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    Signed back on here with an extra S on my name to pay my respects to my great friend, my best friend - Bronson... aka Simon Macdonald. You gave me many laughs mate. You were an absolute rock for me when I went through my own separation. You pulled me back up. You had my back. You held me up. You were a true, true friend & one of very few people I trusted with my life. We had a brilliant night on Friday. Laughing, smiling, joking, drinking, talking about the future. I am so, so, sorry from the bottom of my heart that I never saw the signs from you. I'm sorry I never saw your pain or your turmoil. I just saw Simon, laughing, smiling, joking.... My heart is hurting like hell for you. I am riddled with guilt I never saw your internal pain & my own pain is growing each day that I failed you in your own time of need. RIP Simon. It was an honour to call you my friend.
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    Pathetic attacks on the team and manager on here. Tactics may or may not have been correct. We were on top before the first goal for quite a period and if Tom Walshs strike had gone in it would have been a very different game. To sit deep against ( Scottish International) passers like Scott Allen giving them time on the ball like he got in the second half after the sending off would have been catastrophic imho. Our forwards troubled the hibs defence , we scored 2 goals and could have scored 4 but for some superb goalkeeping from marciano. Our defence played to their level with some great last minute tackles from brad mackay Rooney ,and tremarco. Mchattie gave away a silly penalty and showed some inexperience but thats who we are. A team of developing players getting better under robbie rather than worse under Foran. Midfield were outclassed by a great hibs side coached by jack ross who made the most of their forwards amazing movement. Ridgers was a rock. Hibs are the form side in the premier league since Jack Ross took over moving from one point of the bottom to sixth place and too hear the same tired refrain of its all Robbos fault is disappointing to say the least. I think yesterdays game and the match against other premier league teams this season shows that even after losing Mcart and Coll we can challenge the premier league teams in the playoffs especially if we have our best team on the pitch. We missed Sean Welsh yesterday but I see hope not despair that promotion is possible. So support the team rather than attack the people working to that success.
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    Tragically Bronson is not the first site member of ours to have passed away over the 25 years the forum has been active, and unfortunately he wont be the last, but the news this weekend seems to have affected a lot of us deeply as we have known him a long time even if we all had different degrees of closeness to him. I have been thinking about things a lot since I heard about this and would like there to be something positive to come from his passing. The Bronson Legacy referred to in the title of this post if you will. I do not know what fits, how best to phrase it, or even if we are able to do something lasting and beneficial on the site but FFS we need to look out for each other somehow .... I have seen comments on Facebook and elsewhere where members of our site have posted the offer to be there for others who might need to talk. I also hold my hands out and say the same thing to anyone on this site whether we know each other or not and whether we have crossed swords or are best of buddies. If you need to talk, I am here. If you need to vent, I am here. If you need a second, third or fourth opinion, I am here. I am no expert or psychologist, but I can do two things quite well ... listen and give an opinion. Many of us are the 'strong silent type' and that stoic Highland reserve is how I used to deal with things as well. It's a man thing, it's a Highland thing, and it's most definitely a Highland Man thing. Over the last two years my personal life has been less than perfect. 2018 started (on Jan 1st) with the suicide of someone I knew from the Toronto FC supporters group who didn't realise how much he was loved and revered (and still is). After watching an uncle die from Prostate Cancer, I was then diagnosed and treated for cancer myself and will live with some side effects forever but the crucial thing is that I will live. I also lost my mum in June 2019, two days after returning to Canada from our last visit to see her. Through it all I had the support of friends on both sides of the Atlantic, family and colleagues and this helped. I was in a dark place a few times but someone was always there with encouragement or a quick word. Its amazing how even asking how someone is doing can be uplifting and bring you out of that slump. It also helped me shed that stoic reserved approach. I now view life as too short and bottling stuff up is less of an issue now. I now participate in Movember each year and one of the key cornerstones of this is mental health (along with Prostate and Testicular cancers). I have talked openly about my cancer and told colleagues at work that if anyone is scared to go for testing or wants to know what happens after a diagnosis, I am here. The same applies for trying to remove the stigma over talking about mental health. I have added the MikeysLine link to our site pages over the weekend and there are a couple of other links below to sites that may help or form the basis of some small thing we can do for our little community here .... because thats what we are, a community, and community means looking out for each other even if/when we dont always get along. Please use this thread for comments, links or brainstorming anything you think we can do here. https://uk.movember.com/mens-health/we-need-to-ask https://letstalk.bell.ca/en/ways-to-help
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    Ridiculous that people call for Robbo's head. Can you imagine the budget of Hibs compared to ours, especially these days. Who exactly would you replace him with? People forget we've got to a cup final, quarter final, and are well in contention to be promoted to the premier league. Totally clueless.
