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  1. Again I think some of the comments on here are a bit on the harsh side. This was always going to be a tough game. Utd needed to get something out of the game to secure 2nd spot and a place on the playoff semi-final, and they were obviously really up for the game. We had a significantly weakened side missing Ridgers, Tremarco, Donaldson and Welsh from our defence, plus it looked as though Doran was carrying an injury and he duly got subbed on the hour mark. I thought that we did pretty well. For the most part we showed some real desire although Chalmers was not at his best today. I thought Cammy Mackay did well in goal. I don't think he could have done much with either goal but generally he looked pretty assured and his kicking and distribution was good. McCart was excellent and my MOTM whilst McHattie looked pretty solid at left back. Generally we kept possession well and worked hard to get the ball back when Utd had possession. As often this season, we tended to be a bit slow getting forward but nevertheless we created a lot of chances. We had 15 attempts on goal which was more than any other team in the division this weekend apart from Partick. What we lacked was that bit of composure at both ends when it really mattered. For their first we failed to pick up Safranko although to be fair to the lad, it was a very well taken goal. And we just stood around appealing for handball for the second rather than playing to the whistle. We then took Doran, Walsh and Polworth off and played the last 25 minutes of the game with only 4 of our preferred starting 11 on the pitch. We ended with just 3 after Brad Mackay got sent off for slipping on the wet grass. (or did I miss something?) Austin will want to forget today, but both McDonald and McCauley were excellent when they came on. So all in all, I thought there was quite a lot to be positive about. Despite the loss we have confirmed a play off place with two games to go. That is an improvement on last season and given the financial position of the club, that is an achievement for which Robbo and the players deserve great credit. We now have the opportunity to rest any players who are carrying slight niggles and ensure they are fit for what could be a strenuous play-off campaign. Hopefully this will be an opportunity to see a little more of our home grown talent which is so important to the future of this club.
  2. If asked for my top 5 I think I would have picked 4 of the 5 the club have listed but I don't understand the rationale for limiting it to 5. For a start, who is it in the club who decides who the 5 nominees are? It can't do a great deal for players like Jordan feeling appreciated by the club if they are not included in the list. Secondly, surely the whole point of a fans vote is that it is the fans who decide. With an open vote, I am sure both Jordan and Liam would get more votes than 1 or 2 on the list (although not mine as it happens!) How can the players know the level of support they have if the fans are not allowed to vote for them?
  3. I would let Austin go. He has scored 2 or 3 very nice goals with some composed finishes but that is the exception rather than the rule. He has had a lot of game time and in general he has failed to impress. He gets himself into decent positions and has had some decent service but all to often he doesn''t seem to be committed enough or have enough belief in his own abilities and ends up turning a half chance into a no chance. His strike rate is not bad but he doesn't offer a lot else apart from the occasional goal. He's better in the air than Jordan White but Jordan has other attributes which put him well ahead of Nathan in my book. At 25, I 'm not sure he's really going to get much better. Kevin McHattie is also 25 but shows a good bit more maturity than Nathan. He's had less game time than Austin but done well when called upon. He had a pretty decent game today as part of a makeshift defence. He was obviously highly regarded as a youngster with Scottish Caps at both under 17 and 21 levels. His career has been dogged by injury, but if he can remain largely injury free then I feel he could be a real asset to us both at Championship and Premier division level. Carl will be 34 later this year and sadly will be approaching the end of his career soon. If he can be retained, it would not surprise me if he had established himself as first choice left back by this time next year.
