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    Groundhog day again at ICT. Score a good goal, from a great through ball from Polworth, then down tools for the rest of the game. If it wasn't for some great saves from Ridgers we'd have been 3-1 down by half time. Second half was a complete non event from an ICT point of view.....we just didn't turn up. Was only a matter of time before utd equalised and the only real surprise was that they didn't go on to get the winner. So another home draw it is. Had we won just a handful of all the games we've drawn at home, we'd be sitting top of the table! For certain the squad needs freshening up in January. We need something to excite us fans because it's becoming increasingly difficult to muster enthusiasm to go and watch the same old performance, same tactics, same substitutions, and same results week in week out!😫
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    I imagine Robbo is going to sit the team down to watch what Livingston do when they score, they up tempo and attack attack attack . What we did when we scored was down tools and reduce tempo. We lost a good three point chance, It is not good enough.
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    Sad to hear Don will not be seeking re-election. He should be commended for getting the board back on a firm footing during his short tenure.
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    If you are taking players north you basically get what you are paying for. We need to start the likes of Roddy on a regular basis and take them off when appropriate. We don't have a sugar daddy to keep happy by playing in the top league and we certainly don't have the infrastructure to comfortably play there. Let's face it, we are a mid table championship club so lets become a nursery for young talent and get on with it.
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    Predictable play and predictable subs! Only Roddy made a positive impact on the game when coming on. Thought the 2cbs did well today as did Polly (as per usual) I think the abuse he hears from the fans is uncalled for especially when all Rooney gets is cheers when he is literally the worst player I have ever seen at the club! The only time we look threatening is when polly breaks out and our wide players give width but between winger coming to narrow and full backs showing not energy to get up and support its worrying signs.
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    Totally uninspiring. Another good goal for Walsh - three very similar goals for him in last 3 games I believe - but other than that pretty dire. Ridgers kept us in game, we totally rode our luck for a large portion of the match. Other than that, same old. Even the subs are same week after week, but credit for giving Macgregor a decent run out again. We need to see more of him though - and his U18 teammates. Things desperately need freshened up, the first team squad have had their chance and it's at the point we've nothing to lose. I'm certainly not being entertained this season and I'd rather pay money to see Robbo take a gamble and play more of our youngsters than hold out for yet another draw. Have to say that I'm getting really frustrated by lack of discipline by Brad and Rooney. Rooney got away with it today when he kicked ball in the air in frustration, but the pair of them live on the edge/step over the line week after week. Oh, and totally sick of going in entrance by sports bar and not allowed to go to toilet, never mind catering. Instead we are forced to go up the stairs, along the passageway to other end of stand and down the stairs. Creates bottlenecks and congestion as we're against the main flow of traffic and totally unnecessary. I'm not trying to get a drink, so why can't I use the facilities?? Been hit and miss for a while, but now we're told we can't get into sportsbar area after 2.30. Causing lots of frustration for those of us who simply want a pie/pee and also costing the club money in lost revenue.
