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  1. This was a huge win for us today. At the start of the season the number 1 objective must simply have been survival as a club and then maintaining our position in the Championship. It has been a difficult season in so many ways, but this run of 10 points from 4 games means that a win away at Morton in the next league game should dispel any lingering concerns of relegation. We've looked pretty nervy at times in these last few games, but the hard graft has taken us to a position where we've really nothing to lose. It's been a great effort. Time now to do our neighbours OTB a good turn a
  2. 10 points in 4 games but we've only scored 3 goals in those games. We have not been creating much at all, but in the brief time Scott was on the pitch, he demonstrated some of the quality and vision we have been lacking. We have some tough games ahead and Scott may just have what it takes to get us into the playoffs at the end of the season.
  3. HT 0-0 FT 2-0 ICT. Sutherland Opp. Hamilton
  4. Because the SNP are set to get so many MSPs as constituency MSPs, they are unlikely to get a large number through the Regional lists. If Salmond's party is only contesting the regional lists, then potentially they could secure a significant number of Regional seats leading to a large majority of pro-independence MSPs at Holyrood. On the other hand, if only a relatively low level of SNP supporters switch to Alba, Alba may not get enough votes to secure more than a very low number, but they might take enough votes from the Greens to wipe them out and enough from the SNP to reduce their number
  5. Well, that was as poor as I've seen us play, but a win is a win. The conditions were a great leveller but Buckie showed far more desire than us across the park and more quality in the final third. We will need to play far better to beat Arbroath on Saturday in what is a really important game if we want to keep clear of the relegation zone.
  6. Very blustery conditions and a bobbly pitch make it difficult to play good football. Buckie look dangerous from balls into the box. We need an early goal into the 2nd half to make things a little more comfortable.
  7. HT. 0-1 FT. 0-2 ICT Storey Opp. Milne Corners. 8 Fouls. 23
  8. Look on the bright side. At least we don't have to play Alloa again!
  9. No. I think it's a reaction from the lads to me predicting in Gringo's NPL that we would lose these last two games!
  10. As long as we score more goals than the opposition, I don't care who scores. Well done for the team for a couple of great wins.
  11. I think the game should go ahead but with a very clear warning from the police that any violations of the Covid regulations will be dealt with seriously with people being fined, arrested or whatever it takes. I don't see why the players should be stopped from playing by the idiot minority or why these idiots should cause the vast majority of law abiding fans should be denied the opportunity of watching the game safely in their own homes. Too often these days, the law abiding majority are made to suffer for the antics of the idiotic or criminal few. That needs to change.
  12. Back to the Rangers' behaviour, or rather alleged behaviour. Following their exit from Europe at the hands of Slavia Prague, the Czech side have made the extraordinary allegation that one of their players was the victim of a "brutal attack" at Ibrox. They claim cameras were covered over prior to the attack which was witnessed by various people including Gerrard and UEFA officials! If true, goodness knows what sanction might be taken against them. If not true and the UEFA officials named deny they witnessed such an attack, then presumably Slavia Prague would face pretty serious sanctions th
  13. I'll go for a 3rd option - the pragmatist. We are just 3 points away from the play offs at both ends of the table. I'll settle for a draw so they share just 2 points between them rather than the winner getting 3.
  14. The camera work and clarity is just so much better than the Pixellot rubbish. I must say than when I saw the live stream with no zoom and no replay, I thought Roddy's early effort was a pretty tame one straight at the keeper, but actually it was a well taken effort with a very sharp low stop by the keeper. We aren't playing great at the moment but I'm sure the Pixellot system makes it seem worse than it actually is. However disappointing the result may be, the highlights by the in-house team certainly bring the good bits to life.
  15. Win on Friday night and we will only be 5pts off 2nd place. Anything can happen in this league but that was rank tonight, I'm afraid.
  16. I'm not expecting a classic. Both sides are drawing a lot of games and whilst Morton have scored fewer goals than any other team, they haven't conceded too many either. But with just 8 points separating 2nd top from 2nd bottom, both sides have everything to play for. The wind could be the deciding factor tonight.
  17. Todorov has a decent return with a goal every 182 minutes. That's a goal every other game if he was playing a full 90 minutes and his goal conversion rate is significantly higher than our other strikers. I've sometimes felt that he's almost trying to hard and has maybe snatched at some chances. You can't fault his effort and he gets in some decent positions. I think if he was to get a proper run in the side he could get enough goals to at least help us keep in touch with the playoffs at the right end of the table and away from them at the wrong end.
  18. Maybe the SPFL will dock The Rangers 50 points for failing to control their fans! Seriously though, one of the reasons rates have been as high as they are is that the authorities have not clamped down hard enough on those who don't give a damn about other folk and who flout the regulations. An early no-nonsense approach would have made these idiots think twice before undermining everybody else's efforts to get the virus under control.
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