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    Lovely service today to remember Ken. Lots laughter and some tears too. A fitting tribute to a true gentleman.
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    All the old Caley and Thistle fans could wear black arm bands and perhaps walk to the ground from different directions ?
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    We've signed two players from clubs who finished below us last season, neither of whom were particular stand outs for those teams last season. Todorov has scored three or four goals at this level in his entire career. Vincent underwhelmed at Dundee and didn't stand out at Dunfermline either. We have to hope that both will do better in our environment than previously. The big loss for us is Liam Polworth. Last season he either scored or assisted 30% of our goals and the season before he scored or assisted 40% of our goals. We need to replace that contribution.
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    Then once was a Bulgar called Todorov Who said "To inverness I am feckin off" To play for his old Jambo hero And a wage of practically zero And in a year will be Nicolay Gudgiecof.
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    There’s so many pundits trying to outdo each other, it’s tiresome with “fishing”. Stop it boys, or grow up please.
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    If true, very encouraging news. With White, Keatings, Todorov and young Daniel Mackay, we have the best group of potential goal scorers we've had in years. Remarkable what Robbo is managing to assemble on such a limited budget.
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    I see former ICT loanee Tom Aldred has signed for Brisbane Roar after ending his loan spell at Motherwell. Given he freaked out at how far Inverness was from home in Bolton I'm just wondering if his agent has sat him down and explained where Brisbane is....?
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    Robbo introducing our latest signing Wullie Todorov.
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    Would prefer Triffid and Shyte to peepee.
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    Tough start but hopefully pay back time
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    Should change club colours to purple, which is colour you get by mixing red and blue. Then have a red and a blue stripe down the middle, plus on side of shorts, plus band on socks. 50/50 split of colours. End the merger 'hangover' once and for all?
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    This is fishing even Dougal would be proud of 😂
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    We could give this 'Staggie' a trial https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-scotland-48748148/deer-enjoys-playing-football-in-the-scottish-highlands
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    As opposed to you, an "alleged" Caley Timm???
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    if we can convert half of our home draws to wins and maintain our away stats we won't be far away next season
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    Here is Rod Mitchell and he must be expecting a visit from IHE with 2 bottles of Smirnoff on the gantry. https://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/news/pulling-in-people-is-among-social-club-s-top-priorities-179498/
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    Freddie Nield with two different coloured boots, so that he knows which foot is which... (cont on "Old Highland League Days")
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    wow. memories to make me smile. Andy Penman in creative midfield role. Harry Smith wide. Come onnnnnn.
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    We've based the shape around getting the best out of Polly for the last 2 years so I wouldn't be surprised to see the 4-2-3-1 dropped. Robbo has often been inclined towards a narrow 4-4-2 - could see Keatings playing off White with Vincent and Welsh in the middle and Doran and Walsh starting from deeper, narrower positions. The squad looks to have good balance overall, though it would obviously be nice to add a right-back and a creative midfielder/wide player.
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    I would agree with most of that but I think that Robbo will change the systems slightly to incorporate different types of players. The good thing is that our signings have something to prove in in the Championship and personally. Lets face it we are not going to unearth a Polworth replacement. The suggested teams are last season plus Vincent. I can again understand the logic but I hope that some players have changed our minds before the Championship kick-off. The other encouraging thing for me is that we have "replacements" in most departments - albeit several untried and unknown. Also makes pre-season considerably more competitive and hopefully we start off fit and prepared.
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    Well top marks for trying to get the full squad together early doors and gives the players and the system time to fit in. Tick that box 9/10 Putting that into action in the LC group is also progressed but evidently still a wait and see. Those first six fixtures are tough - especially travelling to Dundee twice in August - BUT get a good start from that and confidence wiil be high. Sme may say it is better to get that two out of the way early doors. But get nothing from Dundee x 2 and that will make progress more difficult Arabs (a) - Smokies (h) - Dungdee (a) - Morton (h) - Dumbfarmlife (a) - Doonhamers (h) - Bring on the pre-season
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    Jordan White scoring 107 goals??? FECK ME! that must include training games?
