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    Just wanted to share something I heard today. Im sure some of you may have seen the the great clip of the wee boy celebrating last tuesday night? Well Peter Paul managed to track him down yesterday and arranged for him to meet the players, get pictures and I think he was on pitch with them at the warm up.Thought this was a lovely thing to do so a big well done to Peter!!
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    Good game 😊 great effort and result from the team 👏👏 The best atmosphere we have had at home for a long time well done to the young team 👍
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    Whilst it is true to say people from the club do read this site, and at times do comment, we are not an official communication channel. One of the board directors - who was a site member long before being a director - is inviting questions to his official club email address and saying he will answer or pose those to others. He has already answered some of the questions posed on here so far from kicking things into the long grass, I would say he is mowing that grass to try and make a smooth path ! As they say, dont look a gift horse in the mouth - especially when one of the complaints people have is a lack of communication !
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    It's a good job I can type, because I have lost my voice shouting at that amazing cup tie. A game that had everything and some good performances as well. To come back twice and nearly win it at the end showed great character from the team, and hopefully we can take this into the next game. And to silence the county rabble at the end was priceless.
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    For seventy minutes we played well and with great intensity, good to watch and looking far the better team, seventy five minutes in and we started looking tired and slightly content, lack of full fitness or was it the walking wounded syndrome ? County put in some horrendous tackles and got away with most of them. Polworth, Tremarco, Donaldson, Walsh, Doran key men, all were suffering but gave their all for the Team. County were outplayed and if it wasn't for Fox in goal we would have deflated them and finished with a high scoring win. Full marks to Ridgers too, some very fine saves and excellent distribution, setting up attacks that should have resulted in goals but the fine tuning of our attack just wasn't always there. It is a big ask to be ready for the replay, so many knocks to recover from and the frustration of yet another draw to get out of our heads. First thing the Board should do now is invite the Drummer and his chorus to free seats at the replay. What a performance they put up creating a fitting atmosphere for what was mostly a very enjoyable football match.
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    I feared the worst when Nathan started his run up in that slightly stuttering way - so many times when you see somebody do that, they miss or the goalie saves it. Fortunately it just managed to evade Fox's grasp but it was a close thing. What a night though! I made the decision to drive up from Perth on a February school night, with my daughter, at the last minute, thinking it was probably a mad escapade that would end in disappointment (especially as I was at the home match against Partick Thistle a couple of weeks ago which was diabolical). But sometimes you have to travel in hope and believe in the need to support your team. On that front, we spent the first half in the North Stand with the noisy crew, enjoying bolstering the atmosphere there, then switched to join other family members in the main stand for the second half. I'm pleased to report that although my horn and occasional chanting initially seemed to be received with suspicion and furrowed brows among the quieter residents of the main stand, by the end of the match we'd managed to get a bit of participation going over there as well. Terrific to see the commitment, effort and energy from the players and that they kept on going and in fact were more dominant the longer the game went on. And great to get the win, dump County out, and secure our place in the quarter finals. Safe to say, we were glad we'd made the effort!
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    Great game and a team full of heros. Dominated the second half and extra time and showed great character to twice come back from a goal down and to hold our nerve and show great professionalism during the penalty shoot out. Five really well struck penalties. The Scottish Cup loves ICT and ICT loves the Scottish Cup. Maybe, technically another draw but what a draw it was ! If we can continue to take that sort of skill and determination into the league then who knows, promotion through the play offs may not be beyond us. Finally, surely now those loudly critical of Jordan White should admit their mistake.
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    Well worth the win Never gave up Beaton and his assistants woeful . Fourth official spent game talking to Ferguson with frequent thumbs up . Gardyne should have had second yellow for head into Mackay and Van der weg straight red for punch after . however - who cares they’re out and we march on
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    What a great night!......knocking County out of the Scottish cup at Home ya beauty. And what a way to do it, 2-2 then penalties, Mark saves one & we score all FIVE!!! Absolute class
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    Good cup tie swinging from end to end. I did think we deserved to win it in extra time . However the penalty shoot out was great in front of the county end. What a shift by Jordan White two well taken goals and stepping up to take the first penalty. Finally we see off county. Hope this acts as a catalyst. Good support from the crowd and a much better feel all round. Well done to the whole team.
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    In a word, this 👆 Very strange decision leaving Welsh on the bench and then taking him on for a couple of minutes at the death. To the clowns who slate Polly at every opportunity please note that this is what we'll be reduced to if/when he moves on.....and who would blame him. Absolute sickener.
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    Oh my, we're getting awful hard to please. We are Caley Thistle, not Barcelona. Some of these guys might be shite, but they are our shite. Instead of the constant negativity, how about we just support the team.
