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    A brave attempt. Strengthen in the summer and get off to a flyer next season and see where it takes us. Remember what an absolute mess ICTFC were in only 36 games ago. Special credit goes to Robbo. He came into a toxic club, with barely a team to talk of. He took a shedload of flak from many fans, then turns things around dramatically, with a Cup Win and narrowly missing out on PLay Offs.
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    The negative; that we no longer have a chance of promotion but we knew that, in our heart of hearts, at five to five last Saturday. The positives; despite our poor financial position and despite what the scaremongers and agitators are trying to imply, we are not entering administration any time soon. We have a manager who was clearly rusty after more than a decade away from the game but who now seems to have rediscovered his mojo. We have a squad of players who, after disastrous start to the season and a mediocre middle, have now gelled and have built up considerable confidence and momentum to carry into next season We have, at last, not just one but two forwards capable of scoring with a third young striker full of potential waiting in the wings. We also have the advantage of, as early as April, knowing exactly where we will be next season and with what budget so have months to prepare accordingly and, by the looks of things, already are. All in all much to look forward to and feel positive about next season, including the increasing likelihood of derby matches. I, for one, can hardly wait.
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    We are back on the 'body language' / 'attitude' stuff for Polworth again I see. Liam Polworth has had an absolute beast of a season. He has had 16 assists in the Championship, six more than the next best player, more than gjuys like Lewis Morgan, Stephen Dobbie. That's playing in a team that's been in the bottom half the table for practically the entire season without a striker who has a decent number of goals. On the run that we've had at the end of the season he's scored or assisted eight of the twenty goals we've scored.
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    Bar me all you like. This has to be the absolute tamest most nanny state moderated football forum I have seen. If I am to be barred I will make it worth my while and publically state that Charles Bannerman is a complete moron Adios
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    Stephen Finnie last week?
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    Whatever the result on Saturday, for the lads to keep this alive until the last game is nothing short of miraculous, given where we were in the depths of the winter. Short on confidence, inconsistent and with poor discipline, it looked like the only play-offs in view were for league 1. So while there's a chance, there's a chance. Dunfermline could not deal with the pressure and make a frolicks of it - who knows! In the meantime, we should be thankful that our season has been kept interesting to the end.
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    No matter how dire our situation, I sincerely hope that, as a family club, we don't stoop so low as to sign a player who has been judicially determined to be a rapist. If we did, I and my family, would not attend any games whilst he was on the books.
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    ICT Supporters Travel Club Committee would like to say a Huge Thank to All who travelled with us this season .We have had another very successful year and couldn't have done it without you .We look forward to seeing you next season and wish you All a lovely summer break .
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    This is an excellent point. People are saying that we can't compete due to finances or crowds - Livingston have an average crowd of 1000 less than us, they have finished second in the league with a team made up of, not to be unkind, youth players and cast-offs. St Mirren have won the league by miles, clearly the best team in the division. This comes off the back of some absolutely horrible seasons, with some parallels to our own fall. They won a cup but didn't build on it and appointed a shocking manager leading to them being relegated. Last season they had an utter disaster, they were 10th for practically the entire season, didn't win a game until December, only won two games in the first two thirds of the season. They went on a great run and built on that. If we recruit sensibly and retain some of our best players then we can challenge next season - properly challenge rather than the late scramble we've had this season.
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    Well done guys coming back after Saturday's late equaliser. Just a pity Dumbarton are unlikely to do us a good turn. Two months ago who would have predicted an 11 game unbeaten run, cup win and 24 points out of 30 in the league. Just a great shame our slow start and the bad run with the sendings off have done for us, we should have been comfortably in the play offs. At least there is hope for next season. Hopefully we hit form before March next time.... I will definitely be renewing my season ticket.
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    Wondered what the views are of the lack of availability of voting slips for this yesterday? Ive spoken to mainstanders as well and it appears no voting areas were available in either stand. This means that only those who attended sports bar or hospitality yesterday got a vote by the looks of it Surely if the club lacked bodies to run this widely they could have asked for volunteers? I for one would have been more than happy to help pull this together to ensure as many fans as possible got a say. There was a pop up shop in the north stand as well which seems a missed opportunity to have a box and slips? Is no one in authority at the club fan focused anymore?