  4. Great work down the left with McDonald firing a shot in which went just wide. Austin had got himself into a good position but the shot was a good option. Had McDonald seen Austin and tried to play the ball to him I think it may well have been intercepted so the shot was a fair enough option. Had Austin been a bit more aware I think he could have got onto the back post and tapped the misplaced shot in. It was one of those agonising ones where had it been a better shot it would have gone in but had he pushed it a bit wider it might have fallen to Austin. Anyway, Austin was totally out of order at the way he had a go at young McDonald. It was a shame some supporters started booing Austin though. Whatever they do on the park they need our encouragement and this is an issue I am sure Robbo will deal with appropriately behind the scenes. As for the Brad Mackay sending off, I may be wrong, but my impression was that having evaded one player he simply slipped and fell onto his knees which the referee interpreted as a dive. Whether he was given a 2nd yellow card for simulation or for dissent at a foul being given for simulation I don't know, but it certainly looked like a genuine slip to me. Interesting that Brad gave away a penalty the other day for holding in the box. Today White was was held in the box with the defender's arms right around him with the referee less that 2 yards away. Nothing given. I don't know what it is with Jordan but it is as though the SFA have give a diktat that he can be held, pushed, elbowed as much as a defender wants and a foul will not be given.
  5. Fair point. Equally one might question why our leading goal scorer is not on the list either!
  6. HT 2-1 FT 2-2 ICT White Opp Safranko Crowd 2589
  7. Aaron’s under contract till the end of next season so a transfer fee would be involved. I doubt Hamilton could afford £500,000!
  8. With Polworth off, I agree we would need to secure Chalmers for another season but even more so Sean Welsh if his contract does not already extend beyond this season.
  9. And with only 3 games left there is still no club that can’t either win promotion or get relegated
  10. Liam was the first one to come over and acknowledge the support of the fans.
  11. Absolutely agree, RiG. Putting your house up for sale may indicate you're looking for a new house in the area more suitable for a long term commitment to the area.
  12. Agree with OCG, but it would be a worry if we were to lose Ridgers. After a shaky start he has been generally outstanding for us. Arguably the player I would most want to hang on to, and I am sure there are a lot of teams who have been keeping tabs on him. It's the nature of our club though. We bring struggling players in, develop them and then lose them when other clubs offer them shed loads more than we can afford. Being a professional footballer is a short career and you can't blame these guys for moving on . We just have to accept the harsh financial realities and be grateful for the contributions they have made to the club.
  13. I'm afraid you are going to be disappointed. I'll be sorry to see Liam go but we've lost better players than him before and not missed them as much as we feared. I think that with the youngsters coming on well, and the likes of Walsh, Welch, Trafford and Chalmers all developing, then if we can retain them we will have decent options in midfield next season without needing to bring more players in. I think we may need a bit more cover in defence and options up front. There will be no cash to splash and I imagine that the money available to spend on new signings will be largely dependent on cash freed up from the wages of those who leave. Perhaps a little bit more if we get a fee for someone still on contract.
  14. There was a bit of bemused laughter when that was announced. Poor Carl alone took the best part of a minute to hobble off from one side of the park to the other - my hands were sore from clapping him all the way off! I can't remember a game when there has been as little as just one minute added time. Maybe the BBC needed the extra time for analysis of the 3 given goals and the disallowed goal.
  15. We discussed it at the time and it really is a horrible policy the SFA have. The English system is way better although 40 medals seems a bit OTT. You don't win a final if you haven't won your ties in the previous rounds. and there are likely to several players who featured in previous rounds but not the final. There are also many unsung heroes behind the scenes, for instance, it is not just the manager / head coach does the work in getting the team to play as they do, other members of the coaching staff have a vital role to play as do staff such as the physios who may have worked miracles to get certain players match fit. The team is bigger than just the players on the park.
  16. HT 1-0 FT 3-1 ICT White Hearts Ikpeazu Crowd 18,701 First Yellow Tremarco Time of first goal 42 mins
  17. I've heard we've sold around 3,000 tickets. It's disappointing it's not more, but it would appear to be a good few more than come to watch home games in the league. Hopefully a good performance will persuade a few folk to come along and support the lads in the bread and butter games as well.
  18. Watkins, Shinnie and Christie were all signed up by the club when the budget for signing players was far less than Hughes had at its disposal. What successive managers have been good at is identifying young players with promise or perhaps some not so young who appear to be under-performing at the clubs they are at, and realising that potential. Esson, Warren, Raven, Tremarco, Draper, Tansey, Mckay, Doran are all examples of that and there are many others. But that stopped with Hughes. He had the biggest player budget any manager of this club has ever had, but just who are the signings he made who have gone on to give the type of impact at the club that the players I have listed have done?