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    Sadly, taking out league form into the cup in that regard. The positives are that, for the fourth time this season, we matched our wealthier neighbours and are still in the cup with a winnable quarter final in prospect if we prevail. However, in order for that to be a realistic prospect, Robbo has to realise at long last that we are not good enough to defend a lead no matter how many defensive substitutions he makes. The only way for us to defend a lead is to continue to do what earned us the lead in the first place.
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    Find it bizarre that any ICT fan is considering going to this game irrespective of what end they go in. If you've got the cash burning in your pocket get along to the Partick game on the Friday or buy an ICT strip or just do something to support the club. They need the cash and far better you put it directly into the club itself some other way than going to a game that has nothing to do with ICT even if it is being held at our ground.
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    I certainly had a good time celebrating it last year. Nice to have something positive and any silverware is very welcome. Don't understand the moans.
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    Very poor loser totally lacking in any class.
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    What a fantastic team performance, the players gave absolutely everything, nothing was left in the lockers. My preference for MotM was Coll Donaldson. He was bossing the County guys all night to the point of almost ridiculing them. He was knackered at the end but summoned enough energy to congratulate the fans. Legendary status incoming. Jordan White got better as the game went on and thoroughly deserved his two goals. Polly was instrumental in most of our creative moves. McCart backed up Coll brilliantly. Ridgers was mostly a spectator but kept his focus when penalties came along, well done Marky. Most of the team could have qualified for MotM positions. How about Nathan Austin. He was sensational after he came on, stretching and harrassing the Couny defence all over the park with his running and peculiar skills. There were some slack moments, but we can gloss over that given the outcome and intensity of the occasion. Never in doubt as they say.....
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    wow. that was a game that had it all. goals - mistakes - good football - noisy support. if that doesn't encourage folk to come back i don't know what will.Jordan White was my mom.
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    Little point in me saying it, but I thought White's inability to hold the ball up meant it kept coming back at us sooner rather than later. I thought we should have won the game and fail to see all this doom and gloom that everyone is proclaiming. That should all have been left at the Partick game where we were shocking. I'm not disappointed, more frustrated at another late concession, but once Coll went off we were up against it. Great performance from Tommy Tremarco, if we had more with his guts we would be in the next round. Still all to play for and the incentive of going to Tannadice in the next round. Lighten up folks, ffs.
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    Add on the words "Scottish Cup Champions, you'll never sing that" and get it framed and stuck up in the Mallard.
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    Two wins on the bounce at home , through to the next round of Scottish Cup, what’s not to like 🤙
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    Why should some people change their ways on this forum. Lets cheese off anybody who tries to bring about positives.
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    Just read Gerard's defence saying he thinks it should be sorted out in football in general? As far as I can see this is mainly a West of Scotland problem and is not only a football issue. However since Rangers has risen back to the premiership it does appear to be getting worse and worse. Rangers (and Celtic) are the problem and as far as I can see are just playing lip service to solving this issue as are the SFA and SPFL. Doesnt need a new OFBA but does need enforcement of existing legislation. Cant see anything changing fast sadly. Is it only me that prefered football when Rangers were in wilderness? Calmed this stuff down considerably
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    Email is sorted . Up and running . Myself on the other hand has a heed like a box of rockets after going a bit mental last night. Spoke to Yvonne CEO, and she ll be getting copied in to help me direct questions , requests etc. Usual service will resume the morn. What a game !!!! If Carlsberg made Scottish Cup replays.
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    After stroking my chin for a while, I agree with you ocg. I don't think there is anything much between the teams, as we have seen, but as he admits we are better managed (take note, doubters), and have most often played the better football in these classic derbies. The first half of the proposition is their comfort blanket. I prefer our route of finding the rough diamonds and polishing them, rather than splashing out on already known players at greater expense and not always for any greater benefit. JW just keeps getting better. The shift he puts in, not just in attack, is inspiring. The pressure on those penalty takers must have been nerve jangling. Hats off.
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    Great vocal contribution from the young crew last night. Hope they all come along in equal numbers and equal enthusiasm on Saturday for the match against Morton. The cup run is a very welcome bonus but somehow securing promotion still has to be the priority. Our home form has been poor so far but backing like last night for the rest of the season could make a real difference.
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    Great fighting display especially coming back twice from a goal down. hit the bar and the post and Fox had a couple of good saves. Five brilliant penalties at the away end into the bargain. Good crowd making plenty of noise resulting in a cracking cup tie.
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    Ross. Appreciate the responses so far and for you taking the time to give your own opinion/answers on the questions asked. You have been registered on here for about 10 years, so as a fan yourself and not just a director, you know that most are realistic in knowing we always have challenges and that supporting any football team is a rollercoaster ride, but receiving responses to questions and regular communication is sometimes all thats needed to calm fears and defuse bad feeling when things are tough. Even if the answers are tough ones too. We had a great few years of success so this current malaise is hard to take. I wish you well in trying to turn it around.
