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  1. Error Generic for me also, tried re logging in and refreshing the page
  2. I thought Carson grew into the game, a few wayward passes early on which did cause us some problems but he gets his head up and looks to play forward, overall more pros than cons.
  3. A disappointing end to the season, I thought we were the better side in the first half and that penalty decision all but killed the game, Utd in the second half bossed the game and the early second goal killed the tie. I am proud of the boys they put in a shift tonight but in the end were no quite good enough.
  4. Doran, Welsh, Donaldson
  5. I'll be going, I missed the final as it was my Son in laws Stag in Fort Bill, we watched the game in the shinty club
  6. I for one would be interested to hear more about this proposal
  7. Personally I think Robbo is doing a good job with the resources he has got
  8. Copied from a post on P&B Some 2nd hand info from the fans forum last night; Polworth will have to take a pay cut to stay on next season. Mulraney's contract from the old board was mental, apparently if we didn't get rid of him, he had a clause in his contract where his wages would double. Contract's handed out by the previous board had some mental clauses in them in general. The 'Bank of Dingwall' gave us 100k for Draper. We were in for strikers who are currently playing in the Championship, wages agreed but agents scuppered the deals wanting their 10%
  9. Sorry to hear your news, all the best with your fight we will be here for you.
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