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    The city is full of glory hunters & people still bitter about the merger. As Terry Butcher said Inverness doesn't deserve a team like ICT. It's amazing the success we have achieved during our 25 years as a club. But does Inverness care? If it ain't the glory hunting Old Firm fans with their TV subscriptions or people still crying about a merger of two Highland League clubs that happened 25 years ago people just don't want to give ICT any respect. Baffles my brain what would fans rather have? Still going on away trips to Forres Mechanics? or away to teams like Hibs in the Scottish Cup playing in the top leagues of Scottish football. As much as I like the Highland League there is no doubt that playing in the Premiership or the Championship is miles better. ICT have done the Highlands proud it's about time we get the respect & appreciation we deserve. We should be getting four to five thousand fans with the population we have not to forget the surrounding areas. Imagine if ICT & even County were nearly selling out their grounds it would be amazing. You can only dream eh?
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    Wonder if the SPFL will be hauling Robbo up again after those comments about the ref? Not because he was wrong, because he was totally spot on about that ref. He gave nearly everything the other way. Especially not blowing for the fowl on Charlie in the first half and then sending Keatings off, when it was obvious even to a blind man that there was plenty of contact.
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    Aye Super Caley Man, it's always something I've struggled to comprehend. Back then I had thought the city would rally behind the new team but the bitterness went far deeper and lasted a lot longer than I ever imagined. Being so faraway and without the great benefit of the wider internet exposure and social media back in 93/94 I didn't fully appreciate all the rancour that was flying about. But now that we're heading towards three decades on, and given the astonishing success and adventures we've had along the way, I now can't comprehend the apathy that obviously still exists. The poor attendances completely baffle me - it doesn't matter how well or poorly your team are doing, it's your team so you turn up to give your support if you can. it's the lot of the football supporter to go through the successes and failures of your team together. You can never really appreciate the joys of success without having experienced the depths and despair of failure - for that reason I pity the OF fans.
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    I agree with IHE - let's not get complacent about the Sevco C**ts game. They've made it to the semi on merit too!
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    Coll needs a hug after being involved in Hibs three goals last night. Hibs looked very dangerous but the good news is that Coll will not be in our defence when we play them.
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    Raith Rovers have won 2-1 away at Partick Thistle so will be our opponents if we win on Sunday. Must admit I’m glad Partick are out given our record against them this season.
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    Latest episode online now... https://thewynessshuffle.podbean.com/e/coupling-up/
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    Feels even better comparing it to C*unty's 2 in 26 ?
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    I'd much rather our own "colts" find their way into the first team, at TCS!
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    We shall wait and see how well he does when the votes are cast for this game
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    Once they leave Ibrox because Sevco have splurged millions of funny money on expensive signings leaving no place for them, I hope some of that Sevcolts team find their way to TCS.
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    Well in this case the ref made it harder for us by his inept performance. Lucky your buddy wandered in off his wing to trundle one past the baby Huns.
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    Given everything that happened and the weather in that game the fact the team showed resilience to come through it was very encouraging. 😁
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    Suspect it's going to be Friday night which is a shame as we probably won't take as many down if it was a Saturday night. They need to get their skates on and clarify things given it's 2 weeks before the first Quarter Final is due to be played.
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    It's a Singer 9 registered in Surrey in 1935 which looks in great nick as the one behind looks like a 1954 Hilman Minx V11. The filling station is Blackpark.
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    Do you have any cheese to go with that?
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    Don't think the low attendances are much of a mystery - there's an SPL team playing about 15 miles away, representing a similar locality to ICT. We're playing teams like Alloa and Arbroath and they're playing Rangers and Celtic. A lot of floating support in the Highlands and it's pretty obvious where they'll attach themselves! I must admit I didn't share the joy of many on this forum when County were promoted to the SPL all these years ago, believing it would eventually be to our detriment!
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    Haha it was actually a May weekend we had at Ariundle. That was the day after the Hibs won the cup. Watched the game in the bar in Acharacle. Here's Ardnamurchan Pisa lighthouse for you ?
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    There were some impressive performances in that Colts side. Don't forget they beat good English National League sides in Solihull Moors and Wrexham to get to the semi. Some of those lads will go on to be stars and rightly so. I just hope it's not at that poor excuse for a football club. One other thing I noticed at the end of the game, those young lads went over to applaud the local plastic Sevco fans but most had already left by then. So another Challenge Cup final, we love it. Raith Rovers will be no push over and it should be a cracker of a game.
