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    I wish people would stop posting crap about players leaving (supposedly) because, until they do leave, it just causes unrest between fans!! I don't mind rumours about signings as most know what ones are true and what ones are false but, that doesn't always happen regarding departures. I for one get p**d off when I see these rumours yet, nothing is in the papers regarding the same news as fans "supposedly" know. Rant over 😛
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    The Greatest Chairman that Caley Thistle never had....and a man I was proud to have as a good friend. A gentleman of exceptional wit, great candor and endless generosity.
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    Wouldn't be so bad if they were posted in the rumour mill, easier to ignore them 😀
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    Lovely service today to remember Ken. Lots laughter and some tears too. A fitting tribute to a true gentleman.
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    She obviously retained her missionary position for a long time, then!
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