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    Should have been our Cup Final tomorrow but who cares just now we need to keep safe and hope we all come through it. Take care everyone.
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    The BBC has a duty to keep spirits up during these unsettling and worrying times but it also has an obligation to report the news in an honest and open way. I live in Aberdeenshire not a million miles from the Balmoral Estate and there is outrage, bordering on apoplexy, amongst the local community and not just those of us who normally have disdain for the royal family but many who would describe themselves as monarchists, about recent events. Charles Windsor flouted the clear advice issued by both the Scottish and United Kingdom governments for people who reside in urban areas who are fortunate enough to have second homes in more remote rural locations not to move to these homes but to stay in their principal residences to avoid putting additional strain on our already stretched and likely soon to be stretched to breaking point and beyond limited health care facilities. Yet, despite this very clear instruction to the whole population, this individual chose to flee the sadly already badly infected capital of England and head here with his spouse and a large retinue of staff. What a disgracefully poor example to set and, unlike most selfish and self interested people of his type, he is not only putting additional strain on our health resources but also our police who surely have better and more urgent things to do with their limited staffing just now than to deploy a significant number of officers to provide 24hour security on the Balmoral estate. That is not to mention that this individual displaying 'mild symptoms' was able to get a scarce test carried out as yet, not available to our front line medical and nursing staff unless they themselves end up in an ICU. Why then are the BBC still reporting on this with their usual sycophantic deference and concern for the health of this mildly ill man and his elderly mother ? We are all very concerned for our elderly parents but the vast majority of us are doing the right thing to keep the whole community safe and not selfishly just our own immediately family. Can the BBC please point out how thoroughly selfish and irresponsible this behaviour is so that others who are in the privileged position of being able to do so don't follow suit.
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    A bit off topic but it is heartening to note the change of tone on this site in the last couple of weeks with posters, at least the great majority of them, being far more polite and respectful of one another with sarcastic, dismissive or aggressive responses to posts very much reduced and 'red dotting' almost non existent whilst healthy debate and polite disagreement is still able to continue. It would be fantastic to think that we could continue in this vein once normal life is resumed.
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    Found this one while searching for a fan photo for Johndo... .
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    Whether this crisis results in us playing in the top tier or not, next season is certainly going to be a challenging one for the club. It will be a very challenging one for many of the supporters too. Some will find themselves better off as a result. Pensioners and those in jobs which are considered essential will not see any fall in their income but as they cannot go on holiday or go out to the pub or restaurant or entertainment venues, they will be spending a good bit less money than usual and will maybe be able to spend a bit more on the football. However, for many it will a very different picture with loads of businesses "on hold" and workers being paid reduced wages and, in many cases, laid off. The Government may be putting unprecedented amounts of money into the economy to support people but it will only go so far and many will fall through the net. The recovery will be slow and painful. In these circumstances any hike in season ticket prices will make it difficult for some long standing fans to afford. What we need is some innovative thinking and collaborative working to find ways of securing funding from those best able to afford it whilst making attendance affordable for all. The club's excellent initiative to distribute food packages to some of its older supporters is one which has generated a lot of goodwill in the community. When all this is over, hopefully it will the turn of the wider community to show its support for its football club.
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    Totally agree but sadly that's the world we're living in. It's just pure greed when the majority of fans have taken a 20 percent drop and many are getting nothing at all!
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    Alan Simpson is immune. Rumour has it that Covid-19 has had to go into isolation having had contact with him.
