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  1. How sad. Like many others I only knew Stewart by sight at the games. I do however know his Dad Blair who is also a lovely man. Condolences to all the family, Scotty and all the 'Caley' gang who knew him.
  2. 1. Get the whole squad in tomorrow and make them watch Scotland and what it means to be a team. Give them a cup of tea and then as someone suggested earlier make them watch the Arbroath v Killie game. 2. I cannot understand what Barry Wilson's role is in the management set up, I thought Kellacher was second in command. 3. Get our general manager, Robbo, to break his silence and share his thoughts on the season so far with the paying fans, it'll be too late at the end of the season.
  3. An incredible collapse. We are badly lacking a leader on the park who has the ability to organise the team when we hit the front. Hamilton's tactics at corners scared the crap out of us and we just couldn't cope, gutted.
  4. Arbroath displayed a hunger that we just do not have. Despite being part time and having to travel North they completely outplayed us in every area of the park. We just looked like 'big time Charlies' who expected to get 3 points without having to work for them, and got exactly what we deserved, nothing. Walsh for second half display gets my reluctant MOM award.
  5. Watching on the SPFL portal but the giant Logo is covering half the screen?
  6. Dear Robbo and Scott. Take all the time you guys need and come back refreshed for next season. You have both been doing an amazing job bringing through the kids and providing a springboard for other senior players. Stay safe.
  7. Very sad news indeed. Ian was an extremely humble man who had time for everyone. Although I hadn't come across Ian for many years I will always remember him as a leading light in the formation of our club. Ian is up there with the likes of Dougie McGilvray and Jock MacDonald. R.I.P. Ian.
  8. Stream miles behind real time, need to turn my phone notifications off😒
  9. Today was a great all round CLUB performance. I was lucky to be one of the 300. The team were excellent with no failures, Kennedy and even Brad caught the eye today but all in all we were right at it. A big thank you too to everyone from the meeters and greeters who took our temperature and checked our ID to the oft maligned stewards who all contributed to a very good afternoon. Well done everyone and thanks.
  10. Still no video, wee wheel spinning for past 10 minutes😒
  11. I received a call today from a very nice lady at the Stadium who confirmed that they had my correct email address but that there had been an admin error meaning that I had received no notification or code for watching live streams. So, glad to say that not my fault, as suspected an admin issue. However any anger I had on Saturday was more than made up for by the apology and extremely polite lovely conversation that I had with the lady at the stadium. Sadly I didn't catch her name but I would like to offer my thanks to her for her honesty and cheerfulness.
  12. Does the club have an up to date e-mail for you? If not, it is harsh to blame them. Yes the club had an up to date email address for me when I persoanlly went in and purchased my season ticket within a day of them going on sale. It is fair to say that the admin is poor. Been working all week and was not aware of this season ticket link to game offer. Sent the club an email last night but as I write this no response. I just bet the club don't work on Saturdays!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Been a season ticket(s) holder for 25 years and no email. Typical of the admin at our club over all those years.
  14. Hi All. Given that I was mumping about the season ticket process over the past 2 days it's only fair that I report great service today from the Club. I received a call from a very pleasant lady called Maever (not sure if that spelling is correct). Anyway it was entirely my fault. Turns out that the Club had an old email address for me and that is why I couldn't look at my existing seat. Rather than call me a stupid old git, Maever simply took my new email address and updated my account. No drama and within 2 minutes my new season ticket was secured. Excellent service, if this is to be a reflection of the people working for the Club going forward then we are in good hands.
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