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  1. This is the other side;
  2. A new low in refereeing, worse than John McKendrick
  3. You would have the child protection officer after you if you had taken youngsters to that on Saturday
  4. weeman

    January signings

    Showing your age there tm4tj
  5. weeman

    Season Ticket

    Reading a previous post we have now bought 1000 early bird season tickets saving a few bob both for the Main and North stands. If all of us were to use part of that savings to become a sponsor (see Scotty's sponsor thread) it would certainly help the club at this difficult financial time. And you get a nice little red cross next to your user name 🙂
  6. Maybe it was a friendly with County, that's now been cancelled.
  7. phenom ˈfɪnɒm/ noun NORTH AMERICANinformal a person who is outstandingly talented or admired; a star. "the newest pop phenom"
  8. If i remember correctly the canon was melted down for the war effort
  9. I went to the away game at Livingstone in November and both sets of fans used one turnstyle and we were all in one stand with very little segregation. There was no bother just some banter.
  10. To save some of you looking it up as I had to; Panglossian (pejorative) Naively or unreasonably optimistic.
  11. It's the Youth Hostel between Gairloch and North Erradale as seen from the North (ish) side