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    I'm not sure exactly what folk expect Robbo to accomplish. His first season back was a write-off because he inherited an absolute clusterf*** of a club and its remarkable that we came so close to a playoff spot. Last season we finished third, behind two teams who had enormous budgets in comparison to us. And this season we finished second, behind one team with an enormous budget (United) and ahead of another (Dundee). He's also managed to turn Chalmers, Donaldson, McCart, Rooney and White (and possibly Walsh and Trafford) into Premiership players. Ig you'd said that when these guys signed for us you'd have been laughed out of town. He's doing all right, I think. Certainly I think that, were he to leave, we'd be far more likely to end up with someone inferior than someone superior.
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    Even before the pandemic struck I was concerned by the fact that we were increasingly struggling to make full time football work in it's conventional way on dwindling financial resources. Part time football was and remains an obvious destination but that is far from ideal and would make it all but impossible to get back to the top tier in the short of even medium term. A combination of full time and part time seemed a much better solution but, although we have had part time players in full time squads in the past, Jimmy Calder and Paul Ritchie notably come to mind, that is very difficult to work with the full timers training during the day and, due to work or educational commitments, the part timers only available in the evenings. So, I wonder if we could think a bit differently. Since the beginning of professional football, full time players have tended to train daily for about four hours almost invariably in the morning and very early afternoon. Is there any reason at all why they couldn't put those same hours in in the late afternoon and evening on a daily basis ? That way, they would themselves be able to combine full time football with some other employment or, in the case of the younger full timers, education or apprenticeships to supplement the very modest full time salaries we are now able to offer. Those full time players and coaching staff who were not otherwise engaged would have more time for community work in schools and elsewhere during the day thus bringing the club more closely into the community. The biggest benefit though is that we could then bring in some of the country's best part time players and fully integrate them by being able to train with the full timers for two or three hours two or three times a week. There are thirty or forty part time players in the lower leagues who are more skillful and have more potential than very many of the full time players playing in the Championship or the lower reaches of the Premiership who do not, for very understandable reasons, want to give up good careers or relocate to the Highlands for our very modest full time wages. However, if we could help find them employment in their own line of business or a place at college combined with what would be a very generous part time wage and the opportunity to play with full time colleagues at a higher level that could be a very much more attractive proposition for them. Could this be a way forward not just in the Championship but even if and when we are fortunate enough to return to the top tier or am I barking up the wrong tree entirely?
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    I couldn't care less about the stadium aesthetics or bushes. That won't bring back fans. The match day experience will. At the moment its a souless experience for all involved with fans and sometimes players just going through the motions. Atmosphere doesn't just happen. Sometimes it needs a bit of a nudge. Regarding the stands.It's the chicken and egg stuff the Gardiner was talking about. We need to attract fans first and foremost. Increasing the number of home fans provides a consistent increased revenue. Away fans are then a bonus, not a necessity.
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    I believe that is a possibility as the articles of association for the SPFL say something about being able to expel members if they take them to court or something like that .... dont know the exact wording, but someone did mention it in the discussion somewhere - or perhaps I read it online elsewhere. Bottom line I think is that Hearts and the League are waiting to see who blinks first .... but the outcome in the end, i believe will be that Hearts get a few extra dollops of cash to sweeten the blow (while Stranraer and Partick get ignored) and that things proceed as planned with relegation/promoton Scottish football has really shot itself in the foot yet again and proven that it is still stuck in the early 20th century. It comes from Doncaster down and includes some very small minded and parochial individuals who cannot see past the bifocals perched on the end of their noses. They can reconfigure and rename the leagues as many times as they like while basically staying the same. it does not improve the product, it is not progressive, and it does nothing to develop the game in the country and thereby improve the image and competitiveness of the sport at a national or international level. Improving the product on both those stages could and probably would lead to more investment, interest and sponsorship. We are on a downward spiral, and have been since the 90s yet no-one has the gumption to try and reform from the ground up. This time in history, with a global pandemic on a scale none of us have ever witnessed is/was an opportunity to press the reset button on many things in our lives and the methodologies by which we approach them ... it just seems ludicrous that an organisation who know their model is broken and needs to be fixed wont even pay it scant regard.
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    Aye and Alan Simpson off his back!
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    I agree that the Elgin chairman should be concentrating on addressing the serial underachievement of his own club rather than stubbornly standing in the way of progress for the league system as a whole. A club serving a community with the population of Elgin should be somewhere between the bottom of the Championship and the top of League One. Instead, they have been forever stuck in the lowest tier and generally towards the bottom of that tier at that. They really need to get their own house in order before trying to pull down the houses of others.
