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  1. Arguably our best result of the season so far. That's the second time we've completely outclassed Ayr. It's bizarre that they're in such a lofty position. Wouldn't surprise me if they end up finishing mid table. Tremarco impressed at right back, MOTM for me, haven't seen him play so well since we were in the SPL. Would be inclined to leave the entire back 4 unchanged next week. Chalmers and Welsh were also outstanding, completely bossed the midfield. Hopefully a little more luck and a few less muggings in the second half of the season should see us sneak back into the title race.
  2. A familiar story. Virtually the same formation and starting 11 every week regardless of performance or opposition. Slow ponderous build up play. Pub league profligacy in front of goal. 3 sitting central midfielders who barely run at all. Too many players out of gas with 20 minutes to go. I don't blame the players, man for man ICT are one of the best teams in this league and played Ayr and County off the park for long spells. Robertson has recruited well for the most part. The problem is - game plan, tactics, organization, leadership, mental sharpness and fitness. The wastelines of our coaching team hardly inspire confidence. Would you hire an obese personal trainer? Fitness is almost everything at this level. Craig Brewster took a decent group of players inherited from Robbo to the next level through fitness alone. Completely disagree with those calling for a mass clear out or recruitment drive.
  3. I think by and large John Robertson has done a good job for us so far and believe he has the ability to take us back to the Premier League... however... his post match comments yesterday evening were LUDICROUS. His criticism of Ricky Calder was absolute tosh. Calder was by far and away the best player on the park yesterday. If he doesn't start our next game on the left flank I'll be astonished.
  4. AlexJones

    Alan Hercher

    Remember the Howden End going ballistic when he scored this late winner. The good old days!
  5. What an obscene overreaction to a light hearted post trying to bring some levity to the thread. You're the one being miserable and abusive. If you find Kevin the teenager offensive I don't know what to else to say.
  6. Adolescent teenagers acting the hard man and shouting / singing obscenities at matches is part and parcel of Scottish football culture I'm afraid. Nothing new here. These lads are probably only a couple of years removed from watching Mr Tumble and Peppa Pig. Don't take it to heart. Don't ban them. Confiscate their gaming consoles for a week - the problem will stop!
  7. From what I saw today I'd happily play against a team with Lawrence Shankland upfront every week.
  8. Frustrating result, bossed the game but lacking composure and luck in front of goal. Subbing Dylan Whyte for Nathan Austin seemed a strange decision, surely would have made more sense to remove a defensive player with Ayr parking the bus. Ending the match pinging crosses into the box for 2 target men summed us up today - bereft of ideas to break down a stubborn defense. Still can't be too harsh. The unbeaten run continues, 2 clean sheets in a row, and a point against a much hyped opponent.
  9. Caleythistleonline can no longer contain IHE's drunken posting sprees. Pie and Bovril represents humanities last hope. Lord help us if this boy ever gets a Reddit account. r/Romania moving to Defcon 2 as we speak.
  10. On an average Pie and Bovril thread you have to scroll through page after page of GIFs, memes, and vacuous posts to find something worth reading. 90% of posters have absolutely nothing to contribute, but spam every thread they enter with incessant nonsense. Even the 'good' posters write like insufferably smug, snarky, first year undergraduate sociology students who think they're archie. I've noticed many of the "I'm off P and B where my witty posts will be appreciated" crowd here attempting to imitate the 'cool kids' on P and B, and failing miserably. This forum has plenty of roasters to be sure, but they're OUR roasters.
  11. I think the hot weather is driving everyone on this forum insane.
  12. Scott Kellagher has had more promotions than Elgin City in their entire history.
  13. Some mod with editing skills might want to move the discussion developing here regarding crowd figures to it's own thread, in the meantime here are my 2 cents. 80% of fans attending games couldn't name anyone on the board, and couldn't care less about social media or engagement. They just care about what's going on on the pitch. It's just the hardcore fans who have strong views on this stuff IMO. The biggest obstacles preventing Inverness from attracting higher crowds are: 1) The stadium. It's location is picturesque, the architects blueprints looked spectacular, and at the time of it's construction - the area was hyped for future 'high value' developments taking place around it. In reality, it was a total white elephant. Situated on the outskirts of an industrial estate, miles away from residential areas, a 'community hub' it ain't. The facilities in the stadium put most local community centres to shame, but are barely used outside match days - being, as they are, in the middle of nowhere. This is the primary source of lack of 'engagement' with the community IMO. Were TCS located at Telford Street or Kingsmills Park (both disadvantageous for different reasons), I imagine it would be a very different story. 2) Ticket prices. Attending Caley and Thistle games in the 90s was easily affordable for your average working class family. Today it's simply unaffordable for those on lower wages. This might be pie in the sky, but some kind of socialist system for season tickets (take ID and your P60 to the ticket office to prove your wage) might help in this regard, and get the club some positive publicity. To summarize the solutions are: Accessability - A stadium situated within the community, with facilities available, open and easy to book for the community. Affordability - A price structure that allows individuals and families of all income levels to attend matches. You're welcome!
  14. Not sure why someone approaching their 60th birthday would decide to move to one of the most dangerous, violent countries in the world. The language / culture barrier alone would put most off, let alone the drug gangs and vigilante 'death squads'. Good luck Terry!
  15. There are some very talented singers in Gunnies.