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    We work in mental health Wouldn't call ourselves 'front line' Yet we can't work from home And don't have a closing time Corona got us anxious Frightened and depressed Everyone is scared Everyone is stressed I don't just mean the patient's I'm referring to the staff Sleep's a distant memory We used to have a laugh For our patients it's a struggle And some won't understand Despite running on empty We'll emotionally lend a hand Trying to alleviate The anxiety of others When no-one's taking ours away And we want to see our mothers We work in mental health Unsure if we're 'front line' But Corona doesn't only choose Those that feel mentally fine Mental health won't wait Until this storm has passed Care and treatment still required And some people need it fast We understand we're not Priority for PPE But this virus could get you This virus could get me We might be feeling broken Whilst trying to care for you We'll try to keep on smiling But we miss our families too And when the storm is over The battle for us will start Trying to pick up the pieces And heal the broken hearts We work in mental health Would you call us a front line body? We'll try to carry on Whilst frustratingly rationing the voddie 😁
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    I entirely agree. Getting very close to home. A near neighbour, otherwise healthy as far as I know and only in his early fifties, fell ill on Wednesday and is now in hospital in a coma fighting for life. There may be adverse effects of all of this for football in general and ICT in particular but another year in the Championship, part time football or even administration are as nothing just now. Some things, in fact right now, almost everything is more important than the fate of a football club. Once again, stay safe everyone and look out for each other particularly the most vulnerable and be brave enough to call out the tiny minority who do not think the rules apply to them.
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    I was supposed to be in Inverness this weekend seeing family and also take in the Wafer Cup Final. All cancelled now of course. I'd cancelled my trip before this Charles business kick off [see what I did there] and couldn't help thinking 'if it's ok for him (he's old) then it's ok for me (not as old...but old)'. But no, I like to think of myself as being responsible so I'm staying away from the Highlands just now. Finally down here folk have started to get a grip of the advice at last. It took them a while but I think they've got it. I went for my cycle ride around the park on Wednesday and folk were keeping the recommended gap between each other apart from a couple in a passionate embrace on a bench exchanging saliva!! Go figure that one out. I hope you are all well in CTO land. Be good, heed the advice and above all stay safe. Keep away from Balmoral
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    I am so unchuffed that my doorbell is temperamental and didn’t work when ICT called with my goodie bag. It would have been a highlight of this season to meet the “delivery guys” especially as we may not have a Sponsors Night or Ladies Day this season. After an awful time of illness in my family, and friends, since new year, expressions of kindness from ICT is so appreciated. A family club in so many ways.
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    I am relieved and delighted to say that my neighbour was today transferred from ICU into an ordinary ward and ought to be home within a couple of days.
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    With the shut down of football and the income gap the club is going through. Are the club going to start selling next season's season tickets early I.e now to help generate income. Id be willing to buy an early season ticket to help the club out.
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    Any financial help that can be provided to the club will need to be made without the prospect of getting anything in return for the reasons set out above. They can't offer us anything really as we just don't know what the next few weeks / months are going to bring.
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    My thoughts as well Robert I hope he will be ok.
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    Hope your friend ok Robert. Sadly a lot of folk thinking we are immune up here. We are not.
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    I have a job to do at the moment but
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    The vast majority in my small village are being very sensible and hugely considerate and mindful of one another and not a single elderly, or otherwise self isolating, person has been left without a couple of local contact numbers. Very proud of the vast majority of ordinary people. Some less ordinary individuals please take note. Stay safe folks until we all meet at the Longman once more. This will not be short term, it will not be easy but eventually normality will return.
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    So how much does that add up to? I think if people really want money back they are entitled to ask... ...but honestly what sort of person/fan would do so?
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    Depending on how things go, it could be played as a curtain-raiser to the start of next season. A bit like the Community Shield in England, but classier
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    You are an ICT fan so please join the challenge of posting a photo which means something to you and illustrates the ICT family. Just one picture, no description.
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    Crikey, nae luck AD, both yer teams died.
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    Has the virus got to your calendar ?
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    I think it's the only sensible solution. It would be tough on clubs like Liverpool and Dundee United, but these are extraordinary times. I would hope that any club who challenged such a decision would get short shrift in court. And also hope that reasonable agreements regarding money can be made with sponsors, advertisers, broadcasters, etc - and season ticket holders.
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    yeah Im sure they will ask for your advice lol
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    Campbeltown the church looks better than it did about 20 years ago or it could be just the lights.
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    Steve Clarke has today agreed to a 10% cut in salary. Given that that salary is £350,000, surely he could do a great deal better than thst without any hardship at all.
