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  1. Announcement

    Great idea to go into administration with a 15 point deduction when we still have a possibility of getting into the play offs and promotion
  2. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    Great to win another trophy and we should be celebratory yes. However what a bore until the last minute!
  3. New Manager

    We`ve got the core of players and he was certainly a motivator so hope his tactics & style will suit and has good recruitment plans. Hopefully he will find another Bingham or Juanjo. He was quite good with the media but could be fiercely outspoken. The championship winning team he was in charge of arguably played more exciting football than the last few seasons and the crowds were of course more atmospheric because we could stand or move around anywhere in the North or West.{ south must still have been out of bounds for home fans as I cant ever remember being there) Has he still got the hunger maybe coming back here will reignite him as he was unfairly treated by Romanov at Hearts. Or as some posters are already saying coming back is never a good thing. Inverness Caley Thistle are about to begin another episode our journey starting at 10 am tomorrow! Don't be late. .
  4. Next Season in the SPFL & Pyramid

    Turning things around a bit here. BUT.. If Hamilton get beat on Tuesday by Ross Co which is very possible and I`m expecting a home win. Does this not give us the biggest ever incentive to beat Dundee the following night. If so how will Hamilton feel about going into the final game of the season maybe needing a win, depending on us winning our home game versus Motherwell. It would still be all to play for, so why so defeatist when the chance is still actually there. If/when Tuesdays result goes in our favour, should we then not be getting down to Dens in our 100`s to support our beloved ICT for one final push. Yes its all unlikely, but you know what, if nobody else has noticed , its still possible to stay up! End of nothing , YET (now where did I put that glass)
  5. No Relegation this year !!

    Rumour has it that we are not yet relegated ! How is this? What on earth do we need to do ? How come just about everybody else is sorted out like! Come on , how long is our suffering to continue. Can it be Tuesday or even Wednesday, or injury time next Saturday ! Or can we still get relegated even after next Saturday is over? I`m getting confused and don't know what to believe !!!!!
  6. Match 1000

    Would hope we are all planning to win game 1001 with another classic night game atmosphere. I don't think we should be thinking of a point will do. Come on we are on the UP !
  7. Word Association

  8. Inverness CT -V- Dundee

    Up next, Celtic ,Hearts Rangers, Celtic ....Cup success and top6 on horizon
  9. Inverness CT -V- Dundee

    Would take the point now!
  10. Word Association

  11. North side boyz

    What you need to do my loony is to find the super fan Charles Bannerman. He will direct you to the `in` crowd !
  12. Red Dots - Change to System

    Only a few folk actually receive more than a couple of red dots as far as I`ve noticed, apart from the odd outrageous ones. If someone for example gets over 3 or more red dots ,its maybe they who should elaborate or explain their post further. If people want to debate the response after that its up to them.
  13. Summer Transfer Window Thread

    You mean you want to turn over a new leaf !
  14. Horsing about

    Thought you were Jockeying!
  15. Horsing about

    nae mare hee haw - good Knight!