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  1. No shop open at BMO Field. Found this out myself when I turned up there one afternoon last month!
  2. The song was really about that. Honest!
  3. Strangely a lot of the news articles seemed to be deleted in regards to his arrest. The Pink Floyd song of course is about a man who steals womens clothes off washing lines. Seems rather fitting...
  4. HT - ICT 3-0 Brechin FT - ICT 5-1 Brechin ICT - Oakley Brechin - Orsi Crowd - 1,617
  5. Can't be that young when he's saying Jim Calder is his cult hero.
  6. I got blocked a couple of years ago after calling them out on constantly copy and pasting my tweets (sometimes very badly) and putting them off as their own. To be honest, I've often wondered if the admin is either very young or just a bit thick. He posted some weird thing about how he wanted David Raven to be the club manager! Edit - Just had a scroll through there, apparently we should sign Alex Schalk from County (as 'payback for taking Draper'). How we'd afford him I do not know. Also, he wants us to sign Scott Davidson from Rothes, even though we had him on trial and he wasn'
  7. Ridgers Warren Donaldson Polworth Trafford Vigurs Doran Oakley Austin Bell Tremarco
  8. Renegade

    New name

    Martins' hair certainly wasn't of this planet!
  9. Am I the only getting deja vu?
  10. HT - ICT 0-1 St Mirren FT - ICT 1-1 St Mirren ICT - Austin St Mirren - Morgan Crowd - 2,136
  11. Won't someone PPLLEEAASSEE think of the children! *sobs into handkerchief*
  12. I don't recollect any. I recollect three at least that didn't get past the first man though.
  13. Did Mckay connect a cross last night...?
  14. http://www.ictfc.com/news/club-news/2169-statement-unacceptable-behaviour
  15. HT - ICT 0-0 DU FT - ICT 1-1 DU ICT - Oakley DU - Mikkelsen Crowd - 1,980
  16. Disagree. Brad Mckay is mince at right back and if we were to go 4-3-3, I'd rather Seedorf bombing forward than a player whose crossing usually consists of him hoofing the ball to row Z of the North Stand.
  17. Ridgers Seedorf Warren Donaldson Tremarco Polworth Vigurs Calder Doran Austin Bell Subs - Esson, Mckay, Mackay, Trafford, Mulraney, Chalmers, Oakley
  18. I'd imagine if we'd sold thousands and thousands of tickets, those who claim not to care how many we'd sold, would be the ones shouting loudest about it...
  19. I was told at the start of the week, we were at the 1,200 level.
  20. It draws from this Central Belt attitude that Inverness has worse weather than Edinburgh and Glasgow. Not true at all.
  21. HT - ICT 0-0 DFC FT - ICT 1-2 DFC ICT - Vigurs DFC - Froxylias Crowd - 4,078 1st yellow - Tremarco Joker
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