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    Tonight's sale of Draper to Ross County has (hopefully) concluded the worst summer of the clubs entire 23 year existence. starting with relegation, we've seen the following. - We sack Richie Foran after the end of the season, which was the right decision but taken so late that the rightness or wrongness of it becomes secondary. Why persevere with someone for so long when he obviously wasn't good enough, suffer the consequences and then take action when it's too late? The fact someone with his history at the club was despatched with a two line statement was also a joke. - The club then reshuffles the boardroom, with a load of Inverniessian estate agents, solicitors and whatnot leaving and joining. No-one really has any idea who any of these people are, none of them have any experience at running a football club whatsoever. The only chink of light is appointing Danny MacDonald, who does know about this, as COO last week. - Following relegation we don't reduce season ticket prices and issue unbelievably arrogant press release about getting promoted as champions. The tin eared idiocy of this is made more apparent by subsequent events - we ask fans to stump up money to ensure we can cover costs but then release and sell our high earners? Surely someone must've realised how this would go over? The 'apology' afterwards is nothing either, don't get into situations where you have to apologise. - The club then embarks on the most nonsensical summer of PR idiocy its possible to imagine. The only way it could be worse is if Finlayson invited a few Japanese trawler boats to dock outside the stadium and slaughter some of the dolphins. First we get rid of stalwarts like Duncan Shearer by text message, then we adopt radio silence from our social media team, then when we get someone to man the Twitter account, they accidentally like filth and our club outs out the stupidest statement in our history about it. It's been said that lots of this stuff was done by volunteer but you could employ a 16 year old media student and they'd do a better job. - In between this we praise the candidates who applied for our job and were interviewed and then... appoint someone who didn't apply, hasn't worked as a manager in five years, hasn't been particularly successful at this level in 13 years and was shocked to get in. I hope he does a good job and he's at least a positive person but looking at things logically the odds are stacked against him. He's also working with people he hasn't brought in, no doubt due to cost, and will be under pressure very soon if we don't go on a run. The fact that he's already started slating the team and players doesn't bode well. - In terms of playing we've lost some stalwarts, as you'd expect, and replaced them with jobbers. Being absolutely honest about it we've signed raw youth players doing the trialist rounds, jobbers who've been released for being no good or guys who've most likely come from agents. We don't have a solid defender and we don't have someone to score double figures in this league. We also someone got into a war of words with an ex player managing a HL club that we have loads of links with over us trying to sign their best player and captain for no money. An utter embarrassment. i don't really mind about us selling players or who they go to, all players leave evenuslky and it's better to clear out players too soon than too late. Our squad was stale and under performing. It's the fact we are certain to sign utter useless jobbers to replace the players who've left that is really concerning. I don't think I've missed anything. I don't know if the board or the manager or the Chief Operating Officer wants to give us an update on what the plan is with all this but it's difficult to see where it's going. We don't have an identity as a team, we don't have a structure to ensure that we succeed as much as possible. We have made investment available but no-one is going to invest, apparently. Is this it for the foreseeable? As fans we need something to look forward to, more than a win against Forfar, although that's probably going to be as good as it gets these days, I just hope that at least somebody in charge at the club realises what a state we are in because it needs to change. We are more likely to leave this division down the way than up at the moment and if the people in charge don't get that then we are in for a hard few years until they do.
