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  1. Just because a club is bigger and wealthier does not necessarily give it more negotiating power. In fact, being wealthier means the selling club is well aware that the buying club can afford to pay more if they are really keen on securing the player. There are a range of other factors too, for instance, if a number of clubs are interested in the player then the selling club's negotiating position is strengthened. Obviously a big club won't want to pay a fee when a player leaves on a free, but when they initially buy the player they will have the expectation of selling the player on la
  2. Ryan's situation is a good example. Obviously I don't know what the contract between ICT and Celtic contained, although we have been told there is a sell on clause. It may be that the sell on clause simply says that we receive a set percentage of any fee Celtic get for selling Ryan on. But there is no reason why the contract between ICT and Celtic couldn't have specified that if Ryan moves on without a fee being payed to Celtic from Club 3, a payment would be made by Celtic to ICT. After all, why should ICT lose out just because Celtic fail to get a fee, particularly as sell on clauses wil
  3. I'm talking about the contracts negotiated between the clubs. With a decent sell on clause, the original club will still get a payment from the 2nd club if the 2nd club allow the player to leave as a free agent.
  4. I'll echo those thanks to Gringo for the NPL and also for the less popular but equally enjoyable Prediction League. This year, everybody in the Prediction League had a top 10 finish so it would be great if more joined in next season to make it more competitive.
  5. A sell on clause could stipulate, say, 10% of the transfer fee but with a minimum to be paid when the player moves on. So, if 10% of the new transfer fee was less than the minimum, or if the player leaves for free at the end of their, contract then that minimum fee would be payable to us. That way, we don't lose out as a result of contract negotiations that we have no part in.
  6. A decent sell on clause might be more important in the long run.
  7. I thought that in the first half we showed a lot of good movement up front giving options for Welsh and Allan They won a lot of possession and rarely wasted it. It was Welsh who played a peach of a pass to MacKay for the opener. When MacKay and Sutherland were subbed we were a lot more static up front and we resorted to balls going square and back too often. Young Lyall looked a talent and it is a shame he hasn't had a bit more game time in his spell here. It was a game we should have won but I guess that with nothing particular at stake, it is inevitable there wasn't quite the edge to
  8. Whatever happens tonight, we look destined to finish 5th. It is possible we could finish 6th, but for that to happen we would need to lose to Ayr, QOS would need to beat Dundee and there would need to be a change of 16 goals in goal difference. Two 8-0 results would do it. Fair to say that we are safe in 5th. What is more interesting is the range of scenarios about which team will face the agony of the relegation play offs. Ayr are in the thick of the battle after a poor run, whilst Arbroath and Morton could also face the drop, and they play each other tonight. So what are the scena
  9. So is our cup half full or half empty?
  10. Thanks. That worked.
  11. Some great goals there, many of which would be worthy winners. Unfortunately I can't vote for any of them as the voting option boxes were already filled with "Thank you for your vote" when I clicked through. 🙁
  12. HT. 0-0 FT. 0-1 ICT. Todorov Opp. Boyce
  13. Is that the number of other players Josh Meekings has injured?
  14. You can't accuse our lads of not showing commitment but sometimes they show a bit too much. Dundee were very streetwise and drew a good few fouls, often making no attempt to actually play the ball. That leads to frustration. Commitment and frustration is a dangerous mix. The quality of the stream doesn't really allow us a good enough view to make a sensible comment on the game's controversial moments, but there is no doubt that both Allardice and MacKay gave the referee a decision to make. Dundee had a couple of penalty appeals in the first half and I'd like to see those again. In
  15. HT. 0-0 FT. 1-1 ICT. Sutherland Opp. Mullen Joker
  16. It sounds horrific. But it will only work for these clubs if they can monopolise the TV market and in that sense it is we, the fans, who have the power. We can chose to watch or not. As it stands, UEFA position is that players associated with this scheme would be banned from playing in the Euros. One wonders how England captain Harry Kane thinks about it. Was he even asked for an opinion I wonder. If the best players in the world are prevented from playing for their country, then the clubs involved in the breakaway will no longer be able to attract any but the most money grabbing o
  17. HT. 1-0 FT. 3-1 ICT. Allardice Opp McGrath Fouls. 24 Corners 10
  18. As someone who is a regular user of the site and one who has steadfastly resisted all the invitations to help out with it, can I say a huge "thank you" to all who put in so much work behind the scenes to make CTO such an excellent and informative site. Being involved in other things, I know just how hard it is to get people with the right skills and the motivation to do what is necessary week after week to keep thinks going. All the hard work of volunteers really is very much appreciated. I applaud you all.
  19. It is worrying and it stinks, but it is really encouraging to see such a robust defence of Toddy from the club. "We will robustly defend our player from this allegation. Nikolay’s conduct on the 16th March was entirely exemplary despite the extreme provocation, racist abuse and violence he was subjected to. We are unable at this stage to comment further.”
  20. We are probably feeling a little disappointed not to get all 3 points today, but our recent good form makes it easy to forget what a hugely difficult and challenging season it has been for the club. Today's results mean that we are now mathematically safe from relegation. Instead, we are now very much in the mix for the promotion play-offs and have a cup match to look forward too after having deservedly beaten our Premiership neighbours. Anything more than what has been achieved already will be a real bonus. Huge congratulations to all at the club who have made this possible.
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