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    That's an impressive level of pessimism even for this site !
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    Tuesday is the big one now we can secure a playoff spot and if we do that what a season we will have had. Semi final in Scottish cup and the possibility of promotion back to the premiership. Robbo has done an amazing job with the group of players and resources available to him This year. All round a good season.
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    No guile, ponderous, and pedestrian. United were no great shakes but until the last 4 minutes we offered absolutely nothing going forward. Lump it up the park, give away possession, rinse and repeat. Austin needs to shut his mouth and not blame another hungrier looking young player for his laziness.
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    Who can blame him for leaving with the amount of abuse he gets from idiots who don't know what a playmaker is.
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    I'd be amazed if he stayed with us. Hopefully he can leave on a high, a fantastic servant for the club and a great player.
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    So it would have been a shock if Dundee Utd had beaten us? The team played well for the most part. Like other folk have said the better team won. The team gave it their best shot. Nothing for them to feel down about. It's over now playoffs are the goal let's secure them tonight.
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    Jesus Christ. Big team beats wee team. Nothing to see here, move along now..............
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    Beat Morton - "Blood" some of the "kids" - 90 minutes worth - and lets see what they can do. Why lash out the spondoolicks when the answer may be in our own back yard.
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    Most seem to have missed the point that we were three or four players short of our first choice. Insert, Ridgers, Donaldson and Tremarco and we will be closer to the mark. Lot of guff on here about us playing rubbish. I thought we were OK given our resources available and Jamie McCart was top player for me. Polworth for the most part looked like he was avoiding injury and could have played for Motherwell yesterday, one good burst forward and shot apart. Donaldson was sorely missed. I would like to see Brad's penalty claim again. I was within 20 yards of this and thought his foot was clipped as he tried to turn. Instead of a penalty he got sent off. Can we beat United again? Of course we can, we tore them a new one in the Cup game. Maybe Robbo got this one just right, like he did prior to the cup game. We have bigger fish to fry. And to the mutant spouting rubbish all game. WTF!
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    WTAF was Austin shouting at Anthony for? He’s not exactly ingratiated himself with the North Stand today - think the body language showed he knew he’d fecked up. But echo all on here, poor today, poorest for a while. Fatigue maybe.
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    Whether he stays or whether he goes he has been a great and loyal servant to the club. The boo boys may be pleased but they will be very much in the minority and if he does go our team will be the poorer for it whichever division we are playing in.
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    I would let Austin go. He has scored 2 or 3 very nice goals with some composed finishes but that is the exception rather than the rule. He has had a lot of game time and in general he has failed to impress. He gets himself into decent positions and has had some decent service but all to often he doesn''t seem to be committed enough or have enough belief in his own abilities and ends up turning a half chance into a no chance. His strike rate is not bad but he doesn't offer a lot else apart from the occasional goal. He's better in the air than Jordan White but Jordan has other attributes which put him well ahead of Nathan in my book. At 25, I 'm not sure he's really going to get much better. Kevin McHattie is also 25 but shows a good bit more maturity than Nathan. He's had less game time than Austin but done well when called upon. He had a pretty decent game today as part of a makeshift defence. He was obviously highly regarded as a youngster with Scottish Caps at both under 17 and 21 levels. His career has been dogged by injury, but if he can remain largely injury free then I feel he could be a real asset to us both at Championship and Premier division level. Carl will be 34 later this year and sadly will be approaching the end of his career soon. If he can be retained, it would not surprise me if he had established himself as first choice left back by this time next year.
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    Totally agree with this. Anthony Mcdonald had his head down just beaten 3 or 4 men then took the shot. Austin should have been applauding him not shouting at him.
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    He thought MacDonald should of passed it to him instead of taking the shot himself fair enough. But MacDonald is only a teenager & he shouldn't of been treated like that i'm pretty sure he even apologised to Austin afterwards. If anything he should be getting a pat on the back for actually creating a chance cause we were struggling to create chances all game!
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    Ryan is scheduled to go for surgery today to address the horrible facial injuries suffered in the other semi-final. On behalf of CTO (and myself) I just want to wish him all the best for a speedy recovery and to hope that Charlie and the rest of his family are not too stressed out. Its never easy to see relatives in medical distress, especially your children !
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    And that's it confirmed. Polly is off to Motherwell on a pre contract. Good luck to him after his 8 year stint with us!