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    What an extraordinary statement from CJT. CJT held an AGM on 5th December 2017. As is evident on a very lengthy thread elsewhere, very short notice was given for this meeting and many members received no notification. Due to the short notice, I was unable to attend but it seems as though the meeting was a shambles. I am not aware that CJT have issued any report or minute of that meeting but Caley D summed up his impression of the meeting by posting "Long and short of it.....the society is currently in abeyance due to having insufficient board members. An EGM will be held at some point in the future (no timescale was given) to rectify this and bring it back into proper operating order." In CJT's statement above there is reference to a Board meeting being held; that the Board is now up to 6 members and that this Board is now seeking 4 more members. But there is no mention of holding an EGM. Why not? The statement says "We need to know what’s important to you". I would have thought what is important to us is clear from the 6 page thread elsewhere on the forum. We want a supporters' body which is representative of the supporters, which actively works in the interests of the supporters and which keeps the supporters fully informed. Instead, we appear to have a self-appointed group who, over many years, appear to have done very little in representing supporters' interests, have consistently failed to communicate with the members and who appear to be acting unconstitutionally by simply ignoring what I understand was an unopposed call at the AGM for an EGM. The statement goes on to say "We are actively working to update membership records so we would like to encourage you to respond promptly." Just what exactly are people supposed to respond to? Is this supposed to mean that yet again members are expected contact CJT to tell them we are members? And if we don't, will we be deemed not to be members? The statement refers to a proposed meeting with Graeme Rae. Surely it is quite inappropriate for such a meeting to take place before the EGM takes place? It is vital that communication with the club on behalf of the supporters is carried out by people who have a remit from the supporters. It seems strange that after weeks of silence, this anonymous statement should appear so soon after Davie's recent post in which he stated that he would attempt to call an EGM with the aim of calling for the resignation of the existing Board membersand electing a new Board to take CJT forward. I will be interested to hear what progress Davie is making in due course. But one thing is clear. This mess has to be cleared up ASAP both to protect the voting rights and to give the supporters a genuine voice within the club. We have to have an EGM as soon as possible to establish a new Board to take things forward. That will provide a platform for the existing Board members to state their case and argue as to why they think they should continue in post. It will then be for the members to decide.
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    Dougal is right when he says people have been warned time and time again. Previous incidents have led to this kind of discussion on numerous occasions. In all those discussions I cannot recall a single person ever suggesting our supporters should "sit quietly". Time after time, old "fuddy duddies" like me make a point of saying we love the atmosphere the lads create. If there wasn't a rogue element amongst them, I have no doubt that more youngsters would join in and the atmosphere would progressively improve. And the more people who join in the vocal support, the more likely others are to join in. Some of these youngsters don't seem to grasp the fact that engaging in the type of behaviour which occurred on Saturday could result in them getting a criminal record. That could then have serious implications for them when they start looking for a job. The club and us "fuddy duddies" don't want decent lads getting sucked into wrong kinds of behaviour with all the implications it may have for them. That is why the club's firm line is to be applauded. Nobody here is against the young crew. We are very much for them which is why they have been warned time and time again of the consequences of their behaviour. Stewarding may be heavy handed from time to time but you can hardly complain about stewards and police evicting people from the ground when a criminal act has taken place. And time and time again, when stewarding has genuinely been heavy handed, the "fuddy duddies" come to the defence of the youngsters and in some cases have personally intervened. It is rather sad to see that utterly pathetic statement which was posted above. If any of the lads involved in that group are genuine fans of the club they will not associate themselves with that statement. Genuine fans of this club will come and support it. Genuine fans who give great vocal support to the team will always be welcomed by the club and their fellow fans of all ages. It is only the tiny number of Idiots who break the law, who put their so called mates at risk of legal sanctions and who damage the reputation of our club who are not welcome. Instead of playing the victim, it is high time that the majority of decent lads stood up to the idiots and stood up for the club.
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    From the AGM it was generally agreed that Tulloch had provided in the region of £6,500,000 of "value" to the club over the years (not including any interest). I've not done the exact sums, but it was surmised that they had received approx £2,000,000 in rental income over the years....there's also been £300k of rent arrears written off and no rental for the past 12 months. That gives a net position of about £5,000,000 that Tullochs "paid" for the stadium & leases since 2001. The gift that has just been provided means the club will save 76 years worth of rent at £205,000 plus they asset has been valued at £2,300,000....total £17,880,000. Club will have £30k rent to pay per year (£15k to Common Good Fund & £15k for Car Parks)....over 76 years (and on the assumption we may have the car parks that long or need to pay for an alternative at similar rate if they are developed) that's a £2,280,000......the net "gift" value comes out at £15,600,000....on top of the £5,000,000 net investment by Tullochs from the last paragraph. Whichever way you want to cut it....that's £20,000,000 to the good for ICTFC....and I fail to see how anyone can continue to paint Tulloch as the bad guys. Some of you have been around this forum long enough to know that I did a lot of digging and questioning over the whole stadium ownership/lease deals for a number of years because I wanted to ensure that the debt would never come back to haunt the club. You may also recall that I made a statement (it may still be on this forum somewhere) that whilst I could not share information that I had been shown in confidence, I was happy to stick my neck out and state that the club's interests were being looked after and that the debt would not come back to haunt us. So this is as huge for me personally as it is for the club because a lot of people have questioned my credibility over the years as a result of that. Finally (for now at least...lol)....the work to bring the stadium ownership back to the club was started a long time ago and the offer was made public 12 months ago....so whilst the current board may have been the ones to finally sign off on it, credit has to be given to the previous Chairman and Board as they are actually the ones that made it even remotely likely or possible.