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    totally agree with you myself like many other fans are bored of the same predictable stuff has the Coaches no other idea's ? Teams know what they get when they play us as we never play any different. Second half was dire and subs were too late especially young Roddy who made a difference
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    To kick it off I doubt whether any of us, even given the availability of a Tardis, would have changed one bit of the post merger histories of Caledonian and Inverness Thistle - from the agonies and soul searching of the initial post merger years through the unbelievable climb up the leagues, the momentous giant killings en route, culminating in a Scottish Cup victory and a surreal jaunt, albeit brief, into what many of us would have termed the UEFA Fairs Cup. As we progressed we were undoubtedly abetted, financially backed (perhaps saved) by injections of cash by a number of previous Board members and one in particular. But to me the Boards were blinded by the light, they spent in an attempt to try and secure a position which was probably well above our potential without a bonafide Sugar Daddy. To me their biggest downfall was that they were "weak". They rolled over like starstruck puppies when played with by the likes of Brewster, moreso Butcher and again by Yogi. Three very big egotistical control freaks. To me Brewster had many positives but he was aloof. Butcher is a textbook narcissist which augured well at the off. We will never be associated by a bigger name in our history. He became the Mr ICT of the media and he wallowed in it. He brought in players through his name and reputation and was abetted by the one of the best scouting system ever in Scottish football. But he was ruthless and his personality scared the crap out of the Board. He probably started off our rise to the top but he also put us on a perilous financial slope. When the Board had a fit of realism and tried to pull back the reins he fecked off and in true narcissistic fashion didn't give a feck what he left behind. So what did the Board do. They brought in a manager in the same vein and allowed him to repeat the process. Although it was feckin great and he also had his strengths. But we continued to overspend and whos fault is that ? Now that is why I get so frustrated over the criticism of the current Board. Yvonne Crook knows more about Marks and Spencers shopping ranges than football. Graham Rae probably thinks penalties are called free throws and you get three points for scoring a free kick from outside the designated box. They were brought in primariy to sort out the finances which is evidently a rotten and difficult task which probably annoys many at the Dump. But they appear to be getting there. Robbo is forthright and has a more personable and stable personality. He is a true communicator and knows his limits. Why is he still here ? Shure the Board were lacking in the communication skills but they have taken on Board people to carry out those roles for them. They take a back seat and let Robbo and the locally sourced Backroom staff to instill the "play for the shirt mentality". Scotty alludes to the future ambition. Of course it simply has to be an eventual return to the Premiership but stabilizing the finances and solidifying a place in the Championship has to be the initial goal. We have become accustomed to success but perhaps the realization is that a return to the Premiership may take a number of seasons and is dependent on an influx of extra finance. MERRY FECKIN XMAS
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    That was awful today. Everybody keeps complaining about dropping attendances and blaming supporters for not getting behind the team. The bottom line is that there is very little to get excited about. I am an ICT supporter and want to go along to a match to get entertained. Although I love to come away from a match having won a game I would be 'almost' as happy coming away having got beat if I felt that all the players were giving 100% and the game was entertaining. Until there is more entertainment on show I feel we will continue to haemorrhage supporters. Sometimes I think that the players forget that they are there to entertain the fans. Everyone makes mistakes. That includes professional footballers. Perhaps fans would have more sympathy with certain players making mistakes if those players got back into position asap and tried to make amends. Polworth is a classic example of this. On his day he is one of the most talented players in the squad. However he continually makes mistakes, blames others then doesn't put in much effort to get back into position. He acts like a petulant child and his outburst at fans today after he messed up a cross ball, to my mind, should not be tolerated. Yes fans get onto him but these fans are just venting their frustration about the poor show being put on from a player that is a lot more talented than he shows. I'm not talking about personal abuse that was dished out a few months ago. That was totally out of order and is unacceptable. Fans are paying customers and should be free to express their discontent (although not through a personal attack) if they do not feel what they are seeing comes up to their expectations. People would not be happy with a substandard meal they are paying for, should it be any different on the football pitch. Although the above is largely negative I do not feel it's too late. If the players raise their game the fans will get behind them. This is evident when there is a sustained period of pressure on the opposition goal. In order to get to the play-offs we need the players to raise their games, take the game to the opponents and then the fans will follow suit. Players upped their game against County. Lets do it against every team.
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    no matter the circumsatnaces he was very well paid for failure so I certainly don't feel sorry for him . l feel sorry for people who lose their jobs and struggle financially.
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    Disappointing. United may have the largest budget in the division but they are a poor side that we should be beating. Both County and Ayr, who we have matched in head to heads, have thrashed them. I am not saying we should do the same but we should be edging it. Running theme, we score first and then sit back ensuring we are, far more often than not, pegged back. More commitment needed for the full ninety minutes and a reinforced squad in the imminent window if we are going to retain any interest in the promotion battle. Huge opportunity missed today to gain three points on United and two against literally every other team in the division.
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    Very frustrating today! Having gone 1-0 up utd were there to be attacked, Walsh fails to play in Polworth to make it 2-0 and from then on Utd were the only team trying to score. Apologies we did make an effort to score once it was 1-1.... why wait until then!!! Despite Utd being poor they still created very good chances, Ridgers earned us a point today and McCart had his best game for us. Our strikers are poor, only Oakley puts in any effort. If Daniel Mackay is fit I'd get rid of White and Austin in January. Two wages saved, use the money to bring in a higher quality striker / attacking midfielder. Can someone tell me how Chalmers gets 90 mins every week, he is hopeless. He is superb at turning an attack into defence, he can't cross a ball or take a decent free kick or corner. He must be some player in training! Top 4 is the best we can hope for so lets see some of the youth players getting more game time. If we can use this season to bring through some youth players it will give us a better chance next season as I can't see us getting promoted this season. And finally what a shocking crowd today.