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    New Strip....indeed by Puma
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    I used to have a grudging respect for Roy McGregor and what he did for his club. However, that has now utterly evaporated. His conduct during this pandemic in his disregard for the welfare of other clubs and the welfare of his the players his club has no more use for by refusing to quite legitimately continue to to furlough them is a disgrace. When the chips are down his hypocrisy has truly exposed.
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    Good article by Tom English, takes the opportunity for a pop at Roy MacGregor... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53062777
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    I think this story still has a bit to run ... maybe to UEFA and/or ICAS especially after the ruling in France. It may come to nothing in the end but if Hearts do end up in the championship alongside us, whilst seeking any legal means to stay in the Premiership it could force them to lose focus and maybe take a while to get going when things restart. We are notorious slow starters so if we manage to prepare properly and come out of the start gates quickly for once we could do well, especially if the season is indeed shortened to 27 games. Seems I was right about the story having more to run based on lightlamp2's link above. I wish Hearts all the success they can get from this. Not only because it would benefit ICT - and I would be lying if I said that didn't matter, it does - but also because it is the right thing to do. Hearts, Partick, Stranraer, Brora and Kelty are all victims here and no league body should ever seek to disadvantage its members like this when its aim is to foster the game for the good and benefit of ALL of its members. Here's hoping that Hearts are successful and in the process they take down Doncaster and all his useless cronies in the process.
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    Some players/managers just 'fit' a club. Robbo is one of those. Given the resources he has had (or more specifically not had) he has done remarkably well for our club in his management career and I hope to see him continue in that role for many years to come. You want to sanctify Yogi or Butcher - go ahead. Personally I wont try and tell you that you are wrong. Both had wonderful moments in charge of ICT and have a rightful place in our history. Getting us back to the Premiership, winning us the Scottish Cup - you cant take any of that away. However, also remember that both of these managers oversaw the greatest budgets in our club's history, one to bounce back to the Premiership and the other whilst we were in it. If you want a manager to make something out of nothing using a budget to match then Robbo is your man , and right here, right now, I would rather have him at the helm than any other manager in our history.
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    For the people critical of extending the manager's contract, just who do they think we could attract in the current circumstances would be better and as experienced? This element of stability is very welcome in such uncertain times.
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    Think it's important not to compare. Both provide something similar but different and brilliant. Here's to the success of both of them.
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    Have to disagree. Even one season in top league would bring far more financial benefits than staying in championship.
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    Hi All. Given that I was mumping about the season ticket process over the past 2 days it's only fair that I report great service today from the Club. I received a call from a very pleasant lady called Maever (not sure if that spelling is correct). Anyway it was entirely my fault. Turns out that the Club had an old email address for me and that is why I couldn't look at my existing seat. Rather than call me a stupid old git, Maever simply took my new email address and updated my account. No drama and within 2 minutes my new season ticket was secured. Excellent service, if this is to be a reflection of the people working for the Club going forward then we are in good hands.
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    So now we have Dundee Utd, Raith and Cove kicking off as they say they will robustly defend any attempts to stop their promotions... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53111932 ...if they'd all done the decent and sensible thing by voting for the 14-10-10-10 restructure in the first place none of this legal wrangling would have needed to happen! You couldn't have made this up, what an utter shambles!
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    https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/board-update-13th-june-2020/ Brilliant statement from Partick Thistle. Let's hope it shames others into doing the decent thing. I'm not holding my breath though.
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    I bloody well do! Rather hoping to get one of these so I can wear it at Selhurst Park! (when we can actually go to football) It was seeing that Caley wore Red n Blue stripes that was the icing on the cake that I had chosen ICT as my Scottish team
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    The new kit is a huge improvement on last season's. A little black trim around the collar and cuffs to fully reflect our heritage and it would have been perfect. Red and blue vertical stripes are our clear identity. Can we please never again revert to the bland, The Rangers style, tedious blue top that we seem to adopt from time to time.
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    Once it became clear that there was no chance of the the 2019/20 season being completed and that the Coronavirus was going to have a significant effect on clubs' finances, there was one obviously sensible solution which could and should have been agreed promptly. Had agreement been reached, then clubs would now be in a position where they would know which division they were playing in next season and what the makeup of that division was. It would have given clubs the opportunity to plan as well as is possible in what is an unprecedentedly difficult time. Two basic principles should have been accepted. These are 1) that no club should be unnecessarily disadvantaged by the fact that it was not possible to finish the season and 2) uncertainty should be eliminated as much as possible, as soon as possible. Making the Premiership a 14 team division and keeping the other 3 divisions as 10 team divisions by promoting the top 2 in each division and the champions of the Highland and Lowland leagues would have meant no relegation and would have satisfied those 2 basic principles. Any dissent to this could have been overcome by making it a temporary arrangement for 2 or 3 seasons with an agreement on a process to discuss restructuring. The SPFL management are there to represent the interests of all clubs but have clearly had a very different agenda. The capacity for Scottish football to shoot itself in the foot never ceases to amaze.
