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    Signed back on here with an extra S on my name to pay my respects to my great friend, my best friend - Bronson... aka Simon Macdonald. You gave me many laughs mate. You were an absolute rock for me when I went through my own separation. You pulled me back up. You had my back. You held me up. You were a true, true friend & one of very few people I trusted with my life. We had a brilliant night on Friday. Laughing, smiling, joking, drinking, talking about the future. I am so, so, sorry from the bottom of my heart that I never saw the signs from you. I'm sorry I never saw your pain or your turmoil. I just saw Simon, laughing, smiling, joking.... My heart is hurting like hell for you. I am riddled with guilt I never saw your internal pain & my own pain is growing each day that I failed you in your own time of need. RIP Simon. It was an honour to call you my friend.
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    Pathetic attacks on the team and manager on here. Tactics may or may not have been correct. We were on top before the first goal for quite a period and if Tom Walshs strike had gone in it would have been a very different game. To sit deep against ( Scottish International) passers like Scott Allen giving them time on the ball like he got in the second half after the sending off would have been catastrophic imho. Our forwards troubled the hibs defence , we scored 2 goals and could have scored 4 but for some superb goalkeeping from marciano. Our defence played to their level with some great last minute tackles from brad mackay Rooney ,and tremarco. Mchattie gave away a silly penalty and showed some inexperience but thats who we are. A team of developing players getting better under robbie rather than worse under Foran. Midfield were outclassed by a great hibs side coached by jack ross who made the most of their forwards amazing movement. Ridgers was a rock. Hibs are the form side in the premier league since Jack Ross took over moving from one point of the bottom to sixth place and too hear the same tired refrain of its all Robbos fault is disappointing to say the least. I think yesterdays game and the match against other premier league teams this season shows that even after losing Mcart and Coll we can challenge the premier league teams in the playoffs especially if we have our best team on the pitch. We missed Sean Welsh yesterday but I see hope not despair that promotion is possible. So support the team rather than attack the people working to that success.
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    It is with great regret and deep sadness that I post this note to pay tribute to Ken Thomson, former director of Inverness Caledonian Thistle who passed away earlier today (Friday). Personally I am happy and privileged to have been able to call Ken a friend as well as someone who always tried to do his best at Caley Thistle, sometimes under very challenging circumstances. A man who also liaised with us here at CTO to foster the excellent collaborative relationship we had with the club in recent years. Many people will have known him not only from the football world where he came to the club around 1999/2000 but also from the shinty world where he was president of the Camanachd Association in the early 90s. He was elected president in 1990 but served his time in that association well before coming president. He was on the executive committee in 1978 at the age of 24, and was also a former president of the Camanachd Referees' Association, a former secretary of the North of Scotland Shinty Association, and an organiser of the Aviemore Indoor Sixes. He was goalkeeper for Aberdeen University in the 1973 Sutherland Cup-winning team before turning to refereeing, and also sponsored Strathglass, the club from his home village of Cannich. Ken was an extremely important part of our relationship with the club. I would go as far as to say that he was the primary architect of the bond we forged over nearly 20 years. In the same season where Super Caley went ballistic, Ken reached out to me and we met a few times to discuss how the fledgling (5 year old) CaleyThistleOnline site could help the club communicate with fans and act as a two-way conduit directly with, and to, the board as the internet became a more and more important communication tool. He recognised the significance of the internet before many others did and was open minded enough to embrace it and ourselves and not worry too much about keeping things as insular as they had been for the first few years the club existed. He may have been more AOL than iOS when it came to operating the technology but he understood the importance. In modern day terms he was a supporters liaison officer (SLO) before anyone had ever coined the phrase or even thought supporters were that important ! He was instrumental in helping setup "Boardroom Banter" both times we ran it. He was the man responsible for the live chat sessions we had with the likes of Graeme Bennett and others and he helped us facilitate a number of events where club officials and fans mingled in social settings in the Caley Inn, Caley Club, Innes Bar and even on away trips at times. Over the years he dragged along the chairman, other directors, chief execs and other folk to these get togethers and I believe his input helped forge a bond with many supporters that can never be broken. There are not too many clubs that were as open as Caley Thistle during his time on the board and he is to be applauded and lauded for that. Goodnight my friend, you will be missed, but you will never be forgotten.
