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    Cheers! And thank you for taking the time to offer a few suggestions for future pods. We have been taking turns to do player ratings at each match, so a player of the month is potentially something we could do, as is goal of the month, of course. I think we'd all really like to do more episodes like the Dunfermline game one, so hopefully there will be others - the biggest barrier is the fact that all the recordings then needs to be edited into a coherent episode in a fairly short time-frame. And among ourselves, we have already discussed the possibility of trying to set up interviews with past players, so fingers crossed that could happen too. Thanks again for the kind words. To address the comments about swearing that have come up, obviously we've no desire to offend or alienate any ICT supporters, and I don't think that we set out to swear in any given episode (direct quotation from Paul McGowan in Ep 3 aside), but in a 60-75 show that is pretty much unscripted apart from the intros and links, and in which we are speaking pretty much in the way we might speak to each other in everyday life, it's probably inevitable that the odd swearword will emerge. And there are times when a more restrained, mannered word or phrase just doesn't seem adequate to capture the emotions involved in a particular topic or recollection. For example, when I was discussing John Hughes' quoted predictions for Dani Lopez versus the reality of his contribution, a couple of s-words slipped out; that wasn't pre-planned, but I can't regret it either, because it reflected the way I felt far more accurately than anything else would have done. In any case, there were, I believe, fewer swearwords used in the most recent pod than in the previous one, so maybe we're getting better! And as Caley Stan pointed out above, while the other three of us might be able to rein it in successfully, it would probably be a lost cause trying to persuade RiG to tone down his language, as he's so intractably foul-mouthed.
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    Keeping it off topic for a minute or 90..Alan, you will find these 'novel's' far more entertaining than any you will find in the press. These fine folk that write these reports do so at their own free will and time. I'd sooner read these reports, be they short or epics, than any other in mainstream media. I'm sure you didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings bud and I hope you haven't because I'd hate it if they stopped writing these novels
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    Report for Alan Simpson Report for everyone else thanks Robert
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    That's us up on Spotify. The feckers made us work for it.
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    Hi folks, for those who haven't seen it on Twitter, the club will be broadcasting live audio commentary again from the Alloa game. It's the same process as previous - a link should come up on the club Twitter feed shortly before kickoff to a Periscope link. Fingers crossed for a good game and a good result (and for none of the gremlins that plagued us during the QOS game last month). Feedback appreciated.
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    Here's a cracking strike from Jordan Roberts a couple of years back...
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    Get yer Dad a bottle of Pomagne, a bottle of Four Crown and 10 Woodbines - give it to him with "Under The Moon of Love " by Showaddywaddy blaring away in the background - What about a Photoshop outside the ground ? (Worked fer me) - And you could frame it and get it signed by some of the old Caley Legends, a few who still go to games. Oh and I could organize a signed Davy Milroy Dart Board.
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    Listened on way home on Saturday after the game on Spotify. Another excellent show. Some ideas.... Player of the Month Goal of the Month Do more Episodes like the Dunfermline game Try get some interviews with players (present/past) and do a QA with them about there careers etc.... Best away days Strangest thing you've seen at a game of football
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    Hopefully soon 😉🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
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    Time for Alan Savage to stop sniping from the background and put some investment in.
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    Before we can get a 'robust' plan, or any kind of plan for that matter, those who choose to 'invest' need to know how the funds are being distributed at the moment as there are too many sets of random figures going about that don't add up. Let's just hope the days of behind the scenes squabbles or pi55ing contests are behind us so that we can begin to formulate a plan based on correct fiscal details.
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    I’m just in from night shift and I’ve listened to this from start to finish. Brilliant lads. I’d encourage all ICT fans to have a listen and to enjoy the comprehensive and banterous chat herein. I think I recognise spit-dis as the band who make up the fill-in spots, that makes for great listening. I look forward to the next one chaps!
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    Brilliant Scotty 👏 Alan will be scratching his head to try and beat that suggestion.
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    Loved it! Keep up the good work. A wee Connolyism now and again never hurt anyone.
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    I agree with Gringo that the swearing lowers the class of the PODCAST. Otherwise it's just outstanding and clearly the contributors are well versed Caleywise and very smart cookies as well.
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    That was a very good exercise for the club. Tactically we changed the team to provide more experience for younger players and those needing more game time. Robbo given the afternoon off. Unlike some previous years we did not lose because of such changes and performances means Robbo has a selection headache for next week. A different style but very important game next week. I think yesterday's game was the performance and result we needed to follow up the Ayr result.
