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  1. Getting pretty miffed with the Anier abuse on this board. The guy hasn't set the heather alight, but he's by no means the awful player some fellow posters are making him out to be. Against Hamilton I thought he was one of the best players on the park. His work rate, defensive covering, supporting runs, strong hold up play under pressure and beautifully weighted through balls to our front men all went completely unnoticed by the mouth breathers who immediately screeched "Get him off!!!" any time he had a bad touch. His goals to game tally is poor, and he isn't a natural striker IMO - but to say he has no footballing ability is absolute nonsense. I honestly believe half the people who attend football matches and post on forums have never played the game before, even at pub level.
  2. What effect will yesterday evenings results have on Dundee and Motherwell? Some players play better when the pressure is off, but this being Scotland you'd have to imagine some of those boys now have their minds on Ayia Napa or wherever else neds go on their summer holidays these days.
  3. Don't see the point of whinging at this point. Richie is here till the end of the season. Whether or not you think he's up to the job - at the end of the day he's just a young man doing a job to the best of his ability, and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Let's just get behind the team for the next 2 games and leave the inquisition for another day. PS Alan Simpson - it's just a game!
  4. Matchday Thread

    Terrific performance today. Men against boys. They couldn't handle our aggressive pressing and running power. Could easily have been 5-0 up at half time. Funny that our most attacking lineup of the season was seconds away from a clean sheet - Hamilton on the backfoot and rattled for most of the game. Just goes to show, sometimes the best form of defence is attack. Anier on the right flank was a masterstroke, who knew the mediocre striker we signed in January is actually a top class winger? He looked like an international player today. Hope he gets a run in that position. Looks like we found a system that got the best out of our players today. Shades of Mike Basset England manager - we ditch the 'modern' system and go '4-4-bloody-2' for the win. Same again next week please lads!
  5. I for one welcome IHE and his Nigerian consortium.
  6. Richie Foran might have failed as first team manager, but to call him a fraud or a wage thief is harsh beyond belief. If the man is guilty of anything, it's accepting whatever contracts the club has offered him over the years (as a player, then manager). He can't be faulted for that. Your first loyalty is to your family - not your football club. If resigning means a financial sacrifice on his part, he'd be crazy to do so, and I don't blame him for holding on as long as possible. Ultimately he's just an employee doing a job to the best of his ability. If a new first team coach is required, it's up to his bosses to act - either cancel his contract and pay him every penny he's due, or negotiate and re-deploy him to a diminished but secure long term role (rather like Charlie Christie getting his Centenary Club job back). I thought the board was supposed to be full of business brains? If RIchie cannot be sacked for financial reasons, surely between them they can offer him a decent job worth 'walking away' for?
  7. Agree with Christie and Wilson when it comes to stating the obvious, i.e. that Foran has been a disaster and the board inept in their inaction. Not sure how much credence to give their views beyond that. Think we need to be wary of ex-players who 'talk a good game', given our current predicament.
  8. Don't think this is a good shout. A legendary player, but insufficient managerial credentials. His only previous experience in management ended in failure. Don't forget he left us bottom of the league below Gretna! Poor signings, Highland League tactics and cringe-worthy post-match interviews. Sound familiar? We need to learn from our mistakes. Wouldn't begrudge him a role as an interim figure, but not a long term solution. Nobody should be earmarked for the role. Advertise it openly - far and wide, and give it to the best candidate who applies. Common sense. Why settle for someone local?
  9. Looking forward to next season already. "Dumbarton are a good young side - I like em. It'll be a tough game, but I told the boys already, we ain't in a relegation dogfight. We're only 4 wins away from dat play off spot and dats what we're aimin for." Dumbarton 4-0 Inverness "It's frustratin to concede 3 goals from set pieces, we work hard on dat in training. The lads just need to show more belief, more courage, more mental strength. I'm tryin to keep the spirits up. Stayin positive. Dat winnin run is just around the corner." See you in the Highland League.
  10. POY

    1) McNaughton 2) McCart 3) Fisher (good performance considering lack of first team action)
  11. Just because he's Invernessian?
  12. Time to go I'm afraid. He might turn out to be a competent SPL manager in future, but the record suggests he simply isn't up to the job at this moment in time. He needs to learn his trade at a lower level and work his way back up.
  13. Matchday Thread

    In two minds about todays performance. A) We played some of the best passing football I've seen this season, dominated the game for about 80 minutes and created enough chances to be 3 or 4 goals up. B) Failed to take any of our numerous chances, conceded soft goals, had no plan B and fell to pieces against an opponent who didn't even play well. It's the same story week after week. St Johnstone looked a very mediocre team there for the taking. That such a limited side are a whopping 24 points ahead of us tells the story of how pathetic a season we've had so far. Cole's red card was a disgrace. Yes the referee had a shocker, but FFS to continue hurling abuse at him even after he's just shown you a yellow for dissent is pub league stuff. That this happened literally seconds before he was about to be substituted sums up our luck at the moment. As the saying goes, when you're down the bottom absolutely nothing goes your way. If Warren got himself red carded in the tunnel that's also a disgrace. To be fair he's probably one of the most committed, passionate players to ever wear a Caley shirt and I can only imagine the frustration he was feeling out there but FFS man! This meltdown might actually be a blessing in disguise if it forces Foran (or whoever is managing us next week) to revert to a back 4 with Laing (NOT A MIDFIELDER!) at centre half. Can't deny that Warren is having a shocking season, but he's not alone in that regard (Draper, Vigurs, Fon Williams etc). For those saying he's 'done' I would say there's been a massive regression in performance levels across the board this season. A change in training methods, game preparation, system and tactics could be just the jump start he (and our whole team!) needs. The whole 'who should be bin next season' conversation currently taking place is putting the cart before the horse IMO.
  14. If you compare our squad man for man with Saint Johnstone I'd say we have the better players and it's not even close. I'd also say our squad has considerably more strength and depth this season than last. So purely in terms of the players we have on our books we are woefully underachieving. 4 league victories after 30 games is an absolute disgrace. The problem isn't the players.
  15. Matchday Thread

    Don't see any point slagging the players off for this evening. Domestically Celtic have been literally unbeatable this season. They're a class above the SPL. Also don't agree with this notion that the players lacked 'belief', or should've been braver with the ball. Celtic are bigger, faster, stronger, more skillful and more organized than us. Trying to dribble or play tippy tappy against a team like that is suicide. 9 times out of 10 you'll be dispossessed (as we saw time and again tonight) and the team left exposed for a breakaway. No amount of 'belief' will magically change reality. Under these circumstances it's safety first - clear your lines, play long, safe balls up the park, don't take any chances, keep men behind the ball. This is how we played in the first half, and for the most part it worked well. Celtic struggled to break us down and it took a world class goal to break the deadlock. Second half was a bit of a shambles, but Celtic can make anyone in this league look like mugs. Having 2 energy sapping OF games in 5 days probably didn't help the cause. 4 points gained from Hearts, Rangers and Celtic is an excellent return. The bar has been set. If we can perform to the same standard against the diddy teams we'll climb the table.