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    Tragically Bronson is not the first site member of ours to have passed away over the 25 years the forum has been active, and unfortunately he wont be the last, but the news this weekend seems to have affected a lot of us deeply as we have known him a long time even if we all had different degrees of closeness to him. I have been thinking about things a lot since I heard about this and would like there to be something positive to come from his passing. The Bronson Legacy referred to in the title of this post if you will. I do not know what fits, how best to phrase it, or even if we are able to do something lasting and beneficial on the site but FFS we need to look out for each other somehow .... I have seen comments on Facebook and elsewhere where members of our site have posted the offer to be there for others who might need to talk. I also hold my hands out and say the same thing to anyone on this site whether we know each other or not and whether we have crossed swords or are best of buddies. If you need to talk, I am here. If you need to vent, I am here. If you need a second, third or fourth opinion, I am here. I am no expert or psychologist, but I can do two things quite well ... listen and give an opinion. Many of us are the 'strong silent type' and that stoic Highland reserve is how I used to deal with things as well. It's a man thing, it's a Highland thing, and it's most definitely a Highland Man thing. Over the last two years my personal life has been less than perfect. 2018 started (on Jan 1st) with the suicide of someone I knew from the Toronto FC supporters group who didn't realise how much he was loved and revered (and still is). After watching an uncle die from Prostate Cancer, I was then diagnosed and treated for cancer myself and will live with some side effects forever but the crucial thing is that I will live. I also lost my mum in June 2019, two days after returning to Canada from our last visit to see her. Through it all I had the support of friends on both sides of the Atlantic, family and colleagues and this helped. I was in a dark place a few times but someone was always there with encouragement or a quick word. Its amazing how even asking how someone is doing can be uplifting and bring you out of that slump. It also helped me shed that stoic reserved approach. I now view life as too short and bottling stuff up is less of an issue now. I now participate in Movember each year and one of the key cornerstones of this is mental health (along with Prostate and Testicular cancers). I have talked openly about my cancer and told colleagues at work that if anyone is scared to go for testing or wants to know what happens after a diagnosis, I am here. The same applies for trying to remove the stigma over talking about mental health. I have added the MikeysLine link to our site pages over the weekend and there are a couple of other links below to sites that may help or form the basis of some small thing we can do for our little community here .... because thats what we are, a community, and community means looking out for each other even if/when we dont always get along. Please use this thread for comments, links or brainstorming anything you think we can do here. https://uk.movember.com/mens-health/we-need-to-ask https://letstalk.bell.ca/en/ways-to-help
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    Ridiculous that people call for Robbo's head. Can you imagine the budget of Hibs compared to ours, especially these days. Who exactly would you replace him with? People forget we've got to a cup final, quarter final, and are well in contention to be promoted to the premier league. Totally clueless.
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    Well it is part and parcel of my job and has been for 45 years. Taking calls two nights a week at the moment. BUT calling a NHS run Mental Health "Crisis" Line is not the whole answer unless you are in Mental Health Services, have a recognised diagnosis and the "Risk" level is deemed "High". I am mainly sought to action Section 136 presentations or MHA Assessments. Of course that is usually urgent and needed. But it is often life events, loss and potential loss that eats away - leading to guilt, hopelessness, worthlessness and helplessness - and often when we "bottle" it up another kind of bottle is a coping mechanism. Many people who call want to maintain strict confidentiality and often anonimity, many are still put off by the stigma and most just want to talk and be consoled. Primary Care Mental Health has been overloaded and waiting lists are "ridiculous". I have heard good and bad feedback from the large number of helplines available. Over the years I have found that it is usually the ones who have perfected the "cover" or act impulsively, that often choose the suicide route. I bet that word made people shiver. Should I have used it ? To me the only way to ask about "suicide risk" is to be direct and blunt. Not at all easy but I would say - Ask the question. Well I am now off to an assessment. A young 19 year old who made a serious attempt at the weekend. The aim will be to establish the risk and to try and establish the precipitators. But as Gringo succinctly pointed out - Tell someone - In fact identify somebody close to you NOW and get them to be your "buddy" and make an agreement to act when necessary. As the tears begin to fall again - I wished that you had called out mate - there were so many who would have answered the call.