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    Another Pre confirmed. St Duthus of Tain, on Sunday 4 August. And after enquiring about entry prices, it's free
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    I thought Vincent was rather under-rated when he was here. I'm surprised that he hasn't done better since he left but it is maybe all about the style teams play and how an individual fits in with the team. Robbo seems to be good at getting the best out of people as part of a team so I am hoping this will be a good move all round. Iain Vigurs was a player who returned successfully, so perhaps another player whose name begins with Vi can do the same.
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    Yer Man In Stoney nailing it again with the exclusives. Never mind the fact I didn't have a scooby who it was we were signing. Available for a weekly Courier column at the right price..... 😎
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    thank God for that i nearly went back to work!
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    Just needs to squeeze out another few quid for a right back and put the icing on the 🎂🍰
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    Did they mention which particular Wednesday ?
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    On the feckin bucket
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    It all depends how we start the season. If we can get points on the table early doors, then it could be a springboard for the rest of the season.
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    As a seer try to avoid the bigger picture. As a supporter I like to take things one step at a time. Before I would make any predictions about the season I need to see what our squad looks like at the kick-off - I need to see how we perform in the LC group and I would love to see what our first five fixtures bring us. If we perform well in those opening fixtures and show that we really do have a squad to compete - then I will predict.
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    First souper post from Kingsmills 😎
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    Rendall's Rambles #5 If you have been following James on his ICT journey, here's the next three seasons. He's a well travelled football connoisseur who has been following the Caley Jags from the start. He has put together a fascinating nostalgic recap of Inverness Caledonian Thistle's first 25 years as witnessed through his own eyes. Thanks James, a remarkable commitment to the beautiful game. Inverness Caledonian Thistle Years No.13 #ICT25 Season 2006/07 (Games 512 to 578) A very European feel season. Football in eight countries!! The third season of Caley Thistle at the top table. While the essence of each campaign was survival, the general feeling amongst the fans seemed to be more insistent that cheap Pomagne was traded in for a drop of the proper stuff. Reaching for the fabled top six was the want, but the reality for a brilliantly run club on a shoestring, they can't just switch up and splash the cash. Our 13th season wasn't unlucky but it wasn't one that lives long in the memory. That said, I was here, there and everywhere so I may have missed a classic memorable game or four! Before the season started Neil Warlock brought Sheffield United to Inverness for Ross Tokely's Testimonial. It was a good crowd, a worthy attendance for a wonderful servant of the club, who many years later was poorly dealt with by Terry Butcher. In this game, the Blades were flashing past us, and ran out 3-0 winners. The league didn't start brilliantly, it rarely does, and losing at home to St Mirren was a poor opening gambit. A brave point at Aberdeen, as well as home points versus the green duo steadied the ship somewhat, but it was the 29th September before I saw us win a game, a narrow 1-0 at home to the Pars. Falkirk were then beaten at home 3-2, a rare moment of joy versus the Bairns in the Highland Capital. A bag of struggles ensued, but Christmas came with a morsel of festive cheer, a 2-1 versus Rangers. This remains to this day, the only time I have ever seen Rangers lose!! Darren Dods and a John Rankin screamer won the day. The biggest win of the season that I saw was a 3-0 thumping of Hibs, who rarely enjoyed their trip up the A9. Ultimately it was the bottom six again, but with limited chance of going down, and perhaps with a relaxed, let's enjoy life attitude, we beat Motherwell, Dunfermline and St Mirren before the curtain came down. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Inverness Caledonian Thistle Years #ICT25 No. 14 2007/2008 (Games 579 to 631) Fourth top table safety secured: August is still a month I dread when it comes to ICT even if we have marginally improved in learning to hit the ground running! In this particular season we absolutely hit rock bottom with four straight defeats, two home 0-3 biffings by Rangers and Arabia, with narrower 2-1 losses on the road at Well and Les Buddoise sandwiched in between. I was so hacked off I scampered off to Italy and Doncaster before casting eyes on a win finally, 2-1 on the 22 September at home to Hearts. A bit like buses another win came the following weekend with a 4-2 with over the Bairns also at the Caledonian Stadium. A rare moment of home joy against a team that had previously inflected such painful home losses, but the monkey was far from gone as next season will tell 😥. In truth this season quickly panned out as a walk in the park, even for the less ambitious teams. Gretna had overstretched in too quick a time, and having to play 'home' games at Fir Park for a small village team, it was the financial straw that broke the camels back, and indeed, maybe it exacerbated Miles Brookson's illness. His investments in the USA were collapsing, his health was deteriorating and his family were trying to hold onto what family legacy hadn't been pumped into Gretna, and to a lesser extent Workington. Miles was a good egg, his heart was in the right place, Gretna was the mouse that briefly roared, but despite completing the season, they would fold by the summer. The new Gretna doesn't ever wish to be associated with the old one which I find sad. As mentioned previously seeing Miramar Misiones beat Central Español in Montevideo the previous season, one of the stars of that win would end up at Gretna, Fabian Yantorno. ICT had already thumped them 4-0 away, but when they came to Inverness on the 5th January, my programme article on the Uruguayan game would start a beautiful friendship, and I hope I will get to see him play one last time before he hangs up his boots when I head across to South America in late Feb next year! We won that encounter 3-0 but prior to that from late November, we won four games on the trot making up for August loses to St Mirren and Dundee United before back to back home wins versus the green duo, 2-0 v Hibs and more memorably 3-2 versus the hoops, John Rankin, David Proctor and Don Cowie with the goals. The day before that I had watched third tier Moss County struggle to beat Berwick Rangers 2-1. Ironic that next weekend the Dingwall mob will be promoted to the top table again, and Berwick could well be sent to walk the plank versus East Kilbride or Cove! Scotland could lose it's English club 😉. It kind of dribbled away after that home win v Gretna, I scampered off to South America and Donny again but did catch a close run 3-4 home loss to Aberdeen, but following a 6-1 clubbing of poor Gretna again, the 0-0 last day draw at home to St Mirren kind of summed it all up. There would be no Gretna the following season, were we ready for the fight? Find out in next week's gripping instalment!! My neutral games in Scotland hit an all time low in this season! I never saw any European games, save a Murrayfield friendly between Hearts and Barcelona. I will let you work out who won 😂. I finally got a league game at Borough Briggs Elgin, a 2-1 home win versus Dumbarton. What I didn't know then was that this Sons goal would be the only one I had seen to this day since they pulped Hearts 5-2 at Tynecastle!! There was a fire drill that day 😂. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Inverness Caledonian Thistle Years #ICT25 No.15 - 2008/09 (Games 632 to 696) That sinking feeling! August, usually that perennial bad month for ICT started so well, a 2-0 win at Pittodrie, but a week later, the new boys Hamilton Kaccies, beat us 1-0. However this was to be a different first month of the season, but before any more league hostilities, Liverpool duped 7,000+ at the Caley Stadium for Barry Wilson's Testimonial into thinking an 'XI' might include a star or two, but they were in my opinion disrespectful in sending a bunch of kids, and they got what they deserved in a 5-0 home win! Things settled down nicely, a 1-1 versus Hibs was followed by a rare August win versus Falkirk, albeit away, and it merely acted as a poking of a well oiled bear that would haunt the rest of this season. Sandwiched in between these league games was an uninspiring 2-2 (4-2 pens) win at Arbroath, although Gayfield is always one of the great wee stadium of this land! We were still picking up points here and there, beating Killie 3-1 at home days after getting the better of Morton in the League Cup. Narrow losses at Arabia and at home to Well, who had a cracking record versus us in Inverness in those days, sadly, before we were back at the Bairnabeu for the League Cup Quarter-final, going down 1-0. Somewhere soon after that game Craig Brewster departed, and Terence Butcher arrived! We bounced back in the league with a 2-1 over Hibs at Fester Road. We had a habit of winning there at this juncture, but what is more remarkable is that my mate Fabian played his only full game for Hibs that day! Sorry hombre ☺. The tale end of the year was fairly torrid, Les Jambons, the Darling Buds of Chic, Dons, Arabia and the Castle Greyskull tenants all stuffed us without us even as much as tickling their under carriage so to speak! The new year started in better fettle with a fine 3-0 dismantling of the Maryhill Magyar, before I scampered off to South America a few weeks earlier than normal. Upon my return, a draw at Tannadice and another win against the Cabbage saw us nearing a top six place, but we would fall