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    Well it is part and parcel of my job and has been for 45 years. Taking calls two nights a week at the moment. BUT calling a NHS run Mental Health "Crisis" Line is not the whole answer unless you are in Mental Health Services, have a recognised diagnosis and the "Risk" level is deemed "High". I am mainly sought to action Section 136 presentations or MHA Assessments. Of course that is usually urgent and needed. But it is often life events, loss and potential loss that eats away - leading to guilt, hopelessness, worthlessness and helplessness - and often when we "bottle" it up another kind of bottle is a coping mechanism. Many people who call want to maintain strict confidentiality and often anonimity, many are still put off by the stigma and most just want to talk and be consoled. Primary Care Mental Health has been overloaded and waiting lists are "ridiculous". I have heard good and bad feedback from the large number of helplines available. Over the years I have found that it is usually the ones who have perfected the "cover" or act impulsively, that often choose the suicide route. I bet that word made people shiver. Should I have used it ? To me the only way to ask about "suicide risk" is to be direct and blunt. Not at all easy but I would say - Ask the question. Well I am now off to an assessment. A young 19 year old who made a serious attempt at the weekend. The aim will be to establish the risk and to try and establish the precipitators. But as Gringo succinctly pointed out - Tell someone - In fact identify somebody close to you NOW and get them to be your "buddy" and make an agreement to act when necessary. As the tears begin to fall again - I wished that you had called out mate - there were so many who would have answered the call.
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    There is no realistic prospect of catching the Arabs but second place gives us a fighting chance of promotion via the play offs and that very competent and professional performance cements our pole position in that regard. For those still constantly complaining just look at Partick and Falkirk. Both clubs with more fans, more money and healthier player budgets than us yet one look increasingly destined for league One and the other has been stuck there for two seasons now. We may be frustratingly inconsistent but, given our extremely limited resources including losing valuable players in the January window, we have remained competitive and firmly in contention in the play off places. Credit to the manager, coaches, players and our small but loyal band of fans for that. Time to stop griping and get fully behind the team for three months or so that could determined our future as a full time team.
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    We're planning on having a minutes applause in the 44th minute for Simon / Bronson during this game. Something to note for later this month and feel free to make others around you at the game aware. Hopefully get as many people joining in as possible. Cheers.
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    I really can't believe all the clowns who are shiteing on the team over this result. It was stupidly unlikely for us to actually win this game. I think we played out of our skin, the Livi game was just a fluke, and this was a real test, Hibs are doing well in the league. Show some support for the team. Jeezus.
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    Congratulations to the club in their efforts to help out their older season ticket holders by distributing packages of foodstuffs and household essentials. I have just received a delivery of several items for which I am very grateful
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    My Facebook Post from earlier today..... Words can not explain how I feel right now. Today I heard of the passing of one the nicest guys I ever met whilst supporting Inverness Caley Thistle. He was a laugh, a true Caley Thistle fan, a gent and was always in awe at my (our) long distance journeys that were made as a family to follow his (our) team. He was also a founder member of the infamous Highland March and also became the saviour of it too on that very first event. I shared the support bus with him on a number of occasions we're we talked football and rock music. From those halcyon days of the HM, the fun in the Innes Bar, the home matches and the away matches on the supporters bus I will never forget you Simon MacDonald ‘Bronson’ never. With a heavy heart I bid you farewell my friend and may you rest in peace now. My heart also goes out to all your family and friends. A pain unimaginable right now. I hope my words ease that awful pain somehow.