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    Ticket info for the new season. After Monday’s confirmation that we’ll be playing in the SPFL Championship for the 2020/21 season, the club now has the ability to speak to the Caley Jags supporters about our plans to exit the lockdown and our abnormally extended close season. https://ictfc.com/chairmans-update-17-06-2020
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    If he’s rejected an offer from Dundee, I don’t see him coming back here. Whilst another of Alan’s favourites gets a contract in the top league....
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    You could also pick Tynecastle for a Championship ground. 😂
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  25. 3 points
    Must be a dual carriageway !
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    If ever there was a time to support your LOCAL team, this is it!
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    Brilliant again guys. All sounds very promising for the future of our club. Lots of seeds being sewn by the sounds of it so lets hope they can grow and not be poisoned by Covid19. Well done.
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    I am sure JR would wear the scorn of Alan as a badge of honour.
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    What you on about "overrating him" mans gotten us to 3 Scottish Cup Semis in the 5 years he's been with us, all of which were with a First Division/Championship side. As well as finishing in (what would be) the playoff spots in 4 of those 5 seasons. Including 2 (potentially 3) Challenge Cups.
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    I too disagree. If we were in the Premiership we would have a fighting chance of edging out the likes of Hamilton, St Mirren and County at the bottom especially if we were able to use the million pounds extra from being in the top tier to recruit well over the Summer which would not be as difficult as normal given the extraordinary number of players who will be out of contract. Playing in the Championship without fans will be hugely challenging from a financial point of view. Being in the Premiership would at least give us a fighting chance and would give fans an opportunity to participate by buying a virtual season ticket to view online which may only be financially viable for top tier clubs.
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    I will be happy if we get football back when it is safe for the players and fans regardless of which league we are in and hope our club survives. The people that are calling the shots are looking at their own self interest not what is best for all of us, it's all down to money and greed!
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    I thought you had airbrushed him in 😂
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    Absolutely. It just irks me that a club like Elgin. Who have zero ambition and have NEVER left the bottom division and have no desire to given that the proposals they enthusiastically reject would see them into league 1. Would seek to pull down a club like ourselves that punch regularly above our weight. Have won the most prestigious cup in Scotland on probably one of the lowest budgets a team would have. Not to mention the amount of players we have progressed. Where would Aberdeen be without the players they poached of us? THAT is what we bring to the league.
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    1. What are his plans for increasing community engagement and initiatives to engage the city with the club? Basically how will he generate more income into the club and get more fans into the club. 2. More of a reflective question, caveated with the change in chair. Does he accept the club made a hash of the 25th anniversary? As a fan, there was lots of broken promises and it seemed to be targeted at making money rather than sharing experiences/memories with supporters and celebrating a quite astonishing success.
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    It would be good to get an indication of how the club’s finances are given the pandemic and the risks we face if the season is delayed until Christmas or longer. What plans have they to get us through this and what is the prospect of new faces for key positions.
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    I think with this return to basics (red and blue stripes style), the associated puma merchandising brand and everything else that is going on at present this could be the club’s best selling top. Looking forward to see what else Puma have in store for our associated merchandise as was always impressed with what was on offer in the Crystal Palace Club Shops. The red sports fabric polos they produced were excellent quality and it would be nice to have one on those with an ICT eagle on it this time ❤️💙 😂
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    Just got round to listening listening to The Christie Legacy and it is the best one yet, and the sound quality was much better which I know will not be easy at present well done again guys. If you haven't listened don't be put of by the length of the podcast.
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    I have lived long enough to have viewed some of the most appalling images of inhumanity from children with skin dropping off having been burned with Naphalm in Vietnam to innocent aid workers having their heads sawn off by craven cowards in balaclavas in the Middle East. However, in all honesty, I don't think that anything chilled by blood as much as the sight of a white supremacist in a police uniform causally leaning on the neck of a fellow human being initially pleading for his life and then being very patently lifeless for a full nine minutes. Almost worse, the image of three of his equally culpable colleagues standing back and doing not a thing to intervene and prevent the murder taking place before their eyes and a matter of feet from them. I do not condone the violence and looting which serves nobody but can understand the outrage and the feeling of enough is enough and was pleased and proud to see so many white people standing shoulder to shoulder with their African American brothers and sisters. That country needed, as never before, an empathetic voice of authority with a credible promise of real and lasting change. Instead what they got was a loathsome subhuman pouring petrol on the flames calculating that more death and devastation, especially if the deaths were more black deaths would play well to his base and improve his rapidly diminishing prospects of re election. Never have I been so ashamed by the thought that there is Scottish blood flowing through the veins of that vile reptile.
