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  1. 6?! I've had the same one since mid 2007 and it's still going strong. Never had any problems with it. I must be one of the lucky few. haha
  2. Do Dundee really need ANOTHER striker? Seemed to me you had 4 on against us on Saturday.
  3. I have 2 windows 7 ultimate product keys. I have no use for them since I'm an Apple user . Call it ?15 a piece? Note: I don't have the software, just the registration keys.
  4. Check out the website, surely they'll have a list of downloadable titles on there.
  5. I call bullshit on this, unless proof is provided.
  6. From what I gathered online it's apparently something similar to the actor/comedian Owen Money (i.e. owing money) but this was just pure speculation.
  7. I couldn't really care less about the singers, Cheryl's the only one worth watching on that show, I think it's love.
  8. My Aberdeen speed (above) compared to my Inverness home speed (below):
  9. Fallout 3 (Just got the DLC) - Game is amazing. I'm also playing through Assassin's Creed again while waiting for the new one in November.
  10. You're not in the Inverness area are you? Pretty good really! Nah Aberdeen for me, I get horrible speeds in Inverness something like 1.2 megs.
  11. This is what I get, I class it as good download speed.
  12. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/7944919.stm It's a bit of an extreme method, but effective all the same.....
  13. From what I can see on the BBC website that looks like the right answer.
  14. The weather in Manchester is like the muslims in Iraq it's either Sunni or it's shiite (sp?)
  15. That used to be true until the latest release of both games, Fifa 09 is far superior to PES 2009.
  16. That is amazing! I absolutely love Blink!
  17. People always say never work with animals or children as it always leads to trouble, this is especially true in porn. What's black white and red all over? Penguin rape.
  18. Apollo


    It was me, I'm willing to take full credit .
  19. A man and his wife decide to come up with a system so they know if the other wants sex, he says "I'll squeeze your left breast if I want sex and you pull my ***** once for yes and 150 times for no."
  20. Apollo


    I just watched the new series for the first time tonight. Anyone else catch it? Opinions?
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