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    We never turned up after the break. It was only a matter of time before United scored, they were the far better team in the second half and I think we were lucky to get away with a draw in the end. We can't seem to hold onto a lead, and start going further and further back to defend it. I really can't see us getting to the play offs with the standard of football we are playing.
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    Reasonable display in the first half but dire in the second. Dundee United looked as if they wanted to win the game whereas we were content with a draw. Defended far too deep and only had two shots at goal in the entire game!
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    https://oilersnation.com/2018/12/16/gdb-game-notes-oilers-canucks/ Yes this is a very nice picture. It's of Vancouver in British Columbia and this one looks across the water to North Vancouver which is almost as "Pukka" as farther left into West Vancouver where the cider apples grow and houses cost well over 2-3 million dollars or more It's hard to deny the reasons why we want to stay in this realm of beauty. Every sport is available here and some even enjoy just paddling their feet in the water. And the mountains behind North Van are ski hills in the Winter which is very handy if you are into such great activities. So we don't have SFA football but the Vancouver Canucks are a very nice substitute(won last night 5-1).n'est ce pas? Tonight they entertain the Edmonton Oilers and will be lucky to get a win since the Oilers have at least 3 terrific goal-scoring machines on their roster. 3 periods of hockey each of 45 minutes can flow past really fast when the excitement builds.. ...Enjoy the picture..
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    Nineteen months, no improvement.
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    I have had the odd wager and find it occasional fun. However, I am also acutely aware that it has ruined the lives of many including our longest serving manager who was brave in going public on the issue.
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    As has been said before we need a couple of additions in January and we can push on from there. Don't think we are that far away but a spark is needed. We can comfortably make the play offs and would back us to do well. Feels a bit like a crossroads at the moment but I reckon we will go in the right direction. Supporters of the club should get behind them and make it happen. We are currently paying the price of past poor decisions but this can still be done.
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    Another season in this league will see attendances drop away further. Nope Robertson and co have to up their game in the second half of the season, cannot keep using the budget excuse forever.
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    Ok, I'll add Doran, White, Austin and Trafford so as not to single him out.
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    Well I am up for this one and will be seated between Yvonne Crook and Graham Rae in the North Stand. Cant believe that Lobster Thermidor will be available from one of the Catering outlets. Pre-match communication has been poor but I have sent an e-mail to the SLO's. Anyone have a scooby about who is available or not ? Apologies if this is the wrong forum for football related posts.
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    Horrid performance. Can't pass. Slow tempo and no one creating chances. Long season ahead for us.
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    In all honesty, I'm surprised he hasn't gone into managing elsewhere. Yeah, he didn't have a fun time managing us, but surely there could've been places at Highland/Lowland League sides?
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    for those making a distinction between "old board" and new board, just remember that we did not replace the board en-masse ... it was more of a rolling change over a number of years and some of the new board could also be considered as being part of the old board ! its not as simple as its being made out to be. Did the 'old' board make mistakes ? yes, they did. Has the new board? yes to that also. In fact, every board has likely made a ton of mistakes (considering we almost went to the wall twice). The one thing they all have in common I think is that they all thought they were doing what was best for ICT at the time. The board led by KC was trying to keep us in the premiership and was operating on a higher level in terms of revenues and costs and it appears that some silly contracts (for us) may have been handed out, but those contracts might have been sustainable in the premiership if we had remained ! The board led by GR is a board in the championship and although off to a rocky start - in my opinion - have started to pull some things round. They have come in for flak from several corners, including me, but more recently there have been a few things where they have been worthy of praise. The main aim is to cut our cloth to suit our pocketbook and we have done that before. Its maybe harder this time since we are used to premiership players and performances. If the aim is to steady the ship and build from there to get us back to the premiership then I am 100% behind them. If it is to be happy with our lot as a championship side then I am not.
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