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    Latest from ICTFC TogetherNESS Great gesture from the club
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    What a great turnout for Bronson today. A few folk from this site were there today and it was good to see some old friends. this site is responsible for bringing a lot of folk together who support ICT. It would be great to get as many folk from this site involved with the 44th min applause at the cup final. The big man would love to see as many folk there as possible
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    For what it's worth, I thoroughly enjoyed last night's game, apart from the result obviously, and it turned on key decisions by the referee. Thought he got the Ridgers call right but that was about all he did get right. Felt the bookings were harsh for effectively their first fouls and he couldn't wait to book the players. Would he have done that in an Old Firm match?. Definitely teams are being refereed to different standards outside the Old Firm. Giving Hibs a penalty was correct but then to deny us one for something very similar was poor. Nick Walsh is a poor and arrogant referee, witness his dismissive attitude towards Robbo at full time. I get what people say about the tactics but it made for a more open game and had we got the penalty or Walsh scored, the tactics we used may have proved correct and it did catch Hibs out for spells. Proud of how the team performed and maybe we will get a refereeing decision to go for us one of these days.
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    Should have been our Cup Final tomorrow but who cares just now we need to keep safe and hope we all come through it. Take care everyone.
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    As was alluded to by the pundits on the tv coverage hibs are high on confidence since back Ross has taken over. They have turned a corner and are pushing to finish 3rd in the league. 5-2 was not an accurate score line. We had a penalty claim denied which hibs were given. Walsh was unlucky bot to score it was a good save from the hibs keeper. We managed to score when down to 10 men. Everyone stayed committed to the final whistle. We played attacking football, we didn't sit in. Ridgers made some amazing saves. Can't criticise the team for effort in that game. Hibs scored two goals after we went down to ten men which skewed the scoreline. Some folk still think we have the resources and budget of a premier league team. Well done the team for last night back onto league business. Tale the positives and Play like that in the championship we will win the majority of our games.
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    Exactly - there are plenty of other managers around who are quite capable of getting us out this league, but it would be at the wrong end of the table by relegation not promotion. Frustrations are understandable but expectations have to be realistic.
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    Me too and delighted with the contents - all useful and very acceptable. Many congratulations to ICT, to those who donated the contents and the mystery person who left it on my doorstep. Many many thanks.
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    5 videos uploaded to YouTube this morning all taken from news reports in 1993 about the merger. Huge thanks to Mantis for supplying the footage and to Charles Bannerman whose book Against All Odds helped with the wider context.
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    I always thought he should have been given a player/assistant coach role up here before he was told his services were no longer required.
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    No relegation and promote all teams currently sitting in promotion/play-off positions....added benefit of giving us a 16 team top league going forward 👍
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    I certainly wouldn't be looking for any refund on my ST. I think that would be quite petty should this come to pass.
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    A tragedy but, understandable as your feelings are in the circumstances, no blame whatsoever attaches to you. People in turmoil can be very adept at concealing that even from those closest to them and it appears that is exactly what happened on Friday. Stay strong and make sure you have someone you can talk to.
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    I know life doesn't work this way but if, at the end of the season, we had been pumped by Hibs, lost the Challenge Cup final but somehow got promoted I would take that. Great to see a vocal support at a game again. Wish they were there every week. Maybe the club could try and find out what is stopping these guys from going on a more regular basis. We need all the support we can get especially as our home grounds continue to dwindle.
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    Doesn't want Robbo because of his big game record but suggests Peter Houston?
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    I’m as disappointed as everyone else at the score and being out of the cup but we matched them for long spells and a couple of key moments went against us, the save from Walsh just before the first goal and the penalty being refused just before the second goal. Whatever you think, Hibs were not “rank rotten”, they played some high quality football and at times so did we. The scoreline flattered them and most comments on here are supportive of the team. Enjoy Norway. Hope you’ve plenty cash for the beer prices!
