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    Many of you on here would have heard about Yompa (aka InterTheNet, Steve Taylor). He is the guy who founded the Highland March. Over the past few years he has been dedicating his time to supporting and helping to find a cure to the childhood cancer - Neuroblastoma. He's raised thousands of pounds in the last five years - but it's never enough. He has recently returned from Austrailia after completing 2222km cycling from Brisbane to Adelaide. I read his blog whilst he was doing that trip and the whole story from start to finish is now available in Kindle format. An inspirational read from an inspirational guy. This will be the best £1.99 you will ever spend. And there's a lot of ICT and Highland March stuff in it too. Here's the link - go buy. Thank you. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ride2Cure-Neuroblastoma-bus-pass-outback-ebook/dp/B07JDJ4X7C/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&qid=1539511257&sr=8-18&keywords=steve+taylor
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    Wont get a winning team on the park if the club has no funds to pay for it and as long as it keeps treating fans with contempt then the inevitable risk is revenues (through ticket sales, mech and sponsors) and footfall will continue to drop. There is a link between success and having a well run club. Other than being a user on CTO, I have no other connection and not clued up on the ICT/CaleyD issues, but given the club has no official fan site which it directly runs or manages, I'm not sure that to try distance itself and not work to resolve the issues/relationship is really building the necessary bridge between the 2 groups. The club should be looking at this forum as a valued platform to promote the club rather than suggest it wont play with us as they don't like one of the kids. All very childish IMO and not how a professional organisation should operate.
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    Club representatives have recently indicated (to others) that they have no confidence in dealing with any group, organisation or body that has any association with or involvement from Don (@CaleyD ) ... whether that is CTO (where he has not held any role for many years other than being a member like most users), whether that is the Trust (where he is the democratically elected Chairperson), or it would seem with InTorNet Design, our jointly owned hosting and website design service, where the club will not reply to our emails (but will make factually incorrect statements about us to un-associated third parties). I will leave the Trust and Donald to address the issues involving them as they are not my concern, but I will defend both this site and perhaps more importantly my business by any means necessary from both scurrilous rumour and downright defamation. However, I will not go into further detail on that subject for now. Based on the above I would say not to hold your breath for any answer on here. To get an answer would require dialogue and as much as I personally reached out to both the chairman and the CEO in an attempt to maintain the cordial and mutually beneficial dialogue we have had with every single board of ICTFC since the club and this website were formed in 1994 - regardless of sometimes fraught interpersonal relationships with those involved - it seems impossible to continue to attempt to do so in such a one-sided fashion and be completely ignored by those who have been put in place by our shareholders to bring good stewardship and responsible governance to our club. The crux of the issue, in my opinion, seems to be power and control. It would seem that the current incumbents think that ceding any responsibility or involvement to others outside their tight circle erodes their power (the reluctance to put a named person in the SLO position is a prime example) or that groups like the Trust or CTO seek power and/or influence over them. This is not new, other people in those roles viewed the Members' Club, Supporters Club, CJT, CTO and others suspiciously in the past. However, it has been shown time after time that these relationships are intended to be symbiotic and collaborative in nature and can (and have) actually help(ed) them in many ways. I cannot and will not talk for the Trust as I am not involved, but I can say that CTO has no interest in having any power or influence at the club. What I do, and have done for the last 25 years is simply to provide a platform for supporters of the club to talk about issues, good or bad, surrounding the club. I did this initially as a hobby because there was no other platform available, and although other platforms now exist and all are equally valid, I continue to do it from 3500+ miles away as it keeps me in touch with Inverness, ICT, friends and others. We still get between 500-600 unique users per day, nearly 2000 unique users per week and upwards of 25,000 page views on an average week so although this is less traffic than our heyday as some prefer the other platforms or social media, and there has been a drop now we are in the championship too, its still not insignificant viewing numbers. Sometimes what is posted on the site are good things that draw praise, other times those are negative things that draw criticism, but through it all I think CTO has been shaped over the last 25 years by the users and we have, by and large, set our own standards where users more or less self-police the system and dont let things go too much in either direction. Look at some other football fora or indeed the various social media platforms to see discussions that spiral dangerously into territory our users do not allow. If the club choose to read the views of individual supporters and reach out to them or to change things at the stadium based on suggestions posted here - or indeed sent to them by any other means - then more power to their elbow, if they choose to ignore requests sent via any format then that is their right, but also their risk. As a supporter I will call them out when I think they get it wrong, but I will have no hesitation in praising them when I think they get it right .... and despite what is posted above, I do think there are many things they have got right and are getting right and which I hope to see them continue to improve and get right as they move forward. (the e-Programmes and the recent stadium commentary initiative to name but two) As the club appear to have made a conscious decision not to acknowledge or respond to my emails, I will once again make this clear in a public forum ..... I remain open to working with the club, and having CTO be one of those avenues they (continue to) use to help communicate with the fans as they have stated on the website, in the matchday program, as part of their recent email blast, and on social media .... but I will do it in the same manner as I have done for the last 25 years. I don't do bullshit, I don't do politics, and I don't accept bullying behaviour be it overt in nature or passive aggressive. I am also not going to sugar coat my responses to anyone in email or on here. I have the ability to separate the personal, professional, and leisure aspects of my life and will happily work with others who share that ability and don't let personal grievances bleed over into other areas. I am more than happy to enter into public/private dialogue with the club, be it the chairman, CEO, a named SLO, or anyone else ... can they say the same ?
