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  1. I thought he was at Kilmarnock.
  2. Terry Butcher has been named as the new manager of the Philippines.
  3. My mistake, he must've signed for Ipswich Town.
  4. Jamie McCart was signed for us again on a two year deal. I thought he was decent last time he was here.
  5. I would've liked to retain him but I'm surprised to see him go to as big a club as Carlisle. I thought he'd move to more of a Blyth Spartans type of team.
  6. Andy MacRae has been linked with Peterhead apparently. I always thought he looked a decent player to be honest.
  7. Bach’s 5th Symphony in C minor.
  8. P&J are saying Bell is away as we were unable to offer him much more than he was on already.
  9. It is a dump. But it's a football dump. Central Park is a stock cars dump.
  10. Sounds like the board have gone behind Robbo’s back to be honest.
  11. I see Callum Ferguson has been called up to the Cascadia World Cup squad.
  12. Should've been 'Caley Thistle United'. Caley Jags Together is happy clappy, goody two-shoes clap trap.
  13. Has big Blair pumped his millions into the club yet?
  14. Can we please, please, PLEASE stop obsessing over former players? This constant looking backwards is embarrassing.
  15. Greg Tansey was garbage during his first spell with us, was really good for a season and a half and then went back to being garbage after that Aberdeen saga. He was absolutely dreadful when he eventually did sign for Aberdeen and would certainly be looking for Premiership wages. There’s absolutely no chance of him coming back and even if there was a chance, I would pass on him.
  16. Is anyone really that bothered about friendlies and who we play etc.? These are glorified training sessions.
  17. Who's peoples favourite Rolling Stone? For me it's between Kieth Richards and Ronnei Wood.
  18. Theoretically we could be involved in the first competitive game at Cove's new stadium. Bizarrely, I've never been to Raith Rovers and I'd rather we got Cowdenbeath at home. One visit to their ground was enough.
  19. Rice signed a longer new deal last summer. It wasn't released to the press though for some reason apparently.
  20. Who's writing these things? The fact Keith is spelled wrong twice (and it's not even a mistake made by autocorrect) makes it look as if it's been written by someone with no knowledge of the area whatsoever.
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