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    I think what the County fans who were at the game found most difficult was not being able to leave before the end of the game.
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    Absolutely delighted to be able to announce that in less than 2 weeks we have reached the target to get "Milestones and Memories" to print. On behalf of Ian Broadfoot, the Supporters Trust and the Club, many, many thanks to all who pre-ordered, donated or simply passed the message on. Ian will now get the final copy together and we can start planning the launch of the book itself. More info on that in due course. The club has now taken the donations page down from the online shop but you can still pre-order. Not only will that secure your copy but it will also help the club's cash flow at this very challenging time.
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    CaleyStan - I agree with you. Not only has this trumpian nonsense been debunked (several times). It definitely crosses the line for the site, and for me personally. We will take appropriate action on this. https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-false-george-soros-claims-idUSKBN23P2XJ I have largely stayed out of social & political discussion on this and other threads but as husband to a woman of colour and father of a biracial child, and who knows far more about BLM than I probably would otherwise, I cannot allow or accept this post on this site. Reasoned argument is fine, but spouting already debunked conspiracy theories ... nope. I have hidden the post for now until we decide what action to take with the user account.
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    Seen Robbo at the wkend in Brora did have a discussion about signings hoping he took my expert opinion on board not often u get 2 legends in Brora
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    As noted on our Facebook and Twitter pages, we are delighted to help publicise a new book by ICTFC club historian Ian Broadfoot. "Milestones and Memories" is Ian's second book about the club (Going Ballistic was his first) and provides a wonderful nostalgic trip down memory lane which is sure to bring back many happy memories. Anyone who knows Ian, as I have done since the early days will know how meticulous his fact and record keeping is. It has formed the backbone of our stats on this and other earlier versions of our site for many a year and we still use his records to double check and make sure what we have on here is correct. This makes this a must-have for any ICT fan. In fact, if you are like me at all you will buy 2 copies. One to read, one to keep for posterity!! Its been a hard road to get this published, in no small part thanks to the Coronavirus, but with the help of the supporters trust, the club, and other businesses in the local area who provided support or assistance in kind, the book is now available for pre-order. For pages with a sidebar you can find a link on the right side of the page, or you can click below to donate to help with costs or to buy the book (or both). Pre-ordered books can be signed by Ian if you wish, and any donation over £20 will be acknowledged in the final book (or you can remain anonymous). BUY BOOK : https://shop.ictfc.com/product/pre-order-milestones-memories-book DONATE TO COSTS : https://shop.ictfc.com/product/donations-for-milestones-memories-book
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    No worries Robert. I have banned you from the site though just to be on the safe side.
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    Surely the sensible and fair solution for a slimmed down but equitable solution is for the cup to be on a knockout basis with the 30 league clubs eligible plus Brora and Kelty. That way nobody gets a bye and a little justice at least is restored to the winners of the Highland and Lowland Leagues.
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    On behalf to the Board of the Supporters Trust I would like to say how delighted we all are to be able to work with Ian Broadfoot and the Club in an effort to get Ian's wonderful book published. You can read a bit more about the book and the background to the campaign in the article posted here. Originally "Milestones and Memories" was intended to be published as part of the Club's 25th Anniversary celebrations, but financial difficulties exacerbated by the Coronavirus outbreak mean that the club has had other priorities on its cash. Having seen the book in electronic format, the Trust Board were absolutely convinced that it would have wide appeal and would make a useful profit for the club. We therefore approached the Club and it was agreed that if we led a fundraising campaign to raise the money for printing, the club would sell and distribute the book. "Milestones and Memories" is a very accessible book and is sure to be a source of enjoyment and happy memories for years to come - but only if it actually gets published! The book will only go to the printers once printing costs are met in full, so we urgently need people to support the club by pre-ordering the book and/or making a donation. Also, please spread the word! There are a lot of folk who regard ICT as their team but who rarely look at ICT related social media sites. There are many who rarely go to games but who might be encouraged to go to more if they read the book and recalled memories of some of the great occasions over the last 25 years. We need you to help us reach out to these people so that they too can learn about the project and offer their support to the club. This is a great opportunity to recall some great memories and produce some much needed funding for the club. We hope this is a project that will generate a lot of interest and we thank you in advance for your support.