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    The fact Qatar have the wc in 2022 tells you all you need to know about this organisation.
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    Tremarco sick of unbeaten run talk https://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/Sport/Football/Tremarco-sick-of-unbeaten-run-talk-11102018.htm Whilst its great that we are unbeaten in the league so far this season, I agree with CT. Last season we ended with 8 wins and 3 draws out of the last 11 games to start this run. That is championship winning form. If we had done it and maintained it from the start we may have finished on 80+ pts instead of 57 ... So far this season with 3 wins and 5 draws out of 8 games you are looking at a pace to end on a little over 60pts. Its great we are unbeaten but need to start turning those draws into wins and turn it into a real unbeaten run !
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    As Bill Shankly once said - "Offences win games - Defences win Championships." As I have alluded to before we look like a team better suited to attacking on the break and away from home. Maintaining a solid defence is essential and Carl & Co. will undoubtedly be prioritizing that. We have played 5 out of the 8 games at home. Away from home we have amassed 7 from 9, including the difficult trip to the Dark Side, three clean sheets and 4 goals. I expect to get at least 4 out of the next 6 points. Then the table may look a lot different as other teams are beating each other. Plus it is Tinkerville versus Ayr up next. Amongst the teams that we have played at home are Ayr and Queens who are not shoo-ins. Plus the opening game against Alloa was always a difficult starter. It does also however suggest that Robbo has to change the style at home. A few have advocated playing wider with more pace which seems like the answer. Lets see.
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    Come and join us for a night of fun for kids of all ages. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ict-supporters-trust-bowling-night-for-kids-of-all-ages-tickets-51348108575 Always a fun night and due to the lane booking unfortunately numbers have to be limited so please don't delay in booking so that as we can do our best to ensure as many people as possible can attend. We are hoping to have one or two special guests along so make sure you don't miss out.
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    2-0 Win this evening against Dundee. Goals from Daniel Mackay and Roddy MacGregor.
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    Alloa, Dunfermline, QOS and County were all playing in the Challenge Cup yesterday. With Partick and Dundee Utd already out they were free to play their scheduled league fixture. Or something like that.
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    unbelievable is the only word I can find for some comments on this thread. In other games yes we have missed some easy chances but last week ,the defensive blunder cost us the game,if people dont want to accept this its up to them to bury their head in the sand. Have a good weekend folks.
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    Eh.. think he's fairly accurate, our complete inability to score is costing us points big time. The whole idea of football is to win by scoring more than the opposition if you didn't know.....
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    Spurned chances lol were you at the game,, they were all decent saves and and a worldie save from young Daniels shot, behave yourself!!
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    So one defensive mistake versus multiple spurned chances at the opposite end? Thanks for confirming that it was our attack that cost us on Saturday.
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    Maybe the answer is to a employ a third party to act as a go between Cordiner and Larg are still local are they not? Dougal
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    Thats all very well with not liking the unbeaten run from last year, but compared to where we were last season after matchday 8 Last season League Position 9th won 1 draw 2 lost 5 points 5 This season League Postion 3rd won 3 draw 5 lost 0 points 14 We are certainly doing so much better than last seasons start. Also if we lost 3 games in a row we wouldnt be enjoying that would we,I think that would do my head in more than an unbeaten run.
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    Well said Carl. It's all well and good being unbeaten but a succession of draws is never going to get us into the promotion mix come the end of the season. We need to focus less on not losing and much more on winning.
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    Its been a long time discussed about the requirement for overhaul of youth development and it not improved over the years as we still have players of limited technical ability, however we also have guys who lack the fight and desire we used to see. Money from club football is a bigger motivator than the pride of playing for your nation. Club football makes all the money, influences player decisions and in Scotland seems to drive the SFA/SPFL - what we need to see is a greater distribution of the club funds back into the SFA for investment in grass roots as clubs cannot be trusted to do this themselves. Without the funding being sustainable and substantial each year there will be no improvement in facilities, coaches and ultimately players. Look at the Dutch where the top clubs are handing over European prize monies to erradicate plastic pitches and improve facilities - can anyone see the top Scottish clubs doing this or even every club offering a set % of income to be used in a centrally controlled fund?
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    Joys of the international break.
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    I don't care if Graham Rae issues a Salman Rushdie style fatwa on anyone involved with CTO so long as we get a winning team on the park.
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    It seems obvious to me that the club already have an open channel of communication on this forum via their pet mouthpiece, the Immortal Howden Ender.
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    Whatever we have been doing at development level we have been doing it wrong for a very long time. For those of us privileged to see naturally talented and highly entertaining Scotland teams of the 60s 70s and 80s watching us deservedly lose tamely to Israel is just heart breaking.
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    Nothing short of promotion in May will be acceptable, anything else is a fail. Surely most fans will not disagree!
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    Sure, but be prepared to reopen it in a few months!
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    He didn't moan about it when the games were at hampden
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