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    Hi All. Given that I was mumping about the season ticket process over the past 2 days it's only fair that I report great service today from the Club. I received a call from a very pleasant lady called Maever (not sure if that spelling is correct). Anyway it was entirely my fault. Turns out that the Club had an old email address for me and that is why I couldn't look at my existing seat. Rather than call me a stupid old git, Maever simply took my new email address and updated my account. No drama and within 2 minutes my new season ticket was secured. Excellent service, if this is to be a reflection of the people working for the Club going forward then we are in good hands.
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    To be fair to the Home Office, perhaps they thought there was no need to share the information with officials in Edinburgh as they probably assumed that Public Health England would deal with it since there is 'no such thing as a border between Scotland and England'.
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    Help! One I knew and I was too late. I was brought up in Corpach!
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    An absolute classic available on YouTube from half 5 today. 8 goals, 2 penalties and 2 red cards, it's Inverness CT v Queens Of The South from 2002/03.
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    Perhaps that might change now that the Home Office are finally cooperating with Scottish government officials and releasing the relevant information. It might also assist just a tad that the cautious and more considered approach of the Holyrood government has reduced the prevalence of the virus circulating in Scotland to approximately 18% of that South of the border yet Unionists continue to take every opportunity to politicise the pandemic. It seems that that hadn't gone unnoticed by the public if the opinion poll published in today's Sunday Times Is any guide. NS's personal approval ratings at +60, BJ's at -38. Support for independence at 54% and for the SNP at 55%.
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    It is indeed the B9006 at Leanach, between Culloden Moor and the railway. That field and the housing estate used to be an airfield! I assume you have heard of the legendary Captain Fresson and Highland Airways, which he founded in the 1930s. (You'll have seen the statue at Inverness Airport, and possibly the memorials at Kirkwall and Sumburgh.) He operated from the airfield at the Longman - close by the ICT stadium - but had this field as his designated emergency landing ground for when the lower-lying Longman was fog-bound. During WW2, the RAF took over the airfield, and initially used it as a satellite landing ground (SLG) for Lossiemouth. The idea behind SLGs is that the planes from a bigger airfield could be dispersed to smaller, camouflaged grass-strip fields, in case of attack on the main field. Leanach had Hurricanes, Defiants, Beaufighters and even Wellington bombers. However, they had a problem with brightly coloured civilian planes using it too, so they had to ban them because they compromised the camouflage. There was also an RAF unit at Dalcross, and later in the war they too used Leanach as a relief landing ground. The airfield was eventually de-requisitioned in March 1945. That hut, which is still there accornding to Google Street View, is an RAF building. My Dad, being an Innes Street lad and a teenager during the war, used to hang about the Longman airfield, and occasionally cadged a flight on a plane. I also know that he and my Mum once flew with Fresson, which would have been in the early to mid 1950s, when Fresson had a private charter business. Hence the photograph!
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    Once confirmed, I’m really pleased for him. Great he can continue in the game and remain based locally.
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    A positive update from the CEO: https://ictfc.com/ceo-season-ticket-update
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    I’ve always enjoyed pre season games, Clach, Elgin, Keith, Forres and Nairn all bring happy memories of Highland League but Brora is a special visit, more so for the Trawler Restaurant in Golspie.
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    We stupid old gits need to stick together.
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    Met Keith Haggart, who joined in February as Commercial Director, when I bought my ticket and collected my Oor Wullie. He was very friendly and positive about the future. He has been impressed with the passion of fans he has met and feels the community is more behind the club than was the case at other clubs he has been at (presumably Dundee but not sure what others). He talked about the subway deliveries and people buying season tickets for the first time. The players are all still furloughed but they are sharing positive stories with them. They anticipate training starting in September. He wants the community involvement to increase. All very positive and hopefully results in more interest in the club and helps us to stabilise the finances.
