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  1. That is quite a staggering interview both from the interviewer and RF Ok Foran was a great player for the club but it is now clear to see he is out of his depth as a manager, that was quite an uncomfortable watch We never looked like scoring yesterday any neutral attending wouldn't believe you if they were told that was a top flight game in Scotland Admittedly it's not just us and Partick but Scottish football is in a shocking state, our home attendances are dropping alarmingly along with other bottom six clubs As for the stewarding don't think anyone should be surprised by the reaction yesterday due to the pavement dancing in Elgin, only takes a few to spoil it and it effects everyone The stewards always get a hard time on here but they were clearly being prompted by the club and the police yesterday It was a clear statement by the club regardless whether the group being targeted were innocent or not Dougal
  2. dougal

    Scottish cup round 5

    If what you say is true MrMantis the BBC and it's employees should be banned from entering our stadium Maybe you could start a petition as I'm sure the vast majority of ICT fans would sign it Im 100% with you Dougal
  3. dougal


    Aye it was probably thon pesky Chelsea and Millwall fans Regardless who was involved both sets of wee boys seem to have got rather over excited by watching green street or football factory Dougal
  4. dougal

    Elgin -V- Inverness CT

    Mr Mantis are you trying to say the BBC attract roasters? Dougal
  5. dougal

    Elgin -V- Inverness CT

    Aye very good Jim Calder would have kept that out and he's 56 Dougal
  6. dougal

    Scottish cup round 5

    The draw was an absolute embarrassment how Sky think getting a drunk elderly Celtic fan to do it is good TV is beyond me, not sure they could surpass this effort other than getting two drunk elderly Celtic fans to do the quarter final draw Dougal
  7. dougal

    Elgin -V- Inverness CT

    There was allegedly some brief pavement dancing and gesturing nothing you would have been proud of or excited about though Danger Dougal
  8. dougal


    We've sold less than 800 which is really disappointing more will buy up to kick off but I can't see us break the 1000 mark unfortunately Dougal
  9. dougal


    Sadly this is the only competitive action from bygone days I could find online Crowd size the same as it will be on Saturday too Dougal
  10. dougal


    Gringo if we get beat by them it will be without doubt the most embarrassing result in our short history For those slagging off Elgin fans I don't think we are in any position to have a go at their attendances, a successful Elgin no matter how ludicrous that sounds would match if not eclipse our fanbase similar to County I'd reckon If any of the N.E.S.C (Never Ever Stand Crew) are in attendance they will get an awful shock to see how the Inverness Football Fraternity has evolved over the years since the great days of yore In simple terms Elgin always wanted to be Caley but they never ever came even remotely close Jealousy is not an attractive trait Dougal
  11. dougal

    January Transfer Window

    Surely this guy will be added to the development squad and not thrown straight into the first team or will he? Having said that he might be the ideal striker to gun down Elgin as he plays at a similar level to them currently You got to wonder what exactly is the clubs scouting policy though when they are looking at these levels in foreign countries, ok you might get the odd gem but I can't see many players playing at that level making the step up successfully Regardless he's a young player and I for one wish him the best and welcome him to ICT Dougal
  12. dougal


    Not annoyed in the slightest it only reinforces to me what a sad individual you are Admitting that you only use your column to attack certain groups of fans is hardly professional is it, but then again don't think anyone would expect anything less I've always found the fact that a self acclaimed athletics expert is the voice of north football highly amusing, pretty ironic when you know absolutely diddly squat about the game or supporters Dougal
  13. dougal

    Ross County -V- Inverness CT

    A derby defeat is a derby defeat these things happen, admitted we were toothless up front compared to them but the team clearly are on a bad run and confidence is very low but the result won't kill us A few wins and we will be talking about a top six position and we certainly aren't worse than Hamilton What could destroy us is a cup defeat at Borough Briggs that would be killer and doesn't bear thinking about, that's when the board and Foran should start to worry I also don't get this fascination by some of our so called fans to keep singling out Vigurs, just think what that's doing to the lads confidence reading some of the rubbish being spouted on here by the same posters over and over again Yes Vigurs is in poor form but so are a fair number of first team players, it's time to get behind everyone Dougal
  14. dougal