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    We didn't 'bottle' it. We overcame a very talented and rather highly paid development team of a club with close to twenty five times our income in horrendous weather conditions and in the face of two terrible officiating decisions one of which deprived us of a penalty and a player for a large chunk of the second half and the other of a perfectly valid goal. A little more positively on reaching a national final might not go amiss.
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    Best of Luck Greg - Thanks for the great memories ?
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    Powerful stuff, but it basically ignores the quality of our opponents. You'd have a point if we were competing against Fort William in these games, obviously not if we were playing Man City. Why should we have done better against County, Dundee United and Hearts specifically? All three have significantly higher budgets to work with - Robbo has said that County have more than double our budget, Alan Preston said the other night that United had at least treble. Hearts' will be a lot more. Why do you ignore that not only did we put two of those clubs out of cup, but also finished above at least three other clubs in our league with higher budgets than us? For me, the most impressive aspect of our overall performance this season is that it took place at a time when everyone is on such a massive downer. The whole club's being cut to the bone, players leave at the first sniff of interest and we're delighted just to get them off the wage bill, the home crowds have been reduced to a small group of moany old men and some 15 year-old wannabe casuals. I'm just delighted we stayed up under these circumstances - overachievement is putting it mildly.
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    To those thinking of boycotting please please think of the other players here! Boycotting wont make one scrap of a difference to the SFA. We dont get to many cup finals so lets get behind the boys and cheer them to a cup win. Leave the politics to the club who appear to be doing just fine re that.
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    What utter s***e ! Like many before him, the guy is in the death throes of his current contract and has chosen to look further afield as he can make more money doing the same job elsewhere. The 'guardians' of the club as you so derisively call them can no more make him sign a new contract than you could. It is the player's choice, or in some cases, the choice or advice of the player's agent. We have been down this road in every division we have been in, including the premiership and with every board and chairman who has ever been at the helm for more than 5 minutes. As for the player, I cant say I blame him ..... The gulf in income between premiership and championship is massive - even before you consider Uncle Roy's deep pockets - so its no surprise that a player would look to go there for a bigger payday in what is a short career compared to other occupations so whilst we may not like it, any sane and intelligent human should be able to understand it.
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    Not long home after a good away trip despite two road closed diversions on way home just to delay us even more. A good three points and plenty Dobbie misses so we are well pleased we made the effort to travel, after being at Greenock on Saturday. Enjoyable craic and team played so much better than against Morton. More of the same for the next few Saturdays please ICT.
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    No cheer leading here ... just want someone willing to run our club properly and capable of doing so. Who they are is irrelevant, what they can do is what matters.
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    Great effort by the team and fantastic backing from the away fans. Unfortunately effort alone will not win us anything. It's the age olde saying: You can only p15h with the cork you've got. We know our shortcomings and I'm sure we all know who we should be keeping, but I can't fault the effort of the players, they gave all they had. Today/last night is not really the time for us to be slagging off the squad, but it should be a time to savour the microscopic shreds of success in a challenging season. I'll come back to this in a few days as we learn to cope with another season in the Championship. I don't think we should be getting ahead of ourselves and expecting success next season either. Unless a miracle happens, we will still be in the Championship, still have no money and still have sh1te referees. Plenty of passion shown on the matchday thread, but try and keep it civil. No one died and we are all different with the same aim. ps Thank Christ the season has ended. No more match reports for a couple of months
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    We don't need a big budget to get fans of their arses and get behind the side. If the official attendance is correct, then 2604 fans. 1050 of them were away fans so that leaves 1554 home fans. What does this city want ffs. They obviously don't want a football club to be playing at the top level. That's one of the reasons we are in financial trouble, the general apathy of Inverness. It's bloody depressing.