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    Congratulations Gringo on your runaway victory but, more particularly, very many thanks for once more taking the time and effort to organise and run this competition which gives many of us such fun.
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    Love this. Love ICT.
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    So near yet so far. We never believed we could win eight on the spin, but we came so close to doing so. No play offs, but in the last two months, we have been the form team, so hopefully we push on and start the new season well. Hopefully we know who are staying and who are going soon, so any gaps can be plugged. The strategy seems rightly be to look for young, hopefully up and coming players. A few more like Donaldson and Austin will do nicely. A worry about midfield if we lose Vigurs and / or Polly, but Trafford has done well recently and I think there is more to come from Chalmers and Calder has been positive when playing wide midfield. I don't know much about Rooney or Blair, but hopefully they will be useful additions. Realistically we are not ready to go up, much as I would have loved us to, so perhaps signing off on a 12 game unbeaten run is the best outcome. Well done to Robbo for turning things round, and delivering most of what he promised, and well done to the players, particularly with the cup win and the recent run. Roll on the Betfred Cup and the first league game on 4 August. We may even have derbies to look forward to.....
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    Kept this rehearsal film for a special occasion........................this is it
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    It’s 140 miles away, but if you listen carefully you can hear all those squeaky bums in Dunfermline.
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    Probably Doofers Dad's post sums things up best for yesterday. Dunfermline were there for the taking and had Daniel McKay taken his chance, which nine times out of 10 he will, we would all be much happier today. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Some posters are alluding to rumours about players leaving and not being able to maintain the squad which would be hugely unfortunate if that were to happen. However, we found players who, while taking a while to settle, came on in leaps and bounds so who is to say JR cannot do the same next season with more time to do so. The worry is the financial situation, again, I have no insight into this, but this is where we, as fans, can help by renewing our season tickets, turning up to games in increased numbers to try and mitigate the financial impact. Finally, I have to comment on the refereeing yet again. Finnie was astonishingly poor yesterday along with the stand side linesman. The inconsistency of Finnie, where he would give some fouls and ignore similar ones was really poor. The fact that both he and the linesman missed clear shirt pulls on Oakley and Polworth on numerous occasions, shouldn't say missed as they must have been seen but just not given, was just pure incompetence. As the game wore on , the number of soft or non fouls given to Dunfermline increased leading to the possibility of them scoring and that was what happened. Ref didn't score the goal but certainly gave Dunfermline a helping hand as if the foul that led to their goal was given, why weren't the shirt pulls on Oakley and Polworth?. That isn't paranoia, just fact. Even our bookings today were incredibly soft compared to other incidents in the game. I am not saying Finnie was biased, just totally incompetent and not for the first time. I have also read today that Hamilton were denied a stonewall penalty against Partick and the referee stated that he hadn't given a penalty as the Hamilton players didn't seem to appeal enough. If that is true, it just sums up the dreadful state of refereeing in Scotland.
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    Don’t mean to rain on the 5th place celebration parade, but if you had told the board 12 months ago that Robbo would fail to make the play-offs and at no stage in the season have us look like we would get promoted, would they have given him the job? No chance. The season has been a failure in that respect, but at least the recent fantastic run gives us some hope for the future. It’s like when you come back from 0-3 down to draw 3-3, compared to having thrown away a 3 goal lead. Same outcome in the end, but one way of doing it makes you feel much better than the other!