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    It may not have been pretty but, barring catastrophe, that point just about guarantees our play off spot. Important now that we manage our small squad and do our utmost to keep our discipline and avoid bookings during the last three games of the regular season. We can't afford to be carrying injuries and/or suspensions into what are likely to be very closely matched and competitive play off matches.
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    Blaming yogi for the budget situations I don’t think is fair. He was starting to build a culture at the club that was allowing us to push on and we saw our best period of play under his leadership. Regardless of the signings he brought in, we would have NEVER been relegated under Yogi and therefore would have managed fine with our finances as we would have continued to build. Not to mention he would have given these young u18s more opportunities that could have helped the club continue to build from our local community. Talk to any player who played for us under Yogi and you won’t find a player who has a bad word to say about him! All of them say he was the best they had. He was creating a culture, one I think we need to go back to.
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    I just think it showed the gap between a top half Championship team and a top 6 premiership one tbh. I personally enjoyed my day despite the result and I am grateful we got so far.
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    Thanks to the driver and staff of bus two a professional job well done .
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    Of course we can beat United. We have done so very recently. However, we will have to play much more clinically, defend better and be more committed than we were today. Any one of the four teams taking part in the play offs are capable of winning through and that, on our day, includes us. If we go in to them with a defeatest attitude we will, without doubt, be defeated.
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    That was rubbish. Why on earth we did sign all those youngsters last summer on full time contracts and then spend all season not playing any of them. Apart from Mckay and MacGregor's cameo appearances non have played. Come on Robbo you have two 'nothing' games to show why you signed the boys.
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    Very lackluster performance today felt like we were playing in a friendly at times we only turned it up a gear in the last ten minutes. Dundee United looked like they wanted that win much more then we did they have certainly proved a point heading into the play offs. What the hell has happened to Nathan Austin? he was brilliant this time last year nothing seems to be going right for him this season. That 3-2 win against Ayr Utd has been his only highlight so far.
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    the club cannot have anything to do with a testimonial due to tax implications.
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    Angus Beith speaking on Sportsound this evening about his injury. Said he first felt problems during a loan spell with Stirling but prior to joining us he had treatment (surgery?) and he looked to be in the clear but it flared up again by October time and it was clear he had a decision to make. Spoke highly of Robbo and how he dealt with things. Comes across as a very mature guy so wish him all the best. Really feel like we missed out on an excellent player to injury.
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    He didn't need replaced. What he needed was people above him who knew what they were doing.
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    You can't blame ofw. He was given a lucrative contract and any appearances will cost the club money they can't afford. He has played on loan and tried to help the situation. We were desperate for the appearance fees from the euros so gave him a bumper contract. Oh how it has backfired now!
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    Where's the old highland league Caley fighting spirit all this talk bout league placing sand budgets didn't stop us knocking out so called big guns then I canstill mind the Airdrie game like it was yesterday!
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    I've never been to a game and had any thoughts about leaving the game early, I'm there to support my team no matter what and to stand and clap them off the pitch at the end. I understand people's frustration and possible anger at performances but the last thing players need to see is supporters/fans leaving in droves. At the fore front of your mind should have been to at least show some appreciation that the team actually got that far in the first place and take pride from that. This goes for any supporter of any team by the way, I'm not purposefully singling you out.
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    If someone of those who attended yesterday were able to do so on a regular basis that would go some way to helping out financially.
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    Well done the lads for getting to the semi- final. Big occasion nerves at times and slightly overawed throughout the game but what the hell we had an impressive start but could not capitalise, then we let Hearts come on to us and we never really regained sustained attack after that. Flashes of greatness with the free kick so well saved and the fabulously executed McCart goal that should have been allowed. The game really needed a goal from us for us to start believing but as what has happened to us many times this season an important decision went against us. Now it is onwards and upwards for the rest of the season, the team will have learned from the semi-final experience and will stand them in good stead for the rest of the run in. Fingers crossed and good luck is all I can say.
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    We are skint only players we will be getting will be on free transfers on about £400-£900 a week contracts. Hence why we are getting players from QOS Dumbarton Alloa etc. Think we should maybe wait till the summer & see what league we are in before we start making wish lists.
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    We certainly missed Donaldson who brings stability and skill to the defence. Hopefully, both he and Tremarco after his injury yesterday, will be fully available for our continuing promotion push.
