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  1. Don’t know about Doncaster Rovers but we’ve certainly had some donkeys in the past.
  2. I certainly agree with you about Nicholas Witchell, and from what I have heard, the Royals themselves regard him as sickly sycophantic and toadying. But I do feel a bit sorry for Charles. All his adult life he's been waiting for a vacancy to arrive and then after 50 years of waiting, instead of getting a coronation he gets coronavirus.
  3. I think Sean Porter had that number in 2008/9 but I'm not aware it had been used prior to that.
  4. I read this report just before coming on to this site. I wouldn't say this represented "sycophantic deference" at all. The correspondent describes the decision to test Prince Charles as "puzzling" and the report has a clear focus on those people who are critical of the decision. It is, of course, perfectly appropriate to report on the fact that Prince Charles has tested positive as he is the heir to the throne.
  5. Whether this crisis results in us playing in the top tier or not, next season is certainly going to be a challenging one for the club. It will be a very challenging one for many of the supporters too. Some will find themselves better off as a result. Pensioners and those in jobs which are considered essential will not see any fall in their income but as they cannot go on holiday or go out to the pub or restaurant or entertainment venues, they will be spending a good bit less money than usual and will maybe be able to spend a bit more on the football. However, for many it will a very different picture with loads of businesses "on hold" and workers being paid reduced wages and, in many cases, laid off. The Government may be putting unprecedented amounts of money into the economy to support people but it will only go so far and many will fall through the net. The recovery will be slow and painful. In these circumstances any hike in season ticket prices will make it difficult for some long standing fans to afford. What we need is some innovative thinking and collaborative working to find ways of securing funding from those best able to afford it whilst making attendance affordable for all. The club's excellent initiative to distribute food packages to some of its older supporters is one which has generated a lot of goodwill in the community. When all this is over, hopefully it will the turn of the wider community to show its support for its football club.
  6. Why restrict sandwiches? Who on earth would want to horde them?!
  7. I’m sure most clubs would want to get the season finished, but unless you get it finished by 30th June then there will be all sorts of contractual difficulties. This is going to get very messy indeed. You could use current league positions on a points / goal difference per game but it could be considered unfair because some teams will have played stronger teams more often than weaker teams. It is difficult to see any proposal for resumption which would not be open to legal challenge.
  8. It’s a relatively easy decision to take to suspend the season, but it will be far more difficult to decide how to proceed when the suspension is lifted. When will that be? If the epidemic peaks in May as suggested then it is unlikely the suspension would be lifted before the end of June. It would presumably be too late to complete the current season before the start of the next. So what are the alternatives? Make this season null and void? In which case we would still be in the 2nd tier with Dundee Utd. Use current league positions as final positions? That would mean Hearts being relegated and us having a play off with Hamilton. Or using the results of the 1st 2 rounds of matches as the final positions so that it would reflect each side playing everybody else home and away? There would be arguments for all these options and clubs would favour the one that suited them best. It’s not going to be easy. But what may be an even bigger problem is the financial implications for clubs (like ours) with very tight budgets. No doubt we will hear more as the implications of the suspension become clearer, but I fear that this crisis may well threaten the viability of a few senior Scottish clubs.
  9. No. It proposes 3 divisions with ICT in the top flight. Sounds good to me!
  10. If it doesn’t go ahead it will mean that County will still be the reigning champions 😠
  11. There’s no threshold for a police presence. The club has a contract with the police and whether or not there is a police presence is decided on a risk assessment basis. If the police are not present then it may of course be that police are subsequently called if there is an incident.
  12. It’s interesting that the stated reason for stopping public events with over 500 people in Scotland is to relieve pressure on the emergency services. It is not a measure designed to reduce virus spread. But given that we don’t have a police presence or standby ambulance at most of our games then this might be regarded as rather arbitrary. As yet, I think this is still just a “suggestion” rather than a Government directive and I am sure the SFA will be seeking some urgent clarification and discussion on the implications of the suggestion. The SFA have confirmed that all of Saturday’s games are going ahead as usual.
  13. HT. 0-0 FT. 0-1 ICT. Doran Opp. Wighton Crowd 739
  14. I find it hard to believe that Hearts have only won 4 league games all season! Despite that, they are only 2 wins away from 10th place and all the bottom 5 have lost the same number of games. So it's too close to call at the moment. I wonder if Kilmarnock will get sucked into the relegation dog fight. At the end of November they were in 5th place and a comfortable 8 points clear of the bottom 6. Since then, they have got just 11 points from 15 games and are 8th and an uncomfortable 6 points clear of the play-off place. I'd fancy our chances against them.
  15. 3 well taken goals but we should have been out of sight before Queens pulled one back and the nerves started jangling. Terrific energy in the middle of the park from Carson, Trafford and Vincent was probably the key, but great energy and movement also from Storey and Keatings upfront. Generally solid at the back so another good all round performance. Having said that, it must be said that QOS were awful but perhaps that was because our energy and movement forced them into mistakes. The fact that with our small squad we can freshen things up by successfully making so many changes has to give us confidence about holding on to 2nd place. Looking forward to seeing video of Keatings goal. At the time it looked as though it was diverted by a force field in mid-air - or maybe I need my eyes tested!
  16. HT. 0-0 FT. 2-0 ICT. Todorov Opp. Oliver Crowd. 1657
  17. It's a fast developing situation and it seems inevitable that there will be some level of restriction on social gatherings and sporting events. If that happens then it is bound to have a financial impact on the club along with a wide range of businesses. Any measures taken will be designed to limit the spread of the disease and to protect the most vulnerable in society. All we can do is follow the advice given and then come together as a community afterwards to support individuals and businesses who have been most impacted by this.
  18. Nice little piece about Nick Ross on the BBC website.
  19. HT. 0-1 FT. 1-2 ICT. Todorov Opp. O'Hara Crowd. 741
  20. HT. 1-0 FT. 2-1 ICT. Walsh Opp. Cadden Crowd 1789
  21. HT. 1-1 FT. 3-1 ICT. Walsh Opp. Allen Crowd. 10,501
  22. HT. 0-0 FT. 1-1 ICT. White Opp. Nisbet Crowd. 3512
  23. HT. 1-0 FT. 2-0 ICT. White Opp. Shankland Crowd 7741
  24. DoofersDad

    Tora Tora Tora!

    Incidents happen in the blink of an eye and it is entirely understandable that referees will make incorrect decisions from time to time. As a result, players who are innocent of wrong doing receive inappropriate sanctions. It is these injustices which an appeals panel is there to set right. Unlike the referee, the appeal panel can view the incident in the knowledge that a contentious decision was made about it. They can see the incident several times. They can see the incident in slow-motion. They can see the incident from different angles. They can specifically look at different aspects of the incident on different viewings. As a result, the appeal panel in the James Keatings appeal will have clearly seen that:- a) the defender made no attempt to go for the ball, b) the defender lent into Keatings and nudged him, and c) Keatings was put off balance by the contact. It is inconceivable that anyone looking repeatedly at the footage can conclude that Keatings dived. Yet this is the conclusion the panel apparently came to. That a panel set up to correct obvious errors can themselves come to a decision which is so obviously wrong beggars belief and brings the SFA into disrepute. The SFA should now take the appropriate action both to reverse this injustice and to take steps to prevent them making a laughing stock of themselves again in the future.