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  1. Was going to get to get the team to sign my autograph book at the Northern Meeting Park the other day but was in such a daze I forgot to take it! Found my ticket in my back pocket though and got Shinnie, Tansey and Meekings to sign that, and got a photo with most of them.
  2. Let's just hope he doesn't set the stadium on fire!
  3. It may be a headache to work out, but a very, very welcome headache!!
  4. I shed a wee tear when Falkirk equalised and I thought we'd blown it! Went absolutely mental when Jamesy Vincent put us back ahead. No tears at full time, Didn't quite sink in until today at the Northern Meeting Park what we'd done. There was another wee tear or two then.
  5. Great turn out for the lads, and amazing to see so many young kids wearing ICT tops. This might be the end of an incredible season, but it also might just be the start of something even more amazing! What a journey it has been, and hopefully continues to be!!
  6. In that case, where should I head? The stadium or NMP? Would like to follow the bus round.
  7. What time is this likely to finish? Last bus home on a Sunday is 4:40, although I'm sure I can make other arrangements!
  8. I'm a relatively new fan after defecting from the blue half of the ugly sisters during the season of 03/04 when we first got promoted to the Premiership. My Dad is a Hibs fan so never really "forced" ICT on me. I supported Rangers because, to me, they were the best ( ) and who doesn't want to support the best team? But then I saw the light and began to support my local team, and at that point I never could have even dreamed about where we are today. Already qualified for the Europa League and tomorrow we have an amazing chance to win our first trophy. I can honestly say that supportin
  9. It means that due to driving hours for the buses we might not be allowed a proper stop en route home that's all! That's good, I'm such a panicer as long as I see ICT lift the trophy on Saturday tomorrow(!!!) evening everything else will be fine!
  10. I've just read the e-mail about the buses. "if the match goes to Penalties - we will be heading straight home". Does this mean if it goes to penalties and we win we wont get to see the team lift the trophy? Would be such a shame if so.
  11. Roughly how soon after the game will they be heading back? And where from? Bus 9 if that helps.
  12. Great effort! Love it!
  13. Well this is embarrassing...I'll be wearing the exact same.
  14. No worries there I take it you mean alcohol? Was thinking about taking a flask of coffee as well as some snacks, but the bag would mainly be for flags and things
  15. Would I be able to leave a rucksack in the bus during the game?
  16. Where do I get a hold of the cup final scarves? Was in the shop the other day but couldn't see any
  17. On a positive note, great to see so many young guys get a run out. Ross, Polworth, Christie, Sutherland and Mackay.
  18. Looking to buy one of these, although what size should I be getting? Got the last home top in small and even that was slightly too big! I'm a 37ish" chest so I'm assuming a junior 38 size top would be the one?
  19. Will there be chances to get a photo with it after the final IF we win it? Like RossP, don't think I'd want to touch it beforehand!
  20. Getting the bus down with 2 friends and meeting up with another in Glasgow. Where would be the best place to arrange to meet considering none of us have ever even been near Hampden before?
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