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    Glad to see a new positive thread in Robbo's name. Considering the mess the club was in following relegation I think he's played a blinder, and one has to say the Board got their first major decision right. All the quotes below are from September, when fans were understandably jumpy and depressed (TBF there were plenty in support with some well considered views), the last quote is mine!... When we think of the various outcomes against the statements below, it's hard not to feel pretty satisfied about how the season has panned out, despite just missing out on the play-off, given the low and desperate base we started from. A turning point for me is that run of 10 clean sheets from 11 in the Autumn (Defence sorted...tick). The fantastic unbeaten run since the start of March shows that Robbo got to grips with the squad, sorted out the driftwood from the decent, and galvanised them, they responded to him and each other so that we now see that famous 'spirit' return, a key ingredient in any successful side. Signing Austin in January is now looking a masterstoke (as was Donaldson earlier), fortunately we had so many games postponed that his absence from the side due to injury perhaps was as costly as it might have been. Finances/contracts/aquistions and poaching by other teams will all have a bearing on how we start the next season, but hopefully we wont lose too many key players (Vigurs perhaps), the club seems to be quite active already so we should start with a settled and positive squad, the younger ones having benefited from a whole seasons worth of action. The appointment of Robbo shows the benefit of having a wise older head at the helm (Just like Palace with Hodgson)...... gosh I think I have something in my eye! (and nobody say 'plank') ------------------------------------------------- Quotes The board's ludicrous "give the manager's job to someone who didn't even apply" experiment has failed. Robbo is a good guy but he is not what we need - the defence needs sorted out first and foremost and he is not the man to do it. The board has let the club down appointing a manager out of the game for as long as Robertson has, acquisitions have been very poor ................. Genuinely think we will be lucky to stay up at this rate. Now I'm eternally grateful for the job he did last time around but he inherited a very good nucleus of talent ...............and I'm not sure if he's capable of building from scratch. Robbo is and never was the answer, but right now, the Club doesn't even seem to know the question. I have been told on good authority that the players won't play for him this has been going on too long now and rather than starting to make any noticeable difference, Robbo and the coaches seem to be continuing to make all the same mistakes from last season. There quite clearly is a rift in the dressing room. Players were having a go at each other, the discipline is "shot". Tactically we are shocking. I now think he knows he is out of his depth and can't sort it. I quite like the tough words from Robbo about the players performances and attitude, although that's usually a short sentence away from 'losing the changing room'! --------------------------------------------------
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    RiG's bang on with that reply. Robbo and the players deserved a show of appreciation for the effort and that's what we gave them. No celebrations, just a big loud display of support. I know Morton weren't really playing, but we were just brimming with confidence throughout the team, pounding them for the first half hour and playing some great football at times. Seedorf, Chalmers, Oakley, Trafford and McKay are all players i've had my doubts about at times this season, but they all had excellent games which tells us how well the team is working as a unit. This run might not have seen us into the play-offs, but it allows us to go into next season with a positive feeling, something that seemed unimaginable just 5 weeks ago.
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    Well done to Robbo and the team for a great run in : just ran out of matches as I suspected would be the case (I know about last week but we should have been comfortably in the play offs long before then). Hope most of team are retained with the addition of a couple of new faces and we can carry on where we left off in August(?). Really enjoyed the cup win : great to experience that winning feeling again. Here's to another trophy in a year's time!
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    1-0 full time. We've taken it to the last day, can't ask anymore than that.
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    Absolutely woeful attempt at organising end of season presentation. Cringed in embarrassment for the players who came back out in front of maybe 100 fans who bothered to stay. Only the Chairman spoke but actually said nothing of consequence while no words from the manager , club captain or any of the guys who won the awards. Bizarrely last year was more upbeat. Appreciate the goal in the 96 minute sucked the life out of any celebrations but that was woeful. As for the voting slips they were around the main stand bar area but you had to hunt for them amongst the empty napkins , used tea bags and empty beer glasses. Terrible attempt by someone just going through the motions who has been given the gig of organising the supporters player of the year.
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    I wondered about this myself. I've no idea who was organising it but I would willingly have helped as well. I stayed for the presentations only because someone else asked if I was. I was unaware it was happening. Maybe there was an announcement over the PA system but I can rarely make out a word of what is being said. So many simple things about communication within this club that are just shockingly bad.
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    What planet are you on? It’s not a good result, it’s a dreadful result which could well have dire consequences for the club going forward.
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