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    If the cup goes ahead this season, a sensible solution would be to restrict it to the 30 teams in the Championship and Leagues 1 and 2. Give us and Raith byes to the second round so last year’s final can take place on the weekend of the first round games. That means 28 clubs play in 14 first round matches, with us and Raith making it 16 clubs for the second round. That avoids fixture congestion.
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    Makes me think of lederhosen - hope they have the shorts and socks to complete the look
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    Mods! A line has been crossed here into dangerous fascist conspiracy theory. Yer man probably watches 20 hours of youtube a day. Should he be allowed to regurgitate this stuff on here?
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    Brilliant almost non sweary podcast. I still have big hopes for the youngsters to help fill out the roster and get re signed closer to start of the season especially Brown and Fyffe. Havent both played right back?
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    Preordered 2 copies. Fingers crossed it makes it to print.
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    Not strictly ICT related but I was sorry to read of the passing of Bobby Munro the Clach goalkeeper of the 50s and 60s I am too young to remember seeing him play but my late father, a staunch Clach fan all his days, described him as the best and most agile goalkeeper ever to grace the Highlend League. The Inverness football community is a close and tight knit one so I imagine that many would join me in offering condolences to his family friends and surviving acquaintances and to Clach Foorball Club.
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    Ordered mine yesterday with a donation, really hope it gets lots of interest.
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    Ordered 2 copies (as i suggested myself) and also donated a little. £14 for international postage seemed a bit high but looking up Royal Mail for both customer and business rates its not actually OTT. (For World Zone 1 its between £10/£14 for packages weighing up to 1Kg for standard rates, and £7.16 per Kg for packages up to 2Kg if paying business rates)
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    And are already gearing up to fight even more dirty in #Indyref 2 which even they know now is inevitable.
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    Sorry Gringo, but many of us got our eyes opened during the 2014 Referendum. The UK Establishment fights dirty like anybody else. Agree with you about the media and the rich footballers though.
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    TBH, I've not been watching anything, but I did get tempted to watch MotD the first week it was back. The standard was markedly poorer all round, what with the long layoff plus the lack of fans. So I don't imagine we'd be any better ☹️ But Rooney in a back three 🤮 My browser even autocorrected it to cack three 😂
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    It's been a while folks since we've played this. I just have to remember how to do it all again after a six months. Not sure if you've seen the Rules update or not but, just to remind you all, I've suspended the Crowd Section for obvious reasons. I just can't have you all scoring 10 points every match 😂. If it ever gets back to normal I will reintroduce the section. I'd also like to thank you all for your support and kind comments about the NPL. It will continue in it's usual format. So, without further ado.....predict away for Game 01 HT: FT: 1st Scorer ICT: 1st Scorer Hearts:
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    That's a bit harsh on O'Connor , considering the well publicised demons he has had to deal with since he shot to fame. Fighting addiction and dealing with suicidal thoughts isn't quite what comes to mind when you call someone " least disciplined " . At least he is involved with trying to help others now, something I'm not sure Stokes would bother with if and when the wheels come off his gravy train.
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    Cheers Gringo, good that you are keeping this going. Hopefully you are able to reintroduce the crowd section soon, but I suspect it won’t be for a long time. Is it worth putting up a list of joker entitlement? Maybe we should all use them in the first games in case we get another season suspended!
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    St. Iturnan, somehow became Killearnan
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    Great credit to those who give up their time for no financial reward to administer the Highland League for organising even a truncated competition in the current circumstances.
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    Obviously pushed back now. If the idiots who have been flouting the rules now start obeying the new stricter measures their conduct has brought about rather than carping about them then we may still get back into grounds by the end of the year.