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    Exact same foul on tremarco but no penalty that hibs got their penalty.
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    The BBC has a duty to keep spirits up during these unsettling and worrying times but it also has an obligation to report the news in an honest and open way. I live in Aberdeenshire not a million miles from the Balmoral Estate and there is outrage, bordering on apoplexy, amongst the local community and not just those of us who normally have disdain for the royal family but many who would describe themselves as monarchists, about recent events. Charles Windsor flouted the clear advice issued by both the Scottish and United Kingdom governments for people who reside in urban areas who are fortunate enough to have second homes in more remote rural locations not to move to these homes but to stay in their principal residences to avoid putting additional strain on our already stretched and likely soon to be stretched to breaking point and beyond limited health care facilities. Yet, despite this very clear instruction to the whole population, this individual chose to flee the sadly already badly infected capital of England and head here with his spouse and a large retinue of staff. What a disgracefully poor example to set and, unlike most selfish and self interested people of his type, he is not only putting additional strain on our health resources but also our police who surely have better and more urgent things to do with their limited staffing just now than to deploy a significant number of officers to provide 24hour security on the Balmoral estate. That is not to mention that this individual displaying 'mild symptoms' was able to get a scarce test carried out as yet, not available to our front line medical and nursing staff unless they themselves end up in an ICU. Why then are the BBC still reporting on this with their usual sycophantic deference and concern for the health of this mildly ill man and his elderly mother ? We are all very concerned for our elderly parents but the vast majority of us are doing the right thing to keep the whole community safe and not selfishly just our own immediately family. Can the BBC please point out how thoroughly selfish and irresponsible this behaviour is so that others who are in the privileged position of being able to do so don't follow suit.
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    Whether this crisis results in us playing in the top tier or not, next season is certainly going to be a challenging one for the club. It will be a very challenging one for many of the supporters too. Some will find themselves better off as a result. Pensioners and those in jobs which are considered essential will not see any fall in their income but as they cannot go on holiday or go out to the pub or restaurant or entertainment venues, they will be spending a good bit less money than usual and will maybe be able to spend a bit more on the football. However, for many it will a very different picture with loads of businesses "on hold" and workers being paid reduced wages and, in many cases, laid off. The Government may be putting unprecedented amounts of money into the economy to support people but it will only go so far and many will fall through the net. The recovery will be slow and painful. In these circumstances any hike in season ticket prices will make it difficult for some long standing fans to afford. What we need is some innovative thinking and collaborative working to find ways of securing funding from those best able to afford it whilst making attendance affordable for all. The club's excellent initiative to distribute food packages to some of its older supporters is one which has generated a lot of goodwill in the community. When all this is over, hopefully it will the turn of the wider community to show its support for its football club.
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    One of our best ever signings imo. Love to see him back involved in the club. He seems eminently suited to a coaching role.
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    Looks like Gaz wants to return to the Sneck once he hangs up his boots to do coaching. Gaz and David Raven coaching our Youth sides, fair to say our future teams will be in good hands... https://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/sport/warren-s-heart-is-still-in-highlands-194076/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
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    I would have guessed it was Ridgers- he catches everything!
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    Well done that player and I hope he recovers soon.
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    I personally don't give a toss about the football as people's lives are more important.
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    Good win. Queens were very poor. Took a wee while to settle into the formation but the goal certainly helped. Great corner from Keatings, with whip and dip. Vincent flicked if in. Second goal was a direct free kick from Keatings. It was a Ronaldo-esqe strike through the ball to give it swerve and dip. Keeper appeared to be distracted by this or the runners and messed up his balance. Ball went in quite centrally but moved an awful lot. Good strike from about 30 yards out. 3rd was a good run (again) by Carson. Was fortunate his flick through deflected into the path of storey who was sharp to pounce and toe poke it in off the far post. Couldn't really see what happened with their goal. Defence wasn't overly troubled. Mchattie swept up everything and Toddy was everything in the air. Formation suited most the players particularly Keatings, Storey and Rooney. Carson had a super game again. Won back so many balls by harassing the opposition. Doran and Walsh seemed to enjoy their cameos off the bench. Interesting to see what formation Robbo will play in Arbroath. Massive week upcoming.
