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Facebook and Twitter Integration

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blog-0388371001335492024.jpgWe have enabled a feature that we hope will make life easier for our existing members and also maybe gain us a few new ones who perhaps cant be bothered registering and just want to sign in .... Facebook and Twitter integration.

We already push our own articles (previews, reports etc) out directly to CaleyThistleOnline's Facebook and Twitter pages, but now you can sign in here using them too !!!

There are three basic scenarios:

  1. blogentry-2-0-49225800-1335489894.png
    If you are not registered, but you have a facebook or twitter account, you can now login using that ... just click the icon next to the sign in link at the top of the page ... this will take you to the page where you need to authorise our facebook or twitter app to log you in and after that it will just ask you a few questions needed to setup your account here ...

  2. If you already have an account here and your facebook or twitter account is registered to the same email address, then signing in with the same facebook or twitter button at the top of the page will link it to your existing account and you can use that to login in future if you wish. This might prove handy for those folk who sometimes forget their logins or who like things a little easier than having to remember multiple passwords.

  3. blogentry-2-0-37602400-1335490602_thumb.
    If your facebook or twitter account is not registered to the same email address as you use here, or you want to do it manually, you can also do this by editing your profile .... go to your "My Settings" page by clicking on your name up at the top of the page when logged in and selecting it in the dropdown. When the page loads, you will see a link to 'manage Facebook' and 'Manage Twitter' on the left side of the page. Once there, just follow the instructions to add Fb or Twitter to your account and synchronize it.

Once facebook or Twitter is connected to your account you can login using either of them, or your normal forum login and you also have the option to push your CTO status out to either account or to import your facebook or twitter status in here ..... you can also promote new topics you create to your facebook page or twitter account and all sorts of other stuff ......

This is the first in a number of changes we are going to be making to the site in an effort to make it easier for users to interact with each other on the site here and with friends or fellow fans on social media

As they say ... watch this space !

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    • Sounds about correct in pointing out where we are as a club.
    • I would be very surprised if Partick held out for a transfer fee. Their priority will be to get him off the wage bill.
    • Judging by Yngwie's post in the UK Football section, Storey is still under contract but on the transfer list, so we would need to buy him: unlikely!! We should be looking forward, not backward in terms of our squad. Intersting comparison: they transfer list Storey so want a fee, we will release Gary Warren free if he finds a club that suits him.  i think we are being the honourable ones!
    • Trying to get back on topic, Gary has been a great player for the club over six seasons. He was unlucky to miss two finals, but always a great inspiration, even when just a sub. As I said before, I'm not surprised the club has made this proposal, but I think they are trying to treat him right: stating he remains captain whilst he is here is a big statement. On the argument about the leadership off the park, I am not well placed to comment.  The previous regime got us to two finals, win the Scottish Cup which will never be forgotten, achieved several top six finishes, got us into Europe, , appointed a rookie Manager, paid wages that were not sustainable if we got relegated and....we got relegated. The current regime has to steady the ship and balance the books, to give a foundation for growth. Yes, it means tough decisions, some we will agree with and some we won't, but it I see too early to pass judgement. This is a key season for us and we will understand the ambitions of the Board better, 
    • Nothing since but ain't that what wer all about getting rough diamonds! ICT suited storey he'd be a machine at this level hope we can do a deal to get him who nos if warren leaves that's a wage freed up