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    👏Terrible Ref today but well done to the team playing in those conditions glad the club is appealing the red card
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    He doesn't need to with pace like he's got give us a new dimension upfront he's wasted out wide like having a Ferrari and never putting it in 3rd gear either that or I could be totally overrating him and he's gash like Our other "forwards" lol
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    Oh dear - that did NOT look offside ?
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    Unbelievable. I thought the ref had given us a penalty at first.
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    Keatings - It was only a matter of time 😣
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    The Rangers will be desperate to win this game today as it's likely to be their only chance to get some silverware this season
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    Lets hope that the bomb sorted out the Aquifer.
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    With all the rain there has been today and tonight I hope the pitch will be playable.
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    I suspect that the Central Belt and Englandshire support will be well represented.
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    Given the weather forecast this weekend with constant rain and high winds around match time, this fixture must surely be in doubt? Think Raith would be a good game if we can get past this tie
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    Chocolate Biscuit action Hold your horses, we play Rangers Colts in the Chocolate Biscuit Cup semi-final this Sunday at the Caledonian Stadium, Inverness. I bet you all forgot about this competition. Kick off for this one is 16:10 with the P&J Lounge within the stadium being open for a day of televised football, the drinks starting to flow at 12 midday. Ross County are the current holders of the Challenge Cup having beaten Connagh's Quay 3-1 in the final last season. The last round of the competition was played three months ago, I kid you not. So, back in November, we knocked out Clyde after a penalty shoot-out and Rangers u21's beat Wrexham 2-0. The other semi-final will be between Partick Thistle and Raith Rovers which will be played on the Friday night ahead of our game on the Sabbath. (Raith Rovers wait for the winners of this tie after they beat Partick Thistle 2-1. It was a frantic end to the game as Partick went two down with 15 minutes to go but they fell just short and hit the post as Raith hung on. They'll be dancing in the streets of Raith etc......) We have been in the final of this competition four times, winning the Challenge cup twice. To be honest it's an event that does not really come to life until the final stages for many fans. So here we are in the semi's against Ranger's finest youngsters and the opportunity to go further and gain some confidence as the league campaign gets to the business end. It's not for everyone, but our last final against Dumbarton showed what it meant to them and their fans as they lit up the day in Perth, their first final since the bronze age. Here's how we won the trophy two seasons ago......... Who are Rangers u21's/Colts. I imagine they are the finest hand picked youngsters who have been gathered from around the country and tied to Rangers on contracts that our players can only dream about. Add in a couple of seasoned professionals and there you have it. A team capable of challenging those outside the premiership in a trophy for the best of the rest. Rangers senior side won this competition in 2016. Rangers Team for the 2-0 win over Wrexham Wright; Patterson (Young-Coombes 31), Edmundson, Breen, Flanagan, Mayo, Barjonas, Maxwell, Dickson (Butterworth 87), Atakayi (Lyall 76), Kennedy. Subs not used: Budinaukas; Williamson, O'Connor, Miller. Goals: Jamie Barjonas (35), Nathan Young-Coombes (71) ***Inverness Team News*** John Robertson has fitness doubts over Aaron Doran and Lewis Toshney. Doran took a knock late in the home game against Alloa Athletic and Toshney, who had been cup-tied, has fluid on the knee which requires attention. Otherwise, it should be business as usual. Robbo insists that he has had The Rangers Colts watched a couple of times but admits it's difficult to know which players they will choose their squad from due to the nature of the competition. It could be a case of perm any XI from a possible thirty or so players. Good luck with that John. ***LATE NEWS*** The dates for the Scottish Cup game at Easter Road have been set and it's Friday night football for the Caley Jags. The game will also be televised live on BBC Scotland with a 7:45pm kick off ?Our @ScottishCup Quarter Final against @HibernianFC will take place on Friday 28th February at 19:45pm and will be shown live on @BBCScotland Ticket Information for Inverness fans will be announced over the weekend ? https://t.co/xPUhTigW3k
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    Citadel did well down there for quite a number of years. Where are those fans now? Quitters!
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    If anybody can remember all of those they are a fecking disgrace.
