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  1. Probably a dung heap!
  2. No thanks keep us out of that shambles until it gets sorted out!
  3. I think the first 27 games could go along way to defining our season!
  4. There’s more chance of us wearing bright pink football gear than ever getting back into Europe !🐽
  5. Fantastic to find out Doran is going to stick it out
  6. When it’s declared ok to go to football matches will it be different? Crowds will increase of course with fans being starved of live action? Will admission fees have to increase/decrease? Will fans sit 2 metres apart ?(that’ll be easy at ours) Will soap gels be thrown at the Ross county fans? Will refs be allowed to blow their own whistles (naughty). Will Throw ins be allowed? Headers will be banned for sure? Penalties will be given for coughing? Ok I’m done!!
  7. Well Boris and the experts on the box just now, suggesting no need to close down large sporting events!
  8. If we get there and have a choice between Ross Co and Hearts who would we want and who’d we beat. Would Robbo cope with a game v his beloved jam tarts. I’d love to get one of these teams. Tasty!
  9. Fee now agreed for McCart. Will there be much further in /outs before Friday?
  10. Trying to convince myself that it’s only a game ! Where’s my stress ball