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  1. No idea. Loch Tarbert to kick things off
  2. I've driven through it often but not seen it from that angle before
  3. A bit harder. Where am i looking from??
  4. I've seen that a few times while visiting there
  5. Yes, too easy. Lyrics on the stones give it away
  6. I see what you did there. Don't know either where it is, but if it's on the N.C. 500 I'd guess Lochcarron
  7. Yes that's it. Never knew it existed until a couple of weeks ago.The plaque on the bridge also spells his name as Caulfeild. Here's a bit of info; LITTLE GARVE BRIDGE The bridge at Little Garve was constructed by Major Caulfeild in the 1762 as part of the governments military roads which were built in the wake of the Jacobite Rebellion in 1745/6. This particular route ran from Contin north west to Poolewe, and while the route to the north of the bridge is easily traced, that to the south is a little more difficult, although the forest road from Strath Garve t
  8. It would appear that the council have spelt his name wrong ??
  9. Snorbens has it. IBM North West of Inverness
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