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  1. The Courier's daily briefing today has a section about the meeting. Below the intro piece is an invitation to "read more here". When you click on that, you get "Sorry, the article you have requested is no longer available". This article presumably contains a bit more than the basic statement which they published yesterday and which is still available on the Courier site. It may mean nothing, it may be a technical glitch or there may have been a reason why they pulled the article. Just seems a bit strange though.
  2. Much as I want our football club to thrive, there are rather more important issues impacting on people's day to day lives which will influence how I vote in the next Council elections.
  3. I guess it's good that the club is communicating with shareholders and the wider fan base, but I am not clear what the meeting is meant to achieve this late on in the process. If my understanding is correct, the application will be discussed by the full Council on 14th March, so presumably this meeting will be seeking to encourage folk to lobby their local councillors. I am sure the club has already lobbied all councillors. Frankly, I rather doubt that anything I might say to any councillor is going to make them change their mind now. I also doubt that there will be anything in the presentation which couldn't be made available in a posted statement and which couldn't have been communicated well before now. The matter is in the hands of the Council, so there is little point in discussion within the club. What the club should be doing is explaining to its shareholders and supporters why it has delayed submitting its annual financial statement and telling us when the AGM is to be held. There are questions that need to be asked of the Board well beyond the narrow confines of "questions related to the battery Farm".
  4. It is a strange league this one. Anything can happen. When we last lost a game (1-0 at home to Queens Park) we actually moved up a place on goal difference to 7th in the league by virtue of Morton thrashing the Pars 5-0 at East End Park. Since then we have gone 4 games unbeaten but have dropped down, not one, but two places to 9th! We are in the relegation play off spot but with a zero goal difference. Potentially we could end up getting relegated with a positive goal difference. We are 7 pts clear of the only team below us but also only 7 pts behind Morton in 4th place and in a promotion play-off place. Don't you just love the play-off system! As I say, anything can happen.
  5. Yup. Up to 4 games now.
  6. Sounds fair enough, but personally I would go for County's stadium - far more atmosphere. I appreciate that parking can be an issue in Dingwall, but we could raze our current stadium and its "temporary" stands to the ground, develop a large car park and operate a park and ride to Dingwall. In that way, one of Gardiner's grand ideas might finally come to fruition.
  7. To be fair, the rot set in before Morrison and Gardiner were in charge. Our high point came with the cup win and coming 3rd in the league in 2015. This was achieved with a bit of help from bigger clubs who had managed to self-destruct, but was also the culmination of a history of good management leading to our best squad ever being pulled together by Terry Butcher. He left us for Hibs, and Hughes capitalised on his inheritance by leading the club to success in the following season. Sadly, it has mostly been downhill since then. Not only was Hughes unable to recruit the quality of players Butcher had, his style of play was, at times, mind numbingly boring. Rather than building on the success of the 2014/5 season, fans started to drift away and the team started to struggle. What Hughes was good at was persuading the Board to give him money to pay players higher wages on longer contracts. Hughes then left at the end of the 2015/6 season and the Board, under Kenny Cameron, made the bizarre decision to appoint Richie Foran as manager on a 4 year contract. Foran did not have the experience or the resources to halt the slide and inevitably, we got relegated. Cameron resigned as chairman with Willy Finlayson taking over on a temporary basis. Foran left within days but apparently with 3 years of his contract still to pay off. John Robertson was appointed manager again and hopes were high that his appointment would see us return to the top flight, but with the financial shackles created by the mismanagement of the previous couple of seasons, it was not to be. Graham Rae took over as Chairman and he appointed Yvonne Crook as CEO. Crook might have had business experience but she knew little about football. She lasted less than a year before being replaced by Gardiner in April 2019. Morrison took over as Chairman soon after that. So, to be fair, the current management team inherited a difficult situation where the club had financial commitments for payments which were producing no benefit to the club. They were also hampered in their efforts by the Covid pandemic. But whilst they inherited a mess and have faced obstacles not of their making, the way they have gone about trying to reinvigorate the club have undoubtedly done more harm than good and have antagonised a lot of people on the way. It's time for a new approach.