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    Can’t see White being loaned out so soon after joining Motherwell. I agree that Chalmers is a good signing for Ayr though.
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    I sat beside Steve Ferguson before he signed and he had nothing but good words for him...obviously not a favourite of the forehead shaving freak Kettlewell.
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    Coll conceding yet another penalty. At this rate, I can't see him lasting til the end of the season considering how many he's given away already
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    I don't believe the SPFL have mandated taking the knee before games as the EPL did a few months ago which I feel this is a pity as international solidarity is important. However, I understand there may be a sense of the moment having passed (unfortunately) by the time the season starts in October so understand why our league may not involve themselves in it. In relation to this, I believe it would be a nice touch if our club made an effort at some point to recognise the contribution of BAME players who have helped to lead us to success in the past. The club has been good at supporting progressive social causes in recent years (Rainbow Laces, mental health etc.), but it would be nice to see something done to recognise those from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and to make fans from these groups feel even more welcome at the club.
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    Ha! A giveaway. "A concrete barge, the Cretetree is beached in the harbour of the Isle of Scalpay near Tarbert, Harris, Scotland. She was built by Aberdeen Concrete Ships, and completed in 1919." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concrete_ship#Europe Explains why I couldn't get Portree or Tiree out of the letters that I made out
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    Looks like no one has
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    I'm from that era but I must admit I don't recall him, although I do remember 'Eck'McDougall (father of the ex Scotland star, Ted) who was keeper in a really successful Clach side of the late 40s, and still there in the early 50s when Caley took over the mantle of 'best side in Inverness'. I guess Munro followed him. So my condolances too to his family and friends.
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    Well before my time in so far as following Inverness football is concerned, however, my sincere condolences to all his family, friends and the Inverness football community.
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    Not wanting to sound confrontational but, why are we discussing Anthony Stokes, he's a Livi player, not ICT. Anyway, still hoping we can get either a RB or Striker in sometime soon
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    Do you know .... Who was the first Chairman of the newly formed Caledonian Thistle in 1993? Which team were our opponents on our Scottish Cup debut? How much money an SFA tribunal decided we had to pay Lossiemouth for the transfer of Iain Stewart? When the club changed its name from "Caledonian Thistle" to "Inverness Caledonian Thistle"? The answers to these and lots, lots more can be found in Chapter 2 of "Milestones and Memories", Ian Broadfoot's terrific new book to celebrate the first 25 years of ICT. But before you can dip into this treasure trove of information and memories, we need to raise the money to get the book printed. Help to ensure you get your copy by pre-ordering one now and, perhaps make a wee donation to the costs? You can do it here!
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    There's no specific target. The bottom line is that the book won't go to the printers unless the printing and P&P costs have been met. How many we get printed will be decided depending on the balance between pre-orders and donations. The bulk of the printing costs is the set up, so we would would only need to raise roughly another 20% in order to double the number of books printed. However there would be no point printing double quantity if the volume of pre-sales indicated that we were unlikely to sell the lower number as the extra cost would eat into the profits. Depending on the level of donations we would probably need pre-sales of 2-300 copies. In the event of donations alone being sufficient to fund the costs, then all of the sale price of each book would represent profit for the club! Even on a minimum print run of 500 copies, that would represent a tidy profit for the club! We therefore need both strong numbers of pre-orders and generous donations in order to get this terrific book to the fans whilst generating a much needed profit for the club. Spread the word and let's make this a success! I can't say how many orders have been placed as these will all be on the club's system, but I will be in regular contact with the club and hopefully we can give some updates on progress in due course.
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    2012......Rangers died.....Craig Whyte.......Castle Grant.
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    That's a pre-order in hope it takes off well. Looking forward to it and of course the upcoming season, be different in more ways than one !
