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  1. HT. 1-0 FT. 3-1 ICT. Allardice Opp McGrath Fouls. 24 Corners 10
  2. As someone who is a regular user of the site and one who has steadfastly resisted all the invitations to help out with it, can I say a huge "thank you" to all who put in so much work behind the scenes to make CTO such an excellent and informative site. Being involved in other things, I know just how hard it is to get people with the right skills and the motivation to do what is necessary week after week to keep thinks going. All the hard work of volunteers really is very much appreciated. I applaud you all.
  3. It is worrying and it stinks, but it is really encouraging to see such a robust defence of Toddy from the club. "We will robustly defend our player from this allegation. Nikolay’s conduct on the 16th March was entirely exemplary despite the extreme provocation, racist abuse and violence he was subjected to. We are unable at this stage to comment further.”
  4. We are probably feeling a little disappointed not to get all 3 points today, but our recent good form makes it easy to forget what a hugely difficult and challenging season it has been for the club. Today's results mean that we are now mathematically safe from relegation. Instead, we are now very much in the mix for the promotion play-offs and have a cup match to look forward too after having deservedly beaten our Premiership neighbours. Anything more than what has been achieved already will be a real bonus. Huge congratulations to all at the club who have made this possible.
  5. We were 2nd best for much of that but 4 terrific strikes was the difference. Credit to Morton though, they kept going to the end and provided a greater threat than last Friday's opponents. They had a good bit more of the possession and put us under a lot of pressure as the corner count demonstrates. Our back line played pretty well, but at times it was back to the wall stuff. A lot has been said about Allan, but tonight he looked some way short of match fit. We suddenly looked a lot more threatening when Sutherland replaced him. A win against Queen of the South at the weekend or bot
  6. Wow Fabulous from Sutherland and Todorov
  7. We are very much 2nd best this half. Hanging on.
  8. Dan Mackay should have scored. Really poor
  9. HT. 0-0 FT. 0-1 ICT. Todorov Morton. Muirhead
  10. But with the wee caveat that our 2nd came from a County set play!
  11. Celtic's 3-0 defeat of Falkirk is no surprise but according to the BBC they had 42 shots on goal to Falkirk's 0. That must in itself be some kind of record. I'll be happy to avoid Celtic till the final.
  12. The league sides edged them at the end. That was probably due simply to lack of match fitness. Similarly, Morton equalised in extra time against East Fife and went on to win in Extra Time whilst Dundee Utd got a winner against Partick Thistle in injury time. Nearly lots of upsets, but in the end, not very many.
  13. Just wondering if County have achieved another first here. Are they the first Premiership side ever to have been dumped out of the Scottish Cup whilst no less that 3 Highland League sides remain in it?
  14. Yes, I was rather looking forward to his interview. He's not usually so camera shy.
  15. That was a terrific performance all round. The work rate was fantastic. County were trying to play the ball out from the back, as is Yogi's style, but despite some fairly crisp passing, they constantly got closed down and resorted to the long ball. Three real quality finishes for the goals but helped by some pretty poor defending. Toddy was given so much space for the first goal that he had time to recover from a slip before rifling the ball home. In the league we've not been scoring much, but those strikes must give confidence to the lads. It is as well that games are decided on t
  16. One you might have missed. Billy Mckay scored for County tonight in the Scottish Cup.
  17. HT. 2-1 FT. 3-1 ICT. Todorov Wee Team. Shaw Corners 11 Foules. 26
  18. 3% would not be enough. The best description of the system used to calculate the votes is from "The Ferret". They describe it like this. "This system allocates seats by taking the number of regional votes a party gets, and dividing it by the number of MSPs that party wins within that region, plus one. For example, if Party A had one MSP elected in the region through the constituency vote, their number of list votes would be divided by two (number of MSPs + 1). So if they received 20,000 list votes, their number would be 10,000. Let’s say this was higher than the next hi
  19. The current polls are looking broadly similar to the 2016 result but with the SNP having captured a bit of the Labour vote. Whether Ross is perceived as doing well or badly, I can't see those who have supported the Tories in the past not doing so again, nor can I see them attracting new support from elsewhere. I like Rennie, but politics has become increasingly polarised and folk just aren't voting for the middle ground these days. The Tories and Lib Dems are going to be largely irrelevant to the outcome. Sarwar is the key to this election. The SNP's success has been at the expense of
  20. This was a huge win for us today. At the start of the season the number 1 objective must simply have been survival as a club and then maintaining our position in the Championship. It has been a difficult season in so many ways, but this run of 10 points from 4 games means that a win away at Morton in the next league game should dispel any lingering concerns of relegation. We've looked pretty nervy at times in these last few games, but the hard graft has taken us to a position where we've really nothing to lose. It's been a great effort. Time now to do our neighbours OTB a good turn a
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