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    One thing that, in the past has held the club back is that, over the years there have been two wealthy and commercially astute individuals who clearly have an interest in the club but have never been able to work constructively together. I appreciate that both will have serious concerns about other business issues at present but, with the club, like many others, possibly facing the most difficult nine months or so in its history, I wonder whether now they could possibly set aside whatever their differences are and work together even for that limited period.
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    Hopefully once confirmed, we can line up a friendly when the football's back on and have it as a testimonial match for him.
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    Obviously lining him up to be their next manager. Good move in terms of he stays local and therefore keeps his coaching franchise.
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    Player / Coach at Elgin. Heard it's 99% done deal.
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    Aye, I cycled the Great Glen in 2003 about Easter time. Unbelievable weather. Built that bike myself, still got it but using an electric bike for the past 2 years. Really regret getting it resprayed metallic green. The day after I got home we played Dundee at Hampden.
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    It's Corpach just along from Banavie.
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    Very positive news indeed. Hopefully, anyone who has been swithering and can afford to will now join the joyful crew and perhaps treat themselves, family or friends to some merchandise even if that is not their usual habit. We need to add to our wafer thin squad before the season kicks off and every season ticket sold or shirt or scarf purchased adds to our ability in that regard.
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    In case you are planning to buy your season ticket this week at the stadium, note the opening hours are 1000 - 1400 this week: https://ictfc.com/ticket-office-opening-hours-this-week
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    Despite our limited lockdown relaxation we now have KLM flying in daily from Amsterdam. I really hope everyone arriving sticks by the quarantine rules. We have been less hit than many areas but I do worry that there is more to come as lockdown eases.
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    I always try to forget games lost - memories are made of games won surely.
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    Aw, gie's a break! You could at least have pretended to wait for a while Right, here's one of my Dad's, from 1994 or 1995. The area looks a little different now, but it should still be fairly easy. The question is why my Dad would take such a boring looking photograph. There's a clue in the picture, and it's still there today.
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    I can no longer remember the last time we played it is now so shrouded in the mists of time. Remind me, did Wyness score the winner ? Did Jimmy Calder play well in goal? Do you think that Steve Patterson will resists the charms of Dundee United and Aberdeen and see out his career at ICT ?
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    I feel sorry for Alan!! Lol!!
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    It's Coulmore on the Black Isle
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    As was wholly predictable, Hearts and Partick have lost their battle to have their relegation overturned by the courts and the matter will now go to arbitration independent of both the SFA and the SPFL. What should have happened in the first place and, with a fair wind and a bit of good will, ought to be concluded before the proposed start of the Premierhip season
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    Has Carl not got a coaching school on the go up here, could be wrong. Another thing I would like to see is a Todorov/Sutherland partnership up front. I think that would produce the goals we lack. Shane is looking fit and good to go
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    It happens in all jobs to good employees and even more so at this time I hope that those who are not offered contracts from football clubs and those made redundant by employers will find some work to support themselves and their families.
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    You can read Carl's statement two different ways. 1. He meant it's a shame the way it finished not getting a send off from the fans due to covid or 2. A shame he didn't get offered a new contract. Although honestly, it was probably the latter. Sometimes you have to be brutal. Robbo has a budget. If Carl was on decent wages and we have a capable deputy on peanuts. Why not bring in the deputy and redivert the wages to positions where we need more quality. I'm not meaning to be brutal to Carl because I loved his passion and commitment to our club but we can't be sentimental when finances are so tight and the only way drastically improve our finances is promotion. Which comes from a better and balanced squad. The nature of our squad generally means we have 11 decent starters, then cover. 2 good left backs seems silly.
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    Ailsa Craig, been there 😎 but I'm not a golfer so I'll guess Turnberry..
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    Brilliant Steve. Not a bad team he's picked there.
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    If he’s rejected an offer from Dundee, I don’t see him coming back here. Whilst another of Alan’s favourites gets a contract in the top league....
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    That's gotta be 1 of the worst deals ever you'd be the worlds worst car salesman my man ! Nobody ever wears footy socks anyway I pay more I'm wanting Coop the bigoted dug thrown in
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    Hamilton take all our cast offs.
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