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  1. We've signed Dumbarton midfielder Tom Walsh on a pre-contract apparently.
  2. Anyone caught calling the Highland Derby 'El Kessocko' should face prison time.
  3. Alloa 2016. The day it dawned on me, that Foran was the wrong choice.
  4. We were linked with Walsh a while back. Wonder if he’s still on our radar.
  5. Renegade


    Caley Thistle has always been like that. It's always been who you know, rather than what you know.
  6. I wonder if the announcement will be in regards to the 'high-profile' friendly we heard about a while back.
  7. You won't be saying that when he becomes our new chairman and leads the club to glory! Big Blair, his brother in China and his polecat sound like a winning formula to me.
  8. Christ, not this again. He's gone, get over it.
  9. What about birthday cake candles from Tesco? Are they any good for attracting ghosts?
  10. I wonder if Froxylias is someone worth looking at. He may take a short while to adjust to full time football, but you can't imagine he'll stay with Dumbarton another season even if they stay up. He absolutely roasted us when we got beat down there in September. Also, I don't know what his contract status is, but is Willis Furtado at Raith worth looking at? Tall and powerful and can play up top or wide.
  11. Wasn’t aware Caley Thistle against Brechin was a derby.
  12. Just a director?! To be honest, with your £££££££ being ploughed into the club, you should be made the club's life emperor!
  13. I recollect a thread about a year after Brewster came back up heralding him. It wasn't that long before everyone (quite rightly) wanted him out. Don't get me wrong, after a poor start and a few dud signings, Robbo has managed to find a winning formula and a pool of player that fit the mould. He'll inevitably lose a couple of big player this summer and we'll see what he can do regarding replacements. Then we can really judge him.
  14. Let's see where we are a year from now. Then we'll be able to critique how good a manager he really is.
  15. Oh jeez, I'd forgotten about Elsdon. He was blooming awful. Destined to fall into the abyss of lower league regional English football.
  16. HT - GM 0-1 ICT FT - GM 1-2 ICT GM - McHugh ICT - Tremarco Crowd - 1,412
  17. Someone on P&B is saying Falkirk are keen on him.
  18. Yeah, the fact he played for Ross County (as have Ridgers, Vigurs and plenty others through the years), really is the worst thing about him...
  19. It did go through my mind that perhaps this announcement is in regards to a new signing. With us announcing Rooney and probably soon Beith, could it be someone else coming in that would send fans into hysterics. Someone on another thread mentioned Goodwillie and if he were to sign, I for one would not be pleased if someone as unsavory as him was to sign for us.
  20. HT - LFC 0-0 ICT FT - LFC 0-2 ICT LFC - Da Vita ICT - Austin Crowd - 808
  21. I don't know if this is related to the elusive announcement or not, but I have heard that a new club museum is going to go where the sports bar is. I don't know if this sports bar and museum will be one thing, the bar is going to be moved or if the bar is being done away with altogether though.
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