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    There is no realistic prospect of catching the Arabs but second place gives us a fighting chance of promotion via the play offs and that very competent and professional performance cements our pole position in that regard. For those still constantly complaining just look at Partick and Falkirk. Both clubs with more fans, more money and healthier player budgets than us yet one look increasingly destined for league One and the other has been stuck there for two seasons now. We may be frustratingly inconsistent but, given our extremely limited resources including losing valuable players in the January window, we have remained competitive and firmly in contention in the play off places. Credit to the manager, coaches, players and our small but loyal band of fans for that. Time to stop griping and get fully behind the team for three months or so that could determined our future as a full time team.
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    We're planning on having a minutes applause in the 44th minute for Simon / Bronson during this game. Something to note for later this month and feel free to make others around you at the game aware. Hopefully get as many people joining in as possible. Cheers.
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    I really can't believe all the clowns who are shiteing on the team over this result. It was stupidly unlikely for us to actually win this game. I think we played out of our skin, the Livi game was just a fluke, and this was a real test, Hibs are doing well in the league. Show some support for the team. Jeezus.
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    The city is full of glory hunters & people still bitter about the merger. As Terry Butcher said Inverness doesn't deserve a team like ICT. It's amazing the success we have achieved during our 25 years as a club. But does Inverness care? If it ain't the glory hunting Old Firm fans with their TV subscriptions or people still crying about a merger of two Highland League clubs that happened 25 years ago people just don't want to give ICT any respect. Baffles my brain what would fans rather have? Still going on away trips to Forres Mechanics? or away to teams like Hibs in the Scottish Cup playing in the top leagues of Scottish football. As much as I like the Highland League there is no doubt that playing in the Premiership or the Championship is miles better. ICT have done the Highlands proud it's about time we get the respect & appreciation we deserve. We should be getting four to five thousand fans with the population we have not to forget the surrounding areas. Imagine if ICT & even County were nearly selling out their grounds it would be amazing. You can only dream eh?
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    White & Storey scoring....can someone check on @Alan Simpson to make sure he's ok?
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    That was a lot of fun. Didn't look like it was going to be early on as Ayr cut through us twice in the opening 10 minutes - really smart goalkeeping from Ridgers saved us on both occasions. By the time Sean Welsh went off injured the game had settled into the kind of attritional midfield stalemate that turned out to be perfectly suited to the skill-set of Charlie 'Harum Scarum' Trafford who went on to have an excellent game as did Vincent alongside him. I didn't get a great view of the first goal but it seemed that a Rooney cross found Vincent in the box who knocked it home (?deflection) while White was on the ground - Ayr fans are claiming he was offside and intefering with play. We kicked on from there and were the better team for the remainder of the half. Ayr went at us at the start of the second but we defended well on the edge of our box. Donaldson grew into the game after a shaky start and sparked what will surely go down as one the best moments of the season when he lashed a clearance up the line shortly after the hour mark. I assumed that it was going out for a throw-in and would've been happy enough with that outcome, but as the ball crossed the half-way line we were shocked to see Shaun Rooney lingering around the touch-line, comfortably further forward than any other Caley Thistle player. "What's Rooney doing there?", was the first reaction, but Shaun knew exactly what he was doing - he pulled the ball out off the air, drove past his opposing full-back and steamed on into the box without ever considering anything other than cooly slotting it past the keeper. Wild celebrations ensued. Ayr kept coming at us, there was a bit of desperate defending and another couple of very good saves from Ridgers but we had the better chances on the break (McGregor took a touch too many when through on goal just before Rooney's majestic moment, James Vincent missed a sitter when clean through after) and ultimately saw the game out through sheer fight and desire. White picked up where he left with Ayr last season - they really can't handle him and while he didn't contribute much on the ball, I thought he was key to getting us back in the game by unsettling the Ayr defence. IHE will be on shortly to disagree. Storey had his best game so far, playing wide right and finding more space than anyone else seemed able to. But today belonged to Rooney - that boy definitely has the makings of a 'Highland Hero'.