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    Totally agree. Time to put up or shut up! Or at least tell us if they dont intend to invest why.
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    Thought we were very wasteful from plenty of promising positions. Storey was a particular culprit. Curry took his goal well and probably could have had another couple. MacGregor missed a great opportunity with his head. Doran ran round in circles and Alloa were nowhere to be seen until we were 2-0 ahead. They managed to hit woodwork twice when the game should have been beyond them and we snozed a bit. Well done Matheus, Brazilliant stuff. Pass marks for Trafford, Carson, McHattie, MacGregor, Harper, Donaldson. Been said above, but we were a bit pedestrian at times, however, it's all about getting into the next round.
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    Three foreigners win it to hopefully bring on foreign opposition. The only way we will get back into Europe. Sick.
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    Not the greatest performance, but job done. We rode our luck a bit. Dominated possession but never created too much. When we did create we were wasteful in front of goal and took the lead thanks to major defensive blunder which Curry did well to take full advantage of. Good to see Curry and Machado score their first goals for the club. MacGregor was generally pretty lively but should have opened the scoring on a couple of occasions in the first half, He was unlucky in the second half when a good low shot was very well saved by the Alloa keeper. He's a good prospect but needs to get a goal or two to settle the nerves. Biggest surprise of the day was a decent performance from John McKendrick. Probably an easy game to referee but he kept the game flowing. Did well not to book Carson for a rash challenge and his lengthy warning was as much a message to the rest of the players as it was to Carson. Another home draw in the cup and the same result next week will do nicely.
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    Back home now and have read my comments which are probably a bit negative on reflection. We did the job, had a comfortable win, got game time for some fringe and younger players and are in the quarter finals. Mackay really only had one meaningful save to make and dealt with it at the second attempt, whilst he had no chance with the two attempts Alloa hit the woodwork with. Rooney was dangerous, but could have been given the ball more by Storey when he was looking to overlap. Harper had a decent game, particularly first half, largely taking a safety first approach. Donaldson and McHattie has a comfortable afternoon in the main. Trafford was busy and it was a powerful shot that took a deflection. Carson chases and harried and used the ball well when he had it. I was a bit disappointed by Storey. He kept the ball when a pass could have given us better opportunities, particularly when Rooney was upfield, but his pace was troubling the defence and his cross set up the third. Doran kept the ball well, but tended to slow play down. MacGregor had two chances in the first half. The first was a difficult header from a powerful Rooney cross. The second fell to him but he couldn’t get enough on the ball. I was surprised Curry started up front rather than wide. He took his goal well and had a couple of other efforts. White was a nuisance to the defence when he came on, whilst Vincent was steady. Highlight was the late cameo from Machado and the sheer joy when he scored at the back post. Only 973 there, if I heard the tannoy announcement correctly. And John McKendrick had a good afternoon as referee.
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    As a real golden oldie (as announced by tannoy last Sat)(thanks ICT for 3 points on my birthday) I have loads of memories but my best memory ever has to be “The David Raven” v Celtic in Scottish Cup Semi Final. Nothing tops that for me, ICT such underdogs, Celtic going for another treble, teams level, AND then that goal. What euphoria! Made this old bird soooo happy!