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    Hers a thought, I ve got an email address at the stadium which I havent used yet. I ll make sure its up and running tomorrow and if I dinna get back with answers in reasonable time get back to me and remind me. I ve got my own businesses down in Dundee, where I live and work, so i havent got buckets of spare time but I can sometimes forget things . [email protected] On the West Stand , it makes sense for folk wanting to stand. If its a cost issue , which makes sense , I ll get back and tell you. Cannae see any other reason. It would help if you send me bullet points so I can put them forward. I ll see what the steward crack is with the stewards. Personally over zealous stewards can seriously **** me off . Thanks for taking the time to contact with me. I ll do all I can to help our club. Cheers
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    On the Angus Beith question , Im up tomorrow and will ask Robbo what the outcome is but from what I ve been told in the past is that there was a recurring injury which was expected to clear up but just hasnt up to now so it doesnt look good for the lad. I ll ask John to clarify the situation when I see him. The other question that was asked was George Oakley. The club was between a rock and a hell of a hard place. We did not want to lose him but contract up in the summer and he wanted to play SPL football for Hamilton and it was one of his old gaffers that he knew he was going to......we were buggered ! Sad , cos I really liked him. He gave 100%, when he was on the pitch.
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    Based on the rest of the teams in the league bar County and Dundee Utd most seem to have a balance of 1st team players and youth starting games. We throughout an 11 have a higher standard throughout the overall 11 to most but i dont believe our better players are as good as the rest. Most of our starting 11 would get games at other teams in the divisions but few would be standouts and those that would aren't in the right areas to win us games Ridgers, Coll etc. I'd like to see us lose a lot of the average players in the squad put the youth guys in and the wage saved to be put into bringing a higher standard of player to start in games. Ayr and QOS have poorer squads IMO but the better players in their sides would start easily for us. Charlie Trafford is no better than Jack Brown, Roddy MacGregor. Anthony Macdonald and Macauley were brought in to take the burden of young daniel and haven't yet shown why we are playing a 17 year old hearts loanee over one of our own lads to gain vital experience and Macauley looks no better so far. Mchattie, macauley and macdonald all are reasonable squad players but do little to improve the 11 as opposed to the squad and are simply a wasted wage imo when we could have allowed Harper, Macgregor, Mackay, brown etc to pick up vital minutes and experience. Are they ready yet? Maybe not but id sure as hell rather watch them play with the understanding its the long game as opposed to failed journeymen who are clearly playing at their level already.
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    Really enjoyed that and, but for their keeper, we would have won it by a goal or two. Mind you, Ridgers had a good game too, but MOM without a doubt was Tremarco. I was actually at Oxford Utd v Sunderland last Saturday. I have a pal who is a Sunderland fan and Oxford is as close as they get these days to where we live in Berks. There is often a lot of talk down here about how poor Scottish football is, but tonight's game was far superior to Saturday's in every aspect. OK it was only EL1 but Sunderland are not that long out of the English Premiership! So well done to both sides tonight for trying to play football, and certainly giving both sets of fans some excitement. Pity we couldn't hold on for a deserved win, but all to play for in the replay next week, and Dundee Utd in next round must give us a good chance of advancement. Onwards and upwards!
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    Definitely give the fans the influence. As in governance and decisions.
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    You know what, if we could experience last night on a more regular basis with football passion and crowd atmosphere i doubt if anyone would be bothered who was on the board or how they performed.
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    Draper would make a big difference to us though. When you see him playing against you, it sinks in what an important player he was. Gardyne is decent too, though it's amazing how long he lasted last night considering he's about 60.
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    haven't seen so many happy positive posts for a long long time - here's hoping we get many more👍
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    Dropouts and drug rounds in Elgin
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    Did you check your head for your glasses?