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    I cant help but think that a large number of the posters on here now are post merger and have become accustomed to on-going success and a guaranteed place in the top leagues. To me the last 24 years have been a total feckin mini-miracle. I followed Caley (OK Celtic as well) since I could walk. I have followed them all over the Highlands and wherever the cups took us. I always dreamed of being in the higher leagues and winning Cups!! In those Highland League days it was a case of away days with your mates, winning was a bonus and fortunately in the Highlands it usually was. You practically knew everybody around you at games or they introduced themselves to you. It was an extended family. What we have achieved is mind blowing. I will cherish every feckin minute - well at least the minutes I can remember or hadn't been chucked out I have met so many newbies and established so many great friendships. I HATED some of the SPL away days. They became boring. I actually looked forward to this season. I am worried but I still look forward to many away trips. We have made great unions with the likes of QOS and Dumfermline. I will be there even if we go down. I will be there next season and I will be there until my head is chopped off by another Immortal. The Away Day crew differs in numbers but it is still great craic. There is always a friendly face to have a dram or two with. Peeple are all trying to pinpoint blame. To me the club has been mismanaged over the last two seasons. So the damage has been done. This year to me is all about survival first and a sign of revival next. We are again a little fish in a big pond. We always were and always will be. I suppose that you will all now note that I am cheesed off with a lot of the negativity on here. Hopefully this may strike a note with some.
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    Loud, colourful and enthusiastic support is always welcome. However, the behaviour complained of is selfish, dangerous and criminally illegal whether in a football ground or elsewhere. There is no excuse for it or justification for defending it. Warnings have been issued before and ignored. The time has come for the perpetrators to be identified and punished. Brechin City were very hospitable to our fans on Saturday. A few abused that hospitality. That is not the Highland way. It's not the ICT way.
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    We were excellent today, thoroughly deserved the win and it probably should've been more. We appear to have stumbled on a formation and style that works, or it has the last two weeks anyway. We built on the performance against Falkirk and improved on it. We set up in a pretty standard 4-4-2, relatively flat in midfield with Chalmers left and Mulreany right. Vigurs and Polworth sat in the middle in front of the the same back four as previously, including returning hero Donaldson. Up front we had Baird and Bell. United had a few chances early and forced Ridgers into a reflex save from a shot (didn't see who hit it) and then we had to scramble clear from within the six yard box after a prolonged stramash. After that we really took over and started having an impact in an attacking sense. Baird and Tremarco missed headers and we had a few other openings before opening the scoring. Following a corner the ball was headed clear to Vigurs who shot in from the edge of the box. We then doubled our lead with one of the best goals I've seen us score in years. A United attack broke down around our 18 yard box and we broke with a little dink into midfield from Donaldson (I think). We then moved the ball quickly through midfield and released Mulreany with a weighted through ball. Mulreany rinsed the left back for pace and drove into the box, where he hit a driven low cross that Connor Bell drilled in from a couple of yards. It was a ******* belter, everything about it was perfect, the passing, the pace, the finish. When Mulreany got the ball I said to my mate that this would be goal of the season, I can't imagine us scoring s better one this season. We had a couple of other breaks which could've lead to goals in the first half, Mulreany, Baird and Bell all had opportunities. Into the second half and we again sat strong and broke, with Mulreany probably having the best chance when he was pit right through but didn't shoot quickly enough. Donaldson also had a header that he put over but should've got on target. United, oddly, played with their centre half Durnan up front from an hour but that had zero impact, I don't think a single chance came from it. There were a couple of set pieces that Ridgers had to save but weren't really threatening. It was nervy for the fans because we've been so bad but looking back, we cigar'd it in the second half. Overall, we were excellent. Vigurs was at the heart of everything, he ran the midfield. He has been superb this season, strolling though games and dominating possession. He can switch the play but it's the way he plays little passes to create space, flicks round the corner of players and turns with the ball that makes him so effective. He really has been a class act and is the heart of our team. Defensively we have somehow become settled and solid. Having two experienced full backs in Tremarco and Raven is a help but Donaldson has been a rock the last two weeks, defends well, no nonsense, quick and good in the air. He clearly loved getting that win, going by his celebrations at the end. He looks like being a real find. Up front Baird and Bell aren't likely to be prolific but the way they pull defenders about, hold the ball and make runs is vital to creating the space for our chances. Mulreany has kicked on in the last two weeks, another confidence filled game today, including an actual assist, miracle of miracles! Second week in a row he dominated the full back and his end product was better. Great stuff
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    Want to say a Hugh Thank you to Lady F. She has very kindly just called me and told me she has a programme for me and she is sending it free of charge. I am blown away with her kindness. She is a true fan and a special lady. Wish there was more people in the world like this. I promised I would donate money to charity on her behalf and post the receipt on this forum. Thank you again.
