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  1. From Am Baillie site The Mound railway station, late 1950s. Located on the Far North Line between #Rogart and #Golspie, the Mound was also the junction for the #Dornoch Light Railway. The station closed to passenger traffic in 1960 and to goods traffic in 1964 #railways #locomotives [source: Highland Railway Society]
  2. What is the interesting blue one next to the Capri?
  3. No, I've still to climb Schiehallion. The ones from Mantis are on one of the islands i haven't been too. I know Richard so if I do see him, myself and IBM will say hi.
  4. Don' know that one. Wild guess at Dingwall?
  5. Item description from the seller Inverness Thistle FC 1995 - 2 Pictures of Thistle's Kingsmills Park. 2 Pictures of Kingsmill Park, 9"×8", After the Club had Moved Out 1995 was 100th Anniversary of First Game From Lifted Over Turnstile Book. Large Envelope
  6. I don't know if it's from the book. Someone is selling it on ebay!
  7. Maybe heaven for a few on this site;
  8. As you know i would have passed there many times
  9. Thank you, appreciate all your work on the site.
  10. That's it. Fairly easy one to do and can be combined with Fyrish
  11. Never be so foolish as to go to ?????????????
  12. North Uist. I did walk up to it many years ago and it had a sign saying unsafe to enter then.
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