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  1. Will the Caley Club be big enough to accommodate all who want to attend? If not, I believe there is a function room at Kelty FC which could be used.
  2. It's not just that it is an insane decision, it is the way it it has been communicated. Even if it was a very sensible decision, moving the training base to the central belt, with all the downsides that are involved, should only be done with regret. To announce the move up front with "delight" is crass, ignorant and insensitive. It is further evidence that those responsible have absolutely no concept of the community values of OUR club. This crisis has to result in change in the leadership at the club. After the relegation statement I commented that they have ripped the heart and soul out of our club. Today they have ripped the liver and spleen out too.
  3. They don't even keep their website remotely up to date. Liam Delgarno resigned from the Board back in December.
  4. Jeez! Things must be really bad! Joking aside, I hope many more will join too. Quietly or otherwise. The Supporters Trust has to be the route through which the views of fans are heard. Scot Gardiner used to tell me that the Supporters Trust would not have any credibility unless it had a membership of at least 20% of the number of Season Ticket holders. The way things are going, the number of season ticket holders will be struggling to reach 20% of the number of Supporters Trust members.
  5. In his very belated statement to fans regarding our relegation, the Chairman said "Your commitment to the Club is an inspiration and one of the foundations that will support us going forward." If there was even a scrap of sincerity in that statement, he would have sounded out how fans would react to such an idea. The incompetence of the leadership in this club is truly breathtaking.
  6. Hamilton is just over an hour up the motorway for Q.O.S and so, whilst not ideal, is very doable for a there and back in a day on a fairly regular basis. Inverness to Kelty is more than twice that time. Not great for a winter commute - especially with the hold ups with all the work going on to dual the A9! On the plus side, it will be handy for the Chairman to pop by from time to time to see how the guys are getting on.
  7. When the Board talk of unity, what they mean is that the supporters should meekly accept and support whatever decisions the club makes.
  8. You may well be right. But if you are, then they need to call a different tune.
  9. Charles has rightly pointed out previously that you can't simply sack the Board unless you have others primed to take over and put the money in that the current Directors have over the years. For that reason and because he has been a long term fan and, as Fraz points out, has the best interests of the club at heart, I would not object to Morrison remaining on the Board. I do, however, think that there is an urgent need for him to be replaced as Chairman. He alienated a lot of the local community over his role in the concert company and has repeated that with his mishandling of the Battery Storage project. His credibility is shot and the club is not going regain the trust and support of the local business community or the Highland Council whilst he remains at the helm. The club has 6 other directors on the Board. They also have to take responsibility here as decisions taken in the past will have been collective ones. It is high time they stopped passively acquiescing to the Chairman and CEO and showed some collective leadership to address the real issues.
  10. Charlie's comments aren't exactly following the corporate line. I hope he is not speaking out like this now because he knows he and the youth set up at the club are going to victims of the structural reorganisation.
  11. The club has never been very forthcoming about ST sales although I think Scott Young may have given a figure recently at a Supporters Trust meeting. I think it was somewhere in the region of 1300 but hopefully someone can give a more accurate figure. Inevitably there will be some who will not renew in any case, simply because we are slipping down a level . Also, I assume there will be a price reduction at the lower level. So, for the sake of argument, if the average ticket price was £250 and 1000 people bought season tickets, there would be an income of £250k from season tickets. I have always been in the camp of saying that a boycott would harm the club. I'm really not so sure now. There are clearly a lot of people saying they will not renew whilst the CEO remains in post. Collectively we have the power to withhold his wages till he is gone. Hopefully the Board will come to their senses before a boycott is necessary but if not, a season ticket boycott could be a powerful tool to knock some sense into them.
  12. I expect the restructuring to consist of getting rid of things and people who are good for the club and retaining those responsible for getting us into this mess. It's time for the other directors to make a stand and prove me wrong.
  13. Have we been paying Dodds too?
  14. It is, of course, encouraging that we are to stay full time, but that statement is both pathetic and patronising. There is nothing of relevance in it which could not have been pre-prepared and issued a minute after the final whistle. There were people weeping in the stands on Saturday and they have had to wait 3 full days for any kind of comment from the club. And when comment comes, the Chairman has the gall to suggest that the fans' commitment to the club is an inspiration to the Board. Pull the other one! The 72 hour delay in putting anything out to the fans was absolutely shameful and demonstrates just how little they care about the supporters.