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    In a couple of months the 2010s will be over. What would the ICT Team of the Decade be? I think it's obvious that the 14-15 team would be the basis of the XI. I'll play a 4-2-3-1 as that's probably been the most heavily used formation during the decade. Goalkeeper for me is pretty obviously Ryan Esson. He was a solid keeper for the start of the decade and although he lost his place to Dean Brill around the time the team really took off, I think Esson is the best option ahead of Brill. The other regular keepers have been Mark Ridgers (regular since 2017), Tony Reguero (regular for a season in 2012) and Owain Fon Williams (2015-2017) - I'd rank them in that order. Defenders, I think you have to go with the cup winning season's back four. Left back, Shinnie is clearly the best player we've had at that position, Tremarco is a good player in the second tier and has been a great servant but he's clearly behind Shinnie. Right back, Raven is again clearly the best player for the longest period during the decade, regular from 2012 until 2017 and being a top player during that period. Central defenders, for me Warren and Meekings were our best partnership. Both were excellent bread and butter defenders but Warren was an underrated ball player and his ability to take the ball out and pass was important for the development of that Butcher/Hughes side. I remember when we beat Celtic at Parkhead, he was so composed and controlled on the ball it really helped us withstand the pressure we did face. Meekings was really athletic and quick, from what I've seen of him since leaving injuries have piled up with is sad as he was a really top quality defender. The other options are club legends like Grant Munro and Ross Tokely, both of whom played early in the decade. I just think Warren and Meekings are higher quality and did it for a sustained period of time. Coll Donaldson is perhaps the only player from the current squad who could get anywhere near this XI but I don't think there's a case for him to be in there just yet. The '2' sitting midfielders, I can't see past the cup winners Ross Draper and Greg Tansey. Obviously, Draper has left and signed for our local rivals but that's really our own fault for bollocksing up in 2016/17. From the moment he came in he was a destroyer with massive phsycial presence and was able to dominate teams in the top flight. He was man of the match in our first ever cup final and scored the opener in the first ever top flight Highland derby. Tansey showed glimplses in his first season with us what he could do but in his second spell he really showed it, blossoming with a better team and being able to really impose himself on the league. A threat from set pieces and from range is so valuable as well. The '3' attacking midfielders begins to get a bit more interesting. The middle player was a problem for us for a long time, with guys like Eric Odhiambo and Dani Sanchez playing there but never making it their own. However, for me it's a straight up fight between Andy Shinnie and Ryan Christie. Shinnie basically played a season and a half for us, played 55 games, scored 19 goals, received a Scotland call-up and a nomination for Player of the Season. Christie was also pretty fleeting, breaking into the side in 2014, then becoming integral in 2014/15 before leaving in 2015, loan cut short through injury. For the central position I'd give it to Shinnie, I don't think Christie was as good in 14/15 as Shinnie was in 12/13. If it were a real team you'd obviously play them both but for the sake of argument and having to choose I'd put Christie on the bench. For the wide attackers, you've got a lot of excellent players over the decade. Early on Richie Foran was a dominate player playgin on the left of a '3' and was a huge factor in our promotion. He dropped back to play deeper in midfield as his career progressed but he was a great weapon from 2010 until about 2014 , after which the injuries just piled up. You also have Jonny Hayes, who was dynamite for us in the promotion winning season and then in the top flight. He's developed into a more defensive player as he's got older but he was a huge threat and carried most of our attacking threat in season 11/12, without him then we'd have faced being dragged into relegation discussions. Aaron Doran has to be in the chat as well, for a few years he was one of the leading assist providers in the top flight, a really dangerous player. Marley Watkins also deserves it for his heroic 14/15 showing where he played all across the three and up front as well for a confusing period when we basically had no strikers (remember that? We sold Mckay and then waited two months to sign Ofere and in the meantime just played with a winger up front and still won the cup and finished 3rd). He was probably a better athlete than Hayes or Doran and was a threat with his pace, aerial ability and superb technique. I loved him but both Hayes and Doran did it longer. I'd probably redo this every time I try but now I'd probably go with a '3' of Foran on the left, Shinnie in the middle and Watkins on the right. In a real team you'd play Christie somewhere but in terms of the best players and biggest contributors I'd put those three. Up front, it's really a two horse race between Adam Rooney and Billy Mckay. Rooney played a season and a half in the time frame and scored 37 goals in 61 games. Mckay played for a lot longer period and scored 66 goals in 145 games. Mckay had a deadly run though with 23, 18 and 10 goals in his last two and a half seasons. I'd say Mckay was probably a better all round player and was a better team player than Rooney but Rooney was deadly. It's a tough one but I'd shade with Mckay as he did for a longer time period. The only other strikers we've had who've scored significantly are Miles Storye with 11 goals in 15/16, Gregory Tade with 9 in 11/12, Ofere scoring 5 in 7 in 2015 and Jordan White and George Oakely both scoring 7 and 8 since we got relegated. I don't think anyone would seriously put those guys in a decade team. Special mention goes to Alex Fisher though, who scored 6 goals in the last 7 games in the relegation season after not getting a chance for months despite being fully fit. Thanks Obama Foran. So there you have it, my ICT team of the decade. ---------------------------Esson------------------------- --Raven---Meekings----Warren----Shinnie--- -----------------Draper------Tansey------------------ ----Watkins--------Shinnie-------Foran----------- --------------------------Mckay--------------------------- Subs Brill Donaldson Doran Hayes Fisher (just to stare at Foran shaking his head whenever he meets his gaze). What would your 2010s XI be?