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    M.V. Isle of Lewis at Castlebay. May 2019. One tick off Mrs Mantis' bucket list to fly into Barra by the Traigh Mhór.
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    Ah yes, should have realised as you must have stopped your car there. Sumburgh 😎
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    I no bud guess the government thinks guys who started jobs after that date have no bills or mouths to feed eh crazy stuff! Specially in this day and age when most jobs are short term
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    I can’t work out how to copy a post I’ve made on the serious discussion thread but today my best man is in isolation in Raigmore waiting for his test results. It just brings it home how close to all of us this virus is. Take care all and follow the advice. Don’t be complacent.
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    That’s great to hear. The country at its best. Worrying times but we will come through it, hopefully better for it as a society, and our economy will recover in time. I feel for those losing jobs but credit the government (never thought I would say that about Westminster or Holyrood) for putting the furlough scheme in place so hopefully most people keep an income. My best man from my wedding 24 years ago is in isolation in Raigmore waiting for test results. He has underlying health issues. It really brought it home to me how close to home this is Football is secondary at this time, but I hope our squad is being looked after and our club survives this troubling time. I can’t imagine life without Caley Thistle and I’m sure we will survive. Personally I don’t care what the powers that be do with the season now. Life is more important. If it gets voided and we start again next year in the Championship with whatever squad we can afford, so be it. A few weeks ago, I had hoped to be drinking beer celebrating a cup win tonight and looking forward to that play offs. That seems a lifetime ago and very selfish and insignificant hopes and thoughts now. Take care all, don’t be complacent, follow the advice, and I hope to see you at the ground at some time in the future.
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    According to the pools panel verdict on Off the Ball, Steven Thompson had Inverness Caledonian Thistle 2 Raith Rovers 1 Our star striker Jordan White must have jumped up at the back post to head in from a James Keatings corner to score the winner
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    Not sure if this may be a signal of how other decisions will be made and less of an impact than promotion and relegation issues but Brora have been declared Highland League champions: http://www.hflhub.co.uk/index.php/2677-brora-rangers-declared-highland-league-champions
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    Doncaster Rovers 1994-95 away shirt for sale on ebay. Look familiar? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/383472961533
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    Sadly there's always one rule for them and another for us but for now I am happy to be one of us!
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    You have more sense than them Gringo 😏
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    Don’t know about Doncaster Rovers but we’ve certainly had some donkeys in the past.
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    I personally don't recall any of our lads going to Donny or v.v Looks like you've found something to do now
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    Yes it would. Had plans to come up for that and spend a weekend in Inverness to celebrate with family. Had other plans too whilst up there. Sadly had to cancel the whole trip by heeding the Gov advice.....unlike some Royal twit...ahem!
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    I certainly agree with you about Nicholas Witchell, and from what I have heard, the Royals themselves regard him as sickly sycophantic and toadying. But I do feel a bit sorry for Charles. All his adult life he's been waiting for a vacancy to arrive and then after 50 years of waiting, instead of getting a coronation he gets coronavirus.
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    Why is he more important than you or me?
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    Congratulations to the club in their efforts to help out their older season ticket holders by distributing packages of foodstuffs and household essentials. I have just received a delivery of several items for which I am very grateful
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    Precisely that kind of slack attitude that has the world in the mess it's in now.
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    You have carefully selected the one BBC report showing a little balance and posing one question in the gentlest of terms. Perhaps you were not at home, as I was, yesterday morning viewing the BBC news which was broadcasting an informative programme where relevant experts were answering urgent queries from very concerned viewers when the programme was interrupted, that vital source of information was halted and we had fully twenty minutes devoted to the news that a moderately elderly man was moderately ill and that his less moderately elderly mother was well. Nicholas Witchell was interviewed and was indeed sickenly sycophantic and toadying. At no point during those twenty minutes or so did any of the three very senior journalists involved query why he was in Aberdeenshire contrary to the advice of both governments or why on earth precious testing kits had been used on him, his spouse and presumably his entire bloody enterage.
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    Yes there are photos online on the Inverness Courier website.
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