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  1. A while back the chairman released a statement about the plans for the club's 25th anniversary. One of the things he highlighted how this was a great chance to 're-launch' the club. What did he mean by that? I have heard on the grapevine that we're ramping up the Nessie stuff next season. I don't expect the club colours or name to change, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Surgeon's Photo is used as our new badge.
  2. I recollect one in the Main Stand food bit when Raven won it but I don't recollect any in the North Stand. Had they been there, I'd have voted.
  3. Did the same thing not happen last season and possibly the one before? There's been nothing in the North Stand for about three years.
  4. When's big Blair and his polecat pumping his millions into the club? That's what I want to know!
  5. What planet are you on? It’s not a good result, it’s a dreadful result which could well have dire consequences for the club going forward.
  6. I like Daniel Mackay but he was the wrong choice to bring on when Austin came off. A player with a lot of potential but no experience or power to take on M'Voto who a couple of times just stood in-front of him. We should've brought Calder on and gone to a 4-2-3-1. Calder could've slotted into left back as well if we went to five at the back.
  7. HT - ICT 1-1 DAFC FT - ICT 2-2 DAFC ICT - Austin DAFC - Wedderburn Crowd - 2,917
  8. With Dumbarton already calling for volunteers for the pitch I wonder if the game might be called off again tomorrow.
  9. I think I'd rank Nick Ross over Polworth for the moment.
  10. Thought Doran (Cogan) and Calder were excellent today.
  11. This would be my line up as well, except I'd start Austin over Mulraney, who I think is better off the bench.
  12. HT - ICT 1-0 DFC FT - ICT 3-0 DFC ICT - Austin DFC - Froxylias Crowd - 2,118
  13. True fact here - After that game, STV started referring to the club as ‘The Ballistics’ in the hope that the fans would use it as the clubs new nickname. Never took off.
  14. The young team was never banned. Only four, who have since been allowed back.
  15. Is anyone else starting to get quite irritated by this chairman? Now while it's wrong for fans to be racist, run on the pitch and generally be an idiot, this is once again another vilification of supporters. How many times has the club released a statement praising its fan base over the course of this season? None that I can think of. Yet we've had numerous statements over bad behaviour. The other week we won the Irn Bru Cup and the first act of the chairman was to release a very ambiguous statement about a rammy in the half time pie queue. We're apparently trying to attract new fans. P
  16. Maybe she'll move up a couple of places on his 'list of interests'...
  17. I noticed we set up the same again last night. While the 4-4-2 diamond worked on Saturday, I think the Caley Stadium pitch is too wide to use it effectively.
  18. HT - ICT 1-0 Falkirk FT - ICT 2-0 Falkirk ICT - Austin Falkirk - Longridge Crowd - 2,066
  19. In the last few years one thing that’s become quite prevalent is that we seem to have a significant proportion of fans who are desperate for players to fail almost instantly. Polworth, Vigurs, Wedderburn and Tremarco come to mind.
  20. I felt the 4-4-2 diamond we played on Saturday suited us quite well. One thing that has struck in recent weeks is how much solider a unit we look without Mulraney. While he may have pace to burn, others like Doran and Calder offer far more. We don’t have the squad to carry a passenger who looks decent once in a while.
  21. HT - QOS 1-0 ICT FT - QOS 1-1 ICT QOS - Dobbie ICT - Oakley Crowd - 1,699
  22. I went in the one in the Air Canada Centre. Didn't have that much TFC stuff though.
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