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    Sadly, taking out league form into the cup in that regard. The positives are that, for the fourth time this season, we matched our wealthier neighbours and are still in the cup with a winnable quarter final in prospect if we prevail. However, in order for that to be a realistic prospect, Robbo has to realise at long last that we are not good enough to defend a lead no matter how many defensive substitutions he makes. The only way for us to defend a lead is to continue to do what earned us the lead in the first place.
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    I just think the stars colided and we had as good a team as anyone at that time. No doubt it was Butchers team but Yogi improved them.Yogi was a superb coach but maybe not as good a manager ie in recruitment. I agree with Fraz here. It all went pear shaped when we didnt let him go to United and sadly was only going to have one ending with his eventual departure.
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    Add on the words "Scottish Cup Champions, you'll never sing that" and get it framed and stuck up in the Mallard.
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    ^^^^^ Fake news I think the more likely scenario was that you were outside the main gates involved in the demonstration calling for John Barnes to resign. Dougal
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    What are you havering about? we beat Sevco 3-0 on their own midden in the league cup and hearts, you can only beat what is in front of you we finished 3rd only Celtic and Aberdeen were more consistent, clubs with massively greater budgets so don't rubbish the club's achievements. Oh I nearly forgot,we also won a cup that year beating the top team on the way.
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    Defence looked worse once Col went off and McKay went to centre half, was always a case of trying to hang on after that enforced change. Cant believe we don’t have the guile and savvy to see a game out, not a bunch of kids we have playing.
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    We owe this lot. Let’s do them.
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    Man goes into a garden centre in Dingwall. Gudgie Coff is working there. Man: 'I want a rake please'. Gudgie coff: 'A rake of what?'
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    County fan works with the forestry. He’s been using an axe and usually manages to fell about 10 decent sized trees a day. He goes to the agricultural show and this chainsaw salesman tells him if he buys this chainsaw he can easily do 50 a day. A month goes by and the gadgie arranges to meet the salesman, claiming the saw is faulty. It’s only been doing 40 a day. The salesman is puzzled, so he pulls the starter. The gadgie jumps 6 feet back shouting “hells bells, where the feck is that noise coming from!”
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    Think I'll have to give this one a miss. Seems very odd though. Typo aside. >Announced with only 3 weeks to go. No time to save up, people often already have plans. Hell, my daughter's 8th birthday party is on the 9th and invitations are out. >£120 a head, way above the affordable range of the average fan. Especially if you're going with the better half. >No mention of anything that actually makes it a special ICT occasion e.g. players from past 25 years on each table/former manager as a speaker etc. Just sounds like the average sportsman dinner affair. >Ryan Esson's testimonial dinner in May is half the price in the same hotel and has at least announced a well known footballing name as a speaker! I'm sure it'll be a nice night but it doesn't look like one designed for fans if I'm being honest. Looks like it was for the corporate/business crowd and it didn't sell enough so has (late in the day) gone out to the average joes.
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    I think you should keep it and it might be worth something in many years to come as I don't think we are likely to win the Scottish Cup again. Do not cut it up.
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    Cup of Cheer In a pulsating Cup derby Aaron Doran put the visitors ahead with a fantastic goal after thirteen minutes, firing home from range. It remained that way at the interval but substitute Ross Stewart pulled the tie level soon after coming on. Brad McKay lashed Inverness ahead but Josh Mullin squared it in time added on to send this tie to a replay on Tuesday 19th February. The draw took place after this game and here are the fixtures. Aberdeen v Rangers/Kilmarnock Dundee United v Inverness /Ross County Partick Thistle v Hearts Hibs v Celtic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Inverness boss John Robertson sprang a handful of surprises by giving starts to recent injury victims Mark Ridgers, Tom Walsh, Coll Donaldson, Carl Tremarco and Aaron Doran. Jordan White would spearhead the attack. Shaun Rooney made the bench along with Nathan Austin, and Darren McCauley. County's former Inverness players Billy Mckay and Ross Draper started for County along with Kenny Van Der Weg. The effervescent Michael Gardyne would be the provider with Brian Graham the target man. Josh Mullin and Declan McManus were on the bench. A cagey opening few minutes as both sides jockeyed for position was ended when Billy Mckay dipped an angled volley over the bar after five minutes. Inverness responded by winning a corner but the ball to the back post produced nothing and Michael Gardyne looked to be the danger man for the hosts as he forced a corner at the other end after a good run forward. Jamie Lindsay drilled a deep cross wide of the target from the corner. A bit of a midfield battle ensued as the sides struggled to get to grips with the game and Liam Polworth won a free kick as Van Der Weg handled on the edge of the box. Joe Chalmers forced Fox into an excellent save as he curled low to the near post, however the visitors kept the ball