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  1. Devolution is a joke anyway, either you want to take responsibility for your and your family's future or you hand it over to Rees-Mogg, Boris et al.
  2. I don't know the rights and wrongs of the discussions, but CaleyD shows a remarkable level of restraint in the face of constant, unprovoked attacks on his character.
  3. Thanks, I guess there were plenty hot cross buns on the go! The person I am thinking of also went on mission work to Africa, and I think spent a great part of her life there.
  4. Thanks for this, didn't know about the convent. Yes, Beauly and Kiltarlity have high proportions of 'indigenous' Catholics, and I think it must be down to the clan chief's choices. There used to be nuns that ran a playgroup, Ballifeary way I think. I think the war may well have been a motivation in the case in question: two brothers died. Also, the person was academically gifted, though from a poor family, so career options may have been very limited. I think it was very controversial!
  5. Does anyone know how common it was for young women in the Highlands to convert to Catholicism and became a nun in the early to mid twentieth century or at any other time? I know of one such case, but not of how it happened or why. Very niche question, I know.?
  6. Blair is Dougal, right??
  7. I wonder which way all these reactionary, backward, bring back slavery and illegalize the gays anti-PC avengers voted in the Scottish referendum?
  8. Crikey, the cranks are fair coming out of the woodwork, KKK ditties and all. The fight against slavery just another case of 'PC gone mad.'
  9. The ironic thing is these self-appointed anti-PC avengers are the most thin-skinned characters around, and are first to bleat and clipe when they get a bit of gip.
  10. Thistle won the old QC in the 30s.
  11. As I recall it was one of those yuppy wine-bar places, guys cutting aboot with their Filofaxes speaking an unintelligible jargon.
  12. Ah thought Laurence was a big Labour man, hence a 'socialist' favouring the redistribution of wealth and social equality??
  13. This is-quelle surprise-utter garbage. Caley's Scottish Cup run in 91-92 was probably their most high profile ever, attracting sellout crowds and 4,000 travelling fans to St Johnstone, and leading to national debate about senior status. Though I guess you had to actually be there to remember it.
  14. If only there were some way of linking up the various lochs along the Great Glen.
  15. What's the thoughts on this long running radio show? Can just about go them for the first part of the show, but it would be better to have a phone in after the game, I would say.
  16. Maybe the Jocks do know how to run a country in a fair, just, progressive way.
  17. Well, if this is the riff raff they are attracting--uber unionist union-flag waving pond life--then no wonder the place is empty. And then you have the sevco fans, who are not much better.
  18. Brexit will be a disaster for the Highlands, compounding the centuries-old disaster of the union.
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