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    If only we could play that 12 men all at once IHE 😃
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    The Board of the Supporters Trust is delighted to report that Michael Talbot has agreed to join the Board as a co-opted member. Michael has been a keen supporter since having been taken to ICT's first competitive game at the new Stadium. With a background in sales, Michael is now Key Account Manager for the North of Scotland with a major supply and logistics company which has allowed him to develop relationships with staff in companies throughout the area. Michael brings organisational, time management and business skills to the Board, These, combined with his enthusiasm and love of Caley Thistle will make him a valuable member of the Board as we move forward. Michael's appointment brings the number on the Board up to 7.
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    Was at the Elgin game at The Glebe last night. Mackay was playing on the left of a forward 3. Good overall performance which included Daniel missing a sitter of a header in the 1st half and netting a rasping 20 yard drive in the 2nd half. Was easily the goal of the game aswell.
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    Just tell them you’ve driven all the way from Chorley. I’m sure somebody will find a key 😉
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    Enjoyed the latest edition, well done all I applaud you. Some good ideas from Moogthurso there but as there are only around 24 players taking part in the NPL I can't see it holding a lot of attention. On the other hand it may entice some more folk to give it a go.
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    Really enjoyed the honesty and variety of views. Theres even some radical alan simpson style controversial views. The Mutilator Some terrible ideas below. Any chance of talking to some of the young uns in fort william as a road trip interview. Find out domestic issues like meeting team etc and travel . And what they think about this opportunity to play every week. Fw boy of the match? What about reviewing man of the match votes and telling everyone how pish their votes were and why. Agree with result , disagree, or blind guys choosing. Worst techies of the week spot _ todorovs backward header in defence, etc. Best opposition player in next match. What to expect. Bobby linn well spotted!!!! Grasswatch _ weekly update on new pitch condition from groundstaff.... Aquifer watch- weekly pessimism from caleyd. Steward watch. Weekly update from those pesky kids in the stand whose wham bar gets stolen as a lethal weapon. Prediction league highlights......geeky. Well done.
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    Whites for the offski u heard it here 1st ! Think he's a decent player Robbo didn't use him properly he's good with the ball at his feet yet we ping high balls for him when he's poor in the air in a team that play 2 up top all the time I think the big man would be decent would defo set up a lot of goals
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    Loved both episodes. Thanks again. Interviews would be great, especially former players I think. I enjoyed that Ian Black one. Also how about Board members - Gordie Fyffe? Alan McPhee?
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    Another good episode. Like the focus on positive ideas- not ignoring obvious issues. Enjoyed the discussions around analysis of recent caley and opposition teams performances. The formations and how individual players are doing.
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    ok, initial scans show that we do not appear to have any sketchy files on the site (ie. any files that were injected or had contents altered from what they should be) ... A full scan of our site has been completed and we are now doing a full scan of the entire server to be sure. This will take many hours to complete so will likely take most of the night. I did a bit of a google search and it does appear that there were instances yesterday and last night of 'ad hijacking' taking place on various sites. I do not believe this took place directly on our site, but the ads we were served may have been compromised at source and displayed wrongly. It also seems the ads that were compromised may only have been mobile ads as most of you report it didnt happen on PC. If anyone does encounter this again could you please screenshot it if possible and/or view the page source and send it to me here or via email at [email protected] the site url. if its something on the site we will get rid of it, if its infected ads we will pause them until cleaned by google, if its anything else we will do whatever is appropriate.
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    Have a good weekend Mantis Cheers 🤣🤣
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    Sadly both lost 1-0 at home. At least Fort William only lost 1-0 so clear signs of improvement!
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    A good listen once again on way to Saturdays game Thanks to to you all.
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    We're on the telly against Morton a week or so before, can't see us being on tv again in such quick succession.
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    The boys need game time. This could really aid McKay's development and could become a replacement for Curry when his loan expires. He can be ready to step in for us fully fit and high in confidence, which is a massive thing for a player.
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    Mackay has scored for Elgin tonight.
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    Shaun Rooney made the SPFL Team of the Week.
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    ........ and when he leaves I'm sure you'll be the first to question why we let him go. Either you've seen something different this season from last season to change your mind on him or you're just being different for the sake of it, the boy couldn't do anything right last season in your eyes but now you think he's a decent player. You're a confusing chap Alan Simpson, so much so I think you're confusing yourself.
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    As I've said before, I don't believe that any cup is a nonsense cup. Sure, some may be more important than others, but the effects on a team's confidence of doing well (or badly) are very real. Winning this cup in 2018 initiated a great run-in to the end of the season.
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    Wait for it when we go crashing out early doors the happy clappers it's a nonsense cup who wants to win this! I'll be buzzing if we win it
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    Appreciate the feedback If anyone else has anything to offer please let us know. Stats aren't for everyone so we try not to be too heavy on that as well as having a mix of positive and negative opinions on all things ICT. I guess it's all about trying to strike a balance where possible. We're trying to see if we can set up some interviews with players past and present as well.
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    Storey shot quickly for his goal and that along with it appearing to dip mid flight caught out their keeper. Clever play. More of the same please...