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    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Going-Ballistic-Paperback-Ian-S-Broadfoot/303620499354?epid=89238079&hash=item46b131279a:g:9gUAAOSwSmxfCZVa £20.94, free postage. They say they have two available. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Going-Ballistic-Inverness-Caledonian-Thistle/dp/0953124010 7 used, from £20. https://www.abebooks.co.uk/book-search/title/going-ballistic-inverness-caledonian-thistle-fc-the-first-decade-1994-5-to-2003-4/author/ian-s-broadfoot/ 4 available, from £19.50. There may be some overlap - ie the same vendors could be on more than one of those platforms.
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    Not sure. My father did manage to get someone out late one night - can't remember if it was from the hotel or not - to open up the pumps and sell us a gallon of petrol. Otherwise we wouldn't have made it home. The Freeburn Hotel at Tomatin. The photgraph below is from 1986. I don't think the place has ever been open to the public, but I think there's a chance that you will know it.
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    I hope it will be on the back burner till better times like next year sometime if we can complete the season.
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    Get another one and keep that for your winter top 👍
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    There's no fooling some people! Must try harder...
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    If we need a right back, my Saints supporting mate is offering to drive Shaun Rooney up the A9 for us.
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    Absolutely. Johnston, Gove, Sunak and co are welcome north of the border any time they wish. Each visit seems to increase support for independence and support for the SNP by a percentage point. Imagine what might happen if they came north and met done actual real people.
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    Plenty places u can move 2 if your wanting to be more diverse brother Bradford nice this time of year! I'm not debating it bud doesn't put me up or down if Scottish clubs take a knee just seems a bit of bandwagon jumping that's all and really is more of an American attention seeking move!
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    I used to sell Telford rolls all over Inverness.At any one time I'd have 25 or so teenagers delivering rolls to houses I'd previously canvassed.I'd cycle all over town every couple of weeks picking up all the cash for the previous fortnights sales.By the end of my trip my rucksack would be full of small change and be so heavy I could hardly lift it.I'd spend the next day counting it all out and bagging it.I'd then cycle into The Clydesdale Bank and get there just as they were closing.I'd plead with them to let me in because otherwise I was stuck with this pack full of change.I'd then head down to see 'Mrs Roll/Bartniczeck, give her the bakeries 'cut' and then blether about life for a while.The Bartniczecks were lovely people.How they put up with me and my appearance (straight out of Woodstock 1969 ) I often wonder.10 or more years after I'd finished this enterprise people would come out their houses and ask me if I'd any rolls for sale.
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      We are delighted to help publicise a new book by @ICTFC club historian Ian Broadfoot. "Milestones and Memories" provides a wonderful nostalgic trip down memory lane and is sure to bring back many happy memories. Anyone who knows Ian will know how meticulous his fact and record keeping is which makes this a must-have for any ICT fan. In fact, buy 2. One to read, one to keep for posterity!!

      #ICTFC #CTO
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    • Back to the stripes this season
      ICTFC launch new kit & sponsor

      Club CEO Scot Gardiner said “I am delighted to conclude this prestigious partnership for the club and having worked closely with the team at PUMA in previous years, I know very well the reputation of this worldwide sportswear brand and the quality of their product.”

      “We have looked at the first 25 years of ICTFC kit and we believed that it was time to try and recapture an identity for our home kit in particular. The many people we discussed previous years designs with all seemed to be thinking along the same lines and I hope the fans are in agreement.”
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    • End of Season - Squad Update
      Caley Thistle released a statement today with squad news for the end of season. Some good news, but also some hard decisions taken.

      #ICTFC #CTO https://bit.ly/2MoK9Kc
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    • Five years on....
      People often refer to an extraordinary, yet fleeting occurrence as a JFK moment. When Inverness CT went in a bowl in Switzerland for the Europa League draw in June 2015, it was hardly a life changing event, but I will never forget where I was when the news filtered through
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    • #TogetherNess
      #TogetherNess - The Caley Jags say Thank You to the NHS and Key Workers

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