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  1. Crikey, they'll be hiring Chic Young next.
  2. Terry McCann would bring some rough-hewn 70s flare to the Sneck.
  3. I guess this is all that Tory Unionists have to cling to now. 🤣
  4. 55% Yes now, the union is dying before our eyes, splendid stuff. https://twitter.com/BizforScotland/status/1296032511454334977/photo/1
  5. What's your solution to hundreds of years of systemic racism?
  6. What's dodgy about wanting to overturn hundreds of years of systemic oppression of black people?
  7. Tory posh boy is an accurate description of the UK prime minister and his acolytes. That ICT has supporters sympathetic to such types just shows how much Inverness football culture has changed, and how out of touch it is with the working people of the city, which voted Yes overwhelmingly in 2014.
  8. If only the club had not alienated itself from its colleagues in the Championship by hitching itself to the most despicable elements in Scottish football. If only we could have foreseen this outcome.
  9. There are few moves more diddy than hitching your train to the most discredited, self-interested club in Scottish football, in a scheme hatched entirely for their benefit, thereby alienating all your colleagues, and undoing all the good work and goodwill of 25+ years existence in one fell swoop. Now that's diddy.
  10. Exactly, a few of us said this would come back to haunt the club, and sure as feck no one in the Championship will want to see ICT get its way. The club's good name scorched in a matter of weeks.
  11. Thought you said it was a gift from our Tory posh boy benefactors. Never thought we'd have Tory Unionists supporting the Caley. 🤮
  12. Bail out Scotland. The state of this. 😃 Norway is dipping into its oil fund to support its population, but oil-poor Scotland has to rely on its southern benefactors to bail it oot, again! You actually think you won't be paying back this 'gift' with interest for decades to come? 🤣
  13. Better Together mob shackled us to this despicable Tory government. UK will never change, run by the rich for the rich. Shame on them.
  14. 'Scots' have some of the highest per capita attendances in world football.
  15. This is exactly it, the only logical reason for such an illogical course of action. An extended job application. Let's just see where Cooper the dug is going for a pish in a year or two.
  16. The club is being used as a vehicle to further the agenda of another club. The fans are being taken for nice-but-glaikit teuchters, and tbf, he may have a point with that. The damage already done to the club's reputation is considerable, and if this is not addressed quickly it could be irreparable.
  17. Come on TF now guys, if we can't see what's going on here and the damage being inflicted on the club then really it will be dragged down with the dregs of Scottish football.
  18. Well I am shocked, sevco found to be lying about Brechin’s actions at the original vote. No good can come from aligning the club with that rotten mob.
  19. The good folk of ICT are being played like a fiddle, for obvious ends. A fatal mistake to align the club with that rotten institution at Ibrox and undo 25 years of goodwill across the decent clubs in Scotland. Dunfermline's chairman's words should be taken seriously: "Since the SPFL director’s resolution was first issued, a number of clubs in the Championship would confirm it is the behaviour of Inverness that has continually been aggressive and confrontational. However, no one felt it necessary to win points in public, as robust conversations take place in the normal course of a co
  20. From the BBC, Cooper the Incontinent Dug again centre stage: Leaked Whatsapps pour fuel on fire - Saturday Would we get clarity? No chance. First, photographs emerged of signed ballot papers showing Championship trio Partick Thistle, Inverness Caledonian Thistle and Dundee all voting 'no' - which would have been enough to defeat the motion. However, Dundee's was not registered by the SPFL, with the Dens Park club apparently reconsidering their stance. Cue bedlam. Had they just changed their mind? Had someone 'got' to them? Did they sent it to the wrong place? Enter Scot G
  21. Seems like wee Cooper the Incontinent Dug is the brains of the outfit here. "Get aff the phone big man," it's statement time.
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