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    I’ll be the first to say it, we weren’t actually that bad. We lost Toshney after 3 minutes. Against a decent, well-organised side like Alloa you don’t want to concede the first goal or there’s likely no way back. A scrappy deflected effort after 12 minutes, and we had the old familiar story where we spent the rest of the game trying to break them down while watching out for the counter attacks. And in Trouten and Banks they had at least a couple of creative players that could take advantage. We had any number of scrambled clearances in their box and if we had got one back it would probably have turned out differently. I lost count of the number of diagonal balls swung in by Rooney or Tremarco, in addition to Walsh or Doran or Storey, and 99% were headed clear by the Alloa defenders. As Yngwie said to me, it’s a pity we didn’t have a tall striker 😂 When we tried to play through the middle we were crowded out. And I don’t think Robbo can be criticised for not using the subs either. Back in the Wyness/Ritchie days we were a high flying team that would sweep aside teams like Alloa, but under Grant they’re back to being one of the best of the part-time teams, just as they were in the days of Terry Christie then Tom Hendrie, and look like they have a decent chance of staying up, so people will maybe have to get used to it.
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    Richard, please keep talking and sharing your grief with others. Your friend would not want you to feel guilt. It's so sad.
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    It's true we need to look after and out for each other. Within my organisation (ambulance service ) we use the r u ok? Campaign. It's simple but effective. If you feel or see someone is not right for whatever reason use the r u ok? Question. A lot of people don't want to or feel they are unable to ask for help and by offering that far to listen or hand to guide then you are taking the burden off them. One simple question can change and save a life. If you find someone is in distress then there are a multitude of organisations there to help. As a health care professional we sign post to Samaritans, breathing space and the person own gp. The help is there we as a group of similarly minded people just need to make sure those in need find it. Maybe as a legacy we could get the club along with one of the charities to hold a course for interested fans on how to deal with mental health crisis to help identify someone in need and to give them the confidence and skills to help that person through their dark moments just a suggestion.
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    Something done at last about this curse would be a very fitting tribute and perhaps something positive to emerge from this tragedy. We are brought together my a love of football and of ICT in particular but this puts the trivial nature of sport and the various, spats, niggles and emnities we have with our fellow posters into stark perspective. Mea Culpa as much as anyone. I have always been a good and willing listener to the concerns of others but, and I think that being a middle aged man brought up in a stupidly stoically Highland tradition has been a large factor, I have always had a tendency to bottle up and cover up my own worries when sharing them, or at least discussing them, would have been better for myself, my family and colleagues both present and past. If by being more open and honest about ourselves and offering the help and experience that we are able to give to others can prevent another such tragedy then some good will come of this and I too am very happy to make myself available to listen to anyone at any time. I have been as guilty as any but perhaps, whilst still having robust discussion and disagreement, we can start being a little more respectful and tolerant of one another not just on this site, not just on social media but in general.
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    Watched on tv. Proud of team, gave everything but have to say the attacking force of Hibs totally outclassed us. Boyle ran us ragged, the 3 bookings on him within about 20 mins told the story. Biggest problem for me was that we didn't have a plan B - literally no alternatives for Carson/Trafford, both of whom had very early bookings. I didn't get the line-up (for me Keatings and Walsh were not involved nearly enough) but such is the way of things with that formation. We'd no other option but to try to make use of the wide players who were (abundantly) available. Last season I thought Tremarco's best days were behind him, but as said by other posters this is clearly not the case. Tremendous performance. While he certainly wasn't flawless, Trafford gave everything and never hid and same with Carson. Credit to them both, specially after early bookings. Interesting to hear White get so much praise from commentators for both his performance during game and in general this season. I for one was glad to hear it as he gets plenty of criticism elsewhere. Roll on Tuesday.