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    Hate to say it, but we're in a rut. We're never going to actually get a decent attendance. Main factor being, our time in the Premiership, we were never really consistent. We were just bouncing around in the bottom six with a few peeks into the top half. We go on a long run like we did in 2014-15, there will be fans, bums on seats, barely room to breathe, but then one tumble the next season, they scatter. I keep repeating myself til I'm blue in the face, and most likely boring you of how often I say it, push for the top half of the table. Faltering results by established teams like Hearts gives us an opportunity, we can fight, we're not a one time show, we NEED to grasp it while we can.
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    Inverness folk are strange at times the way they don't support their team by going to games (talk the talk) but what is worse Inverness folk that go over the bridge and support County
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    A great post Chris. So many memories and what a fantastic achievement to get to 12 quarter finals in such a short space of time. I've only missed a couple of these games, the moments that stand out are Barry Wilson's wonder goal against Motherwell, the Hearts game in 01/02, the 1996 Rangers game was such a wonderful occasion and we were so unlucky not to score that day. Looking forward to this years trip(s) to Hampden ?
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    Didn't you just nick them off Twitter? ?
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    I think on their day...Doran, Walsh and yes, even Storey are capable of scoring goals from around the box
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    When you think about some of our fans they remind me of Charlton under Curbishly had a style much the same as yogis possession football finished every season top 10 in the prem sections of the fans turned on him got bagged didn't realise till it was to late the impact he'd had on the club before u no it they've lost there style and identity plummet down the divisions playing route 1 football ! Definitely similiar to what's happened wit her us since Yogi left he was a huge presence around our club
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    Haha are u on drugs my man the decline was absolutely nothing to do with Yogi all to do with the board and there insane appointment and cheapskate ways Yogi left us a solid SPL side despite having an injury ravaged season the core of the cup winning squad leave on frees and almost no budget to replace them Raith were almost doomed before he came! The board stuck by Foran despite him loosing the dressing room and then the following board appointed Robbo decent manager but come on hadn't managed in near a decade had no relevant contacts didn't no what players were available no contacts for decent loan players and to top it of didn't even apply that resulted in us spending most of the season in the relegation zone when really we should've been winning that league with a manager who knew the lay of the land I reckon we would've wer Caley not Alloa the eternal underdogs
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    Sadly, it's not just the football pitch where he is clueless and not at the football where he does most harm
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    Hope its a 'way High' one ?
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    Haha coz I'm the only guy on here that actually nos what he's talking about my man won the Europa League with Legia Warsaw on Champs manager I no my stuff
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    I hope we are not doing the catering they will have run out of pies before the event starts
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    I thought so too. Thought that the red card was a bit harsh - and then I saw who he was showing it to Haven't gone back to look at it again, but I'm sure that at the disallowed goal, the linesman never flagged for offside, and ran all the way to the goal line with his flag down. Then next time the TV showed him, he was level with the edge of the box and flagging frantically, after the referee had blown.
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    For the sake of the competition and our players careers i hope we win this. Its so important young players playing competitive football in championship progress better than kids held in reserve at a big club for the first 5 years of their career.
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    I see us and Dundee Utd as the big dogs in the league my man no point following a team if u don't expect them to win most games I'm old school highland league fan I'm used to success lol
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    I thought Aitken has been one of the better referee's we've had this season.
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    • Inverness CT - Rangers u21 - C/Cup -Preview
      Hold your horses, we play Rangers Colts in the Chocolate Biscuit Cup semi-final this Sunday at the Caledonian Stadium, Inverness. I bet you all forgot about this competition. Kick off for this one is 16:10 with the P&J Lounge within the stadium being open for a day of televised football, the drinks starting to flow at 12 midday. Ross County are the current holders of the Challenge Cup having beaten Connagh's Quay 3-1 in the final last season. 
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      Here's something to ponder over. On the day of this tie, 20 years ago to the day, Inverness Caledonian Thistle emerged from the ashes and this phrase was begat.
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      Inverness slumped again when others around them were faltering, this time only drawing with second bottom Alloa. A first half penalty was tucked away by Iain Flannigan after Shaun Rooney and Charlie Trafford rashly bundled Kevin Cawley over in the box. We eventually equalised through Jordan White on the hour when he held off the defenders challenge in the box to turn and slot home from close range. White should have won the game with the last attack of the match but headed against the bar when it looked easier to score.  Despite a dominant second half, Mark Ridgers had to be alert to block an effort from close range on the rare occasion Alloa ventured forth while we squandered numerous opportunities to make debut keeper Wright work too hard.
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