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  1. Agree that CC would be better than Foran, but so would my dog. I think the problem with the concept is that it is a look back into the past. I have no doubt that he'd improve performances and results, but we are already relegated in all but name, so let's be a bit more forward looking. DoF would be an option, but would CC be able to hold his tongue if he didn't like the manager's approach? Look at the flack Levein got for interfering with team decisions. It's an option, but another sticking plaster.
  2. Sorry guys, but I said at the end of the season and again in November (below) that we should have sold Tansey when there was money available, because he would go for free. I was glad he stayed after Aberdeen's approach in Jan last year, but the writing was on the wall from that moment and we should have cashed in. I wasn't alone.
  3. ...and the benefits of a change in manager just being proved at Dundee. Change the manager and get the chance of a "bounce" at least for a couple of games. Oh, no, not at ICT - we know better and will go for the ha'penny option of bringing in another assistant on a handshake: that'll work. The good news is that we've been put out of our misery quickly. Nothing worse than lingering hope.
  4. Won't be there - sorry. As a ST holder, I feel justified in this form of protest in that ICT already have my money, so I'm not penalising the club financially by not going. I won't go because of: 1. The lack of foresight of the board 2. The lack of ability of the management team 3. The lack of desire and effort by most, but not all of the players 4. The sheer lack of entertainment for 90 min An empty stadium will hopefully make the point.
  5. wouldn't this be nice! Forest Green Rovers small but perfectly formed eco stadium. Only thing missing is several million pounds of investment.
  6. Definitely some of them, if not all.
  7. Right, we're going down, so time to take stock. I'm not sure the above revised version of iamthecaptain's listing is entirely accurate, but it's a starting point. Assuming we can afford to keep those still contracted and that there are no release clauses, we have the following for next season: Fon Williams Raven Warren Draper Vigurs Mulraney Polworth Doran Boden With the exception of Boden, that's a pretty solid group of players who could do something in the Championship. The obvious thing would be to supplement with the best of the young lads.....but no, we've just punted Brown, Wilson, Macrae and MacArthur (I think). Great planning guys! Macnaughton could be encouraged to stay? Can't remember if Tremarco signed an extension or not. What about Brad Mckay? Assuming all the above (which we can't) and a complete overhaul of the management team (I.e. Punt Foran and Rice and replace with some experience) I'm not as despondent as I was about the future....BUT there are too many assumptions in there! The first move is to get rid of Foran and Rice right now to show the players who might want to stay that they will be playing under somebody who actually understands football. Without that, there will be a complete exodus, and a really tough rebuilding job. Perhaps somebody can fill in the gaps so we know where we stand?
  8. Matchday Thread

    Reference to the Govan cheats indicates that you are hinting at liquidation rather than administration? My guess is that the gains from Ryan Christie's sale and the cup victory simply fed the annual £250k or more baseline running loss of this club, turning the apparent very small profits over the past few years. Some might have preferred investment in players, infrastructure and youth. I think we can expect a big red number in the next ICT accounts, given this season's poor attendances, loss of prize money and poor cup runs + no player sales. I doubt it will be enough for liquidation, but will certainly ring alarm bells. No cash simply ties the club in knots, with no flexibility to react to situations and always having to take the cheap option - evidence, Richie Foran's knee-jerk appointment and persistence as manager. There is no excuse for the 4 year contract - that was just pure madness. The board will be kicking themselves now for not forcing Hughes to sell Tansey to Aberdeen last year. Yes, he's been a good player for the club, but ultimately we're still going down this year and he's still going to Aberdeen, so the only effect is that we're £200k worse off. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Tough times are certainly ahead and will require a fresh approach and new investment otherwise it will be part-time football.
  9. Yup. I feel duped.
  10. Caption: this is f***ing Messi....and it's going to get messier.
  11. Never mind a red black comeback, how about a rednblue one? It seems a million miles away tonight and fundamental changes have to happen, starting with the chairman and manager.
  12. ...just another throw of the dice from a manager without a clue. There may have been some method in his madness because it sounded like Vigurs did OK for the first half hour....but his faith in Vigurs throughout the season, irrespective of performance has been a major contributor.
  13. Matchday Thread

    TBH, I think the goodwill has already gone, likewise dignity. I like the individual and the player, but he must, must, must know that he's miles out of his depth, but hasn't got the grace and [email protected] to admit it and do the honourable thing for the greater good. Completely deluded or arrogant? I can't work out which....
  14. Should have gone months ago. I'll not be back until he's punted and the fool(s) that gave him a 4 year contract are sacked. This group of players were capable of 6th and we're getting relegated without a whimper and with a great deal of indiscipline. Where's the leadership? Warren, Cole, Polworth and probably Mulraney all banned at a critical part of the season. What about all those training injuries? Apparently Fisher's currently at right please, Richie: Admit defeat and give us half a chance to regroup next season and at least compete... I will not be back to watch this garbage as long as you're there, pal.
  15. Matchday Thread

    So, remind me what our formation is now?