  8. HT. 0-0 FT. 1-1 ICT. Samuel Morton. Muirhead Crowd. 1882
  9. If that is the case (and I would imagine it probably is) then it illustrates what a serious financial position the club is now in. Yngwie makes some fair points about applauding the club for trying to find innovative ways of trying to keep the club at a level above what income from tickets sales etc could possibly support. That's fine, but the problem is the club has gone about these issues in an arrogant and often incompetent way. It takes the fans for granted in so many ways and simply ignores the contribution they can make. As a result, it has alienated many of the very people who would otherwise be contributing significantly to the long term future of the club. Regardless of the outcome of the Battery project, the club will continue to struggle as long as those people responsible for this alienation remain in charge. Even if they do make genuine efforts to change their ways, nobody is going to trust them. We need new leadership and we need it soon. We need leadership that embraces the supporters as part of the fabric of the club, perhaps even looking to move towards a fan owned model, but certainly having a supporters' representative on the Board. I don't care if we go part time for a while, or it we drop to Division 1 or even Division 2 if that is what it takes to reset and develop a sustainable business model going forward. I used to feel really proud of our Club, but at times now I almost feel embarrassed to tell people I support ICT. I want to feel the pride again, but that is not going to happen whilst the current regime are in charge.
  10. Are you sure? There's nothing on the club's website to say they've done this!
  11. If they always leave a gap of 15 months between AGMs, they cease to be AGMs. It would be 4 AGMs in 5 years. My understanding is that the requirement in the Articles of Association to have an AGM means that there should be an AGM held in each financial year, i.e, between 1st June and 31st May. The 15 month rule would therefore only come into play if the previous AGM had been held before the end of February last year - which it wasn't. I think it needs to be held by the end of May in order to comply with the Articles of Association.
  12. But have they been told that's the way it's supposed to work?
  13. I would have taken a draw before the game, but Dunfermline were poorer than expected and what with the other results, I am now really disappointed. We started brightly and to be fair, there was good commitment, throughout the team till the final whistle. When Dunfermline pressed us in midfield we often played some pretty neat stuff to keep possession under pressure. The trouble is, we created next to nothing and there is a worrying lack of inventiveness. Even when there is a shooting opportunity they pass rather than have a pop. We have to take a few more risks up-front. Billy has a poor record of taking penalties. Credit to him for standing up and taking responsibility but surely we must have others in the side who can hit the ball harder and closer to side of the goal. Highlight was Devine's brilliant block on the line. Superb! And whilst we on the positives, that result extends our unbeaten run to 3 games.
  14. HT. 0-1 FT. 1-2 ICT. Shaw Pars. McCann Crowd. 2311
  15. Look on the bright side. We've stretched our unbeaten run to 2 games. Only Morton have got a longer unbeaten run than us at the moment!
  16. Thanks. That would suggest he stood down at last years AGM. I guess it hadn't been filed promptly because the Club no longer has a company secretary! OK, so clearly not related to the loans issue but it does seem bad that someone who has been a key person at the club for so long departs with apparently no statement from the club. Interestingly, he is still listed as Company Secretary on the club website.
  17. The Accounts for the year end to 31st May 2023 are due on Thursday. It will be interesting to see if they are delivered on time and to see what they say. The accounts for 2021 were a full 3 months late, but those for 2022 were submitted on the due date. It is maybe pertinent to remind ourselves that the club changed accountants in the intervening period, and it is certainly pertinent to remind ourselves on what was said in the accounts to justify the "going concern" status. They stated that "The Company remains reliant on player trading, new funding streams and the continued financial support backing of its directors, shareholders and supporters". So how much funding will these various streams provide? One thing we have been very poor at recently is player trading. There seems to have been nothing of note since we got a bit of cash for Daniel MacKay. The new funding streams are elsewhere listed in the accounts as being the Loch Ness Hydro Pump Project (i.e. payment for providing temporary car parking facilities), the battery project (uncertainties identified elsewhere in this thread) and the new Green Freeport (which they state in the accounts has "huge potential for the development of our site", but which the Chairman recently told us he is struggling to see how the club can get any benefit from.) As for financial backers, the directors are now providing money to the club on a formal loan basis as detailed on the Registration of Charge documents submitted to Companies House on 11th Jan this year. This strongly suggests that the level of financial input from the current directors is likely to be less in the future than it has been in the past. A further factor, which I had previously missed, is the Notice of Termination of Ian MacDonald as Company Secretary and which was submitted to Companies House the day before the Registration of Charge documents were submitted. There has been nothing submitted to say a replacement has been appointed. Ian joined the Board of Directors way back in 1997 and was on the Board till 2004 when he took on the role of Company Secretary. Maybe I have missed something, but there appears to have been no statement from the club about him giving up his role after over 25 years service to the club. Surely, notice of this low key departure being submitted to Companies House on the day before the Registration of Charge documents were submitted is no coincidence. The club got an easy time from shareholders at the AGM last April. This year's AGM might be a bit more challenging for them.
