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    Looking forward to other Highland league sides informing us when they are facing ICT.
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    I really dislike Roy making comments about Inverness and our relegation. Let him comment on his club and we will look after ourselves. Budgets dont guarantee anything. Look at Utd this season, big budget no promotion. Livi, small budget but excellent team spirit/ work ethic and have a chance of promotion. He has inexperienced managers at the helm ending the season with a whimper, we have a manager who has settled into the job and finished the season on a high. I know which I would rather. Bring it on!!
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    I truly despair at folk on here's views of Vigurs. He is a superb footballer and will be a huge loss to us - anyone who thinks otherwise clearly doesn't really get football at all. More worryingly this appears to be a very visible attempt by our neighbours to lay down a marker for next season and beyond. A much as I enjoyed their demise on Saturday I fear they will be going large on an immediate return to the Premiership. We appear to be shopping at Aldi and they are clearly intent on melting their plastic in M&S.
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    Give the young lad a break min! It takes time in any profession to raise the attainment bar to its highest and Polworth clearly has ball skills and raw ability in abundance. It’s different offering a personal view, rather than being a self professed expert tactitioner on the game which none of us are. We’re all human and frustrations/attitudes get understood and refined as we all mature. Polworth is pure liquid rhodium on the pitch and we are exceptionally lucky to have his talents and drive.
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    The abuse Polworth gets really is out of order and there are some in the stands who really ought to be ashamed of themselves. Sure, he can be a very frustrating player to watch, but on the whole his attitude is great and I don't think anyone can accuse him of not try and not caring. The problem is almost as if he tries and cares too much at times. There are times when he is dispossessed that his immediate reaction is one of expressed disappointment. There is a drop of the shoulders or a look up to the heavens, and in doing that there is a delay of a second or two before he acts to try and reclaim the ball. By then, it is too late and it looks as though he's not bothered. A player like Vigurs loses the ball and the immediate reaction is to get it back as quickly as possible. Polworth's reactions are sometimes more like those of a fan than a professional footballer and if he hasn't got that trait out of his system by now, I don't know that he ever will. The other irritating thing is that when he surges forward he often pushes the ball too far in front of him. This often means that he then gets too tight to defenders and is either dispossessed or is unable to get a decent ball away. He needs to keep the ball a bit closer and sometimes just slow down a bit and give himself a bit more time to see what's going on around him. These two flaws in his game are very noticeable during a match and we lose possession because of them. But for all that, the number of assists he has made plus his contribution to many other goals speaks volumes for the positive contribution he makes. One of the reasons people notice Polworth is that he does work so hard, he makes himself available and he tries to make things happen rather than just play the simple safe ball all the time. It should also be recognised that too often we lose possession because other players have not reacted to his runs, have failed to spot the spaces opening up as defenders go to Polworth and have not made themselves available to receive the ball. Polworth then unfairly gets the stick because he was the one who had the ball before we lost it. Yes, it can be frustrating watching Polworth at times, but it can also be very exciting. I would far rather we had Polworth in the side than not. If some people in the stands would praise all the good work he does rather than shout abuse when things go wrong we would have a much better atmosphere in the ground.
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    With respect, I don't think the same is applicable in reverse. There are a large number of concerns which led to the calling of the Special General Meeting and these have been well documented in public on this forum in a number of threads. There has been no or inadequate response to these points from the Board or anyone else. Davie made the point that we all knew why we were at the meeting so lets just vote on the resolution. Detailing the concerns would only have served to embarrass the Board members present and nobody would have wanted that, especially as you had the courage to chair the meeting at short notice following the Chair's resignation. It can't have been an easy thing to do and I applaud you for that. Members now need to move on and work cooperatively together in order to drive CJT forward. As for standing for election next month I think it would be helpful for those considering whether to stand to have some clarification from the Board on a couple of issues which need to be understood before the working group tackles the mechanics of calling the election. The first is what Rules are in force and the second is what general arrangements the Board has for elections. As I understand it, there are 3 sets of Rules floating around. One set dated 2005 was approved by the members and duly registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). A revised set was approved by the membership in 2012 but never submitted to the FCA. A further revised set has been registered earlier this year with the FCA but without the legally required approval of the membership. These 3 sets of Rules all have different details about how Board Membership is constituted. The 2005 Rules state that the Board may have up to 12 members at least 2 of which must be co-opted members. The 2012 Rules state there can be up to 12 members with up to 4 additional members by co-option. The 2018 rules allow for 10 elected and up to 5 co-opted members. None of the 3 sets of Rules give any details relating to election procedure. All 3 state that members will be elected in accordance with the election policy adopted by the Society (or words to that effect). It would therefore be very helpful if the Board would clarify which set of Rules are in operation and if a copy of the Board's election policy could be made available as an attachment to a response.
