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  1. Renegade

    New kit?

    They even sponsor the Inverness Thistle welfare league team!
  2. Jobs for the boys (and girls) rears it’s head before the club take two steps forward and one step back. Again. So tedious and so frustrating.
  3. Fair point. He did know Alex Cooper though who we all knew was guff before we signed him.
  4. Renegade

    New kit?

    Why are we having a kit launch and a meet and greet thing at 9am on a Wednesday? Most people will be at work apart from nightshifters and the unemployed and kids (who kits and these events are mainly aimed at) will be at school?
  5. What a strange thing for a grown man to post.
  6. There's no doubting his legendary exploits when he can unearth such gems as Matthew Elsdon, Feliticiano Zschusschen and Alex Cooper.
  7. No it isn't. Baird scored four goals in 31 games. That's a ratio of nearly one goal every eight games. Mutombo scored twice in 30 games. One goal every 15 games. A class act...?
  8. Renegade

    New kit?

    The way they plastered their name everywhere was horrible and tacky.
  9. Renegade

    New kit?

    To be fair, Errea did start showing signs of improvement before we punted them the first time. Remember Carbrini though? Good lord, what a shambles they were.
  10. I notice some Rangers and Dumbarton fans online saying Kyle Hutton is a decent ball player but has had a terrible time with injuries. If he can get a prolonged spell with us, it might work out.
  11. We're making an approach for ex-Dundee, East Fife and Real Sociedad defender Julen Etxabeguren Leanizbarrutia apparently.
  12. P&J are reporting that we’re trying to sign Dumbarton midfielder Kyle Hutton.
  13. We all know why people voted to call a new election but I did notice a handful of votes against a new election from the floor. Would’ve been interesting to hear why they voted that way.
  14. Mutombo wasn’t terrible but I can’t remember being disappointed when he was released. I doubt I was the only one.
  15. I see we're playing away to Nairn County at Station Park on Friday 6th July. Kick off at 1930.
  16. Golabek but in the opposite order.
  17. I believe Mr Raven is an ageing, yet reliable full back. Mr Boden, I believe, is dreadful.
  18. Mutombo was decent...on occasion. While he did have a handful of decent games and his effort can’t be doubted, he was a headless chicken with no first touch and could at times be rather selfish. To talk him up as some kind of football magician is fanciful.
  19. I was at the first leg. Cove absolutely battered Cowdenbeath and were only kept by bay by some good goalkeeping from McGurn and some god-awful finishing.
  20. Cove Rangers and Elgin City away please.
  21. Seemingly the mass brawl started after Cowdenbeath's third goal was given after one of their players rugby tackled the Cove goalkeeper. I wonder type of referee would make such a terrible decision... Oh! It was John McKendrick! Fancy that...
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