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  1. dougal

    Inverness CT -V- Motherwell

    You would have done if you were a Linfield fan though Dougal
  2. dougal

    Statement from board??

    Gardening duties maybe??? Probably has the best cultivated lawn in Sneck though Dougal
  3. dougal

    I hardly like to mention this, but......

    Yeah but can you remember how many prawn sandwiches did you consume that day? Dougal
  4. dougal

    Next Season in the SPFL & Pyramid

    From what I'm hearing from a good source County are possibly going to field a number of their development squad tomorrow night seems they haven't forgiven ICT for lying down to Forfar in 1997 preventing them automatic promotion Will certainly be very interesting to see what their starting line up is, having said that their development starting line up could probably beat Accies first team Dougal
  5. dougal

    ICT Supporters Travel Club

    You heading back to Tannadice next season then? Could be a few twists and turns yet before it's decided which leagues both teams will be in Dougal
  6. dougal

    Dundee Bus

    Home Baking used to be the norm on the Caleyjagsforever buses, now with the new name(ICT supporters travel club) maybe it's also the ideal opportunity for a change of direction regarding entertainment Dougal
  7. dougal

    Ross County -V- Inverness CT

    Sad thing is County have also had an absolutely dreadful season and their fans have also being shouting for their manager duo to be sacked up until the last few weeks To get humped so badly in a derby with no fight no passion and no bad tackles tell me our players have already given up the ghost and knew relegation was already on the horizon Draper and McKay should have been the first two names on the starting line up, the dressing room is obviously in turmoil Also the so called young team, how many times do they need to be told to not let off smoke bombs? Whoever the moron was that threw one on when we were about to take the corner should be banned from ICT games for life let's be honest they have become an absolute embarrassment to this club the fact that some defend them because they create an atmosphere no longer cuts it with me If we do indeed go down let's hope they go and follow either sides of the old firm where their antics will be more welcome Dougal
  8. dougal

    Fan / Community Ownership

    Why would CaleyD have anymore idea than the next punter? Like Caleyjagsforever he seems to disappear from CTO when there's no topics available to happy clap on Dougal
  9. Foran ain't going anywhere, say what you want about Richie but he ain't no quitter I reckon he's already been told that he will be leading the team in the championship next season and that he probably knew before taking this job that relegation was a distinct possibility at the start of this campaign A lot of folk were seething about the way Hughes left but I think Yogi had a good idea what was coming Dougal
  10. dougal

    Charlie for manager?

    MrMantis I agree with you Problem with Charlie is he could never cope with criticism either as a player or a manager and walking into this sort of situation, well the pressure and scrutiny he would be under would be intense and I doubt he could handle it I personally don't think his outburst to the press is touting for the managers job but more with what's going on financially behind the scenes Dougal
  11. dougal


    Now this surely has to be a wind up, good fishing attempt though Can you imagine how cringeworthy this would be and how embarrassing it would be if attempted Having said that it sounds like something the Green Brigade would do so I wouldn't be surprised to see IHE turn up with his old school Motorola using the screen light Dougal
  12. dougal

    Maurice Malpas

    Very odd appointment if you ask me and when I got the text from a mate earlier I thought initially it was a wind up For a club that has supposedly no money where has this extra income come from for this additional wage? What it does emphasise to me is we definitely can't afford to put RF on gardening duties Afraid it's just a token gesture by the board to try and appease the fans and sadly the happy clappers will just lap it up Dougal
  13. dougal


    Only Interesting to someone with a not so hidden agenda Those that abide in glass houses shouldn't throw stones Dougal
  14. dougal


    That looks like Huisdean's scarf they are holding Dougal
  15. dougal

    Indepencence Referendum 2018/2019

    While the Orange Order hold such a strong foot hold in Scotland I doubt any middle aged person will ever see an Independant Scotland in their lifetime Dougal
  16. dougal

    Team for Dons

    Agree but I think you could make a right go of Albert Fowler's Allotment Dougal
  17. dougal

    Team for Dons

    I doubt there are many players that actually play for the shirt anymore, money has killed that ideology of yours Dougal
  18. dougal

    Are we under-achieving this season?

    The ICT board are to blame for the predicament we find ourselves in, I know I've called for Foran to quit on the matchday thread but they are ultimately responsible for putting a man in a managerial position without managerial experience An absolutely ludicrous decision and if Foran does go they should also stand down with immediate effect as they don't have the clubs best interests at heart Dougal
  19. dougal

    Team for Dons

    I find it amusing you think Tansey shouldn't feature now after his decision but it was fine for Christie to do so after he signed his pre-contract Change of heart or hidden agenda? Dougal
  20. dougal

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    It's very easy to blame the behaviour of these morons on the parents alone What about their schooling, lack of it or worse still being taught by sub standard teachers!!! Dougal
  21. dougal

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    Look the way I see it there is still a glimmer of hope yes we are witnessing probably the worst and badly managed ICT team that has played in the top flight but we are still very much in the mix with Hamilton,Motherwell and County who are all equally as poor in my opinion its going to go to the wire and all clubs mentioned above will take points of each other which should result in a pretty exciting finish to the season I guess Anyway here's ten minutes of CaleyD in action over the course of this season, hopefully there will be a lot more footage before the season ends Dougal
  22. dougal

    The case foran against

    I read as far as "According to the BBC" then started laughing uncontrollably 12th Man it's all very well being a happy clapper but at the very least try and put forward a good case Dougal
  23. dougal

    UEFA 2016 Windfall

    OFW's form is very concerning he certainly doesn't look like an international over the last few games but I suppose he's been affected badly by what's going on in front of him I would imagine a fair amount of that euros would have ended up with him but any cash injection no matter how small is very welcome at the moment considering attendances are down and hence match day income is on the decline Dougal
  24. dougal

    Keep Yer Shoes On

    Looks like CaleyD has had a busy day Dougal