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    Hello folks, I'm hoping for a massive favour! I've trawled the internet now for many years searching for an old Caledonian FC shirt as a present for my dear father. It would mean the world to him to own a shirt again after all these years. He was and still is Caley Daft! If anyone has one and is willing to part with it, please let me know! Thanks very much.
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    If Keatings and Walsh were fully fit then Robbo could return to the front 4 that started the season: White Doran Keatings Walsh But he might he might be tempted to move Walsh to the left and start Storey rather than Doran. Storey and Walsh either side of White could be interesting. The back 4 is stuck on, so the only other question is whether it's Carson or Trafford that play alongside Vincent.
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    Wow, Solihull that will be such an occasion.
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    I believe this is what you are referring to 😎
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    Clyde are doing well in their division. Not convinced that we should be giving someone who has been judicially determined to be a rapist the oxygen of any publicity at all.
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    Wouldn't mind a trip to Wrexham for the semi-final tbh. But, of course, first we must beat Clyde. Should be winnable as long as we don't underestimate them.
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    Best points total we have achieved after 8 games since being relegated 17/18 = 5 points 10 goals scored 16 conceded goal difference minus 6 18/19 = 14 points 10 goals scored 5 conceded goal difference plus 5 19/20 = 16 points 14 goals scored 8 conceded goal difference plus 6 Reasons to be cheerful at this stage in the season.
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    The period between our first win, against County in the fourth game of the season, and Paterson leaving we played 17 games, won 14, lost 2 and drew 1. One of the losses was away to Celtic, the draw was at Ayr when we came from 3-0 down. We socred 48 goals - Wyness scored 18 goals, Ritchie 11 goals and Robson 7 goals. That is my favourite ever Caley XI. Not saying the best but my favourite - Brown, Tokely, Golabek, Mann, Munro, Duncan, McBain, Hart, Wyness, Ritchie, Robson.
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    An extra 2 points from last last season and an extra 11 points from 2 seasons ago Alan 👍
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    I'm not intrested in seeing us gradually find our feet in this division I'm intrested in us winning the title and getting out of it before the club goes bust! Nothing to be crowing about spending a 3rd season in the ***** but no that bad wev an extra point from last year promotion this year or we are fcked part time football will follow
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    Never mind these guys Alan. Just continue to be your own , entertaining self, and you have my vote. Then all you have to do is avoid things like sarcasm and negativity then Bob's yer Uncle (he used to be mine but he died of old age) and Billy is yer goat.
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    Costs I'm sure as opening up a stand for so few fans is an extra expense we could do without.
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    Not sure if I misread it before, but didn't the club say the Away Fans would be in the South Stand for the rest of the season? How come the Alloa fans ended up in the main stand?
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    Same again next week. That is the next preview.
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    Not yet🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
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    First half caley couldn't find a way through the Alloa defence sitting deep. They had plenty possession and pressed Alloa when they had possession. Gifted the first goal but Curry took it well. Needed a second and a good hit by Trafford deflected into the net. After that caley stopped pressing and Alloa should really have got at least one goal; hitting the woodwork twice and calling Mackay into action. Machado third from close range from an excellent Storey cross. Same again next week would do.
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    Aloha Alan. Well this game takes the feckin biscuit but it is a fig roll and not a chocolate digestive. Just win it and get a tie in another feckin country.
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    I see the post on the club website confirming Sean will be out for 3 or 4 months. Hopefully his recovery goes well and he comes back early in the new year. We will miss his input in midfield as we always seem more secure when he plays. Time for Trafford or Carson to impose themselves and show what they can do.
