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    Should have been our Cup Final tomorrow but who cares just now we need to keep safe and hope we all come through it. Take care everyone.
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    I was supposed to be in Inverness this weekend seeing family and also take in the Wafer Cup Final. All cancelled now of course. I'd cancelled my trip before this Charles business kick off [see what I did there] and couldn't help thinking 'if it's ok for him (he's old) then it's ok for me (not as old...but old)'. But no, I like to think of myself as being responsible so I'm staying away from the Highlands just now. Finally down here folk have started to get a grip of the advice at last. It took them a while but I think they've got it. I went for my cycle ride around the park on Wednesday and folk were keeping the recommended gap between each other apart from a couple in a passionate embrace on a bench exchanging saliva!! Go figure that one out. I hope you are all well in CTO land. Be good, heed the advice and above all stay safe. Keep away from Balmoral
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    The vast majority in my small village are being very sensible and hugely considerate and mindful of one another and not a single elderly, or otherwise self isolating, person has been left without a couple of local contact numbers. Very proud of the vast majority of ordinary people. Some less ordinary individuals please take note. Stay safe folks until we all meet at the Longman once more. This will not be short term, it will not be easy but eventually normality will return.
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    Not sure if this may be a signal of how other decisions will be made and less of an impact than promotion and relegation issues but Brora have been declared Highland League champions: http://www.hflhub.co.uk/index.php/2677-brora-rangers-declared-highland-league-champions
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    Doncaster Rovers 1994-95 away shirt for sale on ebay. Look familiar? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/383472961533
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    Sadly there's always one rule for them and another for us but for now I am happy to be one of us!
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    You have more sense than them Gringo 😏
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    Don’t know about Doncaster Rovers but we’ve certainly had some donkeys in the past.
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    Yes it would. Had plans to come up for that and spend a weekend in Inverness to celebrate with family. Had other plans too whilst up there. Sadly had to cancel the whole trip by heeding the Gov advice.....unlike some Royal twit...ahem!
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    And now Boris has it along with his Health Secretary and possibly the Chief Medical Officer. This is serious, goodness knows whether we have acted too slowly, at the right time or too quickly, I would hate to have their jobs. Encouragingly, went to Tesco tonight for essentials (and beer) and everyone was being sensible and keeping a distance from everyone else. Hopefully the complacency of the last few weeks has gone and we can work together to get through this, royal, politician or football fan. Lets support each other on here too. Stay safe all!
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    I certainly agree with you about Nicholas Witchell, and from what I have heard, the Royals themselves regard him as sickly sycophantic and toadying. But I do feel a bit sorry for Charles. All his adult life he's been waiting for a vacancy to arrive and then after 50 years of waiting, instead of getting a coronation he gets coronavirus.
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    So how much does that add up to? I think if people really want money back they are entitled to ask... ...but honestly what sort of person/fan would do so?
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    You have carefully selected the one BBC report showing a little balance and posing one question in the gentlest of terms. Perhaps you were not at home, as I was, yesterday morning viewing the BBC news which was broadcasting an informative programme where relevant experts were answering urgent queries from very concerned viewers when the programme was interrupted, that vital source of information was halted and we had fully twenty minutes devoted to the news that a moderately elderly man was moderately ill and that his less moderately elderly mother was well. Nicholas Witchell was interviewed and was indeed sickenly sycophantic and toadying. At no point during those twenty minutes or so did any of the three very senior journalists involved query why he was in Aberdeenshire contrary to the advice of both governments or why on earth precious testing kits had been used on him, his spouse and presumably his entire bloody enterage.
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