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  1. What the helhl kind of refereeing was that! So obviously biased towards Dundee Utd getting the helping hand. Two awful teams what a joke of a play off finale !
  2. We still have the opportunity to get to the final - the play off final- the day after the Scottish cup final - which one would you rather be in?
  3. Never mind this one is over- we’ll take them in the play offs!!
  4. GoliathGrunt


    It’s good that Oakley has started well and Rice. I liked them both. Not everyone who leaves us deserve the ‘curse’ except the odd one at RC
  5. I wonder who gave a young player a start in the game who is now starring for one of the big Glasgow teams
  6. Up a bit just below the shoulder blade down a bit that’s it cheers boss
  7. Not exactly the most appealing weather for football the temperatures for tomorrow night are not good. However that alone should not postpone a game. We get the unlucky long away trips when the conditions are against.
  8. Not 100% sure the game needed to be called off for overhead wind conditions! If the pitch was playable keep the ball on the ground! Bunch of wimps
  9. Ryan Christie league cup winning goal and m.o.m. The lad seems to be doing ok
  10. For once good substitution changes do the trick!