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    ICT and the Scottish Cup 💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️
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    As a member of Caleythistleonline for many years, before being invited to join the board of our club I`m pretty sure that every member of that board does all they can to help and promote our club. The big problem is the "all they can" bit . I started supporting Thistle in 1974 and have been through the highs and lows up to now and it was a great honour to have been asked to join the board of the club that I love passionately, but I, and the rest of the club need as much help as possible. To say sack the board is easy. If the board firmly believed that this would help the club to a better, brighter and financially secure future the Companies House 288a forms would be signed and on the table. We d go on masse. If anyone has the golden bullet out there or an Abramovich in the wings dinna hold back cos I for one have only one thing in mind and that is getting and keeping our club up where it belongs, in the SPL. At the moment an Abramovich isnt likely so the team and club need all the support we can muster and get a flow of positive ideas on how to make the Stadium noisy again. Have people smiling again , and I get the fact that the results arent the best just now, I was at East End Park on Saturday, but that is a few games, we re now in our 25th years an we`ve done a hell of a lots since 1994. I replied, I think, to everyone that posted comments on that thing on Facebook last week about me, to hopefully make sure that they were aware that the club is listening and that I would personally be delighted to speak to anyone and everyone that wants to speak to me or anyone at the club about our club, but a basic Sack the board without a plan B doesnt work. You need an alternative. ICTFC, as you will see from the accounts, runs at a huge loss, and has done for the majority of the years it has been in existance, and relegation has made this worse. We need to be clever to increase our income, from season tickets to sponsorships to whatever can be thought about. We need constructive ideas. Thats my rant over, but if anyone wants info from me or can provide good ideas to help our club you now know where I am. BTW I have no idea who the bird on the bike is on the profile pic. Good pic though.
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    Hands down one of the worst performances from an ICT that I can recall in a long time, especially that first 45 minutes. We were all over the shop. McCart, who until recently had been a very solid performer, was uncharacteristically sloppy with a number of sliced clearances and slack passes but he got better as the game wore on as did the likes of Trafford who was something of a headless chicken until we went to 442 and he seemed to be a lot more effective. White struggled badly until Austin came on. He (White) didn't get much service and when the ball did come his way he was largely dominated by Ashcroft who was excellent yesterday as were Connolly and Vincent for the home side. McCauley should have been sent off. After he was booked he committed two needless fouls that both could have resulted in a second booking so it was no surprise when Robbo took him off for MacDonald. Pars had a weak penalty claim when Anderson seemed to go down quite easily. Maybe any highlights will show something different but I wasn't convinced at the time. Second half Dunfermline started much the better side. I don't know what Robbo said to the players at the break but most seemed to be still sleepwalking when Thomson dribbled across goal then lashed a shot past Ridgers who seemed to be caught by a deflection or by McCart ducking out of the way or something. Disappointing goal to concede but we were lucky not to be two down when Connolly battered the crossbar with a lovely shot just outside the area. We started to come back into the game when Doran went off and Austin came on giving White a bit more support up front and we started to create some half chances. Walsh had perhaps the best opportunity for an equaliser when he drove towards goal and was afforded a lot of time and space to shoot from about 20 yards but he sent the ball well over. White and Mckay passed up a couple of decent chances to bring us back on level terms but they shot wide of / over the goal. A seriously disappointing performance after what was a good showing on Monday night against County. We were missing arguably three of our most important players in Donaldson, Polworth and Welsh however if we want to stay in the playoff spot we need to improve our performances quickly.
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    Where did you get a warning? Did you report the post using the reporting system? if not then get down off your high horse. IHE has had more warnings than you have had birthdays.
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    Sad to say it but we could learn a lot from County when it comes to being a genuine community club. Their chairman, love or loathe him, genuinely insured that his club genuinely engage with its fans and the wider community. We once made an effort to do similarly but the current chairman and board seems far more concerned about a few of his corporate pals than even making any pretence of engaging with the ordinary fans which, while not the only reason, is a very important reason why our crowds are dwindling and why many of those who remain are increasingly disheartened.
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    That's the worst away performance I've seen this season. We missed Coll and Polly as you would expect, but the absence of Sean Welsh had the most impact, his replacement charged and lunged his way around the park in a way that seemed to unsettle his teammates as much as the opposition. We didn't get the forward midfield 3 into the game at all, and when we finally went to 4-4-2 we looked slightly more threatening but without creating clear-cut chances. It could've been worse - McCauley should've been sent off and a better side would've added to their tally in the second half. We are a very poor side without those 3 players.
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    We are sHyte.... I hate supporting caley now we are the most boring uneventful side ever, junk. Cship mid table side at best ever. Red dot me and face-palm me all u want
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    100% agree Gregor. I thought Jordan worked hard last night and deserves credit. A mistake cost us, as TJ says if we’d won there would be little negatives. I’m off to Dunfermline this weekend, tickets bought for Tuesday. Great if we could recreate the atmosphere from last night and stop the feckin negative bile which seems to spew forth here from time to time. 👍🏻
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    Should also have said that even if we had won last night, I think there would still have been negativity towards the team, especially some players. I really do think this forum has become a whinging for many posters.
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    Unfortunately not as we have misplaced our recipe book. Think it must have inadvertently been thrown out with our hairdressing manual Fifty Shades of Blue Rinse. However we will have a selection of hot savoury pies courtesy of Hastie and Dyce. 😂😂
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