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  1. Very sad and shocked to hear this news. I knew Ian from the early days of the club's formation and have huge respect for the contribution he made behind the scenes. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.
  2. Was planning to watch this pay to view until I found out the price. Will be listening on the radio instead.
  3. Might have to make a dash to watch the match from the A9 at this rate.
  4. Does any one know when you will be able to click on the "live video" to get access to the match?
  5. I've just register and paid. As others mentioned watch your junk folder in case the password email goes there.
  6. That's my season ticket renewed for another season. As to when my first game at the stadium will be, who knows?
  7. Best wishes to Scott. He was a big favourite of mine and although he did make a great contribution to the side it would have been even bigger without his injuries.
  8. Can never get too much of that night!
  9. So many memories... The one that gets me is the guy hiding his face coming out of the Rose street hall meeting - make me chuckle every time I see it.
  10. Very sorry to hear this sad news. Condolences to his family and friends.
  11. A great post Chris. So many memories and what a fantastic achievement to get to 12 quarter finals in such a short space of time. I've only missed a couple of these games, the moments that stand out are Barry Wilson's wonder goal against Motherwell, the Hearts game in 01/02, the 1996 Rangers game was such a wonderful occasion and we were so unlucky not to score that day. Looking forward to this years trip(s) to Hampden ?
  12. This was an unforgettable match and the atmosphere is the Howden End was magic.
  13. Superb win and the perfect reaction to last week's game. A bit more consistency and we will consolidate the play-off place.
  14. Wow that first Morton goal was just too easy for them.
  15. You can interpret what he meant by true in many ways and I don't think he was meaning it in the way you have taken it Buster.
  16. Yes that's obvious and here's hoping.
  17. Keep it going Ryan that's another few million onto your transfer value.
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