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  1. Personally I think Robbo is doing a good job with the resources he has got
  2. ICT_Stew


    Copied from a post on P&B Some 2nd hand info from the fans forum last night; Polworth will have to take a pay cut to stay on next season. Mulraney's contract from the old board was mental, apparently if we didn't get rid of him, he had a clause in his contract where his wages would double. Contract's handed out by the previous board had some mental clauses in them in general. The 'Bank of Dingwall' gave us 100k for Draper. We were in for strikers who are currently playing in the Championship, wages agreed but agents scuppered the deals wanting their 10%. We offered one particular player £600 a week but was told United 'offered double'. Extremely hard to attract established players, we had to approach young, single players with no central belt ties. Hence Rooney, Walsh, Chalmers. We are 6/10 in terms of first team budget. Those with a bigger one are United, County, Partick, Falkirk and Dunfermline. We can never get the Highland Football Academy as County block book it whether they use it or not. Robbo is against using Hearts youth players on loan as they probably won't be better than we have and if we did use them, it would **** off the signed players. Plus is is extremely excited about Danny McKay and Roddy MacGregor.
  3. ICT_Stew

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    Penalty Welsh 3-3
  4. ICT_Stew

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    Maybe not! 3-2
  5. ICT_Stew

    Scotty ~ A Personal Statement

    Sorry to hear your news, all the best with your fight we will be here for you.
  6. ICT_Stew

    Team vs C*unty

    Ridgers Rooney McKay Donaldson Tremarco Welsh Trafford Walsh Polworth Calder White I think Calder deserves a chance after last night and I think along with Walsh they could exploit the wide areas which should suit White if both can get good deliveries into the box. we will need to be tighter defensively on Saturday our central midfield was exposed numerous times in the first half.
  7. ICT_Stew

    Carl Tremarco comments

    Normally I would but I have to work this Saturday 😥
  8. ICT_Stew

    Inverness CT -V- Ayr Utd

    Shameful behaviour from some of the home support today, by all means criticise the player, but to shout obscenities about their family is bang out of order.
  9. ICT_Stew

    Team for Queen of the South

    I doubt Doran will play, it is a plastic pitch after all.
  10. yes, fair play to the young lads, I just wish others around would create some atmosphere, it might help encourage the guys on the park.
  11. ICT_Stew

    Player Sponsorship - 2017/18

    All signed up!
  12. ICT_Stew

    Inverness CT -V- Motherwell

    First half was as dreigh as the weather, we looked better for a spell in the second, the right result unfortunately it was a little to late to save our season, shame about the abuse directed at Tansey he has been one of our better players recently and deserved a better send off.
  13. ICT_Stew

    Dens Park - to go or not to go?

    Me too,, gutted to have missed this one, but I will be there in Section E cheering the lads on come Saturday
  14. ICT_Stew

    Dundee v ICT (must win game)

    I hope the board try and get the ground filled on Saturday, a pay what you want on the day would help fill the stands
  15. ICT_Stew

    Dundee v ICT (must win game)