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  1. Polls were and are quite clear that Scotland wanted to remain, yet here we are pulled headlong into the Little Englander abyss.
  2. Ah'm just glad we voted no to independence and stayed loyal to our masters, ah mean that might have turned into a real mess.
  3. It's great that the people in charge used to have jobs, or still have jobs. Doacters and everyheen.
  4. Football is kinda dead isn't it?
  5. No wonder, any crack or controversy is quickly extinguished, the sojers' day thread being a prime example. Not really bothered maself, but the site is as dull as ditchwater most of the time.
  6. Aye, a long history of sending our lads to fight pointless wars for the very empire that squeezed the life out of the area in the first place.
  7. Where's Dougal? And it's a million miles away from a "traditional away day," crikey, Clach-Brora final circa 1980, Clachers were launching the corner flags into the Brora mob. Four Crown was the tipple, no Prosecco ffs.
  8. Oofft, long trek home fer Dougal, Lillies humped 3-0, a bus full of blacknecks...
  9. Truly a fine ambassador for the Sneck, never mind fans' spokesman, fecking Lord Provost Dougal has a great ring to it.
  10. So, let's get this straight, crowds are back to Highland League levels and Dougal is the fans' spokesman?
  11. Crikey, the refuseniks will outnumber the actual crowds soon.
  12. The guy holding oot the bottles of juice to calm him doon.
  13. Ach, they were probably debating the toppings for the post-match pizzas. 'All the meats, ya bass'.
  14. I see High School alumna Ali Smith has just made the short list for the Man Booker prize. Remind me, what year was it that "The Caddy Rats" trilogy was nominated for the Mun Booker?
  15. FFS, aye, let's send them to the Harriers, the Sneck's own failure factory for the toon's bourgeoisie, a wee jog roond Queen's Park while they ruminate over their Higher Physics homework.
  16. They should recommission Cath's van and fit it oot with all the club regalia, and then drive all over toon, selling the stuff, along with rolls, butteries, and the like, and the vendor would have a pencil behind his ear, glued on like.
  17. Every day ah'm glad we didn't hand over the reins to a bunch of nationalistic, xenophobic incompetents who would have ruined the economy, split the country apart, and ripped up our attachments to the rest of Europe and the world. That would have been a disaster.
  18. So glad that this nonsense has been put to bed and we can get back to all that strong, stable government stuff, administered by highly capable, highly intelligent chaps who would never make a complete mess of the country and who know how to run things much betterer than those glaikit jocks.
  19. Telford Street Colts would do okay, won the Morvich Shield v. Drakies in '80.
  20. If true that would take the biscuit.
  21. Official macaroon bars would fly off the shelves. Half 'n' half ski hats. Erra fishul sports socks...
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