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  1. luvgravy


    I hope there's a plan behind this or it could turn ugly. Not that I wanted Sepp to stay...just afraid of a power vacuum.
  2. I assume they'll be round to Toronto for Scotty shortly after their Chorley stop. :D
  3. luvgravy


    I just wanted to post a personal note of thanks to everyone for making me feel like a regular part of the ICT family this weekend. It's not the same following the team from over 3,000 miles away but you all made me feel like a regular. Any time you find yourselves headed to Canada please feel free to look me up so I can return the favour. Jon
  4. Just left work and on my way to the airport. No sleep till Glasgow!!
  5. As you wish Immortal one.... did that "t" get in there
  6. Not on flight but I'm arriving around that time from Canada. See you at the Counting House!!
  7. What time are you getting into the city center? I'm expecting to be there around 10 myself Flight gets into Glasgow at 10 so expect to be hitting a city centre pub about 11 - Counting House, Hoots and the Horseshoe all looking good, might just do all three... If you see a jet lagged Canadian in a kilt and this years kit wandering around Glasgow please get me on the right train.
  8. No one tell my wife....I justified the trip by saying I couldn't see it in Canada
  9. What time are you getting into the city center? I'm expecting to be there around 10 myself
  10. Thanks for the reply IHE but the link doesn't seem to work? Consider yourself fortunate.
  11. Twice and I have a split record... We lost at home to Dundee Utd in a preseason match before starting our tour of Div 1 in 2009/10. So I'm 0-1-0 at home. I also made the first match of the season in Dunfermline that year where we won 1-0! That makes me 1-0-0 away from home. (It's also the only match I've been at with IHE )
  12. I'm a party of one I dunno when I'll get there but be there I will.
  13. I'm already booked in from Canada. First match since we started the season in Dunfermline after being relegated. Red eye in before the match!
  14. Booked my flights and accommodation today for that weekend. Who wants to pick up a Canadian at the airport that morning?
  15. Any good ideas on where to stay over for out of towners? I'm giving serious consideration to making this match.