  18. Rather than complain about the officials, we need to learn lessons from last night. The 2nd disallowed goal was obviously a shocker, but the 1st was marginal (if it actually was off), while the officials did well to allow the Pars' goal which was actually onside although at first glance it looked well off. A lesson here is that you play to the whistle. The Partick defender looked like an absolute plonker standing there with his arm raised when he should have been putting pressure on Todd who was give plenty of time to sweetly chip the ball over the keeper. Partick may not have had the rub of the green last night, but they weren't robbed. In the 2nd half, Dunfermline were much the better side and deserved to win. Dunfermline have under-performed this season but it looks as though they might be coming into a bit of form. On that performance, we will do well to take anything out of the game on Tuesday. It puts even more pressure on us to get a win today and, of course, it makes it even more important for Arbroath to do the same. There is no easy game in this league and we need 100% commitment till the final whistle in every game. What with all the off field distractions it is more important than ever that the fans get behind the team, especially when things are not going well in the game.
  19. HT. 0-1 FT. 1-2 ICT. Billy Mckay Arbroath. Jay Bird Crowd 1712
  20. It is a sad sign of the times that the sheer stupidity of the Chair and Vice Chair of the planning committee does not surprise me. It is of course appropriate, that Councillors with a relevant interest in a scheme declare that interest. But how many of the committee members actually have a relevant interest in ICT? Going to watch them from time to time is hardly a relevant interest. What next? Will these numpties be arguing that no councillor should be allowed to vote on any housing proposal due to a “relevant interest” of being generally supportive of building more homes to alleviate the housing crisis? As for complaining that more Inverness based Councillors didn’t vote, words fail me. What on Earth did they expect if they come up with such spurious examples of “relevant interests” which are obviously going to prevent Inverness councillors from voting! And what don’t they understand about what a quorum is? A meeting is either quorate or it isn’t. If it is, then the vote is perfectly valid under the rules of the organisation.
  21. Sure, it’s too early to think of Dunc getting sacked but it’s fair enough to question what we’re seeing. There was a terrific new manager bounce after an awful start with Dodds, but it’s gone very flat. Hopefully the team will gel a bit more and become more positive going forward as a result. To be fair, Dunc inherited a mess. As far as I’m concerned, avoiding relegation is the main target. Assuming that is achieved then I will be looking for improvement both in terms of results and entertainment next season. If we don’t get that, then it would be time for someone else.
  22. Kane would drop deep and get the ball himself. Haaland would struggle though.
  23. Doran is class. He hasn’t played many minutes this season but he and new loanee Samuel are way ahead of anybody else in the minutes per goal stats. We need him on the pitch looking to shoot on sight and the likes of Billy and Samuel primed to pounce on the loose balls from blocks, saves etc. Dunc has spoken highly of the ever present Gilmour, but I think I’m right in saying he has scored just once and has no assists. For someone in his role it is not good enough. Shaw may not be playing as well as last season but he has as many goals and assists as the rest of the regular midfield put together. Football is about scoring more goals than your opponents. It is not about how many safe passes you can make.
  24. Away tactics. That’ll mean the crowd making a bit of noise then!
  25. Was the park and ride concept not one which specifically related to the construction of the Red John Hydro scheme? The idea being that the significant construction workforce would get bused to the site from the stadium. The club would therefore get a steady revenue for the parking of workers cars and, possibly, various construction related equipment. Another idea that had been floated at one time was to turn the Sports Bar into a cafe with a view to attracting workers from businesses around stadium road and NC500 traffic. This would be linked with several car charging points. Can't see this catching on myself. Can't see a traditional park and ride working either. I live on the Black Isle and so the site would potentially be very convenient for me. But why would I wait half an hour for a shuttle to take me into town when there is plenty of reasonably cheap parking in the city centre and regular buses which I wouldn't have to wait half an hour for and which go directly into the centre?
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