  19. I don't expect us to win, but I think we can win. The great thing about the cup is that it is not necessarily the best teams who get to the later stages or even win it. It is the side who gets the breaks and who up their game for the 2 or 3 games which really matter. In 2014-15 we both got the breaks and upped our game for the semi-final against Celtic but otherwise struggled against lower ranked sides - yet we still won the cup! This season we needed a replay to get past Edinburgh City but then upped our game against 2 sides above us in the league. Hearts will be firm favourites to win, and in a season when the Scottish Cup would seem to be their most likely route to European football, there will be huge expectation for them to win. All the pressure will be on them. If they don't have the game comfortable relatively early they will get more and more anxious. The stage is set for an upset! However, let's not get too upset if the reality is that we get blown away. At the start of the season, getting into the semis would have been a distant dream. With the club's financial situation there have had to be significant cuts to the playing budget and Robbo and his team have done brilliantly to both get us into the play off positions in the league and to get to the semi-final of the Scottish Cup. Come what may, let's just enjoy an unexpected trip to Hampden and cheer our lads on to the end. They deserve no less.
  20. There sure is. Alloa's 3 wins in a row have certainly made things interesting. Our promotion play off place is far from guaranteed and if Dunfermline make up a bit of ground on Ayr and us we might go into the final round of games with no club definitely staying in the championship next season. The play offs certainly keep the interest going. Mind you, in the English league one relegation battle where there are no play-offs with only 5 games to go only 6 points separate 13th from 23rd with 3 of those sides going down.
  21. I think Ray Stewart hit the ball harder from the spot than anyone I can remember. Keepers didn't try to get in the way of his shots, they tries to get out of the way! It takes an exceptional player to consistently send the keeper the wrong way or to hit it so accurately that even if the keeper goes the right way, he;s not going to reach it. Keepers are always going to get lucky from time to time and the best way to make sure they don't get lucky to often is to hit the ball hard. We did great in the cup game but we really should have a better conversion rate for penalties in regulation time. Of course sometimes it is the penalty takers who get lucky! Saw this on the BBC website today.
  22. Some have questioned whether a club of our size actually needs a CEO. My answer to that is that it all depends on whether the club wants to grow and compete at the top level of Scottish football or whether we are content to be an average 2nd tier side with more chance of going down than up. The separation of the day to day management of the club from the strategic oversight of the Board is an important one. It allows those doing the day to day work to be properly accountable to the Board in a way which is not possible if Chairman and other directors are taking the responsibility for managing their own strategy. That works fine for a small, part time enterprise but not for a business where there is work going on on a number of fronts. I feel pretty positive about this appointment. Scot Gardiner brings a wealth of high level football experience to the club and, to me, his appointment demonstrates some considerable ambition on behalf of the Board. Not only does he have high level relevant experience to do the job and help other staff in doing theirs, but that experience should be invaluable to the Board in providing advice and information which will help the Board in formulating the strategic aims of the club. Of course, Mr Gardiner's appointment will not come cheap and we are a club in a difficult financial position. There will, therefore be an expectation that his contribution to the club pays his way and makes a positive contribution to the club's balance sheet. Hopefully ,as a football man, he can earn the trust and respect of those associated with the club in a way in which the previous CEO unfortunately could not. If he can, then this may well be a pivotal moment in the club's development. As we celebrate a successful first 25 years of the club, I sense the club is developing a more business like approach to the business of football. Of course we want to spend more money on the footballing side of things, but without a solid business structure embedded in the community the club simply won't generate the resource to do that.
  23. Strikers need providers and yet again it is Liam Polworth who heads the list by some margin with 11 in the league so far. Probably in the top 2 or 3 in the division I would guess.
  24. I didn't go to the first away game against Ayr back in January but I have just noticed that the referee on that occasion was none other than Nick Walsh. Just 5 people filled in the match day poll on that occasion with 2 rating his performance as "moderate, 1 as "p*ss poor" and 2 as "terrible". And these were ratings on the back of a spirit lifting 3-2 win! Tuesday was therefore not the first time that he has failed to satisfy the ICT fans' objective judging panel.