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    There's possibly only one thing that saddens me more than the anti-social behaviour in question and that is the apologists who seem to be queueing up in support of a bunch of troublemakers who have been creating well documented problems for a considerable period of time. My main regret here is that there wasn't a more pre-emptive strike on this months ago. For goodness sake, these wee neds have been a thorn in the flesh of this club for long enough in addition to causing offence under the law of the land and that of the football governing bodies. The law has been broken, other supporters' match day experience has been repeatedly spoiled and, especially during the lengthy period of inaction, Inverness Caledonian Thistle has had a bad reputation for anti-social supporter behaviour forced upon it. This problem needed sorted and now some action has at last been taken. Defending these people on the grounds that they make some kind of virtuous noise is absurd. Football is a sport and not a dustbin for social malaise. Meanwhile the irony of the whingeing we are now reading about club statements is palpable. Complaints about lack of communication and board inactivity have been loud and long. However the response of some to the far more proactive and forthcoming board policy seen of late appears to be to complain about that as well.
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    Petulant and immature. Grow up children and continue to do what you do best by supporting the club loudly and enthusiastically but when you have overstepped the mark as some of you did on Saturday for goodness sake learn the lesson and don't give the likes of CB and others the opportunity to ridicule you. You can do much better than that and have done in the past.
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    Liz, I have thought long and hard about replying to your post in open forum and exacerbating the feelings that you express. I’ve balanced that against the absolute requirement to make points public and open to comment from any quarter. I have to take your post to task on several points. “The current board is only in place at present to protect the 10% shareholding. In my view if the people who are currently listed as board members had not stepped up to resolve all the issues there was a real possibility CJT would fold and the shareholding lost”. This is the first time that this point has been made, despite all of the prior posts on the matter and is not the case. The Board is in place to ensure the proper running of The Society for the benefit of the members. Don Johnstone can make his own points regarding legitimacy (see prior posts) but if the Board of Directors is not properly constituted it is protecting nothing and is in fact endangering the continued existence of CJT if any of the governance bodies decide to investigate and/ or take action. “There has been many appeals for people to step forward to take key roles. There has been letters issued, e-mails sent and also posts on here to try and get people to come forward” Please review all of the posts about this but I recognise it is difficult to recruit to unpaid posts. There has been no widespread appeal. Those who could help you have been actively excluded. Members have been effectively dumped. What you have done is attempted to recruit from a friendly part of the membership, which is understandable but look at the other posts. You have only succeeded in alienating people. “We have been accused of impropritories however, have been working hand in hand with supporters direct who have confirmed that the board is legitimate”. No one has accused you of any impropriety. What they have accused you of (and I continue that) is being wrong. The second part of what you have said here is a case in point. I have spoken to and communicated with Andrew Jenkin of Supporters Direct and his reply was “Yes, we have offered support to CJT by giving them the latest model rules and outlining the process to them (as we do for all members) - but the Trust ought to have gone through the correct procedure to get these approved by the members and voted through at an AGM before submitting these to the FCA. I'm not sure what has been done in respect of this.” I need not point out it’s directly contradicting your points above. You know that you have submitted these rule changes to the FCA without consulting the membership and you have been warned against that on several occasions and refused to respond. You don’t appear to realise the implications of this. They are: section 398 of the Financial Services & Markets Act 2000 (Misleading the FCA or PRA: residual cases) makes it an offence for a firm knowingly or recklessly to provide the FCA with information which is false or misleading in a material particular in purported compliance with the FCA's rules or any other requirement imposed by or under the Act. An offence by a body corporate, partnership or unincorporated association may be attributed to an officer or certain other persons (section 400 of the Act (Offences by bodies corporate etc.)) I don’t know who you are getting guidance from but I would ask you to recheck it for your own sake. “An EGM can easily be called and the current board totally replaced if thats what is required, however, im not wasting my time organising that if only 20 people turn up and nobody is prepared to take on the roles that are required”. Liz, this shouldn’t have been said. You are Chair of a Society registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 and as such you and your Board of Directors