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  1. It's a perfectly reasonable point and I'm sure the club would be open to considering that in due course. In their FAQs, the club state in relation to PATG "For now, season ticket holders have priority entry to the ballots in line with other limited availability ticket procedures." The "for now" bit would suggest they will be open to considering access to PATG (or buying on-line) when allowed to. As far as I am aware, the decision to restrict entrance to ST holders is one taken above club level. If ST holders who are successful in the ballot cannot or do not wish to attend, then their s
  2. The season ticket holders have already paid up front and I imagine a large majority will be living in a tier 1 area. If only 300 are allowed into the stadium for each match, then each ST holder will only get to about 1 in 3 or 4 games I guess and in a shortened season, that is not very many. I would hope that when restrictions change so that those ST holders who are now in tier 2 or 3 areas are able to attend, they will then get priority. I can't see non ST holders getting in until significantly more than 300 are allowed in the ground. It just wouldn't be fair on ST holders.
  3. Well done Harry Nicolson! A really decent performance on his debut. Good performances too from Cammy Mackay and Cameron Harper. It's really good to see these youngsters being given a chance and doing so well. It wasn't the greatest of games but East Fife played very well and kept a really solid shape at the back. They caused us a few problems at the other end too. Another well taken goal by Sutherland who may be a really important player for us this season.
  4. A much better streaming experience today. It seemed pretty clear from the previous efforts that the Pixelot ball tracking technology wasn't up to the job and so it is positive that Pixelot seem to accept the need for moving the cameras with human input. It looks as though a decent solution has been found but I don't know why they have the cameras in the Main Stand. Fortunately, the sun wasn't shining today. The Club and TV companies have their cameras facing the Main Stand for a very good reason! As for the commentary, I rather enjoyed Andy's enthusiasm - and bias! It's a difficult job
  5. It is just "Milestones and Memories" which was on the site, but I've had a word with the club and "Going Ballistic" should also be available on-line later today. The euphoria over last night's dramatic win for Scotland is a reminder of just how good it feels when your small team overcomes the odds and achieves something. Our club is a small club and in its short history has overcome the odds several times. If last night made you feel good then you are going to just love "Milestones and Memories". It is full of recollections of those great days ICT supporters have been privileged to enjo
  6. If you can't remember what it's for, it must be Aricept you are on. It's Pfizer's drug for Alzheimer's disease!
  7. No correct ICT scorers? Both SOS and I put down Doran to score! Is this nobbling of early season challengers part of your desparate strategy for securing yet another title?
  8. Yes. And given the age profile of our fan base, a good number of us should be near the top of the queue for the vaccine!
  9. When you pre-ordered, did you do so on-line? If so you, should have got a prompt email from PayPal to confirm your purchase. That confirms not just your payment but the details of the order. If you haven't received a recent email from the Club to confirm your order is complete, then make sure you have a copy of the PayPal email with you when you go to the club shop. I sorted through all the books Ian had signed / dedicated to get them in alphabetical order for collection, so if you would like to PM me with your name I can check that you are on the list and that there is a book waiting
  10. The book is going on general sale on Wednesday. Details here Everyone who pre-ordered a copy should have received an email to say their order is complete and either in the post or ready for collection from the club shop. I will check with the club that this is the case. If you haven't received an email then I suggest you contact the club shop on Monday - but please check your junk box first!
  11. I wonder what, if any, market research they have done on this? I would think that more than half the people who would pay to watch at £10 will not watch at £18.50. But no doubt a percentage or a fixed sum from each viewer will go to other stakeholders, so maybe Hearts will make more money than if they charged less. Not good for the fans though.
  12. That's good to hear. The plan is that everyone who supported the fundraising campaign by pre-ordering copies will have the opportunity of getting their copies before they go on general sale. Those who ordered for books to be posted should be receiving their copies soon. These are going out in 2 batches and the 2nd lot are not yet ready for dispatch, so even though The Mantis has his copy, don't panic if yours doesn't arrive for a few days. Those who ordered for picking copies up from the stadium should be getting emails to say their copy is ready for collection. Given the vital importance
  13. Izzy, as I understand it, you registered on the site and then, when logged in, inputted your code in the appropriate box in the "active subscriptions" section. Then, when you logged in on the match days, you were unable to access the match and you were told you did not have a subscription. Following that, you have tried to activate the subscription again by putting in your personal code, but you get a message saying that code has already been redeemed. Is that correct? A problem here is that neither when you register, nor when you activate your subscription does the SPFL system send a conf
  14. You'll not get anything till 30 minutes before KO at the earliest.
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54708413 This suggests that Highland and Moray may well be put into the new level 1, in which case fans could be allowed back in the grounds as soon as next week! I'll believe it when I see it. No doubt the SPFL will be arguing for fans in all grounds or in none due to the unfair advantage gained by teams with fans.
  16. Thanks Scotty. I’ve now managed to log in.
  17. I can’t log in to the prediction league. Try with the log in I’ve been using for years but it’s not recognised.
  18. I've registered and redeemed the voucher without any problems.
  19. I've been in touch with the club this morning and emails will be sent out from today. I'm not sure whether that means everyone will receive them today but it is in hand. It's important to note that before season ticket holders can use their code, they have to sign up with the streaming company. Best to do that as soon after getting the email as possible in case of any problems, and not waiting till 5 minutes before kick off!
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