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  1. Dear Terry this what happens when you lose all your recognised centre halfs get it sorted !
  2. Neil Lennon may not help himself with the things he says/does. That said no-one deserves the utter madness that he has had to deal with and anyone who thinks it's okay is off their head
  3. Yeah, it is sad when thats the case, But, and it's a huge but way the decision was correct. it's Gray and Keys who obviously don't get the offside rule also regardless of gender the linesman gets one look at the situation in real time. Not countless replays from the comfort of a studio
  4. Highland League days were nearly 17 years ago which means pretty much anyone under the age of 25 has no recollection of those times and certainly not of the rivalry. Elgin have been an irrelevance to us since 1994 and that was reflected yesterday. I wonder how many of the ICT fans there yesterday were ever regulars at Telford Street or Kingsmills? Not opening a merger fans argument, just trying to illustrate how far the club and the support has moved on since the Highland League days. Not sure what the attendance for a County game would have been, I'd like to think significantly higher, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been a sell out either. I was there yesterday and only being 29, I have some early childhood memories. Mainly of hearing the Elginers being called words I'd never heard before then but soon realised why they got so called. I tend to agree, not that many of the younger group of fans would see what all the fuss was about. Still a wins a win as they say
  5. ******* OF THE HIGHEST ORDER, GO **** YOURSELF IN ASS sit down shut-up you had 2 shots all game. get over yourself
  6. what is his point Telford was never festooned with Union flags when I went from 1988 until we moved to TCS &whilst there may well be some numpty fans of ours who'd want to buy that kind of item they will be in minority, It might be cheaper to get all the SPl clubs to jointly go after this guy for flogging cheese wares
  7. Agree with much said . Thought The Goal was Goal of the season so far anyway, We seemed to sit far too deep in the 2nd half. Thought Duff was immense Odi looked way off the pace today. Nick Ross better be fit for the Hearts game. Sitting before kick off I'd have taken a point today
  8. Me too. Texted into the show telling them to back off. Although I suppose with Terry being an ex- rangers captain and the fact he's very happy here
  9. I don't reckon that many tourists would that aghast at finding out the curfews in place tbh. I get your point though but also why many see it as a good idea. An old school pal who was visiting recently seemed to think it was a good idea. He works in the licensed trade down south. Says it can be bedlam some nights
  10. I wonder if it escaped Dornochcaleys notice that we had the poppy emblem on our shirts on Saturday and I didn't here any of our Irish contingent complaining about wearing them. Seems to have a real chip on their shoulder about this. And It's not us that are backward it's them when it comes to this subject it's them!
  11. Presumably, Scotty, your "most of" qualification refers to the one almost fatal period around 2000 where the stadium had to be handed over to the Trust and in excess of ?2M of debt miraculously disappeared from ICT's books. That, of course, means that ICT now owns no significant asset (players in contract and the Social Club being about it) to trade against any future financial crisis (not that I'm suggesting that one is likely.) In the warm afterglow of winning the First Division last season and returning to the SPL, I sometimes wonder if the Board have ever had an informal "what if" session on the scenario of NOT having bounced straight back up? What I am talking about is last year's ?947K debt (well actually a bit less than that since the bonuses to players would have been less in these circumstances)against continuing SFL income streams rather than those of the SPL again this season. That would have been quite a serious situation but not, I would suggest, in the same ballpark as a decade ago. I'm sure when Price Waterhouse Coopers did a review of Scottish clubs finances only Ourselves Hamilton and Saint Mirren were the only clubs to turn a profit. Albeit I doubt it was big profits. Also I don't know for definate but I think David Sutherland and other board members underwrote the debt of a few years ago. Like I say can't be 100% sure of that last bit.
  12. had a look a pie and bovril thread . had to laugh at the 1 ot 2 kilie fans on it. haha. they humped us but lost yeah right. that'd would be why sky and bbc sites have us as deserved winners. Typical central belt cry babies when they get humped off the park! haha europa league here we come!
  13. Exactly. It always seems to be the so called lesser nations that we stumble past or get embarassed by. yes we should have played a hell of a lot better than we did. BUT top of the group by goals scored although Spain will pass us when they play the game in hand they have over us. Frankly lets not have delusions of where we are in the world of football and be happy with 4pts
  14. Ah, It was via the skysports news website. There was a button on the side and when you clicked it it opened " Sky Sports News Radio " basically " Gillette Soccer Special " with sound only
  15. 2-2 county vs st mirren higdon. Just heard it on sky sports news radio