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    After a squeaker against Columbus, thats TFC now crowned Eastern Division Champions again and through to the MLS Cup Final to be held here in Toronto a week Saturday (9th December). Jozy Altidore lived up to his nickname "the Beast" after going off to the sideline injured, then back on, then off and back on again, only to score the goal that took TFC through. Michael Bradley was a beast all the way trough the game too. The radio said afterwards that his pass accuracy was 90% on the night and he truly lived up to that old cliche about covering every blade of grass ! Now to go and buy thermal everything for the final. Last year was brutal in the cold with feet like blocks of ice. this year wont be any warmer ! A chance for TFC to win it all this year ... Canadian Champs, Supporters Shield Winners, Easter Champions ... and hopefully this year, MLS Cup winners ...
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