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    Player Sponsorship - 2017/18

    I just renewed.
  2. PerthICT

    Inverness CT -V- Hamilton

    We should be four or so up. Giving ourselves a chance !
  3. This... so many people forget that they wouldn't have wanted back however long ago something they now suddenly wish for. getting pretty annoyed at a load of the guff people are harping on about. What if this and he should have been sold then. Either not happy then if it had happened but supposedly not happy now because it didn't happen. Need to get back to now and the future and try and back whatever that brings.
  4. I thought that would have been something included but if it had been then I would have thought they would have actioned any option to end it by now.
  5. Right so I understand the obvious frustrations with foran and I ain't happy at our worst season In years... but this is how I think it will (and financially has to) go. it would cost upwards of £150k to boot foran before we consider rices contract. we are highly likely to be going down and will lose money. I can't see the board punting foran with the potential costs involved (unless there are any clauses we don't know about) no one new is going to change what happens in 4 games and that is a fact. richie will most likely stay and will be booted if after 3/4 months we aren't in the top two of the championship should our relegation be confirmed in the next few days. I am not saying I am entirely happy with this but rather than kill the club completely maybe we have to accept this severe injury and rehabilitate the best we can. im sure lots of you will disagree and that's fine but I'm trying to be realistic about what will happen and not go on about what I want to happen. i will forever support the club as that is what a true fan does - through the good and the bad. Let's hope this will be the low point and we build and become a strong club once again.
  6. PerthICT

    Team for Dons

    4-4-2 no bullshit OFW RAVEN WARREN MCART TREMARCO MULRANEY TANSEY DRAPER COLE MCKAY. ANIER or(polworth in behind McKay ) pass the ball, run down the wings, cross it and score. Keep it simple I say.
  7. PerthICT

    Aaron Doran Out for the Season

    All the best to Aaron in his recovery. Great wee player and shame we haven't seen more of him the last year or 2. However because of the lack of games he has played, we have to be realistic in the fact that if he is indeed out of contract at the end of season and (I believe) one of ", if not THE highest earner in the squad. It wouldn't be surprising to see him go. The only way I imagine he would be offered a new deal is if there was a substantial reduction in salary or a short term deal till December. harsh but reality of footy and injuries.
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    January Transfer Window
  9. PerthICT

    Summer Transfer Window Thread
  10. PerthICT

    Summer Transfer Window Thread

    No Andy shinnie return as it sounds like he might be off to hibs....
  11. PerthICT

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    Can't believe that there will be no live commentary for this game. Only OAM I believe? Really disappointing that in this day and age with technology that a SPFL club doesn't offer live commentary. I know the Internet is poor at TCS. Just disappointed I guess.
  12. PerthICT

    New Free ICTFC E-Mag

    Just had a look through the app and found the issue. think it's a good idea and good info pre and post match.
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    Club Badge/Crest

    To be fair over the years we have been known As ICTFC a lot and it works. We obviously are still Inverness Caledonian Thistle Football Club, this is a shortened version. We are also the pride of the highlands. i like it and in this day and age of social media people will know who we are seeing as our official Twitter with nearly 19k followers is @ICTFC
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    New Manager Thread

    Delighted that a new manager has been appointed, and happy that foran is getting a chance. No one knows how it will work out but he certainly has a lot to offer and the prospect of attacking football is very pleasing. I have to say that in the last month or so the board have done a tremendous job keeping the club spirit going and saving it from what could have been a disaster. Hughes had to go when he spoke out as no one man is bigger than our club. The player contracts continued to be signed including Dave the rave! Suddenly from a lot of fans up in arms and pondering our poor season, yogi went and there has been a continual rise in expectations for the coming season and excitement is brewing. That's why I love football and supporting ICT.
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    Summer Transfer Window Thread

    I wouldn't be so sure, I'd imagine there are a few earning up to £25/30k there and that will go up now they are promoted.
  16. PerthICT

    Hughes away? obviously been developing over last few months, think he may be on his way.
  17. PerthICT

    Summer Transfer Window Thread

    Would love to see McKay back but don't see it. Have heard that his wages at Wigan are £13,000 a week and united when he was on loan had to play him each week or they had to pay his wages for the weeks he never played. Interesting and believable so pretty sure unless he gets his contract paid and he has some decent cash he won't be coming back to us for over £10k a week wage drop!
  18. PerthICT

    Contract Situation despite the recent dire form, contracts are now being offered.
  19. PerthICT

    Inverness CT -V- Hamilton

    Kilmarnock might be the only thing that helps us. It's not all over but it is looking bleak. Need to get safe and look to build over summer. Hughes or not I'm not sure. i always think you have to give time to a manager, he has now had time to do his own thing and it has worked in parts. Recently it has look d shambolic. Possibly due to injuries etc but I'm not convinced it's all down to that. Maybe last year was on the back of what was already there and with the quality of players we had. Time will tell. need to get behind the team now and help them.
  20. PerthICT

    St Johnstone -V- Inverness CT

    If you have been watching the games recently then unless you are blind, it has been at the very least frustrating. Mis placed passes that should be basic and were the sort expected when playing in school. poor control by several players on several occasions. No definite forward or more striker to put the ball in the net. Actually he has tried playing 3 forwards, 2 deep and wide and one through the middle and that failed. I think it's back to basics to ensure a safe conclusion to the season Then hopefully they will re group and actually plan and make some signings early in close season and see what happens. I'm not one that will shout for a manager to go and believ time is needed and every team has a bad spell. I do think Hughes has temporarily lost the way and hope he gets back on it soon.
  21. PerthICT

    St Johnstone -V- Inverness CT

    That was really shambolic. In the first half polworth on at least 4 occasions was clear down the right and in loads of space and he was ignored every time and the ball ended up either being punted or given to Tremarco who I really don't know how he is in the team, oh yeah because Hughes only signs midfielders these days! saints were equally poor until the last 5 minutes of the first then they took control. they dominated the second half and I expected Tremarco to be the likely to be red carded, but it was warren 2 bookings - no complaints. liam hughes tried to hold the ball up, upfront and did ok but had no support. good penalty save but the inevitable came shortly after. so frustrating as it has been most of the season since the Europa games started. The signings this year have overall been poor and not necessarily in individual quality but the types Hughes has brought in. We have nothing good upfront and even when storey has been playing he seems to have been playing wide. dont really know where we are going to go this season. My head says we won't beat hibs but might just get clear of the relegation playoff place. I hope to be wrong and we go onto the final again and make the top six. Mmmm and how the hell can saints justify £5 for parking?
  22. PerthICT

    Scottish Cup 2016 - our defence of the trophy!

    Hibs pumped 3-0 at home by Morton. Encouraging....
  23. PerthICT

    Motherwell -V- Inverness CT

    Live commentary available through Motherwell FC on Mixlr app available. not the best but an option!
  24. PerthICT

    January transfer window.

    Just read this.....