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    Two very good hibs goals after the sending off skewed the scoreline. The team were subject to a poor decision 're penalty claim - hibs scoring immediately and this changed the game. Hibs are on a good run of form and quite clearly have talent up front. Good effort by the team. Let's now get behind them for the rest of the season. Well done to away support going right to the end 👏🏻👏🏻
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    Well I for one am hugely disappointed with that performance. Going 4-3-3 from the off was energy sapping and with no pace up front. That was a real chance to rest White and Doran and fire in Storey and Todorov. The ridiculous early bookings also killed it. I am really not sure what the game plan was. Trafford and Carson also have to learn how not to be "gung-ho". We did deserve the scoreline. Hibs were not that great but we shot ourselves in the foot. The positive was that we gave 100% + until the end.
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    Game was done when a stonewall penalty was ignored, and Hibs went down the pitch and scored. TV replays show that it was a penalty. Pundits agreed, and said that if VAR was available then the penalty would have been given. The whole game turned on that. Sickening.
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    Score line doesn't reflect the way we played, proud of the team. Give Tremarco a new contract he was immense tonight, never gave up.
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    When was the last time we played a team with such deadly attacking prowess? You don’t face this type of pace and finishing in our league, or indeed in much of the Premier.
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    Dundee Utd drop 14 points in last 7 games, if we had won against the bottom 3 when we met them would have been nearer the lead.. all teams around us dropped points today and that's disappointing that we dropped three.
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    I was at the game and remember it being a bit of a cricket score. I'm pretty sure I have the programme in the loft. Some legendary Caley players amongst the scorers...…… and Alan Smart :) I was at Cove vs Queen's Park a couple of weeks back and spotted Wilson Robertson, Bob Summers and Kevin Mann watching the game. I've seen the three of them together watching games in and around Aberdeen numerous times over the years (including in the away end at Pittodrie watching ICT) and find it quite touching that these guys spent in excess of ten years driving up and down the A96 to play for Caley and have remained lifelong pals. Massive respect to the three of them.
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    12 league games to go, 24 gone. 6 very good teams competing for three play off places. We can get a good slot if we believe in our players - last night was the best team we have played this season. Supporting the team on Tuesday night is just the beginning of moving forward. Morton scored four today....
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    We are in a false position. Previously when we have been 2nd in the 1st Division/Championship we would have a team capable of matching most premiership bottom 6 sides. The standard of our current league is pretty abysmal. That fact we are second after some of the performances and play this season is shocking. In reality. We have lost 2 very competent centre backs who helped us to this position. Mccart is already getting rave reviews in Perth. Coll has settled in well. Playing mchattie who we took as a covering squad player from Raith rovers and Brad McKay whose limitations are clearly obvious to any football observer. It's no surprise we conceded so easily against a creative team with boyle and allan. Welsh is our best midfielder by a distance but is constantly injured. Our top scorer has barely any goals. Currently this is a limited team and don't let the league table fool you. Yes, we beat livi who are flying high but the wind was a major leveller with neither side creating anything. Robbo is doing very well to get us to second in the league and it seems by doing this and raising expectations it is causing him to come under attack from some.
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    I would have to say that the Happy Clapper mode has totally outshone the negates but also the realistic. I think that I must have been watching a different game on telly. "Could have beens" are a plenty. What if Hibs were awarded the early penalty claim and Ridgers was dismissed (a mere example of many for both sides). We definitely remained committed to the final whistle and never gave up. The only people to play "attacking football" were Walsh, Rooney and Tremarco. We simply got it horribly wrong tactically. 4-3-3 from the off was disastrous, especially given the players chosen. With Keatings in "no mans land" it was almost a 4-2-4. Trafford and Carson were give too much to cover and that led to their cards. Mckay is NOT a central defender and he and McHattie have not gelled. When you play 3 up front you need pace, width and a hit on the break mentality. In that formation the two pacier wide men can afford to play deeper. Storey and Walsh would have been that combination. I would have played Keatings up front instead of White and added in a third covering midfielder, probably in McGregor. But there again this is all the haverings of an armchair would-be manager. It would be interesting to hear the views of peeps who were actually there. The pundits were being paid to make it sound fantastic ??
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