short, as well as exit the Scottish Cup in a bad tempered home fixture to Falkirk. Two weeks later they murdered us 4-0 down at their place, but we ended the regular campaign comfortably clear of the bottom. Alas, Butcher would experience this post split demise not only with us, but Hibs a few years later. We just couldn't get the win that would keep us safe, and other results conspired to drag us further and further into the muck. Two points from twelve meant we were 11th just above Falkirk going into the last game. They had already thrashed us 4-0 and knocked us out of both cups, the sense of foreboding was prevalent before we kicked a ball. Hughes had moulded a street fighting unit, marshalled by one Steven Pressley, who would fall down holding his head so often after a corner it was embarrassing. When he did it in the cup match and winked at the crowd, the normally passive home crowd were positively foaming. Bad blood was overflowing on the last day, six games in a season playing each other was taking it's toll. Tokely's red card was central belt decision making and the game was up. Hughes ran on the field at the end like a demented flea and we were down. His antics that day never left me, and while he might have overseen ICT highs in latter years, he was never fully embraced by a good number of Caley Thistle fans. The one crumb of comfort from a real fall from grace might have been we were, and still are, the team relegated with the highest ever points total, only ran close by our second relegation! But hey, what fun we had the next season, and it would be years before we ever had to play the Bairns again, and despite having ten men that day too, oh what joy 😂. European games in Scotland numbered two viewings, Hibs were eased aside by Swedish team Elfsborg 2-0 in the Intertoto to kick off the season on the 6th July, but Queen of the South put in a braver effort against Nordsjaelland, going down 0-1 to the Danish outfit on one soggy Airdrie night! South America called me and the curtain came down on futbol Sud America across in Greater Bueños Aires, with Lanus playing out a 1-1 draw with the Goats (Chivas) of Guadalajara in the Libertadores! All done before heading home for the hangman's noose and our first demotion in the fifteen year history of ICT. 'Fifteen points and you f***ed up' next time out 😎 Thanks James, some great memories in there once again. Not all of them enjoyable, but thems the breaks More to come from James, the next three seasons coming along next week. You can read all about James' worldwide footballing travels in his own excellent blog FOOTBALL ADVENTURES WITH JAMES RENDALL
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    it's great that for once we've actually announced our fixtures rather than finding out about them through the other clubs. credit where it's due for this one, great communication, it's what we've been wanting over the years.
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    Boom Where is Charlie Bannerman when you need him ??!!
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    Still a fair bit of confusion was it a merger or just a hostile takeover of Caleys smaller less illustrious city rivals?
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    To quote another poster quite remarkable how Robbo manages to underwhelm with his signings still might look better on a pitch than cold stats
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    More looking at Arbroath on the 10th. And wondering if it is even possible to ask the SFA to punt it back to the 13th, to officially tie it into the 25th Anniversary, and here's hoping we'll draw in a decent crowd. However, if that's not feasible, hopefully some commemorative programme or scarf would make a decent addition...
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    Ffs Iv been bragging to County fans we were getting Storey an Spl quality forward and we end up with boris Karloff!
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    Who the hell is that an extra from Chernobyl some of the posters on here are unreal slate miles Storey and yet hail this unknown as some kinda neymar like coup that Robbos has somehow on his budget of 2 buttons and an apple core pull of! Where's Gregor when u need goal scoring and shot ratio stats??
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    Could it be that the club have finally taken Alan Simpson seriously and will make him head of recruitment?
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    Paul Paton no got many fans up here eh our fans are getting spoiled watching such class acts like Trafford and White
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    Even better hopefully the feared ict ultras won't show up and wreck every town north of the bridge!
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    Poor old Thistle got done up like a kipper didn't they even now most people still call ICT Caley tho tbf a middle of the road highland league team like Thistle had few options stay and play 2nd fiddle to Clach go and pretend it's a merger poor buggers
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