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    Good on you robbo someone had to berate the officials have to feel for him and players terrible decisions in both games the boys must have been gutted at half time lets get behind them next season and win the league come on Inverness people let's support your team
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    I'm making just my second contribution here in a year of self-imposed purdah because I feel strongly enough about this to want to back up Scotty's effort to put the record straight about David Sutherland. Sutherland's, and hence Tulloch's involvement with the club began right at the start of 2000 and their contributions have AT LEAST amounted to the following:- * When the club's debt hit around 2.3M late in 1999 DS, as Tulloch Chairman, arranged for the company to spirit that debt away; otherwise Administration or worse would have been inevitable. That happened in conjunction with the stadium and lease transferring by a complex route to Tulloch. These have recently been largely gifted back to the club to the its great additional benefit. Coincidentally the book value of that gift is also quoted as 2.3M so that huge debt has gone at the expense only of Tulloch retaining much of the car park. * In order to ensure working capital to enable progress to the SPL in 2004, Tulloch/Sutherland also initially put in 0.5M, and other supplements made them the owners of these 729,500 shares which were more recently donated back to the ICT Trust. Tulloch has therefore voluntarily relinquished its former position as largest shareholder. * In order to ensure an escape from an unsustainable lease at Pittodrie in 2004/05, Tulloch/Sutherland ensured that funding was put in place for the North and South stands and built these themselves, within the required very tight 7 week timescale. These stands are also part of that gift back to the club. Surely even the hungriest of supporters could not expect a totally free lunch from this, so there was indeed a rent involved. * There also were various other day to day assistances such as the free secondment of Tulloch staff to work at the club which constitute a further benefit. * In recent years the club's need for its expenditure vastly to exceed its earnings has been largely sustained by loans and donations from wealthy individuals with its best interests at heart - including David Sutherland. It is estimated that Tulloch's investment, instigated and implemented by David Sutherland has, over the years, come to approaching 6 million, before you include his recent personal donations. It's all very well for Inverness fans to point to Roy MacGregor as a major benefactor of Ross County but it always seems to be forgotten that ICT has also benefited in a major way from handouts from interested parties, principally Tulloch. Without these the club would at best have been playing part time football for years with never a sniff of the SPL, Europe or the Scottish Cup... or at worst gone into liquidation at some point during 2000 or 2001. The biggest irony of all, however, is that on the one hand there seems to be this expectation within football that wealthy individuals will bankroll the game's economics of the madhouse... but on the other, the far too frequent vilification of these individuals for their contributions is likely to act as a major disincentive to others to follow suit. Talking about kicking a gift horse in the mouth..... Over and out.
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    Congratulations to the club in their efforts to help out their older season ticket holders by distributing packages of foodstuffs and household essentials. I have just received a delivery of several items for which I am very grateful
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    My Facebook Post from earlier today..... Words can not explain how I feel right now. Today I heard of the passing of one the nicest guys I ever met whilst supporting Inverness Caley Thistle. He was a laugh, a true Caley Thistle fan, a gent and was always in awe at my (our) long distance journeys that were made as a family to follow his (our) team. He was also a founder member of the infamous Highland March and also became the saviour of it too on that very first event. I shared the support bus with him on a number of occasions we're we talked football and rock music. From those halcyon days of the HM, the fun in the Innes Bar, the home matches and the away matches on the supporters bus I will never forget you Simon MacDonald ‘Bronson’ never. With a heavy heart I bid you farewell my friend and may you rest in peace now. My heart also goes out to all your family and friends. A pain unimaginable right now. I hope my words ease that awful pain somehow.
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    For me it was earlier that game and the Tansey penalty. The gamesmanship and Celtic taking 5 mins to sub the goalie and resume the game. For him to stand there in front of 30k odd baying celtic fans before tucking it away and starting out comeback. Hand of meekings was glorious too along with this minter
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    I actually agree with @tm4tj, White was no worse than the rest today. But let's turn your statement round.You are always the goto fan to stick up for White. Why don't you stick up for Brad Mackay, Charlie Trafford (especially), or Curry or even Doran who have had a fair bit of stick? Because you're so obviously Jordan's mate. Or brother ? Big Jordan got his share of credit last season when he came on to a game halfway through the season. I like Jordan as he gives 100%, but let's face it, when Jordan leaves ICT, so will you. I asked you before, how long you had been watching ICT and you dodged that one. Because let's be clear: this is the worst ICT side since we were promoted out the seaside leagues in 1999. 20 years ago. Guys like Russell Duncan who were considered jobbers when we won the First Division would be standouts in this team. Forwards like Wyness, Ritchie, Bingham, Wilson, Hislop are players we would kill for now, and that's without mentioning that the standard in the league has dropped in 20 years.