exist to represent your membership. If they require you to organise an AGM or special general meeting you must do it, no matter how irritating you find that. Just don’t express it in an open forum, again for your own sake. “The roles that are currently needed to be filled with people who have the time on their hands to deal with everything are: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership secretary. On top of these roles, general board members are also required. Ahead of the last AGM which unfortunately I could not attend, there were requests for new board members to stand, we got nobody. So all those people who are quick to shoot me and the other office bearers, please feel free to step, e-mail you intention to stand for board membership and we can put the wheels in motion to get CJT back on track” I’ll deal with this in its entirety. I know the workload required Liz, it’s not easy. I’m sure that your current Board are behind you but I don’t know if I would want to be described as someone “with time on their hands” There are reasons for there being no answers to requests for new board members prior to the AGM because that call was limited to the process I refer to in paragraph 3. Your Board has engaged in a process of refusal to engage with “certain people” (myself included) or give them information that they are entitled to (not granted by favour) as members on the grounds that you believe them to be simply “causing trouble”. It was Kath Fraser who expressed this and it is directly in opposition to the objects of The Society. With the greatest of respect, none of my posts contain any personalised invective and that’s why I have consistently called for the demission of the entire Board, not any one individual. Neither me, nor anyone that I have spoken to on this matter has been quick to shoot you or anyone else. We have put up with months of silence, indecision, backbiting and wrong headedness. Your board has consistently aligned to a position that appears muddled or wrong. Anything that I have said here is backed up by fact and is attributable and that’s the sole reason that I decided to post this publically. Please organise a Special General Meeting at your convenience. We now have sufficient support to mandate this but it would be better for everyone if you instigated it as Chairperson. My apologies for the length of this post.
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    An anonymous post, with no details, a 'board' composed of 6 unidentified people, and a vague promise to put things right, whilst appearing not to have a clue who the members are of this organisation. What is your remit to make any announcement at all, and who do you represent? Not the supporters because they have no way of knowing who you are or what you intend to do, especially as they have been shut out and ignored for months, if not years. The whole thing needs scrapped and reformed, with open, identifiable people answerable to their members and supporters. I expect another two to six months of complete silence. Graeme Rae will throw you out on your ear, quite rightly, until a responsible, professional organisation is established.
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    Glover and others. I think we can now safely say that the current Board of CJT seem either unable or unwilling to represent or inform the membership effectively or at all. There have been seven separate attempts to gain a response from them about what they have been doing on this forum alone in the last couple of months without success. Facebook and website queries are unanswered. It’s nearly dead but we can’t let CJT die and then start a rival supporters group because the voting right within ICTFC that is held by CJT would die with it. As Charles Bannerman says that’s the 3rd or 4th biggest bloc within the club and represents the people who make the club what it is. That can’t be allowed to disappear. I’ve been in touch with SDS and asked advice on how to demit this Board in order that we can get CJT on an even keel and operating properly according to its objectives. The model rules (insofar as we know because CJT cannot or will not confirm what rules they are operating under) state that the Board should be informed of the intention of the membership to call a meeting of the society and that the intention must be supported by 20 members or 5% of the membership (rule 32). The Board at present appears to dispute who are or are not members in their view but anyone with a fob, a £1 share certificate or membership number who paid a one off £1 would be regarded as members for this purpose. We therefore need 20 people to take this forward. If you can DM me on this forum, I can add your name to the list. As soon as we have the minimum number, we call the meeting which has the sole agenda of requiring the immediate resignation of the current Board (Liz MacRae, Cliff Sim, Laura Grant and any others) From the date of that meeting being called, the Board may not do anything – other than preparing for that meeting. It’s questionable if, after the way the AGM finished, they are allowed to do any business now that isn’t direct preparation for a Special General Meeting under rule 36.4 and rule 65. It’s a damn shame it’s come to this but it’s not too late to do something about it. We will need people to serve on a new Board. At present I’m talking to various people about how to move things on and there are ideas. We’ll put them out there after we have got the support to call an EGM and certainly before it happens so that the members can make an informed choice about what happens next.