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    All we need now is IBM to tell us the feckin makes 😎
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    I missed the first 10 minutes, when it looks like Ayr could have gone two or three ahead, because I was standing queuing at the ticket portakabin with @RiG for quarter of an hour and then we found that they'd closed all the turnstiles and we had to get let in through the main entrance. Struggling a wee bit to see how that's supposed to improve efficiency, tbh. It was a really disciplined, hardworking performance from ICT. It looks like Robertson and Kellacher are more focused on coaching players on their individual roles than either Foran or Hughes were: Doran is tracking back and covering Tremarco far more then he used to, and Storey did the same really well on the opposite flank and provided real strength there, which is obviously necessary for us when Rooney goes off on his peregrinations. I thought Storey would be absolutely useless if not played through the middle, but he did an excellent job yesterday. Vincent worked his socks off in the middle and Trafford did fine when he came on, although it is going to be a big blow for us if Welsh does turn out to be long-term injured again. I thought Ayr played some lovely stuff going forward - some great interplay between Forrest, Kelly and Moffat, and McCowan looked dangerous too - but Donaldson in particular dealt with them really well. And Rooney is just an absolute force of nature at the moment, and looks like he's loving playing for us. He's probably always going to struggle defensively if he's up against a fast, tricky left winger, but those rampages forward have been getting more and more audacious and basically made the difference between the teams yesterday. It's an absolute nap that he's going to get caught out at some point soon, and some team is going to ruin us on a counter-attack down our right, but it's worth it. Biggest cult hero we've had since Tokely. When I first saw the tweet about him getting abuse about his mum's death, my instinct was to not to believe it, simply because why on earth would anyone want to shout that sort of thing at someone else, but if it was his partner who tweeted it then it must be true, as she's not going to say something like that lightly. I'm sure, though, it'll just have been one or two utter morons who don't represent the attitudes of ordinary Ayr supporters in any way, shape or form. It would be nice if it was reported so the club was able to act appropriately.
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    That was a lot of fun. Didn't look like it was going to be early on as Ayr cut through us twice in the opening 10 minutes - really smart goalkeeping from Ridgers saved us on both occasions. By the time Sean Welsh went off injured the game had settled into the kind of attritional midfield stalemate that turned out to be perfectly suited to the skill-set of Charlie 'Harum Scarum' Trafford who went on to have an excellent game as did Vincent alongside him. I didn't get a great view of the first goal but it seemed that a Rooney cross found Vincent in the box who knocked it home (?deflection) while White was on the ground - Ayr fans are claiming he was offside and intefering with play. We kicked on from there and were the better team for the remainder of the half. Ayr went at us at the start of the second but we defended well on the edge of our box. Donaldson grew into the game after a shaky start and sparked what will surely go down as one the best moments of the season when he lashed a clearance up the line shortly after the hour mark. I assumed that it was going out for a throw-in and would've been happy enough with that outcome, but as the ball crossed the half-way line we were shocked to see Shaun Rooney lingering around the touch-line, comfortably further forward than any other Caley Thistle player. "What's Rooney doing there?", was the first reaction, but Shaun knew exactly what he was doing - he pulled the ball out off the air, drove past his opposing full-back and steamed on into the box without ever considering anything other than cooly slotting it past the keeper. Wild celebrations ensued. Ayr kept coming at us, there was a bit of desperate defending and another couple of very good saves from Ridgers but we had the better chances on the break (McGregor took a touch too many when through on goal just before Rooney's majestic moment, James Vincent missed a sitter when clean through after) and ultimately saw the game out through sheer fight and desire. White picked up where he left with Ayr last season - they really can't handle him and while he didn't contribute much on the ball, I thought he was key to getting us back in the game by unsettling the Ayr defence. IHE will be on shortly to disagree. Storey had his best game so far, playing wide right and finding more space than anyone else seemed able to. But today belonged to Rooney - that boy definitely has the makings of a 'Highland Hero'.
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    Highland football has lost another famous son following the passing of former Caledonian Football Club Chairman Hugh Crout. He joined Caledonian Football Club initially as a committee member in 1970, a period in which David Birrell was club chairman, his second spell in the chair. Hugh took over the helm at Telford Street in 1973, and would go on to serve the club for a decade, by which time they had amassed a treasure trove of silverware along the way. A superb ambassador during his tenure with the “Blues” he formed a superb partnership with then Manager, the late great Alex Main, and together they would go on smash records throughout the Highland League. The silverware haul included: five Highland League Championship titles 1976-77, 1977-78, 1981-82, 1982-83, 1983-84: Five North of Scotland Cup: 1973-74, 1974-75, 1976-77, 1981-82, 1983-84: Three Scottish Qualifying Cup victories: 1981-82, 1982-83, 1983-84: Two Highland League Cup successes: 1976-77, 1977-78: Two Inverness Cup victories 1977-78, 1982-83 Hugh was very much a real gentleman and made numerous friends throughout football, a man of integrity, who will be sadly missed.
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