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    Tell you what, if I was a potential investor (read donor) and took time out of my busy life either running a medium to large sized business (which is what you need to be doing to inject the levels of capital the club need, let's face it) I'd think twice after seeing some of the posts and disdain that "we" seem to have for the board, their motives for doing what needs to be done, the way they run the club etc. The cynicism in quite staggering - and I can do cynicism - but some seem to chip away at everything without making any suggestion as to what they would perhaps suggest. We could maybe do with damping things down for a bit and thinking how we could perhaps look to pro-actively assist in our clubs future. Or is schadenfreude the way forward when we go part-time, run out of money, sell th eground and we can sit back and say "See, told you so", fiddling whilst Rome burns. Jaysus.....
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    Highlights of the 3rd round replay between Caley and Airdrie in 1990 is now available on YouTube. Many thanks to @TheMantis for providing the footage of the 2 goals - greatly appreciated.
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    This is not a merger argument...it's not even an argument IMO...it's about people expressing an opinion that the club has failed to properly recognise the clubs roots in both strips released for our 25th Anniversary. Regardless of how good, bad or indifferent you think the strip is as a design...it can't be argued that it fairly represents the club's roots. Also...why do we need to bury the events and histories of the clubs sacrificed to bring ICTFC into existence? To try and do so is utterly disrespectful to those on all sides at the time, to those who moved forward and worked tirelessly to try and ensure it was a success and even to those who decided not to follow ICTFC. The solution is pretty simple....FAIRLY represent the 109 or so years of history from BOTH the pre-merger clubs. Do that and the constantly recurring "they get more recognition than them" issue goes away and all fans...young and old alike...can properly embrace all 134ish years of history. One Great Club - Three Great Histories Let's celebrate it, not obliterate it.
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    I was to kwl for school sister! It's probably an age thing girl don't beat yourself up over not understanding how us young bucks roll!
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    Just watched the first half of the BT highlights - I only sat through that painful second half to applaud the players for their season so certainly wasn't going to watch it again. Funny how differently you see things at the time - as I experienced the Doran chance, about 10 seconds seemed to pass between the sublime first touch and the failed attempt to lift it over the keeper. Turns out it all happened in a split second and there was someone on the line to deal with it anyway. Siegriest's save from Walsh's deflected volley was probably the closest we came in retrospect. Overall, and bearing in mind injuries, fatigue, the financial chasm, the size of the crowd and club we were up against etc., that was a great effort in the first half. If we'd got the first goal then something magical might've happened. We didn't, but i'm left with nothing but massive respect for everyone involved in the effort.
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    These players have sweated blood this season. You could see some of them weren’t fit last night, Walsh for one, and Coll and Doran probably. Everybody knows the squad was down to the bare bones. But if anything they were the better side in the first half and could have been a couple of goals up with better finishing. They deserved to take a bow for their efforts. And yet at the 3rd goal we have people streaming out of the ground?‍♂️
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    This is the result that will have all of Europe talking tonight.
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    I have little interest in how County do unless they are playing us. I have no issue with them doing well and having a wealthy benefactor. I certainly wish we had the same. Roy McGregor has the interests of his club and their fans at heart and I admire him for that. They certainly have a much stronger connection between the boardroom and the stands than we have in recent seasons. That said, whilst wishing County congratulations on almost certainly achieving promotion at the first time of asking, I now intend to ignore them and concentrate on our own efforts to get back into the Premiership. Not to match County but entirely for our own sakes and the same of the future of our club.
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    That's an impressive level of pessimism even for this site !
