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  1. Broadfoot, Nobbly knees, Bandy legs, pointy toes, who cares he’s now one of us and he goes to Kirk too so a bonus eh ?!🦶
  2. Yes delighted they were second , but only best out of the bottom route to the final. Would they have got past Spain or Belgium or France?
  3. Mediocre team with easy route to the final with 6 home games to boot! Fortunate to get through the semi final also. Won against a German team that is well past its best had one good game against a 3rd rate Ukraine and didn’t have a convincing group stage. Italy probably deserved the Cup with great play overall and looked winners in every game although Spain were at their level in the Semi final.
  4. It can only do him a world of good being involved with his National Team at this European Football Event! Good luck to him and who knows he might still do a turn!
  5. We just hammered England 0-0 !!
  6. Billy Dodds and the club wanted to sign up these players. It’s not as if the players ask to be signed by us. Unless they say to their agent ‘ get me a contract with ICT please. They were offered deals and they accepted so that’s just fine.
  7. Didn’t know Todorov is offski!
  8. Bring him along as Billy Dodds No2 it could work and would be an interesting combination
  9. Could it have been Caleynacuddin Thistle
  10. It could be the new man is under contract as a player with another club until the end of the Month so a few extra days hold up for contractual reasons.
  11. Would we expect the announcement Tomorrow / Friday in time for season tickets release?
  12. Was he also at Wigan and signed Billy Mackay?
  13. More believable that Kerr would’ve possibly been in Inverness on Malky Mackays tail coat maybe going in as No2 there!
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