around the County box, and when Aaron Doran latched onto a headed pass forward from Tremarco some 25 yards out. He turned and whipped a vicious half volley low behind the outstretched Fox for a superb opening goal. Gardyne broke into the box after 25 minutes but his shot was blocked at the expense of a corner. Gardyne took it himself but Mark Ridgers came out to gather the cross confidently. Gardyne was at it again and his floated cross caused problems but was turned behind for a corner which Ridgers gathered again. It was Gardyne against Ridgers now and Mark turned a stabbed effort behind for a corner, diving low to his right. Inverness broke forward and Tom Walsh almost emulated Doran's strike but Fox made a brilliant diving save to deny Walsh a second Inverness goal. County were racking up the corners after a Brian Graham shot was deflected wide but again it came to nothing better than a free kick for the visitors. A ball forward saw Fox have to block from Tom Walsh as the Inverness wide player sped into the box and flicked the ball goalwards. A few moments later Walsh saw an effort deflected for a corner as the Caley Jags pressed for a second goal before the break. Yet another great break forward by Doran who fed Brad McKay but the wing back saw his cross cut out for a corner. As Inverness gathered momentum once more, the first half drew to a close with the visitors on top. Half Time 0-1 There were no changes at the interval and County would be playing towards the Jailend after the break, and that usually inspires them to greater things. Scott Fox had to make an unorthodox stop to deny a piledriver from Carl Tremarco, the keeper eventually keeping the ball out with his knees as the ball fizzed goalwards. Great effort from Tommy. Ross Stewart replaced the ineffective Brian Graham and within a couple of minutes he drew County level after some untidy midfield play saw Gardyne drive the ball into the box where Stewart volleyed home. Doran spurned a glorious chance to put Inverness back in front but he mistimed his header and sent it wide when he should have hit the target. It was end to end stuff now in typical derby cup-tie fashion. Liam Polworth flashed a powerful shot towards the County goal that was head deflected for a corner. From the resultant corner Brad McKay found the ball at his feet a few yards out and he smashed it high into the net. Walsh broke down the left but his shot was a bit ambitious and it went well wide. County won a free kick just outside the box after Chalmers upended the dangerous Gardyne, but after the shot was blocked County were penalised and the danger was over. Carl Tremarco was having a magnificent game at the back and was putting his body on the line time and time again as County threw balls into the box, but the wee man stood firm. Substitution for Inverness as Doran was replaced by former Coleraine player Darren McCauley as Ridgers mopped up another ball into the box. Almost a chance to get a third as a ball is flicked into the six yard box but it runs through to Fox. And as the rain started to fall a mistake at the back by County let Walsh speed forward. He lashed a shot to the top corner but Fox pulled off another great save to deny the Inverness man. Shaun Rooney had replaced the injured Coll Donaldson by now and we re-jigged at the back with Brad moving inside. A loose ball some 30 yards out found Chalmers but it was wasted and McManus wasted an effort at the other end. They would not be denied though as our defence parted and Substitute Josh Mullin squeezed the ball through the exposed Ridgers in time added on. A dangerous free kick by County was wasted as they looked to get ahead in added time with Inverness now hanging on a tad, but the late comeback by County was just enough to earn the Dingwall side a replay as time ran out. Inverness were best served by Aaron Doran, Tom Walsh, Coll Donaldson and Jamie McCart, but none better than Carl Tremarco. The biased Bill Dodds gave the TV MotM to Michael Gardyne who was undoubtedly County's most influential player. Another frustrating night for Inverness who have held the upper hand in all four derby's this season with little to show for it. On BBC Sport:- Inverness CT manager John Robertson: "It's just about being street-smart. They stopped. "You just keep defending but they've let Josh Mullin through and he's scored. That sums up our season. We've been in the lead and given away a goal at the end. We now have a replay to play so we'll just get on with it. "We felt we were getting close to that third goal which would have finished the game off. We didn't see where their goal was going to come from. That's the difference. That's why we're fourth in the league and County are top." Ross County co-manager Steven Ferguson: "We always felt there would be one more chance in the game. Josh is well onside and does great to finish it. "The players never know when they're beaten. Sometimes it's not pretty and you have to put your shoulder to the wheel and the players deserve all the credit for that. "I don't think either us would have wanted a replay. We're delighted we're still in the hat." Robbo after the event.............. Date: 11/02/2019 Venue: Global Energy Stadium, Dingwall Attendance: 2800 Referee: John Beaton Ross County: 2 Lineup: Fox; Fraser, Boyle, Watson, Draper, Lindsay (McManus 86), Van Der Weg, Gardyne, Spence (Mullin 67), Graham (Stewart 55), Mckay. Subs (not used): Munro; Grivosti, Murray, Wallace, Scorers: Stewart (55), Mullin (90+1) Booked: Watson (68) Sent Off: none Inverness CT: 2 Lineup: Ridgers; B Mckay, Donaldson (Rooney 80), McCart, Tremarco, Chalmers, Walsh (Trafford 85), Polworth, Welsh, Doran (McCauley 77), White Subs (not used): C Mackay; McHattie, Austin, MacGregor, . Scorers: Doran (13), B Mckay (65) Booked: Welsh (25), Chalmers (77) Sent Off: none a
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    We were on the ropes for a while before we scored the 2nd, looking leggy while county still had plenty of running. Are we fit enough to last 90 minutes these days??
