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  1. Inverness CT -V- St Mirren

    Encouraging to see the team dig out a good result after a below par performance. A few of our lads didn't look fully match fit, Donaldson in-particular who seemed to struggle with the pace of the game early doors. The referee wasn't great, but feel we're grasping at straws a bit. Midden's 2 penalties were soft, we had 2 similar shout's not given - but for me it came down to their players being much better divers than ours. Not even joking. Doran's was a bit of a dying swan routine, and Vigurs didn't even go down. The club should get Barry Wilson in for a couple of sessions to show the lads how it's done.
  2. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    Don't know what people are moaning about, we just won a major trophy! Would you rather we played well and lost? This was the biggest game most Dumbarton players will ever play in their careers. The underdogs on these occasions are always fired up and running through brick walls. Of course we weren't going to roll them over. I'll take an ugly win every day of the week! In stark contrast to Yogi Hughes who would've driven him to Celtic Park and begged him to sign for them.
  3. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Players don't become rubbish overnight. The margins in this league are small. FWIW I think our recent slump is down to tactical decisions. During our winning run Bell was by far our best attacking player IMO and a reliable goalscorer / defender from the front. He shouldn't be out on the flank, he should be our first choice center forward. Oakley will almost certainly make it (reminiscent of a young Adam Rooney) as a top flight player one day, but he isn't mobile enough to carry a threat as a lone striker. A Bell / Oakley front partnership is our best combination. At the other end of the park, Ravens departure and subsequent back 4 reshuffle (Warren back in as center half, McKay shunted out to full back) also set us back. Donaldson / McKay were a promising partnership, would go as far as to say they looked like 2 of the best young Scottish center halves in the country during our clean sheet marathon - hard to believe now though. Warren is still a useful squad player, and not quite ready for the glue factory just yet (am I alone in thinking he could do a job further up the park? Certainly our most dangerous player from set pieces) but Donaldson / McKay are our best combination. Our back 4 should be built around that foundation. Play your best players in their best positions!
  4. Highland Derbies Next Season

    Sounds like County have reached a crossroads. Do they continue to be Gretna 2.0, assembling a team of expensive mercenaries on short term / loan contracts every season. Or do they go with Kettlewell - a County man with a focus on youth development and long term sustainability. They may as well go for the latter. With Rangers, Hibs and Hearts now all back in the top league and performing well, the odds of County challenging at the top end of the table are virtually zero. The window of opportunity has closed for now. Why spend a fortune to finish 10th? What's the point of winning the Scottish development league if the players don't get promoted to the first team?
  5. Inverness CT -V- Morton

    Looks like the excellent run of form and clean sheets (that had us looking like a shoe-in for the play offs) is well and truly over. Can't help but see the decline starting roughly around the time of Ravens departure, and subsequent re-shuffle of the back 4.
  6. Inverness CT -V- Crusaders

    Serious question - why is the Northern Ireland Premier League part time? There are almost 2 million people in Ulster. Belfast is bigger than Glasgow. They can't produce a full time club? Seems a strange one! Agree with the shouts to restore the McKay-Donaldson partnership. The clean sheets spoke for themselves. Warren is still a good athlete. His decline seems as much mental (erratic decision making) as physical. Perhaps a performance analyst / sports psychologist could help out. Seedorf has been generally unconvincing (with flashes of brilliance) at right back - but hasn't really had a run of games to establish himself. TIme to give him a chance IMO.
  7. Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    So many people on this forum have apparently never fecked up at their job and were completely mature, sensible, level headed and well rounded at the age of 21.
  8. Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    This thread a bit harsh IMO. Mulraney has been excellent for us this season. Think he deserves a bit of slack for one solitary moment of indiscipline. Not very forgiving are we? :)
  9. Light At The End of The Tunnel ?

    What exactly is an 'embracing culture'? What is 'progressive'? 'Compassionate' to whom exactly and how? Too many buzzwords here, not enough specifics. Perhaps I'm getting old and cynical but this is just Tony Blairism 2.0. Well packaged propaganda with no substance.
  10. Ex ICT Players Score

    Had a chuckle watching the Scottish Cup highlights, never had Rosco down as the managerial type, but fair play to him. Certainly not a gaffer you'd want to get on the wrong side of.
  11. Light At The End of The Tunnel ?

    Certainly good news for tobacconists, oddbins, bookies and tanning salons.
  12. Thought the team might struggle to match Tuesday night's performance without Mulraney and Tremarco, but if anything they exceeded it against a tougher opponent. Our veterans are on form and our youngsters are getting better every week. Second place is well within reach.
  13. Away fans

    Renegade to feature in the next series of Danny Dyer's 'Britain's hardest men'.
  14. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    One of those rare (in recent times) occasions where you could actually relax and enjoy the game! It's nice to be 3-0 up early doors. The front 3 tore Falkirk apart on the break. Oakley held the ball well in the build up and always provided a target for Bell and Mulraney in the box. A good old fashioned 'big man-wee man' attacking combination. Mulraney's goal was a fitting climax to one of the best passing moves you'll see all season. Think the official-bashing is getting a bit over the top. The persecution complex / siege mentality can be a good motivator in small doses, but becomes toxic and self-defeating if you take it too far. All of our bookings were justified. If you were being picky you could argue that Falkirk deserved a few yellows of their own. As for the stand-side linesman, Baird was a yard offside for his goal so what are we complaining about? Regardless, why moan and boo at the end of a 4-1 victory? Cheer up folks.
  15. Nathan Austin

    Bonus points for anyone who can name the former Inverness player who founded his own mens clothing brand.