sail back into the Premier League. Yes nothing lasts forever but what price loyalty.
  9. givmeaccccc

    Caley thistle Board

    GDPR. There is no time to waste for organisations to be ready as it is introduced on May 25 this year 2018. As far as I can gather it has nothing to do with the Brexit date in 2019.
  10. givmeaccccc

    Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    Big George outstanding today even although the obvious choices for MOM was either Vigurs or Austin.
  11. givmeaccccc

    Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Couldn't care less to be honest whether Robbo survives or not. Fact is we can't afford to get rid of him so it's immaterial. I think Robbo is too loyal to the likes of Brad McKay who has been shocking for weeks now. With so many games coming up over the next few weeks we will perhaps see what we have in reserve.
  12. givmeaccccc

    Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Pathetic............................My patience is wearing very thin. Of course I'll stick with my team but the enjoyment levels are zero at the moment. Robbo keeps telling us that our under 17's are a very talented bunch, well now's the time to give them a chance, they can't do any worse.
  13. givmeaccccc

    Inverness CT -V- Morton

    I've waited a few hours to calm down. This was a pathetic performance and Morton thoroughly deserved their win. They were so much sharper than us and made us look like rank amateurs. Brad McKay had a stinker but to be fair to him Seedorf provided no cover and was constantly out of position which left him hopelessly exposed. How can Robertson not see this? We are constantly being told that we have a really good under 17 team. NOW is the chance to give 3 or 4 of them a chance before our crowds plummet to less than 1000 each week. I may be wrong but many of the Morton players looked like teenagers, they trust these lads why can't we? I suspect that Robbo is keeping faith with the likes of Brad as he is afraid that they will go off in the huff if dropped. Really pissed off listening to excuses and the way forward from those in charge. Give the boys a chance, better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all!
  14. givmeaccccc

    David Mackenzie (Potters)

    It is with great sadness that I post the news that my brother in law David 'Potters' Mackenzie passed away last week near his home in Suffolk aged just 59. Potters was a Caley Road boy and a life long Caledonian F.C. fan. Potters embraced the newly merged team and attended games when he returned 'home' on holidays or breaks. He couldn't wait to get into the Caley Club before games and chew the fat with all his old mates in Inverness. Such was his love for Caley that he had a 'Caledonian F.C. tattoo on his wrist. There will be a Memorial service for Potters on Saturday 10th February at Chisholm's, more details in the Courier at a later date, his family would love to see as many of Potter's mates as possible if you are able to attend.
  15. Given what we read above, nobody could deny that Tulloch have by and large been a lifesaver for ICT. Strikes me that the past Boards though have been guilty of secrecy which has raised the anti Tullochs feeling that existed amongst many fans. When you couple this with the fact that many of the decision makers have links to Tullochs then there was always going to be conspiracy theories. There should have been much more transparency especially to the shareholders. Good on Messrs Savage and McGillivrays for flushing the detail out. Now let's all move on for the common good of the Club.