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    This is also a squad that went something like 12 games unbeaten at the business end of the season.
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    I posted about his season last season on another thread, that seems to have been deleted? He was our best attacking player last season, the only criticism that you could maybe have is that he should've scored more than three goals in the league. That's a minor quibble considering he provided 18 assists, by far the most in the Championship. People in our support seem to have it in for him because of things like his 'body language' and 'attitude'. This is the same sort of stuff that used to be said about Vigurs, people should try and pay more attention to what players actually do than how you perceive them to be behaving.
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    Its time for Polly to fulfil the gap left by Vigurs, He is a talent and the stats of his assists etc from last season tell us that. We need him signed up on longer deal.
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    I too wish him all the best. However, whilst booing our own players is never acceptable in my view, giving stick to those who have chosen to move to our local rivals, even for the most understandable of personal motives, is an entirely different matter altogether.
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    The meeting was (for the most part) conducted in amicable fashion. In brief.... Resolution One, to remove the current board, was voted "for" by the members in person and by proxy. Resolution Two, to set a date for the election, was done so as the 19th June 2018. The board will remain in place until the elections (a requirement to protect the legal status of the organisation) and an election management group will/has been formed...and will include two volunteers who step forward from the floor. This will include representation/assistance from Supporters Direct. The board have asked that anyone who did not receive notice of the meeting get in touch to ensure they have the correct contact details (caleyjagstoget[email protected]) if you are speaking to anyone who's not online then please assist them as best you can. Notices and details on making nominations for the elections will be sent out in due course. From a personal point of view, it was a disappointing that many of the people who have made a lot of noise (one way or the other) on CJT were not in attendance at the meeting personally, or represented by a proxy....some people would have been unable due to other commitments and/or geography and those are not the people I am referencing. CJT exists for many reasons, but above all else (IMO) it is the custodian of a 108 shares handed down by the old guard and carrying an enhanced (10%) voting right. It might sound cliched, but those shares quite literally represent all the blood sweat and tears that went into the formation of Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC. I appreciate that people will be looking at the society right now and seeing something they probably want nothing to do with, but it can't change unless fans step up to the plate to get it back on track....and once back on track, help it thrive. Right now it needs people capable of the former to come forward for the elections in June....even if that is just a short term commitment. There's 10 places available on the board, so ample space for those with the necessary skills.....and just as important, those with the necessary energy and passion to get sh!t done!
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    What exactly is wrong with his attitude? He broke into the team in 2013 but dropped back in 2014 and looked as though he might be on his way out but he came back and established himself as a first team starter after that. Following the disappointment of relegation he has been an important player, behind a lot of our effective attacking play. He's played in a number of positions - wide midfield and centrally, takes set pieces and puts up with the nonsense that some of our fans throw at him.
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    Lads let me welcome you to Inverness Caledonian Thistle. Marginally older than yourselves at 24 years of age. Positive vibes about our club and you are excellent additions to our squad. We are a club that is moving forward as we approach our landmark 25th birthday. Enjoy.
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    Mcgregor spent millions this year, don't see it helping them stay in the premier league? Vigurs went for money, he is a good footballer but we can get on without him.
