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  1. Looking at our fixture list we have five home games between 1st Feb and 3rd March. That is a big ask for pay at the gate fans, so this would be a good time to have an offer available. Two games are cup games so it limits the clubs options. The club could consider giving fans free or discounted entry to the Morton game on Tuesday 3rd March if they buy tickets for the Alloa and Partick games. The club also needs to focus on attracting more children to games. We have thousands of empty seats at every game so why not give away 500+ tickets to different schools for the remaining home games. Tickets could be valid for an adult/child so parents get free entry, hopefully they will buy food, merchandise etc. If kids enjoy the games then it could result in season tickets sales for next season (perhaps).
  2. I think whoever posts on twitter was at a different game. Unless crossing the half way line counts as a 'chance' ?
  3. That must be the worst Caley performance I have ever seen, the Clyde keeper did not have a meaningful save to make! Great save by Ridgers in the 2nd half to earn us a draw, had we gone 1-0 down I could not see us scoring.
  4. Carson was easily the best player on the pitch. He reads the game far better than Vincent, puts in plenty of tackles and was the only player who attempted to block the opening goal for Arbroath. At times in the 1st half we were playing 4-2-4 with Vincent posed missing on a number of occasions. Hopefully Welsh and Carson in the middle against Dundee. Vincent would be better playing as a number 10 - so Keatings or Vincent? No room for both IMO. Walsh was poor (by his standards) and I was surprised he stayed on ahead of Doran. Todorov should get a start, Storey made an impact but I was a little disappointed that McGregor didn't get on.
  5. Based on the Cove game and today a few observations: The defence has been left exposed by the ineffective midfield. Why Trafford and Vincent today. Vincent in centre midfield does not work - he needs to play the number 10 role or be on the bench. Carson looks like a quality midfielder and once we have Welsh back I think we will win a lot of midfield battles, he needs a ball winner next to him and that is not Vincent. Keatings has shown little desire to track back and we are not defending from the front. Todorov has shown more desire and skill in the past two games as a sub than White and should start against Utd. Macgregor was positive when he came on against Cove, yet didn't get on today ? I think we will have a good season, but we need to get back to basics. Defend from the front and playing football, not lumping it up to White and hoping for the best.
  6. Kevin Clancy. He was the referee in our 2-2 game with County (is there a theme!)
  7. Good offer but why do we persist with charging U12s for having a season ticket in the main stand when adults / parents already pay a premium.
  8. The club clearly want to get funds in early, however I find it bizarre that they have only advertised this in the semi-final programme over 2 weeks ago. I find it strange that they then delay the option to purchase until the 6th May ? I think it's a good offer and I would have renewed by now if they had been on sale. For those complaining about pay dates....I will renew next week by credit card, get my statement in June and pay it off from my June salary ?
  9. Only 5 points required to secure a play off spot (poss 4 given GD). Lets hope we can secure asap so some players can get a rest and some of the younger lads some game time as we will need everyone ready given the number of fixtures over a short period. Looking at the remaining fixtures for Ayr they may not pick up many more points this month so we could pip them for 3rd!
  10. Good to see an appointment who has no links to existing or previous board members. Will hopefully have lots of ideas and contacts to generate new income / investment for the club. Time will tell if it is a good appointment but he has far more experience than our previous CEO (and the board). Lets back the guy rather than looking for reasons to dismiss him before he has started.
  11. I've said this time and time again. Get the kids along and whilst it won't happen overnight it will lead to a larger fan base in the future. The club should also be giving out tickets to kids football clubs / groups. I'm not sure what the ratio would be, but 20 kids and 5 adult tickets would cost max £100 with the potential of 25 new fans who can spend money on food etc at the game. If 5 kids want to keep coming then the £100 would be recouped in one game (cost of 5 parents). We only have 5 home fixtures left this season (before the pay offs!). If the club were to give out 200+ kids tickets for each of the remaining home game and we have a good run until the end to the season there is a great opportunity to attract more interest in season tickets for next season.
  12. Not so much an accusation as an observation "Not so much nowadays though"... that is my point. I recall a few years ago where there were on occasion groups of kids (schools possibly) in the far end of the North stand. If the club did this for 'every' game it might make a difference, not just now and again. Yes over 25 years they probably have. I have primary school age children and in the past 4 years I have not heard of tickets being offered to their school or at the many other activities they undertake. Perhaps someone on the forum has recent experience of tickets being handed out to primary schools.
  13. It has been mentioned many times but we need to attract more youngsters to games. The club should be giving away 100+ free tickets to primary schools for every home game. No cost to the club and it may attract new fans, plus additional income on match day (food / drinks). I also think the club should have 5 a-side matches for kids before games and a half time. You could have four teams playing a round robin before the game with the top two teams playing a final at half time. This would attract family and friends of those playing and provide the fans with some entertainment! If the club had invested in younger fans 10 years ago our attendances might be a lot better today.
  14. dave26


    As we are skint then I'm not surprised we took cash for Oakley, we are however left relying on White and Austin(if fit) as our senior strikers. Perhaps more game time for younger players!
  15. Ok, I'll add Doran, White, Austin and Trafford so as not to single him out.