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    Daniel Mackay's goals per minutes played ratio is sensational by the way. Deserving of a start?
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    So all the Vigurs and Polworth doubters? Hows it going without them?
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    Great servant to the club he may have been, but it can't be right that he gets to take supporters' children when he leaves???
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    Some absolute heads gone stuff from Inverness fans at full time, myself included, at the performance of that referee and fully justified too. Quite possibly the worst performance from an official I have ever seen at TCS in years. How Smith and Samson stayed on the pitch after flattening Vigurs on two separate occasions is beyond me. I'm not a fan of saying we lost a game because of an official but after what I saw this afternoon its very hard not to state exactly that.
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    As promised, made a donation to JDRF type 1 diabetes charity. Thank you again Lady F for your generosity in sending me a match programme I needed for my collection free of charge . You are a wonderful Lady . kind Regards Kevin
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    Dear Charles, possibly only one thing saddens me more than the farcical club statements and moral outrage vented on here and that's the fact that your crusade to police this forum and the general conduct of our support goes unchallenged when you're very clearly a dispassionate voyeur rather than an actual supporter who has some emotional investment in the club. Your sneering, self aggrandising tone of moral superiority and intellectual snobbery quite frankly gives me the boke. I have absolutely no interest in debating your jaundiced, prejudicial and classist views on ICT matters on this forum but if I ever actually have the misfortune of bumping into you at an away game (simply never going to happen is it Charles?) then please feel free to correct any misconceptions I've picked up on here over the years.
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    The absolute state of some of our fans being happy for Draper. He's moved to our rivals. Even worse he's forced a move to our rivals by demanding a transfer. At a time when you wanted the leaders in the team to take the bull by the horns and try and lead the team to something resembling a promotion fight he's jumped ship to Ross County of all teams. and folk say they're happy for him!? Aye, okay then. As renegade says it's not like he was struggling financially or anything unless he's been taking gambling tips from Lewis Horner. As far as I'm concerned, thanks for your effort for the last few years but that's it. I don't wish him well at all. Can't help but feel if the board showed some balls and punted Foran after Accies romped to that 3-0 win we might not be in this situation.
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    Something rather awesome about a team that got relegated rather badly, faced all sorts of upheaval over the summer, with a large turnover of players with a lot of newcomers of perhaps questionable pedigree (by that I mean experience and quality) having had a terrible start to the season, and earning strong criticism from fans, questioning both players and managers competence, now completing 9 shutouts out of 10games (with the one loss aided and abetted by incompetent officials)...with the latest after a horrendous journey down. if there's such a thing, this season is becoming a bit of a mini epic, one that makes me proud to consider myself an ICT supporter. By coincidence my other team also earned a battling draw after a difficult journey away, but just a mere 2 and half hours stuck on a train in the cold and dark!
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    That's a really good point which sounds like we possibly deserved all three. Well done team and boss.
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    If it's consistant wins or supporting a team who will deliver what you are looking for from a club, perhaps you might want to support Celtic or Aberdeen? Yes its frustrating but supporting a team means supporting them through good and bad. The real supporters do turn up, they do cheer on the team even in defeat. They also do not boo their own players or scream abuse at them which unfortunately seem to make up a substantial part of the "support" now. Just how is that supposed to lift the heads and drive them on? No wonder there is a crisis of confidence within the team. The youth team got slated for their behaviour which is unfortunate but by God, at least they supported and lifted the team and for that, they are worth 100 of every idiot who who thinks it's ok to shout abuse just because things arn't going the way they would like. They are the cancer eating through the club and causing the greatest spiral of low confidence which is greatly affecting the team. How would you feel as a player if every time you touched the ball you received a torrent of abuse or boos? FFS, Polworth scored a goal and created another yet some "fans" booed him? Sure he may have had a less then expected game but what do you want if two goals warrant that? Just to note, Billy McKay scored 4 goals in 15 appearances, Polworth has scored 3 in 14 appearences, I don't recall anyone giving McKay a hard time? And don't get me started on Vigurs, the things I've heard fans shout because he makes one mistake or poor pass yet all the good stuff he does is ignored. I guess it's just an Inveness thing.....?
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