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    Thanks for checking, Scotty. I saw only a couple of reports of it last night, but there are many more reports now, 12 hours later, including the fan forums for AFC Bournemouth and Middlesbrough, and the well-known car forum Pistonheads. CTO seems to be fine now, and my phone's AV reckons that it is OK too. I might start looking at ad-blockers or other browsers - I have seen mention of Brave and Firefox Focus.
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    Interesting you mention White being top scorer last season. To the best of my knowledge he only scored 7 goals in league games. That is not a great return from your main striker. Todorov and Storey would be my choice surely 7 in a league season would be attainable by one or both and we certainly had a lot more pace when they were on. All about opinions I suppose
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    Oh dear - Has Vincent taken over from Polly in more ways than one ?
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    Hope the commentary sounded okay for those who were listening in. Thought the first half was great entertainment. Arbroath had no interest in sitting deep and pushed players forward when they could with Linn the obvious threat on the left. He had a shot over the bar with his left foot and a right footed one saved comfortably by Ridgers early. Meanwhile Keatings kept popping up in the space in front of their centre backs and was the creator of almost everything good for us. Doran got in behind twice, but the first time he struggled to get the ball out of his feet and shot tamely and the second time he took too long and allowed Jamieson to block. Keatings then had an audacious overhead kick which looked terrific from my vantage point but was probably an easier save than it looked. So since we were on top, of course Arbroath went and scored. Ridgers flapped at a cross, the ball fell to Linn and instead of racing out to block his shot our players all tried to form a wall on the goalline. So Linn did the sensible thing and just leathered it. Having seen the footage at half-time I think Ridgers should still have saved it. He got a hand on it but was beaten by the power. Crucially we got level just before half-time. Unsurprisingly it was Keatings who played the killer pass (Polworth-esque!) and this time Doran finished the one-on-one. Half-time probably came at the wrong time for us as we looked like kicking on. After the break we started slowly; whilst Doran had another half chance so did Arbroath with one that somehow got flicked away from goal at the front post. The decision to bring Storey on for White kinda made sense as Arbroath were playing a super-high line but White's linkup play had been decent. And with Arbroath now tiring they dropped so deep that their central midfielders were on top of their centre-backs...and therefore denying Keatings any space to orchestrate in. That said when Storey went wide we didn't look any more threatening. Whilst the visitors were now leggy and sitting deep they defended pretty comfortably...until Storey cut in from the left and had a speculative shot that looked like a comfortable save at the near post, only for it to end up in the far corner via Jamieson's hands. It was an absolute gift. I'd love to hear what Dick Campbell said when that happened! Over the 90, we deserved the three points but anyone expecting a comfortable win will have been disappointed. As mentioned above I thought Keatings was terrific. Walsh had the beating of the full-back all day long and our central defenders were excellent in and out of possession. That was as good as I've seen Rooney defensively too, he was well disciplined and dealt with Linn very well. The obvious problem is in central midfield. Vincent's energy proved crucial in the later stages but Carson looks like he's still getting used to playing at this level. His decision-making wasn't great and he was too hesitant. We miss Welsh's confidence on the ball so much. A midfield duo of Welsh and Tansey (hey, I can dream!) would make us an altogether different proposition. Three points are three points. We only won five home league games last year so it's not to be sneezed at.
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    A bit of game time at a decent level - this can only benefit the young players, and hopefully ICT. Seem to remember a young nonentity being farmed out to Forfar a few years back for a bit of match experience and coming back as the great Barry Robson!
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    I agree. Perhaps theyve made it too limited? I think they could have raised a lot more money on these.
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    Was hoping this would be the year we gave our young guns a start after all Robbos hyping them up ! Might be a good move for wee Mackay get a few goals at Elgin surely
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    It's becoming very frustrating. Having watched all of the young players playing its clear have real potential. The likelyhood of Daniel getting game time with the senior options available was slim at the moment so going on loan and getting experience makes sense. However again like last season i see it as a waste of the talent and potential. To reach their potential they need to play first team football at the highest level possible. Playing with better llayers will improve them. You only need to look at Ryan Christie development to see that. If these guys get to 19 and still only have a handful of games for the club and dont make it for me the management will be responsible for the failure to maximise the potential. Are they better than senior first team players yet? Possibly not. Are they miles off it? Certainly not. I'd rather a year with them playing and improving from it rather than guys like Curry coming in taking up game time.
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    I predict that you are going to get a slap.
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    I have just listened to the podcast, it is very good and great to hear local people rather than those from the BBC on a Friday night. Thanks to those involved and I am looking forward to the next one.
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    Daniel Mackay stretchered off apparently
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    What's he want the guy to do cartwheels when he can't get In the team I'd be raging if I couldn't get in our starting 11 even with my sciatica and feet on the wrong way round!
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    Is it that Norwegian lad who's made an unannounced return?
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    Solihull Moors away would do me nicely thank you (although IHE might not like going there just now..)
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    That's where your wrong my man early doors I said the big fella would be mint in a front 2 just not his style been a lone striker! Was 1 of his biggest fans after xmas the man improved big time credit where credits due! I would question letting him go if we played a lot with 2 men up top for sure ! He's SPL bound and gonna say he'll be a handful if the team play 2 his strengths
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    Heard the union are on the case unfair dismissal Polly can take a coaches head of with a ferocious left hook nothing said some poor bugger moans Trafford gets picked before him brings down the wrath of Robbo
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