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    To be fair to Robbo, he was in the position of needing to get players in fast last summer and we clearly signed people who were available rather than assessing them and making an informed choice.
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    What a strange thing for a grown man to post.
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    Think last season there was more of a need to put together some sort of a squad quickly....bound to get a few lumps of coal, along with a diamond! Robbo also unearthed Coll Donaldson & Nathan Austin....also, Eldson, Cooper & Zschusschen are no longer there...not tied up on long contracts (like Scott Boden was!).
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    Im assuming tomorrow as well? Assume strips are on the lorry?
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    Potentially a very competitive Championship : ICT, Arabs, Thistle, County, Dunfermline and Falkirk : all desperate to return to the top league (not discounting the others given Livi's back to back promotions). As others have said, essential we get off to a strong start and are not left playing catch up again which cost us dearly this season.
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    Look like the Championship will be a much more competitive league than the premier there should be a lot of good games and it is vital we get off to a good start , financially we cannot compete with some of the other teams in the league. County have uncle Roy and Partick have a large following (over 7000 at the game last night) so we as fans have to be realistic as long as the team go out and play well even in defeat we need to back them. We finished the season well beating the top teams so we have nothing to fear from that area and even the relegated clubs will find it difficult . It will be a very difficult league to win hopefully we can add another couple of players and have a real go at it
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    Very true. Equally you can rise quickly too. Success requires a group of players to work well as a team in doing what the manager wants them to do. This requires good understandings between the players and trust in the manager. It also requires luck. Teams need to avoid significant disruption due to injuries and they need the rub of the green on match days from time to time. Success is so often built on confidence and that can evaporate after a couple of unlucky defeats. When the confidence goes then there is a risk that relationships break down and it can be difficult to mend bridges when that happens. On the management front one can look at County and say that Coyle was a poor appointment. But he has a decent track record and it would be reasonable to have expected him to do well. County had a solid enough start with Coyle but then lost games they should have won in December and any confidence and belief in the manager evaporated. Had they got lucky in a couple of those games and had a couple of good wins, this would have swung things the other way and County could have been challenging for top six. If you look at their squad you would say they should never have been relegated. It really is a bit of a lottery and that means there is always hope for the un-fancied and less well resourced teams - like us! It's going to be a very tough division next season and if we are going to do well it will be important to keep the togetherness going. It could make all the difference.
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    Is this the 1st time since the playoffs that 4 new teams have entered the championship through relegation/promotion. That's nearly half the league replaced and should really freshen things up. Here's hoping for a much much better start this year and put ourselves in a strong position before Xmas.
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    Partick did not anticipate relegation. They performed very badly against Livingston because Livingston were the better side, and absolutely deserved to win. Partick have lost Maxwell as their Chief Executive. They may dismiss Archibald who states : ''We'll have to rebuild - I think we have 15 or 16 players out of contract; others in contract have clauses as well to protect the club financially. It's important that the club's protected first and foremost.''' So with less than 8 weeks until the league cup starts regardless of parachute payment, it seems highly unlikely that a virtually rebuilt Thistle will start the new season very well. We need a solid and steady start to assess the competition.
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    Looking at the balance, Alloa Athletic and Ayr United are probably and certainly look better than Brechin and Dumbarton, although Dumbarton on a good day can get a result. The relegated teams from the Premiership, I wonder, neither I think are as good as St. Mirren , Livingston, I wish all the best too of course, where not really any better than us. Hopefully we can enjoy a good season I see no reason not to fear anybody, the extra revenue from hopefully two gates against Ross County will be useful. Partick I have a lot of time for, but I don't think they are as good as St. Mirren Lets go and win the league. Also let us learn to run the clock down when winning with minutes to go. Coaches should be teaching short corners and short passes from free kicks, No need to go gung ho when you are winning.
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    On the other hand, they will both have to undergo the upheaval and shock of adjusting to their reduced status. Hopefully, they will both deal with it as badly as we did whereas we are now familiar with the challenges of this division and in the last dozen games or began to get to grips with it and are in a position now to carry that into next season.
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    As I said elsewhere....despite what might be said publicly, there's not a club in the Championship who will be relishing the level of competition. It's going to be a helluva league and potential for high level entertainment is huge. ICTFC have shown that clubs are just as capable of having a bad season as a good one after being relegated, so I'm not buying into the "County & Partick will have relegation hangovers". When you look at the list of teams and you can't single out ANY of them as favourites for relegation or promotion, then you know it's going to be tough.
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    Holding a pre-Election forum to present the perceptions from current Board members (preferably ones also seeking re-election) and open questions sounds like a very good idea. If I lived closer then that is what I would be seeking. However DD - put your name forward and if there is not sufficient interest then pull out - with understandable reason. The thing that got me is that certain individuals have been butting in and putting people off with their tainted views with NO intention whatsoever of helping out.
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    Robbos a legend on the Edinburgh clubbing circles longest kilt in the regiment from what iv heard lol!
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    I would like to see CaleyD back to get commentary of Eurovision and the Superbowl.
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