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    What on earth was our back 4 doing farting about on the half way line in injury time? Terrible defending. I'd imagine Chalmers will also be getting an earful for wasting possession just before that with a ridiculous pot shot from 30 yards.
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    I was going to go for Tremarco but I will give it to Michael Gardyne who did feck all in the second half. REPLAY 😪 BBC Dingwall NEXT FECKIN MONDAY !!
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    Last minute o.g. winner off Drapers face sounds nice.
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    One did and ending up very quickly bitterly regretting it.
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    He maybe has it on his CV but dont see clubs lining up to employ him?
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    I never thought we had so many fans that genuinely believe that winning a Scottish Cup isnt actually a real achievement and think the manager doesn't deserve recognition for that. Regardless of what fans think and the high regard they have for Pele and Robbo the facts are Yogi has SC winners on his CV and these guys dont. Perhaps its a sign of the Football Manager generation who think that if they can win the CL with ICT then in real life its that easy too!!!!
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    Think handing it over tho the newly named ICT supporters trust as a free gift would be a goodwill gesture. Doofersdad would it be something the trust would be interested in? That way the flag remains within the club and can be displayed at any game in the future Dougal
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    Personally I rather like this thread. One of the great things about this site is that there can be a large number of different threads running at the same time under each of a number of general headings. It is therefore easy to locate what you are interested in and ignore what does not interest you. It also means that threads can generally stay more or less "on topic" although inevitably they do go off topic from time to time and particularly when someone mentions the "Y" word. Having a thread specifically on Yogi means that anyone who wants to have their say on him can do so with detracting from the subject of some other thread. Anyone who is bored by the debate can simply ignore the thread. I'm all for looking forward - it's the reason I put myself forward for the Supporters Trust Board - but there is absolutely nothing wrong in looking back too. Indeed I would argue that looking back and learning from the past is essential if you want to be successful in moving forward. I think it is quite instructive to have a debate on Yogi's impact on the club because there is little doubt in my mind that opinions on him serve to illustrate what different people want from the team and how they view things differently. Just because we have different views on things doesn't mean the discussion has to be divisive. It is a fact that we had our greatest success in all 3 major competitions under his stewardship and for some that seems to be enough to give him club legend status. Others will argue that there were other factors which led to the success and he was lucky to be in the right place at the right time, and that given where we were when he took over, we should have achieved far more in the previous season. Some folk rave about the style of football he got the team playing whilst others felt it was the most boring football we've ever played. Some argue that had Yogi been given a bigger budget he would have delivered more success, whilst others point out that he had a bigger budget than any previous manager and argue that his failure to recruit better players is what started the rot. We probably all agree that Foran was a disaster, but the fact that we have such a polarised opinion on Hughes is fascinating. On another thread someone wrote that in order to bring in better crowds we simply need to offer a better product on the pitch. What the debate on Yogi demonstrates is that it is not that simple because people disagree about the style of football they want to watch.
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    Go on a trip to get all the finals players to sign it, then give it to the club.
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    Keep it in one piece. Part of our history now & will be worth more intact.
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    Simple answer is improve the quality on the pitch, it's not rocket science. There will always be a hard core element of fans who'll go no matter what, then you get the element who on the whole will go if they haven't got anything else planned then you have the rest who will go when the team plays well. Happens at every club in proportion and will always continue that way. I fall into the middle category where life dictates when I can go and this season has slipped away from me but I'd love to go to more. No amount of match day entertainment or better facilities will change that for me and I believe that the increased costs involved for putting on this type of activity outweighs the benefits through the turnstile.
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    Maybe not peanuts but defo not enough to replace the Calibre of players we lost and still would've been the lowest budget in the spl! Dunno if he did engineer his departure spoke to yogi a few times he seemed to proper enjoy living up here who mos tho! Ye your right most fans were shocked at forans appointment would've been a good assistant manager Richie!
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