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  1. Polworth on his A-game is a Premier League top 6 player. He's one of the best passers and finishers at the club. I don't think he was well suited to the disorganized kick and rush playing style favoured by our previous manager. Put him in a team set up to play possession football with movement and options around him and he'll do a job for you. Same goes for Vigurs IMO.
  2. Matchday Thread

    A bit of a pre-season feel to todays game, some decent passing moves from both sides but very low tempo and not much action in the final third. Falkirk's back 4 were given an easy time of it by the static, lightweight Baird and Zschusschen. Perhaps too early to judge, but certainly felt the team moved up a couple of gears with the introduction of Oakley. If we take Falkirk as a benchmark of what it takes to finish 2nd in the Championship, I don't think we're far off. They have a settled team, whilst ours is still bedding in. Quietly confident from what I've seen so far.
  3. Recall the old terrace talk that Savage and Sutherland were at loggerheads over Robbo's return to the club. Such rumours are normally the figment of a pub bores imagination - but here we are! The man did a fine job for us before and has made Inverness his home. Some might say football has moved on - tactics, training methods, stats etc. Certainly at the top level this is the case where every player is World Class and it's all about small margins. But at our level? Come on. I'd rather have a seasoned, experienced bona fide Scottish football legend who's been there, done it, got the t-shirt managing our club than some one-dimensional rookie coach armed only with a laptop and a passing drills textbook.
  4. Those demanding an 'ambitious' appointment should remember it wasn't so long ago a Highland League manager built a team consisting largely of former Highland League players and Senior league cast offs who held their own in the Premier League for years. When's the last time we signed a talented young player from the Highland League? I'm not suggesting we should be overly sentimental about 'local lads', but seeing as we're about to embark on a rebuilding job, I would hope whoever is appointed doesn't overlook the untapped resources we have on our doorstep.
  5. One ex-player calls him a bully, we only hear one side of the story - and this somehow comes to define Jimmy Calderwoods entire career.
  6. Have to agree that Jimmy Calderwood's managerial record is pretty good. The invective levelled towards him on Scottish football forums is a classic example of group think. Once you've read one P and B thread, you've read them all... "Old-school managers are 'dinosaurs', young 'progressive' coaches are terrific!" "There's no place for bullies in 'modern' football." The lamentation of bullying is pretty ironic given that football fans routinely abuse players, managers and officials from the stands and on the internet. Most young men need structure, rules and discipline imposed on them by an authority figure to keep them on track. It's just a fact of life.
  7. Feel a bit sorry for Ebbe, he barely even kicked a ball.
  8. Our best players always leave after making a name for themselves, it's part and parcel of being a small club. If anything the 'constant rebuilding job' has worked in our favour over the years as there's plenty of talent out there just waiting for an opportunity.
  9. How about the players give the fans £100?
  10. Butcher (77 international caps) / Malpas (55 international caps) / Marsella for me. Despite a few vocal critics on this forum, in my experience about 80% of fans IRL would love to see the band to get back together. Our biggest failing in recent years has been recruitment. Who better to sign the next Warren, Meekings, Raven, Mckay, Watkins, Vincent, Brill, Draper and Shinnie brothers than the lads who signed the originals?
  11. Hoping Accies run riot. Sick and tired of hearing biased pundits like Willie Miller lamenting wee teams displacing the 'big teams' in the top league. The closed shop mindset. It's good for Scottish football having Sevco, Hibs, Hearts and Dundee Utd in the SPL don't you know? Heck, lets go the whole hog - just give them the 10 team Premier League they keep asking for already, and bring back the 10,000 seater stadium rule to boot.
  12. Getting pretty miffed with the Anier abuse on this board. The guy hasn't set the heather alight, but he's by no means the awful player some fellow posters are making him out to be. Against Hamilton I thought he was one of the best players on the park. His work rate, defensive covering, supporting runs, strong hold up play under pressure and beautifully weighted through balls to our front men all went completely unnoticed by the mouth breathers who immediately screeched "Get him off!!!" any time he had a bad touch. His goals to game tally is poor, and he isn't a natural striker IMO - but to say he has no footballing ability is absolute nonsense. I honestly believe half the people who attend football matches and post on forums have never played the game before, even at pub level.
  13. What effect will yesterday evenings results have on Dundee and Motherwell? Some players play better when the pressure is off, but this being Scotland you'd have to imagine some of those boys now have their minds on Ayia Napa or wherever else neds go on their summer holidays these days.
  14. Don't see the point of whinging at this point. Richie is here till the end of the season. Whether or not you think he's up to the job - at the end of the day he's just a young man doing a job to the best of his ability, and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Let's just get behind the team for the next 2 games and leave the inquisition for another day. PS Alan Simpson - it's just a game!
  15. Matchday Thread

    Terrific performance today. Men against boys. They couldn't handle our aggressive pressing and running power. Could easily have been 5-0 up at half time. Funny that our most attacking lineup of the season was seconds away from a clean sheet - Hamilton on the backfoot and rattled for most of the game. Just goes to show, sometimes the best form of defence is attack. Anier on the right flank was a masterstroke, who knew the mediocre striker we signed in January is actually a top class winger? He looked like an international player today. Hope he gets a run in that position. Looks like we found a system that got the best out of our players today. Shades of Mike Basset England manager - we ditch the 'modern' system and go '4-4-bloody-2' for the win. Same again next week please lads!