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  1. Just saw tuffey on twitter saying 'been a pleasure inverness, met some lovely people, some people I'll remember forever,people i'll keep in touch with and others.....' Gutted, but wish him all the best
  2. I reckon it jonny hayes whipping out his dance moves since he was suspended!
  3. Not interested in keeping Tansey or McKay to be completely honest. Would be delighted if we could bring Clarkson up here, and same for Black (although I doubt he would come up here with interest from England-shire) For the future, I think we should keep Tuffey cause he has potential and we could get some money for him when he reaches his peak?? I know his contract isnt up this season, but is Foran the way forward?? Lately he has been fairly poor, and rarely has a good game.
  4. I think he is the way forward, unless the team does not improve, but what annoys me is how long it takes him to make a sub!!! he always seems to leave it till the last 10mins. Against st. Johnstone, he left it too late for a sub to make a decent impact, and was basically the same today against hibs!
  5. I would be happy with atleast 10th o/a but would prefer 7th again or 8th. BUT I WOULD LOVE BUTCHER TO MAKE CALEY HISTORY BY MAKING THE TOP SIX!!! Maybe ruin celtics title chances again?? Im starting to get desperate to see caley at hampden now, so maybe we might get an amazing cup run this year???
  6. After Reading yesterdays Daily Record, 6 Hibernian stars have been told that they will leave in the summer including Caley Legend John Rankin, ex-loanee Kevin McCann, Colin Nish, Darryl Duffy, Graeme Smith and Kevin McBride. Is there the possibility of bringing some of these faces to the Caledonian staduim?
  8. just thought id add this, was speaking to richie hart in town today and he says tht he is goin to sweden soon about signin for a team over there.
  9. i saw this in th paper too. i liked them for beatin county but now i hate them!!! LETS SHOW THEM THT WE CAN SO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN TH GAME!!!!
  10. so who is actually gonna play rb? and is golabek goin to keep his place in lb?
  11. thts very true. if he is to play cb who will butcher have at rb? is he plannin signin some1 for playin there and possibly lb cause i think golabek might struggle in th spl nd a few of my friends agree because he is at th age of 35 almost 36.
  12. i remember readin in an interview tokely was sayin tht he was playin centre back nd tht he thinks players like McGeady will be glad to hear tht they dont have to fight past him on th wings! i think it was better when he was on th wing though cause he could do some decent runs up th wings!
  13. GGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a ping! jonny hayes is gonna do tht against celtic next season! :D
  14. No Thank you! he played decent in falkirks last game in da spl
  15. He plays on the right, he plays on the left!! RICHIE FORAN, MAKES COUNTY LOOK 5HITE!! & Oh Inverness (oh inverness), Is wonderful (is wonderful), Oh Inverness is wonderful!!! we've gotta bridge and a castle! Oh Inverness is wonderful!!! & one for th county games! how big are your ears? how big are your ears??? Michael McGovern, how big are your ears?!?!?! (& theres how small is your c*ck, how wide is mum etc.)
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