  15. I can understand why so many are saying they are not going to be putting any more money into the club at this stage. It is though, important for people to spend a modest fiver to join the Supporters Trust if they haven't already done so. Whatever the outcome of the current crisis, it is crystal clear that the fans need a voice in the running of the club. That voice needs to be loud and representative. To be loud and representative, we need as many fans as possible to join the Trust to vote for those who put themselves forward for the Trust Board. The more fans the Trust represents, the harder it will be to ignore us. The money men on the Board have no right to control what happens at our club. The purchase of a season ticket, club merchandise, car parking, a half time draw ticket, food and drink all add up. Long standing fans will themselves also have put in thousands to the club over the years. Many fans will have spent a similar proportion of their disposable income on the club as the Board's money men have. In some cases, maybe more! We have a right to demand change and to have our say in the running of our club.
  16. It would come as a surprise to me if they got rid of the web/social media person as I didn't realise they had one in the first place. The website is still listing Liam Delgarno as a Director despite the fact that he resigned from the Board in December.
  17. The Board have dug themselves into a hole. The big issue for them has not been whether we will be relegated or not, it is whether the Battery Storage proposal will finally get through. That may take a few more months for a decision to be made, after which, the ICT Battery Storage company (i.e, Morrison and Munro) will have to find a new buyer after the original £3.5m contract buyer pulled out. Then, once the sale is complete, there is the issue of the secured loans which club directors have made to the club. The club may have to pay these back in full unless the Directors feel they can afford not to call in the loan. These are big uncertainties. I am heartily sick of this big business approach to running the football club. I am certainly not opposed to the general concept of having some non-footballing initiatives to help boost the coffers, but first and foremost we should be having the club as a community football club. The club should be a focus for the local community and money should be spent on making the stadium a welcoming place where people want to come to. The current management have alienated so many local people who would be either potential regular supporters or who would be happy to contribute financially. Whatever happened to the concept of "Togetherness"? It has been them and us for quite a while now. I very much doubt that the outcome of the Board meeting will produce the radical change of direction and personnel that is required. They will maybe just decide to use some different shovels. I hope I'm wrong.
  18. Dunc defends himself by saying that results since he came here would put us 5th if the season had started then. He also points out the bad run of injuries we have sustained. Both of these are legitimate points. However, closer inspection of the issues suggest he is probably not the man for us. When he arrived there was some understandable excitement. This was fuelled by the new manager "bounce" when we picked up 15 points from his first 8 games in charge. Then reality hit. Just when a good manager would be consolidating the team's performances as he gets to know the players better and what challenges the opposition provide, our form dipped. Despite picking up a good few points at the death, our "post bounce" total of 26 points from 22 games would also have seen us in 9th if averaged over the season. And whilst we have had injuries, the Board have somehow managed to support him to bring in several players on loan. We have had regularly been able to have a full bench without having to call upon untried youngsters. We have had far worse injury problems over our time in the Championship without any real threat of relegation. So not only have his players and his style of play produced a low end of the table performance, his turgid style of football is just so frustrating and boring to watch. Now that we are in Division 1, at least let us have a manager who is going to put a team on the park that plays an attractive, exciting style of football.
  19. Is there a 5-a-side league we can join?
  20. Well, we are relegated now. Presumably the Board have had some kind of plan in place for whichever outcome arose today, so we can reasonably expect some significant announcement in the next day or two. The aim must be to bounce straight back next season. But we will need to have a squad capable of winning league 1. We don't have many players on contract for next season and will be an even less attractive prospect for potential players from down South. Going part time would probably destroy any prospect for an immediate return so the club needs to focus funding on the player budget. It also needs to invest in the fan base and generate income by making the matchday experience more attractive. Today demonstrated that there is potential for a larger and more vocal support than we usually get, but to come more often, people need to feel welcome. There will therefore need to be some serious cost cutting in other areas of the club's operation. No prizes for guessing the first thing that needs to happen!
  21. The worst day in the club's history by some margin.
  22. Maybe get the hat trick of records next season
  23. Congratulations, Gringo, on your victory and for the way you have managed this game over the years. Your efforts are very much appreciated.
  24. HT. 0-1 FT. 1-2 ICT. Billy Mckay Opp. O'Hara Crowd 2263 Yellow. Gilmour
  25. We've had bigger games but this is probably the most important game in the club's history. Not that you would know that by looking at the club's website. The club seem to be treating this like an ordinary match. As ST holders we have simply had an email telling us that as loyal supporters we have to pay full price for our ticket. Nothing to encourage us to come or encourage us to bring along someone else. For this vitally important final game of the season there is no pre match entertainment, no enhanced hospitality; nothing to encourage anybody to come along and cheer the team on rather than watch it on telly. It is pretty quiet on here too as though the club's apathy is infectious. It is as though the club has had its life and soul sucked out. I just hope the club's temporary employees on the pitch can demonstrate a bit more enthusiasm than their employers. They will need all the support they can get from those of us who will be dipping into our pockets to watch in person.
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