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    Tuesday is the big one now we can secure a playoff spot and if we do that what a season we will have had. Semi final in Scottish cup and the possibility of promotion back to the premiership. Robbo has done an amazing job with the group of players and resources available to him This year. All round a good season.
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    I think some folk are being rather unduly negative. Sure, we weren't at our best but let's give a bit of credit to Falkirk who are a much better side now than the team that beat us here earlier in the season to end our unbeaten run. They strengthened considerably in January and have lost only once in 2019 - a 2-1 loss away to league leaders County. In that game they may have conceded 2 goals but they restricted County to just 4 attempts on goal over the 90 minutes. Today was also the first time Falkirk have failed to score in 2019, a fact for which our defence deserve a bit of credit.
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    Read it and you'll ee its a good statement ,and the fact it's done jointly with County draws a line that is clear. Damage done to either stadium from either set of fans affects both clubs and will be dealt with accordingly. Some tubes in the support can't comprehend this...they aren't needed at the games.
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    https://www.facebook.com/events/159196654986337/ Don't forget to buy your tickets for the SemiFinal against Hearts at Hampden. This may appear to be an alien concept for some, but always remember this, in space, no one can hear you scream. If you are sitting in your living room passing round the werther's originals and watching on TV, the lads won't be able to hear you. They have been brilliant to get this far in the cup and it's a great day out at the National Stadium. Be there or be square!
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    Latest from ICTFC TogetherNESS Great gesture from the club
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    Hello, With the new season upon us a few ICT supporters have gotten together to produce The Wyness Shuffle, the first, as far as we are aware, podcast covering ICT. Hopefully you enjoy (most of) it and it sets you up nicely for the season ahead. The first episode will be available tomorrow so give it a listen when it's available and let us know what you think either here on online on the Twitter or Facebook page for the pod. In the future we'll hopefully get some interviews with various (ex) ICT players or managers but if you have any suggestions as to what you might like to "see" in another podcast let us know and if you'd like to get involved in any capacity send us a message Cheers!
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    Todorov had a good game v Queen of the South (I was there) and scored a goal but gets dropped today. Why on earth? On his worst day Toddy is better, more industrious, not scared to tackle, than White. I am fed up of White jumping and missing the ball. I am no football manager but fail to see the benefit Robbo sees in playing White week in week out for little return. I would have Todorov starting, with Walsh too and Keatings. Incidentally well done Charlie Trafford, he never gives up despite not being given a regular start. Carson a good signing, improving every game.
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    That was shocking behaviour. Shaun has been through a tragic experience and no one should have to be subjected to abuse. Credit to him for shutting them up with an assist and a goal. Well done Shaun!
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    That's OFW officially gone to Hamilton Accies. He has barely played for us since 2016/17 he played like 3 games in 2017/18 while Mark Ridgers was going through a really bad period in form. His only appearances in 2018/19 was on the bench while Mark Ridgers was injured in the later stages of the season. Cammy Mackay didn't have a ridiculous appearance fee so he got put in between the sticks ahead of OFW. He wasn't the best keeper we had & certainly wasn't the worst. Pulled of some outrageous saves but then he would have horrendous blunders like that one against Dembele when we got thrashed 4-0 at home by Celtic. No one is to blame for the contract apart from the management that was in charge at the time. Anyone would have done the same if they got offered a luxury contract like that. Anyone who says otherwise is talking bollocks. It's not his fault that the situation turned into an farce GK department is a position we have a lot of depth in (Ridgers Mackay Hoban MacKinnon) I would imagine OFW's departure has given us a lot more room in the wages department. I wish him all the best for the future he seems like a pleasant guy. I'm glad he's finally found a club & has got himself out of this mess.
  49. 8 points
    Brilliant statement from the club. Well done to the club and, of course, to Robbo.
  50. 8 points
    Yup. Too many armchair fans in Inverness.
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      Inverness had to re-shuffle the back four in the third minute with Lewis Toshney unable to continue, Kevin McHattie replacing him.  A deflected shot by Lee Connelly opened the scoring after 12 minutes, the ball entering the net off Brad Mckay......
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