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    Disappointed rather than upset with our performance yesterday. Hearts looked like they wanted to win yesterday and we didn't. The lack of change in the game plan for the second half was what did us in my opinion as we never really had a good go at hearts. Might have been a different story of the free kick had of went in but we can't complain about the result hearts fully deserved the win. Still had a cracking day out though and I'd have ripped your arm off at the start of the season for another trip to hampden. So I'm pleased we got as far as we did. All eyes on securing the play off spot now and getting back to where we belong
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    Early on in the season if someone had said to me we will make the semi-final in the Scottish Cup I would have laughed After today's effort I will now settle for the play off final if we can get behind the team and make it
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    Watkins, Shinnie and Christie were all signed up by the club when the budget for signing players was far less than Hughes had at its disposal. What successive managers have been good at is identifying young players with promise or perhaps some not so young who appear to be under-performing at the clubs they are at, and realising that potential. Esson, Warren, Raven, Tremarco, Draper, Tansey, Mckay, Doran are all examples of that and there are many others. But that stopped with Hughes. He had the biggest player budget any manager of this club has ever had, but just who are the signings he made who have gone on to give the type of impact at the club that the players I have listed have done?
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    If asked for my top 5 I think I would have picked 4 of the 5 the club have listed but I don't understand the rationale for limiting it to 5. For a start, who is it in the club who decides who the 5 nominees are? It can't do a great deal for players like Jordan feeling appreciated by the club if they are not included in the list. Secondly, surely the whole point of a fans vote is that it is the fans who decide. With an open vote, I am sure both Jordan and Liam would get more votes than 1 or 2 on the list (although not mine as it happens!) How can the players know the level of support they have if the fans are not allowed to vote for them?
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    Well I must have missed that one as I have never seen Nathan Austin do anything brilliant! He comes on runs about falls over gets hurt and creates nothing, today he missed a sitter and started shouting at Macdonald🙈
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    Horrendous horror show of a performance.... That's all.i can say
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    It's in our own hands. No one else to blame now. Time for a performance on Saturday.
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    I have every faith in Cammy Mackay. Would much rather have a committed youngster keen and committed to playing than someone who doesn't want to be at the club and who the club doesn't want.
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    I never had a good feeling about this game before the match. I said to my son that my prediction was 3-0 to Hearts (wish I had put money on it now!), and my son's was 2-1 to ICT. In the game as a whole, I thought we were second to most balls, didn't show enough belief in taking on a low confidence Hearts team and the old problem of lack of a cutting edge. The thing is that we are victims of our own success. We have had teams in the past where our players could pull a result out of the hat, and we would always have a spell where we could cause an upset, and now our expectations, since we won the Scottish Cup, exceed our ability. Saying that, at the start of the season, being in the semi final of the cup and securing (almost there) a playoff place, seemed to me to be shooting for the moon, so fair play to Robbo and the team for achieving all they have. The stark fact is that we have a good first 11, and just don't have the strength in depth to handle injuries and suspensions. I was surprised that Robbo didn't give one of the young lads the experience of a few minutes on the pitch of a Scottish Cup semi final at Hampden, as the game was already gone, instead of bringing on Austin. These young players are the future of the club, and I would have thought at least one of them that were on the bench would have got some game time in the dying embers of the game.
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    Think that's true throughout the division, United and County too.
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    Agree with OCG, but it would be a worry if we were to lose Ridgers. After a shaky start he has been generally outstanding for us. Arguably the player I would most want to hang on to, and I am sure there are a lot of teams who have been keeping tabs on him. It's the nature of our club though. We bring struggling players in, develop them and then lose them when other clubs offer them shed loads more than we can afford. Being a professional footballer is a short career and you can't blame these guys for moving on . We just have to accept the harsh financial realities and be grateful for the contributions they have made to the club.
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    We have been trading on a sticky financial wicket (with the odd exception) for most of our history. The demands for success on the park have dictated our basic infrastructure, or should I say lack of it. I have heard that some wealthy individuals have pumped in some serious lump sums over the years just to keep us afloat but unless they have a serious agenda how long will this continue? If we don't go up this year I can only see a vastly reduced budget along with whatever that brings.
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    We have no money! Wishlists useless...sorry!
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    Great afternoon Red Card - Passers by must have thought we had won the feckin Cup.
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    As you say, without being complacent, there is every ground for optimism. Assuming we fend off Dunfermline for at least fourth spot we have no need to fear either Ayr or United over two legs and whichever Championship side reaches the final stands a sporting chance against the second worse team in a pretty mediocre Premiership. Add the excitement of tomorrow's semi final and it's the best time to be an ICT fan in at least three years. Robbo doesn't get enough credit for what he has achieved with limited resources and a sometimes inept board of directors.
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