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    I’ve always enjoyed pre season games, Clach, Elgin, Keith, Forres and Nairn all bring happy memories of Highland League but Brora is a special visit, more so for the Trawler Restaurant in Golspie.
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    Met Keith Haggart, who joined in February as Commercial Director, when I bought my ticket and collected my Oor Wullie. He was very friendly and positive about the future. He has been impressed with the passion of fans he has met and feels the community is more behind the club than was the case at other clubs he has been at (presumably Dundee but not sure what others). He talked about the subway deliveries and people buying season tickets for the first time. The players are all still furloughed but they are sharing positive stories with them. They anticipate training starting in September. He wants the community involvement to increase. All very positive and hopefully results in more interest in the club and helps us to stabilise the finances.
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    I particularity like how those clubs mention that litigation could prove financially ruinous for them. After voting to cause financial ruin to other clubs. Zero self awareness
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    I would be very surprised, even if it was offered, if any fan would accept but nevertheless, agree that, even in the current difficult circumstances, the offer should have been made. I haven't bought a season ticket for years due to a combination of professional, geographical and domestic circumstances but will purchase a virtual one for the coming season and would urge anyone else in my position who can afford to to consider doing likewise. The club is going to need every penny it can get to get through and be competitive in the season ahead.
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    Haha plenty fans fancying a change! I'll be the scape goat for our humpings at Arbroath and Hibs now lol
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    That's the Great Glen Hostel at Laggan on the A82
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    I think saying their a miserable failure is incredibly harsh and disrespectful. Most to get that close will have trained and played for nearly 12 years. You need ability but also a huge amount of luck for it to be the right time and place with managers who will trust youth and give them a chance. Frankly speaking playing at any level be it full time or part time is a massive achievement when you consider how many people attempt it. Once they drop to part time its always going to be the case they struggle against full time players. If you gave some of the part time players two years training full time at a club they will undoubtedbly improve.
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    Letting the Evil Two youth teams in helps the Evil Two and no one else. So at some stage it will probably happen. The whole game in Scotland has been badly run - and run in the interest of the big two - for so long that there was no way it could cope with the disruption of Covid. Whatever you think of English moneybags football (and I loathe it) their authorities were clear about what they wanted to do from the off. The SPFL and SFA are making stuff up as they go along. Every poll of Scottish fans makes it clear we are fed up with playing teams 3/4 times a year. Everydicussion of change makes it clear the authorities and the broadcasters want to keep four league Domestic Abuse Derbies a year above all else. In many ways I don't see any hope for Scottish club football. We just must cultivate our garden - fllow your team wherever, whoever they play, at whatever level. I accept what some have said about the dead wood in League 2. Assuming the clubs and syste survives there needs to be a wider exchange of clubs between L2 and the Highland and Lowland (and, now, West and East tier 6) Leagues. That'd freshen things up and bring fresh interest. So it'll never happen.
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    I just thought you usually have your finger on the pulse, and now time on your hands since Wimbledon's been cancelled.
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    Funny way to get to Oban :-))
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    It's clear that sky are pulling the strings. They wanted the league finished so it wouldn't affect their exclusive deal next season. Now that's in place. They want hearts back in the top league to boost viewing figures, especially as the virtual season ticket may be linked to sky in some way. Doncaster is merely their puppet.
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    I have not been impressed with many American Presidents apart from Obama but Donald Trump is the worst that I remember and things are going to get a lot worse there and that is excluding the Covid 19 pandemic.
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      ICTFC launch new kit & sponsor

      Club CEO Scot Gardiner said “I am delighted to conclude this prestigious partnership for the club and having worked closely with the team at PUMA in previous years, I know very well the reputation of this worldwide sportswear brand and the quality of their product.”

      “We have looked at the first 25 years of ICTFC kit and we believed that it was time to try and recapture an identity for our home kit in particular. The many people we discussed previous years designs with all seemed to be thinking along the same lines and I hope the fans are in agreement.”
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    • #TogetherNess
      #TogetherNess - The Caley Jags say Thank You to the NHS and Key Workers

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      The club released the following statement this morning regarding the current status of the club and their thoughts on the recent voting controversy.
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