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  1. Yes, Robert with the edge of the Co-op next door . Sorry IBM answered for you.
  2. Yes, it was a printers. Highland Herald.
  3. He was in Church Street in 1970 when I stopped getting my hair cut. He was also there for a good few years before that. I can't really remember what he looked like. He had another younger barber worked with him who had ginger hair. You always got a penny dainty after getting a haircut.
  4. I used to go Geordie Horn when he was in Church Street, somewhere around about Bow Court
  5. Corner of Huntly Street and Celt Street
  6. I'll have to wait for Mantis to get up
  7. Is it on the Skye road near Dornie ish. The house is across a loch but you can't see a road into it
  8. I was up, just didn't know, but obvious now.
  9. Like IBM, i've never noticed them
  10. But it's the second mouse that gets the cheese
  11. No. I'd remember that if i'd been there