    There are no missing thousands we have a core support of around 3500 k which is diminishing rapidly due to the product on the park, getting that product right will get them back through the gates, football fans are very fickle and that relates to all fans of every club not just ICT What really hurts the club is when sections of the support get vilified by the local press, a few weeks ago I read a most unpleasant article attacking our very own young team A deliberate attempt to create division among the support and to make these young lads feel unwelcome, after all the only way this club is to gain support is to encourage youth not discourage them I actually feel very sorry for Foran he was the boards cheap option and he has been thrown in at the deep end with little to no funds available, you only have to look at his physical appearance to see the stress he's been put under, he looks gaunt to me in some of his interviews of late and the fact that he hasn't shaved for months is evidence Dougal
  15. dougal

    Autumnal Aspirations

    I welcome every paying customer that pays at the turnstiles no matter who they are or where they come from New houses are still going up in large numbers hopefully they will fill with more newcomers to boost the attendance on Saturday afternoons Those who probably have never seen a turnstile like Bannerman, now that's a different story they epitomise everything that is wrong with football past and present in Inverness Whether we like it or not we are seen by most Invernessians as a franchised institution not a football club Charlie Christies comments regarding the Angus clubs on TV a week or two back doesn't help either Dougal
  16. dougal

    Autumnal Aspirations

    The Caley v St Johnstone cup game was a ground packed full of Invernessians with a fair number of cling ons like Bannerman whereas the modern day crowd are mainly made up of incomers, elderly wifees, more than ever cling ons and a clear minority of Invernessians Even on CTO you can count on one hand the amount of posters who are born and bred locals who post from a current Inverness household like moi Dougal
  17. dougal

    Inverness CT -V- Celtic

    Great point and the equaliser scored at the death makes it feel like a winner Last time I saw a majestic Welsh goalkeeping performance like that was by the Legend Neville Southall Dougal
  18. dougal


    He should have had a penalty and the defender sent off there is no debate Only a Celtic Supporter would argue the case or even attempt to create doubt Another shocking game changing decision given in favour of the old firm Dougal
  19. dougal

    Hearts -V- Inverness CT

    Oh the irony, and in your case I don't believe anything you say Good to see the STV has got you seething though Dougal
  20. dougal

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    This coming from Huisdean an AberdonIan who used to be a regular at Pittodrie Keep the faith and support fair enough but you seem a tad confused, do you mean ICT , the Dons or both? Dougal
  21. dougal

    Club Badge/Crest

    ICT struggle for some sort of identity as it is, changing the badge so radically as the above would only dilute it even further especially when the content probably relates more to County than ourselves Kessock Bridge is in Ross-shire hence the name, dolphins are off Fortrose/Rosemarkie Ross-shire, and there are numerous castles in ross-shire as well as Inverness shire Dougal
  22. dougal

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    One thing is for certain an ICT team under Yogi wouldn't have laid down the way they did to County yesterday I stand by my six pointer claim I watched two teams that are destined for the bottom six yesterday, whether that equates to relegation battles time will tell Dougal
  23. dougal

    Category A

    Well ICT's ticket costs directly had an influence on yesterday's attendance, I think I heard the official attendance was given as 4k + but it certainly didn't look that much to me anyway Both home and away supports very sparse, think it's time that the commercial side sit down and rethink Would be interesting to see all the attendances at Highland derbies over the last 20+ years to see how yesterday's compares Pity Sneckboy wasn't still about or banned as he would have these figures at hand Dougal
  24. dougal

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    As soon as Boyce scored so early the writing was on the door for us, we were second to everything and what's worrying is that County are in very poor form so yesterday was already a six pointer Losing three goals at home tells it's own story, any team that ships so many home goals the warning bells should be ringing I watched both management teams at points in the game and the difference between the two managers alone were chalk and cheese Foran just stood their in silence for large parts while Macintyre was shouting instructions constantly, ok you could argue its naivety on Forans part but even their appearance yesterday speaks volumes Macintyre looked like a boss in his suit however Foran looked like he was dressed for a stroll around the Eastgate, that Cardigan was a real shocker However it's still early days I suppose and once CaleyD comes on and tells us it was a great performance, how unlucky we were and how big the attendance was it will reassure us that we are all worrying over nothing Dougal
  25. dougal

    Matchday - Alloa v Inverness CT LC

    Sorry I meant starting, he should be the first pick every week, the fact he played down the Merkinch on Wednesday night speaks volumes to me Something not healthy with the whole Draper situation as the guy is 100% fit and has no niggling injuries Dougal