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  1. All signed up!
  2. Matchday Thread

    First half was as dreigh as the weather, we looked better for a spell in the second, the right result unfortunately it was a little to late to save our season, shame about the abuse directed at Tansey he has been one of our better players recently and deserved a better send off.
  3. Me too,, gutted to have missed this one, but I will be there in Section E cheering the lads on come Saturday
  4. I hope the board try and get the ground filled on Saturday, a pay what you want on the day would help fill the stands
  6. Almost!
  7. What formation are we playing sounds like we are exploiting some space down the flanks
  8. Would also had gone but couldn't get a half day holiday booked in time
  9. This could be the boost we need to keep us in the Premier League.
  10. Matchday Thread

    Plenty of booing going on around me last night I made my feelings known, we should never boo our team or any of its players, I actually thought Vigurs played OK when he came on, showed some fight and a few good touches on the ball, to be fair to the lads, they were chasing shadows, Celtic are a class above anything in Scotland
  11. not working for me either
  12. Matchday Thread

    The lads put the effort in yesterday, if they can keep playing with that intensity and belief I think we can stay up. I hope Foran sticks with the same team especially the midfield they were solid throughout and protected the defensive line.
  13. Hamilton for me also, followed closely by the lose at Dungwall, I think it was after that game I started to fear the worst.
  14. Nice to hear us make some noise for a change, normally that sort of atmosphere is displayed went we play the County.