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  1. No idea either on the photo. Mac's Imperial later called the Clachan in Stornoway would beat the Star Inn for somewhere you wouldn't want to take her
  2. I've been there as well, nice walk up to it, but really noisy with all the birds on the cliffs. I saw my first puffin there.
  3. Here is one that I took myself, but from the other side;
  4. Yes it's the Souters. The picture is from a postcard so I'm not a 100 per cent sure where it was taken from. I'm guessing just outside Cromarty on the Eastern side?
  5. The castle is approx 7 miles west of Inverness.,
  6. Another castle, a bit closer to home
  7. Well done, pity about the car though !! The new Castle in Halkirk was built in the late 19th century. The original castle is now in ruins and lies to the right and behind the new one. The ruin, as well as the modern castle of Braal now belong to the Sinclairs of Ulbster. The old castle at Braal is of Norse origin, though probably not in its present form, and is of striking contrast to other castles in Caithness. Situated among woods on the west bank of the Thurso River at Halkirk, it is without doubt the best preserved of the Norse castles. It was the principal seat of John, 24th Earl of Caithness (1206-1231). The castle was originally known as Brathwell and was granted by Robert II to his son David along with the Earldom of caithness which was in abeyance at that time. In 1450, James II bestowed Braal with the Earldom on the High Admiral of Scotland, Sir George Crighton. When he died in 1455 the Earldom was restored to the heir of the ancient line, William Sinclair. The Sinclair earls held Braal until usurption by Glenorchy in 1676. During the period of their ownership it was one of their secondary residences and often used as a place for the incarceration of prisoners. Old Braal Castle Old Braal Castle There are many stories of the old castle at Braal. The most infamous is of Bishop Adam who ended his days tragically on 11th September 1222. The Bishop was paid his taxes in butter, traditionally a spann for every 20 cows. He increased the taxes to a spann of butter for every 15 cows, then 12, then finally every 10 cows, effectively doubling the tax. The locals took exception to this, gathered on the hill near the village, seized the Bishop, locked him into a small house and burnt him. King Alexander was very annoyed - well I think it could be classed as very annoyed - when he cut the hands and feet off of 80 people in retaliation.
  8. A bit different, this is a postcard posted in 1932. It is a castle up North. I had never heard of it before.