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    Whenever we play County next season, we should be able to get them down to 10 men within a few minutes. It's a JOKE!!!
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    For the record, I think both can and will be replaced
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    Disappointing news and it's never good to hear players being abused by our own fans. However, Vigurs did not move to County because of a bit of stick from the stands. At the age of thirty, he moved for more money and an equally long deal without having the upheaval of having to relocate. I have no issue with him doing that but I sincerely hope that he is playing lower league football for at least a year longer than those who have chosen to remain.
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    Very disappointed to see Vigurs leave, he has been outstanding this season. Of course the "fans" who constantly shouted abuse at him in the first half of the season will be happy now and can turn their rancid hatred back to Polworth who will no doubt follow......
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    You've been on here long enough to know its the ICT fan way - never see the issues at present, never want to look forwards and only to reminisce with rose tinted specs craving for former players/managers/board members to return us to the glory days................ We've signed a few young players from other clubs who have experience at Championship level or higher along with tying some of the existing squad on longer deals - with the added youth then there really isn't a lot of more additions likely or needed. With the departure of Vigurs a strong midfield enforcing player would be great, but we have Trafford who deserves a chance. Probably need another experienced CD as I'm not sure we will get a full season out of Warren. Other than that its adding the right strength and depth rather than just throwing names around now - up front a 20 goal striker would be great but doubt we can afford one, we already have Austin & Oakley so perhaps theres already one in the squad!!!
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    Very true. Even our higher profile pre season home matches have tended to be played in front of a scattering of fans in the Main Stand. Both Thistle and Caley used to get much bigger crowds when facing league opposition in pre season friendlies back in the Highland League days. Sadly, it did not take the vast majority of the Inverness public to become complacent about the standard and status of visiting teams unless it's Celtic, the Dons or whatever current legal entity is playing out of Ibrox who bring their own large numbers.
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    Spot on DD. When it's anything to do with any liability, it's got nothing to do with them, but when there's any credit involved, they are desperate to inherit it. They just want to cherry pick the good bits.
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    People associated with the Ibrox set up just get more and more vile and hypocritical. It is reported today that lawyers for The Rangers have informed the Solicitor representing a man who claims he was sexually abused at Ibrox in the 1980s that he should contact the liquidators as the duty of care is not with the current owners. The current club is happy to take ownership of the record of success of the previous club and it's employees, but not of the actions of it's employees which have caused financial and personal suffering to others. The lawyers in this latest case may well be legally correct in the response they have given, but if so, then surely it is time that the SFA played them at their own game and made it clear that none of the trophies and titles of the previous club belong to the club currently occupying Ibrox.
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    whatever our recruitment policy is jr and his team seem to be doing a good job behind the scenes. i also applaud our youth dept in bring 10 potential players into the full-time environment and giving them the opportunity to mature in the hfl. it is however vital they get the appropriate level of coaching so i hope charlie christie is involved on a daily basis.
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    Completely agree, for the club to compete with the offer County have given Vigurs, wed effectively have nothing left to sign anyone else. We cannot compete with the level of finance that county have especially at this point in time. The Championship, as we've all realised is a different beast completely and the type of player that flourishes in it, is the young hungry enthusiastic and most importantly cheap players, who are fighting for their recognition. PL stalwarts like Vigurs, still want to play the slow paced tactical ball retention play, whereas teams like STM and Livi were displaying early on, just how quickly they could break from a mislaid ball and quickly get up the park and score. I don't want this to sound like sour grapes, I liked Vigurs too and would really have preferred him to stay, but it is what it is, he's made his decision, the club were powerless to stop him, its what he wanted and even if they had offered him more or somehow got him to stay, we'd effectively end up with the same situation we got from Tansey after his initial move to Aberdeen was blocked. Is that really what anyone would want?
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    Penny wise, Pound foolish. Aldi is value for money and sufficient. A shop for the people. M&S is pretentitious, snobby and thinks it's 'it'. Financially secure? Mmmmm? A shop being run on false pretences? I know where I'd rather go.
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