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  1. Today was a great all round CLUB performance. I was lucky to be one of the 300. The team were excellent with no failures, Kennedy and even Brad caught the eye today but all in all we were right at it. A big thank you too to everyone from the meeters and greeters who took our temperature and checked our ID to the oft maligned stewards who all contributed to a very good afternoon. Well done everyone and thanks.
  2. Still no video, wee wheel spinning for past 10 minutes😒
  3. I received a call today from a very nice lady at the Stadium who confirmed that they had my correct email address but that there had been an admin error meaning that I had received no notification or code for watching live streams. So, glad to say that not my fault, as suspected an admin issue. However any anger I had on Saturday was more than made up for by the apology and extremely polite lovely conversation that I had with the lady at the stadium. Sadly I didn't catch her name but I would like to offer my thanks to her for her honesty and cheerfulness.
  4. Does the club have an up to date e-mail for you? If not, it is harsh to blame them. Yes the club had an up to date email address for me when I persoanlly went in and purchased my season ticket within a day of them going on sale. It is fair to say that the admin is poor. Been working all week and was not aware of this season ticket link to game offer. Sent the club an email last night but as I write this no response. I just bet the club don't work on Saturdays!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Been a season ticket(s) holder for 25 years and no email. Typical of the admin at our club over all those years.
  6. Hi All. Given that I was mumping about the season ticket process over the past 2 days it's only fair that I report great service today from the Club. I received a call from a very pleasant lady called Maever (not sure if that spelling is correct). Anyway it was entirely my fault. Turns out that the Club had an old email address for me and that is why I couldn't look at my existing seat. Rather than call me a stupid old git, Maever simply took my new email address and updated my account. No drama and within 2 minutes my new season ticket was secured. Excellent service, if this is to
  7. Many thanks, tried that and still no ticket appears in orders/ reservations. Phoned the office today to simply order over the phone but the twice I phoned it went straight to voicemail, left message but no phone back received. Not making a judgement as these are difficult times, but this is not an easy process.
  8. Well that's a load of crap, being trying for ages to buy the seat/season ticket I've held since the stadium opened but cannot get it to release on the ICTFC Ticketing site. Will I bother or is this the year to just call it quits?
  9. I don't know why I bother renewing my season ticket we have no ambition at all. Why would we off load two of our best players when we are sitting second in the league and potentially only four games from returning to the Premier League. As has been said in previous posts we rescued both Donaldson and Rooney and they owe us to at least see out their contracts and do the best they can for their employers. However I have confidence in Robbo, he's done it before. and if he has the stomach for it, I guess he can do it again.
  10. Can't understand why Robbo persists with White. He's absolutely unable to hold or head a ball. Given his size he should be winning at least 50% of all balls in the air. Trafford MOM not because he was skilful but more for his effort which was missing in all the others, woeful performance and lucky we only lost 3.
  11. That was rubbish. Why on earth we did sign all those youngsters last summer on full time contracts and then spend all season not playing any of them. Apart from Mckay and MacGregor's cameo appearances non have played. Come on Robbo you have two 'nothing' games to show why you signed the boys.
  12. Still buzzing but I have one concern about last night. Anthony McDonald, had a fair game but I couldn't help thinking why on earth we have brought up an 18 year old from Edinburgh when apparently we have half a dozen local young lads on full time contracts not getting a sniff. If I was one of those youngsters I would be asking why am I not being given the same chance? Guaranteed that Hearts are paying young Anthony's wages but this smacks of a cosy deal between Robbo and Levein. Come on Robbo give our youngsters a chance.
  13. Utter rubbish as a lot have said, no wonder our home crowds are down to circa 2000. Brad McKay is a train crash and everyone but Robbo can see that. We are in real trouble and next season heading for our lowest ever season ticket sales figures if what a large number of people I have talked to are saying.
  14. Strange then that BBC Scotland linked the resignation story with a story that the Club's 2018 accounts hadn't yet been submitted and that the club had until mid March to do this and also that the 2018 AGM has still not been called!
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